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I have years and years of experience surfing…the web. I’ve never actually been surfing but it’s definitely something I want to try! Day 20 of the July challenge by @journaling-junkie and with a doodle inspired by @chibird (one of my very favorite tumblrs)! Normally I would ink over it but I erased what was supposed to be a simple doodle so many times I figured why tempt fate?

  • Pen: Platinum Balance, Fine
  • Ink: Noodler’s Army Green
  • Writing Music: Pacific Rim Soundtrack, Ramin Djawadi

anonymous asked:

if you aren't prepared to ask fansites for permission and put in effort then why are you running a fanbase. you clearly do not understand how fansites work if you don't get how you are being disrespectful. a lot of fansites do not want their data on tumblr period. it doesn't matter if you're not profiting from it, or archiving you should have the decency to ask to share someone's property. you do it with so many fansites, some of which even say no reupload in their bio! it's lazy?

Aw man, oh no! You caught me! T_T I’ve been an ARMY for 4 years, since fucking pre-debut, because I am lazy! I stream every album, buy every album, dvd, army membership, balance this with university, spend hours a day on this fucking blog, pull all nighters, translate in the fucking woods, recruit mods, skip meals, skip events, sit in a chair for over 8 hours during BBMAs posting because I’m really fucking lazy! I don’t think you understand and you must be new here (to this world, to Tumblr, to this fandom, to fucking manners), but you can’t talk to someone on Anon like this. Come out and say it off Anon. And if we are lazy, I will gladly accept a full list from you with all the fansites and whether or not they allow reposting on Tumblr! It seems like you are the better person in this situation~ You obviously know way more than me seeing the way that you are talking down to a stranger on the goddamn internet. Also, while you are at it, learn Japanese and Korean too! Also not too sure if you read Korean, but a lot of them state don’t re-upload as in don’t re-upload without credit or on certain Korean forums as I have stated. You don’t seem to have read the ask in full either because I said I ask and I don’t get replies, and when I do they all allow uploads. Furthermore, this blog isn’t a fanbase? I didn’t ask for this? We post for fun, have never been declared by the Tumblr society or ARMY fandom that I am a fanbase. There is no name tag here that say “Hello my name is Fanbase.” And just to let you know, if you send another message I’m blocking. This lazy, indecent human being doesn’t have time, energy, patience to put up with your attitude anymore^^
- Kylie

I get to say no filter today because I like how the leaf looks just like this. Leaves and pumpkin stems were making me want to write with green ink, so I switched pens for the day. Day 3 of the journaling challenges by @journaling-junkie and @chatoyantquill

Pen: Platinum Balance, Fine
Ink: Noodler’s Army Green
Writing Music: None today actually; strange, I know

managed mechanics

Walking the tightrope
Steady on the curb’s edge
Avoiding sidewalk strollers
Slow motion talkers
Roaming the streets.

Isolated loners wired
Hanging off ear drums
Frantic while standing
Waiting for the lit signage
To switch into resign

Allowing movement amidst
Dissolving oppressive stone
Carving hearts imagined
Opposing scriptures enlisting
Hopes balancing the iron armies.

Lol I just thought of something...

You know how most of Kuvira’s soldiers have Baatar’s haircut?

What if Kuvira isn’t making them cut their hair like this? What if it’s by choice because they see Kuvira loves Baatar and they all love Kuvira so they’ll do whatever it takes to win her heart including cutting their hair like this since Baatar has the same haircut, you know?????

I’m laughing rn because I can just imagine Baatar over hearing all of them talking about how much they love Kuvira and how lucky he is to have her so when they all plan to get their hair cut like his to impress her, he proposes to Kuvira and then watches all of their faces change when she announces their engagement like:

This is actually the prompt from yesterday by @chatoyantquill, my October goals and how I’m going to reach them. 

Pen: Platiunm Balance, Fine (cursive) and Eversharp Doric, #2 Signature (lettering)

Ink: Noodler’s Army Green (cursive) and Diamine Ancient Copper (lettering)

Writing Music: the sound of the great outdoors (with cars going by)

anonymous asked:

What would make Donnel!Morgan different?

  • Messy Hair
  • Stresses the difference between a ladder and a stepladder
  • HATES fighting with a passion
  • Extremely close to Robin
  • He’s very cuddly 
  • The best in the army at balancing on one foot

On the 26th my Dad, brother, and I went to DC to see Barcelona and Manchester United play in the International Champions Cup and it was so amazing. We lost but it was still one of my absolute favorite days of the summer. Day 31 of the July journaling challenge by @journaling-junkie

  • Pen: Platinum Balance
  • Ink: Noodler’s Army Green
  • Writing Music: G-Dragon and the sound of the great outdoors

Haarlem headcanons: 

- born around 900AD (celebrates the 23rd of November); given city rights in 1245

- was nearly destroyed by fire in 1328 (large burn mark on his upper left back); again in 1576 (smaller mark on his left pectoral)

- half the city population (~10,000) died of Black Plague in 1381 (some marks on his lower back from this); again in 1657

- tolls were the main source of money (1429)

During the first two months of the siege, the situation was in balance. The Spanish army was digging tunnels to reach the city walls and blow them up; the defenders dug in turn and undermined the Spaniards’ tunnels. The situation worsened on 29 March 1573: the Amsterdam army, faithful to the Spanish king, controlled Haarlemmermeer lake, effectively blocking Haarlem from the outside world. An attempt by the Prince of Orange to destroy the Spanish navy on the Haarlemmermeer had failed. Hunger in the city grew, and the situation became so tense that on 27 May many (Spanish-loyal) prisoners were taken from the prison and murdered; the Spaniards had previously gibbeted their own prisoners of war.

- historical minor rivalry with A’dam, early one with Flanders (friends again and close during the 16th/17th centuries)

- important back in the day but lost influence after Amsterdam got bigger and had more trade/money (decreasingly so since mid 1600s, peaking post wwii)

- lives at Brouwersvaart

- used to be catholic, now protestant

- more museums than any other city in the Netherlands

- has a daughter, Harlem, in the US

- "Haarlems Grof" is his own coffee brand; Droste chocolate too

- posh; thinks he speaks proper Dutch better than anyone; ritzy despite having been poor a number of times due to emigration; 

- was a big beer city with 100 breweries in the 1400s/1500s; only one, new in operation of 2016

- looks like a kakker but probably isn’t; def has a yacht

Starting 12/8/16, the Sunguard will embark on its newest and deadliest campaign to date. Their goal is to stem the tide of the Burning Legion from destroying Azeroth and defend not only the Broken Isles but their home as well. Fighting impossible odds, the Sunguard will band together with the many factions of Azeroth to complete this task. There they will learn that the Legion’s wrath knows no end, and that forces unseen lurk in the shadows pushing the war forward.

The majority of the campaign will take place on the Broken Isles themselves but the Legion and its allies have influence all over the world and will start just before the release of the Nighthold raid towards the end of the Nightfallen Rebellion. Unlike previous campaigns, the Legion Campaign will lack a central place of deployment, allowing characters to freely move about with their companies as they see fit. The extensive portal networks within the Ivory Spire will allow quick transportation to the war front but limit the size of engagements. Unlike previous campaigns, there will not be a single warfront instead, companies will travel literally all over Azeroth to stop threats where they lie. While many events will focus on the events unfolding on the Broken Isles, the Sunguard will deal with threats all across the world and continue their work to rebuild and reclaim Quel’Thalas.

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