• Jin: *laughs*
  • me: *skin immediently clears, sleeps well for the first time in months, no longer exhausted, starts eating healthy and exercising regularly, can see the beauty in life, somewhere in the world the key to defeating cancer is discovered, God sheds a single tear*

let yourself imagine it.

you fall for her slowly. it’s like waking up in sunlight, an encompassing warmth. she has soft hands. you hold them so often you know where each callous is.

she laughs at your jokes and you vow to get funnier, wittier, so you can hear more of that angelic sound. she makes you blueberry pancakes and you’ve never liked blueberries or pancakes but for some reason every last bite is delicious. she has three tattoos hidden under her clothes and just as many outrageous stories about why she got them.

you love her, you realize. you tell her, hiding your trembling nervousness. she smiles and says she knows, and that she loves you too.

it shouldn’t be possible, but you keep falling harder for her, for that girl with sun-bleached hair and fiery eyes, the girl who holds you after nightmares, who kisses you like each time is her last chance to.

finally, you slip a ring on her finger, and when she finds her voice, she says she’ll wear it forever.


Actual footage of Duff having a bath lol


Requested By: @brekineee (hope you’ll like it! ❤︎)

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