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And as punishment, she transformed him into a hideous beast…

may i present to you, that beauty and the beast au featuring leon as the beast and the king of the heavens as the enchantress

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I’m aware there’s flaws in my theory…but I think I’m on to something


belle x adam modern au 3/?

When Belle finds evidence that shows she was murdered, not ill, when she died she takes it upon herself to catch the killer herself. A few years later she finds herself as the newest CIA recruit, assigned to one of the most famous agents, Adam. A high profile thief turned agent when Adam was only 20 years old, he’s the best in the business. Except when it comes to working with people. He might be a genius when it comes to taking them out and predicting a suspect’s next move, but everyone knows he works alone. Adam is very firm about working alone, especially when there’s no one who wants to work with him anyway. But when Adam fails on an important issue due to his own emotions, the bosses decide to partner him up with Belle in hopes of creating a balanced team. Belle is pretty sure she wouldn’t call their team ‘balanced’. Belle works behind the scenes as Adam works out in the field, but their differences become clear when Adam doesn’t trust Belle and ends up nearly dead in an attempt to cover for Belle. Things change after Belle saves him. Adam and Belle finally learn to trust each other, and Adam even helps Belle in her mission to find her mother’s murderer.

Feautring Lumiere and Plumette as the CIA power couple, Cogsworth as the seasoned and strict but loveable agent, Mrs, Potts as the motherly receptionist who always has a cup of tea ready, Gaston as an ex-navy who seems to have it out for Adam, and Lefou as Gaston’s partner who is probably doing all of the work and taking none of the credit.

La nuit ça trahit. On a l'impression que le temps s'arrête, que l'on ne risque plus rien ou encore que nos paroles sont éphémères, alors on en profite. On en profite pour dire des choses qui nous sortiront plus de la bouche, que l'on pense à une seconde bien précise et plus la suivante. On dérape. On vide tout notre sac. On balance de tout; de belles paroles, de belles conneries, dirais-je. On se ment à soi, à l'autre en face. Mais c'est la nuit, quand le soleil se lèvera, qui s'en rappèlera?
Putain, on gâche de si jolies poésies pour minuit auxquelles on repensera plus à midi.
—  fausse écrivain
Balance on the Head of a Pin

Chapter One

Summary: When Lauren, assistant to Tony Stark and the golden darling, southern belle of team Avenger, is called home by her overbearing mother, demanding she take back up with the man who walked out on her and broke her heart, Loki, the once dark God of Mischief, goes with her as her pretend beau. But is it all pretend on Loki’s part? Or is there more to the God of Mischief’s involvement than simply helping Lauren out.

Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x OFC  |  Word Count: 6937

Warnings: Swearing

At just shy of five in the morning, the sun was beginning to colour the horizon in brilliant pinks and oranges. Though it was crisp - fresh really - the air smelled clean from the washing of rain the night before instead of the usual smog and grime. There was nothing like the view of New York from Tony’s Iron Man landing pad. The city stretched out, the lights glowed like stars, and it appeared as if one floated above the world.

It had become Lauren’s preferred place to practice yoga.

It wasn’t the safest location, what with it being a few hundred feet in the air and not really that big around, but it fit her mat. It also gave her such a sense of clarity, of being completely present in the moment; her awareness of the world so heightened she felt like one with the universe. Lauren had found it impossible to resist the temptation.

Besides, Tony knew she used it. F.R.I.D.A.Y was nothing if not efficient, and had informed her boss thusly after Lauren’s first tentative foray into the wild blue yonder.

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Tips Tricks and Bits

Secret Photo Filters
When having your TPC photo taken in the photo booth, holding down either shoulder button will apply a special filter to your photograph!

Effect Code:

  • L Button - Black and white
  • Neither - Color
  • R Button - Sepia tone


ATM Savings Rewards
Save the following amounts of bells in the ATM (located in the post office) to have a gift mailed to you.

  • Box of Tissues - Achieve a balance of 100,000 bells
  • Letter Set - Achieve a balance of 500,000 bells
  • Piggy Bank - Achieve a balance of 1,000,000 bells
  • Aluminum briefcase - Achieve a balance of 5,000,000 bells
  • Post-office poster - Achieve a balance of 10,000,000 bells
  • Safe - Achieve a balance of 20,000,000 bells
  • Mailman’s Hat - Achieve a balance of 50,000,000 bells
  • ABD - Achieve a balance of 100,000,000 bells

Occasionally, when you complete certain requirements, Phineas will arrive in your town to give you a badge for accomplishments in the game. These accomplishments range from the amount of Bells saved, to how often you catch bugs, fish and sea life. Badges appear as a section of your town ID card.

  • Amateur Turnip Trader - Earn 500,000 Bells worth of profit in Joan’s turnip trade.
  • Pro Turnip Trader - Earn 3,000,000 Bells worth of profit in Joan’s turnip trade.
  • Master Turnip Trader - Earn 10,000,000 Bells worth of profit in Joan’s turnip trade.
  • Avid Bell Saver - Deposit 1,000,000 or more Bells into your savings account.
  • Wealthy Bell Saver - Deposit 10,000,000 or more Bells into your savings account.
  • Tycoon Bell Saver - Deposit 100,000,000 or more Bells into your post office savings account.
  • Backyard Gardener - Plant over 100 trees and flowers from the state of seeds or saplings.
  • Village Gardener - Plant over 250 trees and flowers from the state of seeds or saplings.
  • Gardening Specialist - Plant over 500 trees from the state of seeds or saplings.
  • Balloon Hunter - Shoot down 30 or more balloons.
  • Balloon Buster - Shoot down 100 or more balloons.
  • Balloon Master - Shoot down 200 or more balloons.
  • Bronze Medalist - Earn 300 or more medals from the tropical island’s tour games.
  • Silver Medalist - Earn 1500 or more medals from the tropical island’s tour games.
  • Gold Medalist - Earn 5,000 or more medals from the tropical island’s tour games.
  • Catalog Maniac Bronze - Unlock 20% of Timmy & Tommy’s shop catalog.
  • Catalog Maniac Gold - Unlock 80% of Timmy & Tommy’s shop catalog.
  • Catalog Maniac Silver - Unlock 50% of Timmy & Tommy’s shop catalog.
  • Dreamer - Visit Dream Suite 50 times or more.
  • Heavy Sleeper - Visit Dream Suite 200 times or more.
  • Mr./Mrs. Sandman - Visit Dream Suite 500 times or more.
  • Fish Maniac - Catch 50% or more of the fish specimens.
  • Fish Encyclopedia - Catch 80% or more of the fish specimens.
  • Prof. of Ichthyology - Complete the fish encyclopedia.
  • Good Host/Hostess - Invite more than 50 other players to visit your town.
  • Great Host/Hostess - Invite more than 200 other players to visit your town.
  • Goodwill Ambassador - Invite more than 500 other players to visit your town.
  • Good Samaritan - Help your neighbors by performing 50 favors for them.
  • Great Samaritan - Help your neighbors by performing 100 favors for them.
  • Town Concierge - Help your neighbors by performing 300 favors for them.
  • Good Shopper - Purchase 500,000 Bells worth of items at Timmy & Tommy’s, Leif’s gardening store, Abel Sisters, Kicks, GracieGrace, Redd’s, or the Museum gift shop.
  • Expert Shopper - Purchase 2 million Bells worth of items at Timmy & Tommy’s, Leif’s gardening store, Abel Sisters, Kicks, GracieGrace, Redd’s, or the Museum gift shop.
  • Master Shopper - Purchase 5 million Bells worth of items at Timmy & Tommy’s, Leif’s gardening store, Abel Sisters, Kicks, GracieGrace, Redd’s, or the Museum gift shop.
  • Happy Homer Bronze - Earn 50,000 points or more from the Happy Home Academy (HHA).
  • Happy Homer Silver - Earn 100,000 points or more from the Happy Home Academy (HHA).
  • Happy Homer Gold Earn - 150,000 points or more from the Happy Home Academy (HHA).
  • Insect Maniac - Catch 50% or more of the insect specimens.
  • Insect Encyclopedia - Catch 80% or more of the insect specimens.
  • Insect Entomology - Complete the insect encyclopedia.
  • K.K. Slider Fan - Watch K.K. Slider perform at Club LOL on Saturday nights more than 20 times.
  • K.K. Slider Fanboy/Fangirl - Watch K.K. Slider perform at Club LOL on Saturday nights more than 50 times.
  • K.K. Slider Diehard - Watch K.K. Slider perform at Club LOL on Saturday nights more than 100 times.
  • Letter Writer - Mail 50 or more letters.
  • Letter Author - Mail 100 or more letters.
  • Postmaster - Mail 200 or more letters.
  • Neighborhood Traveler - Visit a different town over 100 times.
  • World Traveler - Visit a different town over 250 times.
  • Space Traveler - Visit a different town over 500 times.
  • Refurbishing Beginner - Refurbish 30 or more items at Re-Tail.
  • Refurbishing Expert - Refurbish 100 or more items at Re-Tail.
  • Refurbishing Master - Refurbish 200 or more items at Re-Tail.
  • Seafood Maniac - Catch 50% or more of the deap-sea specimens.
  • Seafood Encyclopedia - Catch 80% or more of the deep-sea specimens.
  • Prof. of Seafood - Complete the deep-sea encyclopedia.
  • Skilled Angler - Catch 500 or more fish.
  • Expert Angler - Catch 2,000 or more fish.
  • Master Angler - Catch 5,000 or more fish.
  • Skilled Bug Catcher - Catch 500 or more insects.
  • Master Bug Catcher - Catch 5,000 or more insects.
  • Expert Bug Catcher - Catch 2,000 or more insects.
  • Skilled Diver - Catch 100 or more sea creatures.
  • Pro Diver - Catch 200 or more sea creatures.
  • Dive Master - Catch 1,000 or more sea creatures.
  • Streetpass Beginner - Get tagged via Streetpass more than 100 times.
  • Streetpass Expert - Get tagged via Streetpass more than 300 times.
  • Streetpass Master - Get tagged via Streetpass more than 1000 times.
  • Village Leader - Exceed 200 hours of play time.
  • Village of Honor - Exceed 500 hours of play time.
  • Village Representative - Exceed 50 hours of play time.
  • Weed Hunter - Pull 500 or more weeds
  • Weed Buster - Pull 2,000 or more weeds.
  • Weed Menace - Pull 5,000 or more weeds.

Fortune Cookie Prizes
Buy purchasing a Fortune Cookie from any of the Timmy and Tommy-owned stores, you can trade in a Lucky Ticket for any of the prizes below.

  • Fortune Cookie #01
    Mushroom Mural
  • Fortune Cookie #02 
    Block Floor
  • Fortune Cookie #03
    Hero’s Clothes
  • Fortune Cookie #04
    Random Item
  • Fortune Cookie #05
    Hero’s Pants
  • Fortune Cookie #06
    Random Item
  • Fortune Cookie #07
    Peach’s Parasol
  • Fortune Cookie #08
    Hero’s Cap
  • Fortune Cookie #09
    Majora’s Mask
  • Fortune Cookie #10
    Samus Mask
  • Fortune Cookie #11
    Midna’s Mask
  • Fortune Cookie #12
    Toad Hat
  • Fortune Cookie #13
    Red Pikmin
  • Fortune Cookie #14
    Blue Pikmin
  • Fortune Cookie #15
    Yellow Pikmin
  • Fortune Cookie #16
    Random Item
  • Fortune Cookie #17
  • Fortune Cookie #18
  • Fortune Cookie #19
    Goal Pole
  • Fortune Cookie #20
    Fire Flower
  • Fortune Cookie #21
    Super Mushroom
  • Fortune Cookie #22
    Green Shell
  • Fortune Cookie #23
    Super Star
  • Fortune Cookie #24
    1-Up Mushroom
  • Fortune Cookie #25
    ? Block
  • Fortune Cookie #26
  • Fortune Cookie #27
    Fire Bar
  • Fortune Cookie #28
    Bill Blaster
  • Fortune Cookie #29
    Yoshi’s Egg
  • Fortune Cookie #30
    Random Item
  • Fortune Cookie #31
    Triple Red Shells
  • Fortune Cookie #32
  • Fortune Cookie #33
  • Fortune Cookie #34
    Blue Falcon
  • Fortune Cookie #35
    Master Sword
  • Fortune Cookie #36
  • Fortune Cookie #37
  • Fortune Cookie #38
    Random Item
  • Fortune Cookie #39
    S.S. Dolphin
  • Fortune Cookie #40
    Virtual Boy
  • Fortune Cookie #41
    Wii Balance Board
  • Fortune Cookie #42
    Varia Suit Pants
  • Fortune Cookie #43
    Varia Suit Shoes
  • Fortune Cookie #44
    Bad Bro’s Stache
  • Fortune Cookie #45
    Big Bro’s Mustache
  • Fortune Cookie #46
    Varia Suit
  • Fortune Cookie #47
  • Fortune Cookie #48
    Triple Bananas
  • Fortune Cookie #49
    Hero’s Boots
  • Fortune Cookie #50
    Fi Mask

Having the opposite gender’s hairstyles

After getting 15 haircuts on your gender, Harriett will offer to let you get the male hairstyles if you’re female and female hairstyles if you’re male.

HHA Prizes
Prizes are dependent on which mode you are playing under. Prizes for the theme challenge cannot be earned while under the standard mode and vice-versa. Speak to Lyle about changing to and from the theme challenge.

  • HHA tee - Get a score of 10,000
  • HHA Pennant - Get a score of 20,000
  • HHA Jacket - Get a score 30,000
  • Silver HHA Plaque - Get a score of 50,000
  • Gold HHA Plaque - Get a score of 70,000
  • Silver HHA Trophy - Get a score of 90,000
  • Gold HHA Trophy - Get a score 100,000
  • Gold House Model - Get a score 150,000
  • Golden Roof - Get a score 300,000 (theme challenge)
  • Golden Exterior - Get a score 500,000 (theme challenge)
  • Golden Door - Get a score 700,000 (theme challenge)
  • Golden Fence - Get a score 900,000 (theme challenge)
  • Golden Mailbox - Get a score 1,100,000 (theme challenge)

Better Tools
These are tools in the game that you unlock.

Silver Axe - Purchase from the island shop for 8 medals.
Golden Axe - Talk to Leif the sloth after purchasing at least 50 tree saplings from the gardening shop.

Silver Fishing Rod - Purchase from the museum’s second floor extension after donating at least 30 fish.
Golden Fishing Rod - Talk to the fishing tournament host after catching every fish in the game.

Silver Net - Purchase from the museum’s second floor extension after donating at least 30 bugs.
Golden Net - Talk to the bug catching tournament host after catching every bug in the game.

Silver Shovel - Purchase from the museum’s second floor extension after donating at least 15 fossils.
Golden Shovel - Talk to Leif the sloth after purchasing at least 50 fertilizers from the gardening shop.

Silver Slingshot - Shoot down the present with 2 silver balloons attached to it.
Golden Slingshot - Shoot down the present with 3 gold balloons attached to it.

Silver Watering Can - Talk to Leif the sloth after purchasing at least 50 flower seeds from the gardening shop.
Golden Watering Can - Talk to Isabelle after maintaining 15 days of perfect environmental conditions.

Nookling Store Upgrades

T&T Mart - 10 days after your town is open and the you have spent at least 12,000 bells in Nookling Junction. You must have moved out of a tent

Super T&T - T&T Mart must have been open for 10 days, and you must have spent 25,000 bells there. Also the Gardening Store must have been open for 10 days.

T.I.Y - You must have spent 50,000 bells at Super T&T and it must have been open for 21 days.

T&T Emporium - You must have spent 100,000 bells at T.I.Y and completed 4 Gracie Fashion Checks at Satisfactory level, and T.I.Y must have been open for 30 days.

Unlockable Locations
Most, if not all of these require it being 10 days past the start of the game, and most will all be available in the public works list.

 Club LOL - Have Nookling Junction upgrade for the first time, give Dr. Shrunk permission when he visits your house, and obtain signatures from other villagers.

Dream Suite- Revealed 7 days after game start. Talk to Isabelle when she is sleeping. Dream Suite will be added to the public works list.

Fortune Teller Shop - Have your fortune read (which happens whenever Katrina visits your town) 20 times. Then speak to her and the shop will be added to the works list.

Garden Center - Pull 30 weeds, plant 30 flowers or trees, OR water 30 plants.

Kicks - Spend at least 8000 bells in the Able Sisters’ shop.

Museum Shop - Donate at least 20 items (at least one from each category) to the museum, and talk to Blathers daily; the shop will become a works project.

QR Machine - Talk to Sable (in the Able Sisters store; the one sewing machine)for 10 days straight and on the 11th day it will be added to the back of the store.

Reset Center - Turn off your 3DS without saving, and when you start up your town, Mr Resetti will say that the Reset Centre closed, then its a works project. 

Shampoodle - Spend at least 10,000 bells in Able Sisters’ or Kicks. It must be at least 10 days since Kicks was built.

The Island Resort - Start up the game after finishing your upgrade to a house. Tortimer will greet you at the start up; meet him at the docks. You can go one day later.

The Roost Café - Donate 50 items to the Museum, and have the Museum Shop already unlocked. Talk to Blathers 7 days after the Museum Shop’s opening.


Magic Rocks
Like in the previous Animal Crossing games, there is a rock in each town that, if you hit it with a shovel or axe, gives out money. It only does this once per day, of course, but you can get up to 16,000 bells if you hit it enough. Every day there will be an extra rock in your town. Hit it with a shovel and it will break and reveal a different mineral. You can take these to Cyrus (once he wakes up) and use them as an additional way to make your furniture different. Or you can just sell them. Once you have the silver shovel, you have a chance of making gems come out of the money rock instead of bells. Also, you can take 3 gold gems to Cyrus and he’ll make you a random piece of a special gold furniture set.

View town’s history
If you sit on the ledge at your mayor planted tree after it has grown for a month and wait a few seconds, credits will roll by showing your town history.


Avoid Bee Stings Easily
To easily avoid being stung by a bee, simply press ‘Start’ and select 'Save and Continue.’ This will refresh the environment and cancel the flying bees, avoiding the need to run into a building or to try and catch them. The beehive will still be on the ground after the save completes.

Avoid Triggering Beehives in Trees
To shake trees for money and furniture safely without fear of getting attacked by bees, go to the Train Station and open your train gate to visitors. Beehives will not spawn when your train gate is open.

Balloon Frequencies

Whenever the time on the clock ends in 4 (i.e. 12:34 or 8:54), a balloon may appear on one of the sides your town. This means you can get up to 6 balloon presents an hour. You must be outside for the balloon to appear.

Change the Club LOL Gyroids
If you go into Club LOL during the morning or afternoon before the show you can walk up on the stage. If you click A on one of the Gyroids you can choose to swap it with one in your inventory. This can give a new back beat to some of KK’s songs while he is DJing or playing guitar!

Cliff Diving
It’s possible to perform cliff dives straight from your town and into the ocean. Look carefully for a section of the cliff that doesn’t have any beach area beneath it. Stand near the edge, equip the Wet Suit, and press the A button. Your character will jump off the cliff and land in the water below.

Bug/Fish Catching
When hunting for a certain type of catch, such as sharks or palm tree bugs, this trick will help. Search the area where you are looking for the creature, and if it isn’t there hit start and save, but continue playing. This will reset the bug and fish spawns in your game, and it only takes a few seconds.

Extra Storage
Whenever you’re full of items in your inventory, you can store your items inside letters, preventing you from having to come back to get whatever you missed. This gives you 10 extra item spaces, handy for selling your bug/fish load from the island.

Hit Balloon Presents with Net
If ballooned presents come from the coastal side of town, go to the cliff the rest of town is on. Before the balloon reaches the cliff, hit it with your net. Also, if the present comes from the other side of the town, as the balloon reaches the cliff it will lower allowing you to hit as well.

Skip Kapp'n’s Song
While traveling to or from the Tropical Resort, while Kapp'n is singing tap the the B button rapidly. He’ll suddenly stop singing and say a few things and then drop you off. This saves a lot of time.


Making bell peppers stuffed with a mixture of brown basmati rice, parsley, red onion, baby plum tomatoes, lemon juice, raisins and toasted pine nuts. Deliciously vegan.

Bitch… turns out that fic was 5 years old, it’s a classical masterpiece.. also apparently written by one of my favorite kyndy artists???? Honestly I can relate, having that one rare pair and making all the content for it. Wow, what a true pioneer. 5 years ago today kayotics made history… wow

Balance on the Head of a Pin*

Chapter Nineteen

Previous Chapter

Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x OFC  |  Word Count: 5081
Warnings: Swearing, yelling, Smut, NSFW

Thor’s mood was high when he returned to the tower. Was he a little worried? Certainly. The task his brother had set himself was very big. Huge in fact, but, if he succeeded, Thor knew his future with his brother at his side would be assured.

All he had to do was make sure no one screwed it up. In this, he eyed the tower lit like a beacon against the backdrop of the city. The team would need to be warned to keep their noses out of it.

On Asgard an Ástvinur was a rarity, but then so was a dark god. Loki was, quite honestly, the darkest god Asgard had seen in generations. The last god Thor could recall having been in need of, and blessed by, an Ástvinur was Aegir.

The sea god had been a most violent male, feared by sailors as he would appear on the surface to take ships with him to the bottom of the deep where his hall was located. One of short temperament, Aegir had calmed substantially, found peace with Ran, his wife, who’d born him many daughters. After Ran and Aegir completed their bonding, Aegir’s entire demeanor changed. He did everything he could to keep his Ástvinur happy, and became known for his lavish entertainment.

Thor had been to many a feast given by the sea god. They were all quite memorable.

Ran liked a good party.

To find that Loki, his brother, beloved even after everything he’d done, was now in the hunt for his own Ástvinur, well, Thor could have shouted down the heavens he was so happy.

Still, he worried a little. When Loki finally told Lauren everything, all of it, Thor hoped she would take it well. If not, he worried for the brúðr steinn.

If the Avengers had thought they could smell the crazy on Loki before, it would be nothing in comparison to what would happen this time if someone interfered with their bonding.

On Asgard, the news of Loki’s discovery would have been celebrated. The woman would have been given a wide berth. Her status among the court would be elevated to that of princess no matter her current position. Anything she might have wanted would have been given to her, and everyone would have walked with respect around Loki. To be blessed with an Ástvinur was like being told you were worthy of redemption. Loki desperately needed that assurance.

That he had found his Ástvinur on Earth was not of concern. The… stress of the situation Loki had put himself in while courting her was. The strain was already showing.

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Tu n'étais pas censée me balancer des belles promesses à la gueule, des mots doux remplit d'amour, me caresser tendrement, et me voler des baisers, si c'était pour partir ensuite, et me broyer davantage ; non, tu n'étais pas censée me faire croire à une putain de belle histoire, à notre putain de belle histoire, si c'était pour m'abandonner lâchement, et très violemment, car moi, aujourd'hui, je suis détruite, je suis vide d'espoir et d'envies ; je suis vide de vie, je suis vide de toi.
—  (reviens, je t'en supplie, reviens.)
Balance on the Head of a Pin

Chapter Fifteen

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Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x OFC  |  Word Count: 4571
Warnings: Swearing

They lazed away the day next to the river, sharing both the food and the peace of it in quiet solitude until the heat began to grow uncomfortable. If their speed on the way back to the farm amounted to nothing more than a slow amble, neither complained, nor did the horses, heads down and relaxed, seem to mind.

Teddy was waiting for them when they returned, grin wide and knowing, though he said nothing, only grunted a greeting and took the stallion and the gelding away.

Nodding to the elder man, Loki collected Lauren’s hand in his.

She took a breath, deep and steadying, before heading up the road to the house.

Silence continued to stretch between them, but Loki was finding it comfortable, and felt no need to fill it. What words had needed saying, had been said.

She was much more confident in herself, his Lauren. Chin up and shoulders back, she looked like a woman self-assured and strong, the way he knew her to be every day since they’d met. Certainly she could be shy, reserved at times, and easy to make blush, but when it came to her position as Tony’s assistant, and even among the others, she held her own with quick wit and sass, and quiet grace. Seeing her in the light of her family these past days had been… disturbing.

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@corporealnik and I have been thinking up tons of headcanons and also I read a very good post on @whyismagnuscrying. (Cant link to the post ‘cause I’m on mobile rip) so I wrote a thing.

bob-morley  asked:


A|N: …… there’s a little smut in here cos I love hailee I can’t help it


Three months after, and Bellamy’s still finding traces of her in his apartment.

He tells her as much when she barrels through the door, sliding the offending item across the table with enough force for it to land heavily on the ground.

“Whoops,” he goes, entirely unconvincing in its sincerity. “My bad.”

Casting a pointed glare over at him, Clarke drops into a crouch to grab at it, dusting it off carefully with her palm. “This isn’t even mine,” she huffs, slamming it back on the table. “Does it look like I read The Aeneid?”

“It is yours,” he snaps, crossing the room towards her so he could wave it in her face obnoxiously. A bad move on his part, considering how it brings him close enough to notice the mole above her lip that used to drive him crazy; close enough to notice how she still smelled faintly of vanilla. “I bought you a copy after I got sick of you stealing my shit all the time.”

That pulls a scoff out of her, the sound derisive. “You’re one to talk considering you’re still holding my Jimi Hendrix CD hostage.”

“Yeah, no way. You couldn’t pay me enough to listen to the crap you like.” He declares, folding his arms across his chest. “Sorry, Princess. Better luck elsewhere.”

Her gaze snaps up to his face at that, flushing slightly, and he tries not to appear too gratified that he basically just caught her checking out his arms.

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Gaiden: Lightning Sword

((From now on I’ll start to focus on a different type of story, a Gaiden, a short tale about Shintaro or his companions. There will still be some long chapters, but only sometimes))
((Soundtrack: Farewell ))

Last night I had a dream.

No, not a dream about Zantetsuken like the ones I used to have. I saw my father. I’ve never dreamed about my father. The times we spent together were so few and so focused on a training that I thought it was for naught. I never seen him as a parental figure. Just as a master, Kentaro of the Tenryuu Tradition of Bushido. Now I understand why he did that. Some memories buried are now unearthed and I can see that he loved me. Maybe that’s why I’m dreaming with him. I am regretting. To not have more time with him. To not being at his side when he died.


A bell echoes through the dream. I can see a card flying to my hand. It has the word my father said in it. “An astrologian card?”. Eight ghosts of myself surround me. My father is at my side.

“Vision.” The first Shintaro is wearing a kimono. He is happy. He smiles and then look at me. He fades. “Smell.” The second Shintaro is wearing a cotton shirt and pants. Carrying a saber. He smells a flower and shed a tear. He looks to me and fades. “Taste”. The next Shintaro is wearing a gladiator’s armor. He eats a roasted fish and sighs. Then he looks at me and fades. “Touch”. This Shintaro is naked. He is bleeding and angry. He looks at me, lowers the head and fades. “Hearing”. This ‘me’ is wearing a tracker attire. He kneels and focus. His look now directs to me and then fades. “Instinct”. A Samurai self. He positions his hand on the blade guard, looks at me and fades. “Soul”. The Bushi. He opens his arms and shine bright, then extinguishes. Only one is left. My father puts his hand on my shoulder.

“Do you know who is the last one?”

“Yes. You taught me that. Arayashiki.” I answer him, smiling. “The way to a sense that is not limited by the body. It’s our own… essence.”

“Then you know what to do.” The last Shintaro handles me a sword. “Raijin-no-tsurugi” Those were the last words that my father said before him and the last Shintaro vanish. This is when I woke up.