“Something you should know about me: I always get what I want”
- Kuvira

I am a massive fan of many things, and Avatar is one of them.  The Last Airbender (or The Legend of Aang) was a show that I watched as a teen, and it really made me feel very many strong emotions. In fact I’m rewatching the series for the sixth time right now! I will at some point make a post about why that show was so awesome, but for now, here are some drawings I did from the latest season of the Legend of Korra series.

If you haven’t watched TLA, then the rest of what I am going to say will make no sense to you, so in that case, please appreciate my art, and trust these are two great animated shows that you should watch right NOW.

LOK has been a rocky show at times. Darker and more grown up than TLA, at its peak it was truly breathtaking and thought provoking. At its worst, *cough* season 2 *cough* it was abysmal. But it most certainly ended on a high, and dealt with some very key issues. In fact, what I really liked was that each book dealt with themes that were relevant in society, and by introducing them in a cartoon to a young audience, they are bringing these issues to light and helping kids make sense of them, such as minority oppression in Book 1. TLA did this too, but in a perhaps in a less obvious way, I think TLA was a more fun show about Aang’s adventure and journey to becoming the Avatar. Whilst LOK also followed Korra’s journey, it was in a very different way, and under very different circumstances. The entire 3 seasons of TLA was focused on Aang’s one mission,  whereas Korra faces a new threat and issue to overcome in each season of LOK.

Book 1 (Season 1) was about minorities, equality and discrimination.
Book 2, was about spirituality, and understanding the Avatar, but throught this, emerges the light and peace vs darkness and chaos theme.
Book 3 introduces a small group attempting to overthrow government by dismantling the nations and their leaders, in an attempt to restore freedom to the world.
Book 4 introduces “the great Uniter”, who forcefully takes cities to build her empire after the chaos and anarchy of Book 3. She wanted to unite the land, and offered protection for their loyalty to her.

These themes are very relevant to world historical themes, which is why it’s so great that it introduces the show to children, so they can grasp an early understanding of it. This is also why it’s so appealing to adults, because the themes are quite adult and it’s tackled very cleverly. LOK is different to TLA, in that it’s not as compact and precisely thought out as TLA, which was fully thought out and planned from the first episode the last. It had a tight and progressive storyline, and the whole series focused on themes of war, genocide and imperialism. Specific episodes also focused on other issues such as misogyny and the devine right to rule, but all in all, it was concisely focused on it’s major themes throughout. Having said this, there’s no reason LOK doesn’t work as well, just because it changes it’s message in each season. It’s not better or worse, it’s just different, and I think it actually works just as well.  

To sum up, I think this is another progressive show that’s worth venturing into.

The 7 C’s of Balancing Me ☥☪☯☮ॐ Peace Hidden Hippies hope you all are in good spirits. The truth is “Meditation is the best medication”, you have to heal yourself before you can help anyone else. Knowledge of self is essential in maintaining your health. Implementing these 7 C’s will help ∞☮&♡ #hiddenhippies • #hippies • #hippielife • #hippy • #hippie • #plur • #goodvibes • #metaphysics • #chakras • #healing • #spiritual • #consciousness • #wisdom • #enlightenment • #meditation • #peace • #harmony • #namaste • #om • #balance

Dance is the only perfect thing in the world because it balances all the planet elements with all the human elements. The elements of the place where dance exists and of who realize its existence. Dance exercises the mind, body and soul and that’s why we need this to hit the perfection. If all I always looked for everywhere is PERFECTION only DANCING I can feel alive.

#Tbt post of where it all started. All people tagged have either grinded with me, inspired me at some point or known the grind themselves. Sorry in advance for the long post but it’s so necessary:
I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what it took to achieve this. All the #HardWork, #Discipline and #Dedication, all the early mornings, sweat, tears, let downs and failures that led to this #success. All the #positive feedback and negative input. All the amazing compliments and horrible criticisms that came with the journey. So many times I was called crazy and so many people I have encountered who asked what I was doing only to respond with “I can’t do that” - after all of it I have concluded this:
•No greatness is achieved in #balance
•No #dream comes to reality while you’re comfortable
Waking up at 4 AM to be at the gym at 5 - (study for a test, practice for a meeting or interview)
Staying in on Saturday nights to use your Sunday productively
Reserving hours a week to Planning out and Preparing everything you eat
Not drinking or staying out late for months at a time
Going to sleep at times in complete #Exhaustion
This is not Easy - this is not comfortable - this is #hard #beast #lion shit… And this is what it takes to be successful… AT ANYTHING! You need to #Grind grind grind‼️ and when you read this post and think… I can’t do that, that’s too hard… I want you to ask yourself this:
How easy is it to wake up every morning day after day with the same goals?
How easy is it to go to bed every night with the same regrets?
How easy is it to look in he mirror day in and day out unhappy with how you look or where you are in life?
Balance and being comfortable are
for the people who are satisfied and content with where they are right now and have decided they are happy with their current situation and can lay back and relax… If you are that’s fine… But if you have changes you want to make you’re going to have to shake it up a bit and come out your comfort zone and be a fucking beast until you get what you want!! Or suffer the pain of regret and endless “I wish I could _____” #NNOWWFitness #PoloPrincessDiaries (at Nnoww Fitness)

قد يكون من الطبيعي أن تبدأ #العمل اليوم بشكل بطيء بعد #عطلة طويلة… لكننا بدل ترك #الايقاع البطيء لليوم يتحكم بنا، إخترنا أن نتحكم به بأن نكون أكثر تيقظاً وتنبهاً. #طاقة #طاقة_ايجابية #تواصل #اعمال 
It’s only normal after a lovely long Eid Weekend, we’re are a little slow to start the day… But instead of letting the day start us— we chose to start the day by simply being #mindful. #itworks #mindfulpractices #mindfulbreathing #meditation #awareness #purposeful #pauses #stayconnected #selfawareness by saba_consultants http://ift.tt/1Ds0CQm