balad ab

Balad AB, Iraq 2007

This is the first photo I took with the Panasonic LX2 P&S camera I bought when I made the decision to pursue photography as a hobby.

My package arrived from (also my first Amazon purchase) and I remember getting back to our barracks from work overly excited about the new camera. I had no idea how to use the dang thing and this is the first photo I took, probably in full auto. We were under strict orders at the time not to take any pictures when inside the area we were living/working, so this is the only photo I have from inside our compound. We were under constant mortar attack, which is the reason for all the barricades. Each building was separated into two sides, with 2 people per side. The barracks were inefficient and the generator was always breaking, which would kill the AC and we would have to sleep in 100º+ temps. 

It wasn’t a bad little camera for its time, but I probably should have bought a DSLR instead even though I was intimidated by them.

I still use this camera, and my recent photos from July 4 from the Southside Seaport looking back at Brooklyn were taken with this camera. I overly cranked those in post to create an aged postcard look and feel.

*edit: I did get the LX2 in Iraq, but I looked at the metadata of this photo and it says I used a Sony WX1. Must have mixed the photos up. The LX2 was my 3rd camera. I had the WX1 and another Sony P&S that was a POS. Was never happy with either of the Sony cameras I’ve owned.