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“Endlich jemand, der mir
die Langeweile nimmt!”

- Herbert meets Alfred, Vor dem Schloss

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Modern!Daedric Princes aesthetics [2/3]

Malacath. If you try to ask around about him the answer you will have is always the same: everyone describes him as an evil backstabber. And that is a perfect description for this young man. If you had some kind of deal with this famous criminal, you are, right now, probably dead or in jail. In his life till now and on, Malacath always got himself in much trouble not wanting to respect rules and fucking shit up with police and whole universe in general. He traveled around the world so much that he knows everything about it, he also earned a small group of followers that support him for his (careless) revolutionary attitude. Malacath seems to enjoy watching people fighting one another but he is genuinely caring towards his followers.

Boethiah. If you care about your life and your sanity, please don’t fuck with Boethiah and her cult. Yes because this badass girl has her own very personal group of followers that consider her as their terrible and powerful Queen. Boethiah loves secrets, conspiracies and telling lies. These are her cult foundation. Many describes her as unreliable because she is considered the master of treachery–it’s said that for enter the cult you must kill someone that has faith in you and then offer their blood to her, but no one believes this–. Boethiah is in constant rivality with Molag Bal and his gang, often flowing in some small “wars”. They can’t stand each other and they both want to steal territory to the other.

Azura. Everyone in town loves her. No one knows why, maybe it’s her gentle attitude, her merciful and benevolent character or maybe because everyone prefers her to her sister Nocturnal, same age but completely different person. Azura is like day and night: her good personality is different from the wrathful one. Yes, she is admired by many but she is also feared. People know where their place is around her because if she get’s angry the consequences are going to be really painful. Azura dreams of the perfect place in which she wants live, loves to daydream about it: she called it Moonshadow. Blurred colors, cities of silver and air like perfume for a combination of pure paradise.

Mehrunes Dagon. Brother of Molag Bal this guy hates everything of our world. There isn’t a single thing he appreciate about this life; he refers to people calling them “mortals” and saying that he isn’t one of them, he is more, he is a God. Obviously everyone hates and laughs of Mehrunes Dagon…they just don’t do that in front of him. He is a really ambitious man as he is violent and dangerous. Mehrunes Dagon is destruction himself and you better start run if you find yourself around him. He wants to destroy this world and make it a “Deadlands”–as he says–but looks like he is having a hard time making his dream come true because of some asshole–again, as he says–that people call “Hero of Kvatch”, name born after he saved the city of Kvatch.

Sanguine. The bad friend that drags you in stupid stuff, the troublemaker. This is what Sanguine is. All the seven deadly sins–and more–are grouped in this single man. He is a sinner and his only purpose in life is have fun and push out the darker natures of men. He also loves pranks even if, most of the time, are terrible and everyone fakes their laughter just for fear. Sanguine turns people’s normal life into a more sinful one by means of temptation, making them feel hungry for more and more unholy actions and pleasures. The ones that adopt this lifestyle are usually seen with a rose in their buttonhole that took the name of “Sanguine Rose”. Instead Sanguine it’s always seen with a bottle of wine or beer in both hands or with some girl…or boy.

Peryite. Underappreciated and always left behind, Peryite is a loner and, after so much time, he accepted this situation. Many makes jokes about him and he is usually considered weak by the others also his social skills aren’t the best so he just hang out with a guy–probably paid for stick with him–and a girl–probably his cousin–. He acts like he doesn’t care about loneliness but cries a lot if left alone. He wants to keep everything in order, not that he likes it personally but his parents raised him in that way so he just adapted. Many says that a beautiful friendship could born between him and Jyggalag but Peryite keeps saying that “Jyggalag’s vision of order is unnatural and rigid” and he doesn’t want to hang out with crazy people. Everyone laughs at this (and of him). He has a dragon tattoo somewhere on his body. He have some weird aesthetic feeling with smoke. He tries to look tough but he is just in need of love. He still lives in his parents house.

Balem stuff, because why not?

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Balem masterlist

Imagine: Trying to calm Balem.

“The towers just…fell, my Lord. We’re trying-”


Balem gripped the arms of his throne in anger, the veins in his forehead protruding just a bit more than usual as he glared at the worker kneeling before him. You knew what that look meant, and that all too familiar eye twitch he got when trying to settle the raging storm inside. Balem was never very good at that, his rage typically got the best of him, especially when it was incompetence that caused it.

The worker from the refinery trembled before his lord, looking straight at the floor so he could avoid as much contact with Balem as possible. You wouldn’t doubt there was even a rumor spreading that said if you gazed upon his eyes you’d die instantly. Part of you even believed it, lover or not, Balem lost his patience with you as well sometimes.


His green eyes fixated on you, and he was clearly displeased with the way you attempted to address him in front of his court. No one, well actually everyone, might’ve known of your relationship with the First Primary. It’s not like it was easy to quiet the screams that came from his bedroom most nights. But, it wasn’t like he intended to marry you anytime soon, or even acknowledge you as more than a bedmate, but you liked to think you had some control over his emotions. Even if it was mainly used to ease his madness.

“My Lord, I’m sure it was an accident-”

Balem gritted his teeth, glaring daggers at the lot of you as he rose from his throne. He was hardly content with the amount of people trying to deflect the blame, but the truth was, his employee had caused damaged to the refinery and profits would dip. Leaving him to deal with the loss. As you opened your mouth to speak, he raised his hand, silencing you for good on the matter. He simply tolerated your kind heart because he felt some semblance of emotion towards you, but in the matters of business he preferred that pretty mouth of yours closed.

“I will not allow this ineptitude to continue. You have cost me more than enough, perhaps I should make you pay with your li-”

Balem was a man with no regrets, and every life he took was simply justice in his eyes, but to you it was unnecessary. And maybe your interference was not warranted, but you couldn’t allow him to kill a man for a simple mistake. You gripped the collar of his outfit, pulling him down and pressing your lips firmly against his. Silence spread through the throne room, everyone clearly uncomfortable or frightened of what Balem would do next. No one ever laid a finger on the Primary when in public, but you felt there was no other option.

His lips were soft against your own, yet warm and beyond inviting. If it wasn’t for the fact that a man’s life was at stake you would’ve melted into his arms and begged him to give you more. But, you pulled away, blushing when he released a shaky breath. His gaze was dark, pupils dilated, and it was all too clear he was slowly becoming aroused. Balem had given you that same look before, many times, and it only ever led to you on your back moaning beneath him.

You gulped as he drew close to you, his breath hot against your cheeks as he tried to control himself from kissing you back. But, with all eyes on him he composed himself, the corner of his lip twitching as he stilled the wrath inside.

“Be grateful I’ve allowed you another day…”

As he spoke, his eyes remained on you, though his words were directed at the employee still cowering on the ground.

“Leave us.”

He waved his hand towards the doors, gesturing for all to quickly leave or else fall victim to his ever changing moods. You stiffened in front of him, suddenly feeling very much like prey before predator as he stepped closer.

“I’m sorry….”

Your tone was weak, all your bravery from earlier now gone. Fizzled away as the Primary stared you down. He lifted his hand, nail digging into your jaw as he traced a path to your lips, brushing the bottom one delicately with his thumb.

“My little dove, so kind hearted you are…”

His menacing presence made your knees go weak, and it took all your strength not to fall to the floor and beg his forgiveness. But, Balem just smirked, enjoying the mix of pleasure and fear he saw in your beautiful eyes. He dipped down, softly caressing your lips with his own.

“You save a man from punishment, only to fall victim to it yourself.”


Ahh! *forever screaming*

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i love the idea of the eso protag and bals relationship slowly evolving into the super awkward stalemate

like the first few dolmens?? bals all like. Mortals! You shall fear my wrath! Come forth minions!! and the protags all !!!! Never!!!! then like 50 dolmens in hes like Morta-……….. you again……… Oh well you can defeat me as many times as you like i need only defeat you once blah Blah

but like 200 dolmens in the hero just shows up and is like. Hi Bal. and all you hear is this great big sigh

500 dolmens in is just

“hey bal anything new happening since last time?” “you asked me a mere day ago……. but no, nothing new is happening” as all the daedra are being casually slaughtered. just. “aight see you next time. bye bal” “bye mortal…. worm”

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How do you approach sci-fi writing in TES?

Generally I split TES tech into four (originally three, but ESO introduced a new one) categories.

Magitek is the standard stuff most people use, and is more about approaching magic from a scientific standpoint. It’s still crystals and bullshit, so generally if I stylize stuff around it it’s more whimsical in nature. Reman-era biotech, the Nedic Firstmages and their giant star cyborgs, Telvanni shit, even that thing that milked the Hist in Oblivion fall under this category. If it’s generally got a more medieval look, it’s magitek. Molag Bal also has his own branch, which is more pipes, vents, and angry looking crushers for no reason. Same with Dagon.

Tonal Architecture is obviously the things the dwemer practice. Generally this is defined more by heavy amounts of piping, steam, pistons, and gears. Steampunk, but with a heavy dosage of anger rather than nostalgia. Dwemer technology is more appropriate to use for large scale things: big ancient organs and massive turning cogs, and is usually towards some sort of goal that’s vaguely mean (corrupting creatures, poisoning the atmosphere, etc). Dwemer do everything out of spite. So if something is big, brassy, overtly mechanic, and seems generally a dick move, it’s tonal architecture. 

Sothatech is technology practiced by Sotha Sil and his apprentices, and its under the category of magitek in terms of the science behind it, but taken to a futuristic conclusion. Sotha Sil has machinery like the dwemer, but is defined more by his stuff looking close to our actual modern technology, with advanced robotics, circuitry, screens, consoles, computers, etc. Your android waifu mods should be Sothatech, not dwemer shit, as is anything generally more futuristic. Basically if it boops, beeps, and is shiny and technical, it’s Sothatech.

Lastly is the largely unexplored Morkuldin bloodtech. It’s not well defined, but generally it was a sort of dark magitek, and produced animated sentries, and focused a lot around forgework and infernal metalcraft. It your stuff looks like it belongs in Isengard and is made by orcs, its bloodtech.

So there you. You can stop making all your mods dwemer based to try and justify them.

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First things first: I love your writing and you are one of my favorite authors. You also are a sweetheart and very nice to everyone and that's the reason I chose you to maybe answer a question I have. We all know Yuuri drank at least 16 flutes of champagne (even more if you count the pole dancing bottles) during the banquet. (1/2)

Anonymous (cont.):

The thing is, I don’t drink alcohol so I wouldn’t know how much does it take for someone to be considered drunk. I’ve seen some fanfic authors describing Yuuri as a lightweight, but is he really? I mean, 16 flutes looks like a lot to me. So, your thoughts: Is Yuuri a lightweight for being drunk after drinking this quantity of champagne? (2/2) 

Okay friend! So my response to this is going to be based on some assumptions regarding what an how much Yuuri drank, as well as his weight and height. Also, some personal anecdotes.

Yuuri is a 5′8′’, extremely athletic twenty-three-year-old man. This means that his bodyfat at peak athleticism (Which he would be at after the GPF) is somewhere around 6%. Usual bodyfat for a man of his same age would be something like 15%. However, what Yuuri doesn’t have in fat he makes up for with muscle–so we’re going to say that he probably weighs something like 130, maybe 140 pounds.

At 140 pounds, it takes a person about four drinks within an hour to reach the legal drunk limit–.08. In my experience, this is NOT drunk enough to be crazy, but all the same you SHOULD NOT drive. That’s not what this is about though.

In this context, we’re going to use the definition of ‘drink’ as ‘five ounces of wine’–which is accurate, because champagne has an average alcohol content of 12% (although it can have as much as 17% and as little as 5%, depending–for our purposes, we’re going to say 12) and five ounces of 12% alcohol is about 14 grams of pure alcohol, which is what is legally considered a ‘drink’ unit.

SO. We have Yuuri Katsuki. He’s just downed sixteen glasses of champagne in a short time period–I’m pretty confident that it’s under an hour. Maybe even under half an hour. However, the typical champagne flute at a party is only holding four ounces of liquid. This means that Yuuri has really only had something like 12 drinks. Not a huge difference, but enough. 

12 drinks in under an hour is still a lot. Yuuri Katsuki is now three times over the legal limit.

Now, I’ve been at the legal limit. The reason I said that in my experience, it isn’t a lot, is because I was still fully lucid and in control of myself, but I could tell that I was drunk and maybe wasn’t thinking as clearly as I could be. For instance, the last time I was four drinks in at a club, my friends and I decided to jump up on the stage with the DJ. There were other people up there and it wasn’t like we were being beligerent or doing something we weren’t supposed to, but it wasn’t a decision I would have made if I were sober–and drunk!Maggie still knew enough about herself to know this.

I’ve also been way over the legal limit. Way over the legal limit!Maggie cries in the passenger seat of a car because the synthesizer in the song Don’t You Want Me makes her feel like the world is going to end and doesn’t even have enough awareness of herself to understand why everyone else isn’t freaking out about it.

It’s also easier than you think to get 12 drinks in you. Yuuri actually chose one of the harder ways. If you get a Long Island Iced Tea, you can shove so much alcohol into your body within a very short amount of time. I’ll say that with the right kind of long island, you’re getting about four drinks a glass. Three of those and awaaaaay you go.

(Do not do this. DO NOT DO THIS.)

ANYWAY THO. That’s all beside the point.

Is Yuuri Katsuki a lightweight? Probably not. 

He still has the dexterity and the balance to do what he did three times over the legal limit. That’s impressive. Drunk!Maggie would be sitting on her bedroom floor crying into her cat’s fur at three times over the legal limit. 

Like, is Yuuri VERY DRUNK at this point? Yes. He will be feeling it in the morning. But is three-times-over-the-limit Yuuri also doing things that other people probably wouldn’t be able to do at the same level of drunkenness?

Also yes.

And remember, he’s adding to his BAL the WHOLE TIME he is doing this. By the time he’s at the Be my coach Viktorrrrrr point, he might be four times over the limit.

So yes. My answer is that Yuuri Katsuki is not a lightweight, at least not by casual drinker standards. The blackout-drunk thing might indicate that alcohol adversely effects his system in stronger ways than it might someone larger or heavier than him, but he also shows that he is remarkably in control of his own body for being very, very drunk. 

And let’s just say this–a person can still be drunk and not show it. Even if someone is totally mellow, totally coherent, if you know for a fact that they’ve had, like, a BUNCH of beer, they’re drunk. I don’t care what they say or how they behave. They’re drunk. The whole lightweight vs. heavyweight drinker thing is almost as much of a myth as the old ‘beer before liquor never sicker’ thing.

(The only reason this is a thing is because people are irresponsible with their alcohol consumption and, if they switch from beer to spirits, sometimes don’t slow down their intake, and get drunk very very fast because they’re drinking it like they would beer. This is a bad idea.)

Honestly, the whole thing depends so heavily on other factors (How fast is Yuuri’s metabolism? Did he eat anything before the banquet? What’s the REAL alcohol content of that champagne? Did the waiters overfill the glasses?) that it’s almost impossible to say. But, given what we have and generally-approved knowledge, we can say that Yuuri Katsuki was PRETTY DRUNK, for having drank twelve drinks in the recent past. But not UNDULY drunk and, actually functioning at a pretty high level for someone who was as drunk as he was.

So yeah! Now that I’ve rambled about that! I hope you’ve all learned something and, more importantly, that I’ve answered your question friend :D

Planes of the Daedric Princes (I)

Azura’s Moonshadow: Moonshadow is described as an impossibly beautiful, amazing world made up of impossible shades of colors, and perpetual twilight. This realm is believed to be permanently sealed off from mortals, but those who ventured there in the past usually went half-blind or half-mad from the unnatural beauty.

Boethiah’s Snake Mount or Attribution’s Share: Boethiah’s plane is made up of vast mazes, gardens and labyrinths, and the architecture has a very twisted and sinister appearance. Betrayal and deception are a matter of natural law in this realm. His recent bloody tournament in Oblivion may have been inMehrunes Dagon’s Deadlands, as it looked basically the same according to the winner.

Clavicus Vile’s Realm: The true name of this realm is not known, but it is one of the most tranquil and peaceful of the Oblivion realms, resembling a rustic countryside.

Hermaeus Mora’s Apocrypha: This is the central repository for all knowledge in the entire universe, and is said to resemble an infinite library. Murky waters spout tentacles throughout the abyss. Its books are all identical, having black covers and no titles, but there is one of every book ever written, and includes knowledge normally forbidden to humans. Mortals who wander here usually die and remain behind as ghosts, still seeking knowledge. Only through Hermaeus Mora’s mysterious Black Books have people found their way into Apocrypha.

Hircine’s Hunting Grounds: This plane consists of a vast expanse of islands, inhabited by the various daedra, or by vast forests, plains, grasslands and puzzling mazes. Hircine’s plane has a higher than normal population of atronachs. And it is home to were-beasts and creatures much larger than those of Tamriel. The most popular hunted prey are those unlucky mortals who find themselves here accidentally. Mortal souls who have been blessed with Lycanthropy are sent here.

Malacath’s Ashpit: The Ashpit is a barren, barely-habitable wasteland. Of those realms accessible by mortals, this is considered the hardest to reach. The realm is described to have no surface and no end. It is filled with particles of ash and smoke, swirling full of curses and broken promises. It is known as the final resting place for Orsimer who live and die honorably, as many orcs are heard making comments such as “By the Ashpit”. According to comments made by the Daedric Prince Sheogorath, this plane has some sort of spine in it, due to his comment that the backbone of Malacath’s realm is an actual backbone.

Mehrunes Dagon’s Deadlands: The Deadlands represent as close to the mortal vision of Hell as any of the Oblivion planes. It is also possibly the best known of all Daedric realms to mortals on Nirn. During the failed invasion of Nirn by Dagon’s forces near the end of the Third Era, various Tamrielic forces, especially in Cyrodiil and Black Marsh, actually stormed the Deadlands and won victories there. Ash storms and vast seas of lava make up the majority of this realm, which is populated by the highly intelligent Dremora, as well as many semi- or non-intelligent beings. The beings include Storm Atronachs, Flame Atronachs, Clannfear, Scamps, Daedroth, Xivilai and Spider Daedra. It is from this realm that Dagon has attempted to launch his repeated invasions of Nirn. Jagged rocky formations divide the landscape into miniature valleys. People who fall into the cracks in these jagged rocks oftentimes can never escape.

Meridia’s Colored Rooms: Little is known about this realm, save that the Auroran are native to this plane. This is where Umaril’s spirit fled when Pelinal Whitestrake slew him. The realm is clouded in a thick purple fog and is surrounded by floating rocks and the skies seem to be perpetually lit by stars.

Molag Bal’s Coldharbour: Molag Bal built his realm to resemble an apocalyptic Nirn, where familiar landmarks appear scorched and ruined. It has been described as what Nirn would look like, were it to undergo centuries of cataclysmic war. Another Imperial Palace is located in this realm, but it is laden with rotting corpses and dripping with freezing blood. Mortals who make their way here usually end up in the realm’s vast, numerous slave pens or charnel houses, bound for eternity as Soul Shriven. The only untouched region is Atmora, as Molag Bal thought its status as a frozen wasteland was distasteful, and thus it remains as a frozen wasteland. Coldharbour is one of the most inhospitable realms of Oblivion. The sky constantly burns yet the whole realm is beyond freezing. The ground is nothing more than sludge, jagged, rocky formations and ravines and dead, tainted grass. Dremora and Daedroths are known to roam the realm in large numbers, scouring for more slaves. Coldharbour is habitable by mortals to some degree, as a city controlled by Meridia is located in the realm after her efforts to relocate a Tamrielic city to Coldharbour due to the boundaries between Mundus and Oblivion being weakened and in the mid-Second Era, mortals from Tamriel actually lived there and the city functioned as a normal Tamrielic city, with merchants doing business and even living in houses. However, the city was only there to serve as a base for an assault on Coldharbour by the Fighters’ and Mages’ guilds to stop Molag Bal’s Planemeld. It is unknown whether or not the city is still there.


i just wanted to draw the teeths and here i am heckin going full bird FUCk

The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement AU 

Yet another cherik movie AU, this time in an a/b/o verse!

It’s been a few years since Charles Xavier met his grand-mother Irene and discovered he was the prince of Genosha. Now he has finished his studies and is of age to reign, Irene intends to step down as queen. This is when Shaw, a member of the parliament, announces that someone else can pretend to the throne, his nephew/ward Erik Lehnsherr, an alpha. Charles would be first in line if only he weren’t an omega. Indeed, an old law says he must be married to be able to become king. Now he has barely a month to get married if he wants to reign.

An arranged marriage gets planned, Shaw plots, and of course Erik and Charles fall in love along the way.

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Beatiful Mistake

nope. nope. nope. dear god please no…
not you. not that one. jesus christ is that a yeti?
Yamaguchi sighed and threw his phone down in despair.  His freckled face smushed deep into his pillow. why was it so hard to find someone nice to settle down with?
As a vet, his free time was limited and when yachi suggested tinder, he had rightly scoffed. but as the months had passed and the nights got longer. he’d decided to give a chance. what a freaking mistake.
yamaguchi reached for his phone, only to find it wasn’t where he’d thrown it. fantastic, he thought, as he reached down the gap between the bed and the wall…
‘yes yes i hear you!’
it wasn’t in the gap.
eventually yamaguchi gave up reaching, and crawled beneath his bed to retrieve the beeping phone.

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A dance you’ll never forget

Day two: Disney AU

Summary: Malec Cinderella AU: Alec is the prince of New York Institute and he tries to find the mystery gold-green eyed man who he had danced with a night before. He only remembers the eyes and have the shoe the man had lost on his way out.

Once upon a time there was a young prince who had the most strange love story…

Prince Alexander Gideon Lightwood, an eighteen year old, young man, the first in the line of succession to the throne of New York’s Institute Kingdom. He was a good young man, tall, black hair, blue eyes. A quite sight to behold. Many young women and men had fallen into his charms. But there wasn’t any man or woman, who would have captured his interest and heart for a longer.

Not until last night.

His parents organized a grand bal for his eighteenth birthday. Many young princes and princesses had come to join Alec in his celebration. His parents ensured that many of his guests were not betrothed yet, so Alec could pick a partner for himself. Despite Alec’s lately outcome to his parents and the world itself, that he likes men not women, his parents decided to introduce him to the fine ladies of Idris as well. They were beautiful, Alec had to admit, but they didn’t attract him.

Not like the mysterious man last night.

He was…Alec didn’t even know the precise word for it, even though he spoke fluently in three languages. The man was tall, taller than Alec. He wore a deep purple tuxedo, golden silk shirt. But his attire wasn’t what enchanted Alec the most. It was his eyes, gold-green cat-like eyes. They were incredible, fascinating. The young prince felt himself drowning in them, as they were dancing to the soft melody played by the orchestra.

He didn’t tell his name to Alec, nor he didn’t show his face. A mask covered him, but the eyes remained real. Alec couldn’t sleep because of the hunting, yet so pleasant memory of the man. He never felt like this before, but he loved the new sensation the man was giving him.

Yet, when midnight had come, the man disappeared like he was a ghost. For a moment, Alec believed him to be, until he found a black, shiny shoe lost in the stairs. Alec ran after him, passing his guest on the way, but, as much as he was fast, he wasn’t fast enough. The mystery man was nowhere to be seen.

This morning, when Alec woke up, he decided to look for the man. He needed to find him, if he wanted to feel this amazing again. His mother once said to him, that when he will find love, his heart will start beat differently. That was true. Since last night, his heart was beating faster, different, especially, when the cat-eyes popped up in his mind.

“Good morning, son, have you slept well? ” Maryse Lightwood, the Queen of the Institute asked, as Alec sat down next to his sister, Princess Isabelle.

“Not very well, mother.” She frowned at his response. “Mother, do we have a list of guests, who attended my bal?”

“Indeed.” She waved at the servant girl, and whispered something to her ear. The girl left the dining room and soon she was back with a roll of papyrus. “They were mostly from Idris and many of noble inhabitants of New York. Why?”

“May I take a look? ” She passed the paper to him. Alec scanned over the names of guests. He knew all of them from Idris, but the locals were unknown to him. This meant one thing. The mystery man was a local. His attire showed that he must have been from the noble family, otherwise he wouldn’t get an invitation to the bal.

“Is something wrong, brother? ” Isabelle asked, placing a hand over his arm.

“I need to…”

“Is this about this mysterious dancer you danced with last night? I’ve seen you, brother. You two were marvelous.” She commented. “So, who is he?”

“I do not know.” Both Maryse and Isabelle looked confused at Alec. “He didn’t tell his name. But I am sure he is not from Idris, I know all of guests from there, but I have no idea who he is.”

“Maybe he is from the locals? ” Maryse prompted, smiling softly at her son. “I could invite them again for the briefing and we can look for him.”

“I’d rather look for him myself, if you don’t mind, mother.” She nodded to his request. “Princess Isabelle, how do you feel for a little adventure in the city?”

She agreed immediately. With the list from their mother, both, Alec and Isabelle went to look for his mysterious man.

They rode from home to home, meeting with every single young man, with black hair and golden eyes. The looking wasn’t as easy as it sounded at first. There were many of such men, but none of them was his man yet. Alec had the shoe hidden in his carriage.

Their carter, Lucian Graymark, stopped before the house of Asmodeus Bane. The man himself was dead for three month already, but he used to be the owner of Edom, a small city near Idris itself. Yet, when the dark war came, Edom was destroyed, and Asmodeus with his son and new wife, Lilith, along with her two sons, came to live in New York. Yet, the death consumed him easily one day, giving his family a great grief. Alec knew Asmodeus once, he was the greatest strategist in the army of Idris.

“Prince Alexander, Princess Isabelle,” they were greeted by Lady Lilith, as they exited their carriage. “It is a great honor to have you both in our home. Welcome. Please meet, my both sons, Jonathan and Jace.”

“It’s a pleasure.” Alec eyed the blonde number two, Jace. He was a muscled young man with striking golden eyes. But not like the man of his dreams. “I believe you have heard that I am looking for a man from my bal.”

“Indeed, I am sure that he is one of my sons.” Her smile was creepy, if Alec could use such trivial word.

“I have something that was lost by the man last night.”

“It must be my handkerchief,” Jace said, batting his eyelashes at Alec. “I have lost it, when we danced, my prince.”

“Maybe, but I’d like both of you to try something on.” Alec called over for Luke. The man brought the shoe with himself and tried to put it on feet of Jace and his brother.

The shoe was falling from Jace’s foot, eliminating him from the competition. When it came to Jonathan, he fitted his whole foot, but there was something strange. Suddenly, Jonathan cried out in a pain and took out his foot. It was covered in blood on the toes, as they were scratched. The shoe was too small for Jonathan.

“Are there no other men here? ” Isabelle asked, looking hopefully. Bane household was the last one in the city they had to visit.

“No. Only my both sons and…” Suddenly a young man, wearing racks walked from around the corner of the house. His face was covered in dirt, and he held the stack of towels in his hands.

“Who are you? ” Alec asked. The man stiffened in his place for a second, before he bowed his head to Alec and Isabelle.

“Don’t mind him, he’s just my step-son, not important.” Lilith waved him off, but before the man could go, Alec walked to him and grabbed his arm.

“Please, wait. I’m Alec Lightwood.”

“I know who you are, prince Alexander.” The voice! It sounded so familiar, especially, when the man spoken his full name. Alec looked at him good. Despite the signs of dirt on his face, he was handsome. His deep brown eyes were filled with sadness and pain, but there was something enchanting in them. “I should go.”

“Try this on, please.” He kneeled before the man and rose his foot. Alec took of the broken boot the man had and slowly, carefully slid the other shoe on his foot.

The magic happened then. The shoe fitted perfectly, like it was made just for the man. Alec couldn’t stop looking at the sight for the moment. All these searchings and here he was. The man of his dreams. He stood up and and looked in the face of the man. When their eyes crossed, Alec could see, that the brown color is replacing itself with the gold-green.

“It’s you…” Alec whispered with a wide smile on his face. “It’s you.”

“What?!” both sons of Lilith were shocked by that. “Mother!”

“Magnus. You do not want to do anything against your family, do you? ” She warned him, making the man shake with fear.

“Do not listen to her, Magnus.” The name of the man sounded perfect on his tongue. “Magnus…”

“My full name is Magnus Bane, my prince.” He said shyly.

“You do not need to address me so properly. Call me Alec.” Alexander winked at him, taking his hand in his. He kissed Magnus’s knuckles and placed his hand upon his heart. “Magnus Bane, will you do me the honor and become my husband?”

Magnus bit down on his lip and  nodded to this.

A week later the whole New York and Idris were celebrating the new marriage union of prince Alexander Gideon Lightwood and Magnus Bane. And the young ones were the happiest people in the whole world, consumed in their beautiful love.

Let Me Show You

Square Filled: BalthazarMeg
Ship: Balthazar x Meg
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: cross dressing, Balthazar in a dress and panties, praise, oral sex (male receiving), non-explicit vaginal sex
Summary: Balthazar is sharing a secret with Meg, and she is very excited to prove to him how sexy he is.
Word Count: ~740
Written/Created for @spnkinkbingo

“Come on, Bal, I want to see!” Meg begged from the bedroom, waiting for Balthazar to come out of the bathroom where he was changing.

“Me-eg!” she heard from the other side of the door, making her smile.  Balthazar was being shy (for the first time in his life) and it was quite cute, if Meg had to say so herself.

“Balthazar, you know I will not laugh at you,” she encouraged. “This is something you’ve done by yourself for too long – it’s time to bring your best friend-slash-girlfriend in to the mix!  I think you’re hot and sexy and incredible no matter what, remember that!”

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