A little reminder that life is all about finding our balance. Balance is the key. If we find balance amidst the chaos of life, we will find our inner peace, we will find ourselves. So remember, balance is the key.~
—  Lili’s-bits-and-pieces

You don’t have to chose between your sexual/intellectual/emotional/spiritual side. Just combine them all into one powerful expression. Spirituality is not robbing us of fun. But the reality is that spirituality allows us to co-create more consciously and wisely. In fact, I don’t think of it as it telling us not to do things. For instance, sex is fun, but it not just for fun. When we do whatever gives us pleasure, we have some good times, but it is not lasting. I know very few people in the party scene who, when they are by themselves, are very happy or fulfilled. In fact, to say spirituality isn’t fun is to miss the point of what spirituality is. Look at your own life – it is a joke. Look at other people’s lives and you will find jokes and jokes and jokes. Seriousness has nothing spiritual about it. Spirituality is laughter. Spirituality is joy. Spirituality is fun. Everybody takes themselves and others seriously. That’s the way of the ego to exist. Start being a little more playful and you will see ego evaporating. Laughter is far more significant than prayer. Prayer may not destroy your ego; on the contrary, it may make it holy, pious, but laughter certainly destroys your ego. When you are really in a state of laughter, have you observed? …the ego disappears for a moment. You are again a child, giggling. Again you have forgotten that you are special. You are no longer serious; for a moment you have removed your fixation. That’s why I love jokes…they are poison to your ego! I don’t laugh with you because that is part of telling a joke: the person who tells it has to be very serious, he cannot laugh with you. All my laughter I have to do alone. All buddhas have laughed when they awaken. Their laughter is like a lion’s roar. They laugh, not at you, they laugh at the whole cosmic joke. They lived in a dream, in a sleep, intoxicated completely by desire, and through desire they looked at the existence. Then it was not the real existence, they projected their own sleep on it. Nobody lives, nobody dies. Nothingness lives, nothingness dies. Have a good laugh at this situation.

Mabon/Fall Equinox Tarot Spread

Today is Mabon/Fall Equinox, the time where the sun and moon share the skies and light and dark take equal turns. It’s a balancing time, connecting to both the light and darkness. Can’t always ignore the darkness, without it you wouldn’t have the light. 

This is my first spread I’m sharing, hope it works for you <3 *Please do not remove this info!* Also I made this using Paint… cause at work I don’t have my handy dandy Photoshop so I’ll make better ones in the future ;)

1) Light; What positive things will come from this season? 

2) Dark; What things will I have to over come?

So Mabon being the time of balance, light and dark, so while it’s great to look at the good that is coming your way this season, you should also be prepared for anything coming up. Darkness isn’t a terrible thing, but it’s not to be taken with a grain of salt either. First two questions will help you see both sides and help prepare you for both.

3) Reap; What things should I be proud of from the season before?

4) Sow; What things should I work on this season to better prepare me for the future seasons?

I love the phrase ‘Any reason to have a party!’, seems so Pagan to me! So the third question will show you what to celebrate this from the past seasons. You’ve done some work, don’t discount yourself on that, you deserve to be recognized no matter how small! Question 4 is going to let you know what still needs some work. No one is perfection with a bow, so with Mabon being a harvesting time, it’s time to prep your self for things to work on some more before Winter rolls into view. 

5) Message; Over all message your spirit guides/ancestors/protectors/etc have for you.

Finish up with a message from who ever guides you; we all have different names and ideologies behind who that is. Take their message to heart, because they will tell you exactly what you need to hear right now. 

If you have any questions please feel free to message me! <3

When you have breakfast at lunch time, it’s the weekend 😂 Amazing smoothie bowl of today 😍 The smoothie is made out of one banana, frozen strawberries, coconut water and juice of half a grapefruit 👅 I topped it with slices of the other half of the grapefruit, shredded coconut, hemp seeds and blueberries 🙌🏼 I’m ready to start out my day energized now 😁 Hope you all have a wonderful weekend 🌸

✨Wolfgang meditating on the river after collecting fresh spring water at magical Makaleha today✨
~Thank you Creator for all the love and guidance up until this point. It’s our honor duty and right to serve others and we will continue to do so for the rest of our existence to the best of our ability. Blessings!!~ALOHA KE AKUA~

Study, destress and leisure

A/N: So this isn’t an imagine or one shot that kinda thing, but I’ve literally received sooo many asks on how I deal with stressed and how I balance school and leisure and stuff and how I study an stuff. (idk why y’all ask me though, I’m not that organised or have my life together lulz I’m always so freaking busy and messy) So I thought, why not make a post on how I deal with my stuff? Please tell me how you deal with stress and school and stuff, cuz I would absolutely love to know and maybe learn a thing or two!

idk how to start this but here it goes! Here’s some study tips:

  1. First thing is I always try to keep myself hydrated. Idk is it just me, but whenever I’m thirsty, or I don’t drink enough water, for some reasons I can’t concentrate or get anything in my brain. So, get the biggest water bottle you’ve got, fill it with room temperature water, and keep hydrated!
  2. I like colours and drawings, so whenever I study, I used at least 7 pens with different colours and 7 highlighters with different colours. Sometimes I google or pinterest search studyblr and get some inspirations cuz I’m always a slut for pretty notes.
  3. I copy down everything and write down my every thought in class and organise my notes at home, so I can think it through and maybe memorise them as I organise my notes. 
  4. DON’T EVER CRAM OMG DON’T DO THAT. I’ve made this mistake, thinking I can study two wars the day before finals, but no. I end up being so frustrated and impatient that I can’t get anything in my brain. So, now I try to organise my notes everyday and revise what I’ve learn that day. This helps so much
  5. EAT BREAKFAST. just trust me. eat breakfast. eat a good, fresh, filling, relaxing breakfast that slowly wakes you up and set you in a better mood for the day. and breakfasts are delicious. 
  6. Listen to music. Not like screamo or anything like that, just listen to calming, soothing musics like stuff in the ‘chill’ category on Spotify. cuz for me, whenever I study, my thoughts are everywhere and my mind would be a fucking rude person and be so fucking loud and focus on every single sound around me, so the music kinda mutes my brain and calm it enough to let me think slowly and follow what I’m studying. (if that makes any sense)
  7. Get a white board or black board or somewhere you can easily rub off stuff you write. Write down what’s important or maybe stuff that you can think of about the topic immediately without worrying if it’s correct or not. Think them through one by one after you’ve them written down and you won’t forget them. Mind maps really help me think and study, and usually my annotations are messy af and they’re everywhere
  8. COMFY ENVIRONMENT. I can’t stress this enough omg it’s so important. Natural lights, clean and tidy room, a nice scent, a comfy chair, anything!!!!!
  9. Set breaks. I like to browse the internet for 15 minutes after I’ve study for 2 hours, or make myself a snack, or go outside and get some fresh air. Not too long breaks, though.
  10. A nice drink????? I have a thing for studying with a cozy cup of hot chocolate in winter, or studying with a nice cup of tea in autumn, or a café au lait in spring, or a refreshing cold beverage in summer while I study. It puts me in the mood?? idk 

Let’s talk about stress!! (I’m the worst person to teach you how to destress)

  1. Get sunshine. I live by the sea my whole life, so my way of getting sunshine involves hanging out or jogging at the beach, or going for a surf, or swim my ass off, or jump off a cliff (no pun intended) into the sea. Just go outside and refresh yourself with fresh air and sunshine.
  2. Break a sweat! There’s so many fun ways to sweat that doesn’t involve going to the gym! Go to a trampoline park and jump! Have your friends over and go to a park! Beach volleyball! Bubble soccer! Lots of fun stuff involve sweating
  3. Bake! It’s fun and you get food. why not. 
  4. Read! Read some cozy books! a cheesy romance, or a self help book, or your favourite childhood novel, and read smutty smut smut, fanfics that gets you bawling, a fantasy a sci-fi, anything.
  5. Have a super super fun day! Have a day that has a shit ton of fun, so much fun that you feel like you’ve hit the maximum level of fun, and have even more fun than that. Then get a good sleep after that and wave goodbye to stress.
  6. Spend time with yourself. I like to take a walk in the woods alone and listen to leaves rustling and birds and stuff, and I also like to run a bath and throw in a lush bath bomb and deep condition my hair and put on a moisturising face mask JUST THINKING ABOUT IT MAKES ME SO COMFY
  7. Sleep! My fav! Normally I like to sleep at 11:00 and wake up at 7:30 if I don’t have school, but if I have school I sleep at 2 a.m and get up at 6:30. But sleeping early and waking up early feels so much better and makes me feel so energised. And days I sleep at 2 and wake up at 6 I feel like a zombie and dead inside and out. 

(I can only think about 6)

Ok so now balancing school and leisure time. I’m even worse at this than distressing so here it goes:

  1. I try to leave my sundays school-work free and do whatever I want (unless it’s exam season. then I study from 8 am to 11pm)
  2. This is probably a bad advice but if it’s a project or homework I know I can finish really quick, or it’s really easy, then I’ll not do them at home and do them at school. then I can have more time to myself 
  3. I take subjects that I like. So for my school, we get to choose what subjects we’ll be taking (except for the core subjects like math or english. but others, like biology, chemistry, physics, history, literature, geography, we get to choose which we’ll be studying, which we won’t be studying as long as you’re taking 12 subjects) So like me, I take art and design, P.E. and cooking, which are stuff I like to do. Therefore, even if they have homework, or assignments, or projects, I won’t feel like they are school work and it’ll be something I enjoy doing
  4. here’s a funny story. I live in a small city, and my school is right in the middle of it. We don’t have a cafeteria, but we get to go to restaurants outside or bring lunch to school. (Our lunch time is 1 hour) So in grade 8, my friends and I would make it like a thing to go as far as possible for lunch without getting back to school late. The nearest subway station is like 7 minutes from my school if we run and there’s no traffic light stopping us. We would take the subway to another part of the city, wearing full school uniform, and eat 8 dollars all you can eat korean barbecue for lunch, and run back to school. Then one day, we discovered that there is a Jump & Gym (in case you don’t know, it’s an arcade game place where you’ll get tickets every time you play and you can redeem a prize when you have enough tickets) 5 minutes subway from my school, so my friends and I went there every wednesday during lunchtime. We had enough tickets to get 4 unicycles after going there every wednesday for 5 months. After that, we unicycle everywhere at school. See? I blend my school and leisure time together perfectly. But my point is, have fun at school? idk what am I trying to say here but you get my point
  5. I’m actually taking 14 subjects, so I get quite a lot of extra lessons. Meaning that when everyone is having their Christmas holiday, or Spring break, I’ll be going back to school for four hours everyday to get extra lessons. What I do is don’t care about them extra lessons, and go on whatever trips my family or friends had planned. But I’ll get a friend who also has the same extra lessons as me to record it and send it to me, so I’ll be able to learn as well. (This is a bad advice. Don’t do this)

That’s basically everything I know? So I hope it helps everyone who had asked me these questions  and please send me how you study or destress or balance school and leisure time.