balance pose

(( i spent 15 goddamn minutes fighting with all my programs to make this rather bad gif for my partner, so now y’all get to appreciate Josuke’s VA’s New Role, a beautiful thief robot, spinning in a spaceship chair ))

April 6, 2016 tip: Some quick thoughts on making balanced poses. This kind of stuff can get confusing but here are some basic principles on balance. #studiomomentsatdisney #quickanimationtip #cganimation #animation #posing #drawing #tips #arttips #learning

For Taz Lady Week day 1: Favorite Female Character/ The Oculus

Lucretia is my moon mother and I love her dearly


“From order, springs harmony.”

Goodness, I’m finally finished with Symmetra!
[first image is a 100% res view of her beautiful face]

I was undecided on the background for a while, since earlier in the process my friend said it was too busy, but tbh I didn’t have any other ideas so I messed around a bit, and this is what I’ve got OTL

I really wanted to try to include Vishkar colours though! It just happened to be an odd combination, cyan and purple, whoops. Hopefully it looks okay!
Also the pose is totally just ripped from her ‘Balance’ victory pose, in case that wasn’t obvious.

Tbh I just wanna draw more of her now. She’s too damn pretty, and I’m a sucker for drawing pretty women :’)

Also tbh, I kinda want a print of this in my room now, lol