Primal lateral squatting for equal muscle engagement. From my experience most people are lifting in an asymmetrical environment where one side is stronger than the other. This is primal flow which allows you to perform safe squatting patterns in the frontal plan as oppose to the sagittal plan may allow more insight on what’s happening via the nervous system. I believe this can be applied to the general pop in their daily movement because it is never certain that you will be performing a perfect squat in daily life like you do at that gym. It is more likely that you will be offset like I’m performing in the video.
More importantly, I believe this is essentially for athletes for the same reason. When in competition, your squat pattern will never be as rigged as it is when you’re under the rack. Let’s drop the ego on the numbers and feel more, flow more, and move Primal👊🏻
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Weekly Photo Challenge!

I had a lot of fun making these. They were all taken over the course of about a month, each week with a different theme. 

I’m thinking about selling little Polaroid-style prints of them. DM if you’d be interested!

☾ m o o n s a l t  ☽

☾ What is moonsalt?  ☽

I knew moonsalt since I was a little kid, and I  had no idea that it was witchcraft. thing. Basically moonsalt = salt+ash+oil. Of course you can add wahtever you want to  this is just a base.

☾ What i need to make it?  ☽

★ 1 or 2 teaspoons of salt (normal or sea salt, I prefer normal)

★ piece of paper and a pen

★ some oil (I use lavender oil)

Write a sigil on the paper. I mostly use protection or balance sigil. Then burn the paper (be carefull!)

Mix ash, salt and oil and keep it safe in a tiny bottle. You can carry your moonsalt in your bag for protection or keep it in your house for balance. 

☾ Why moonsalt? ☽

I was a kid when I called it like that, probably because of its colour. 

☾ Moonsalt will help you to keep balance in your life and its really simple to do even for baby witches ☽

Do not over analyze and take things for what they are. Doing too many calculations in the mind can blow things out of proportion. So take it lightly. Live peacefully.
Don’t worry about ten years from now. Don’t worry about what happened a couple months back. All that matters is what’s happening in the present moment.