bakura's t shirt

So Momocon this year, I went to Little Kuriboh’s table twice. The first time I bought a shirt, however I forgot that I also wanted an autograph. So, a couple of hours later I went back to get one. When I got back I asked him(While his back was turned) If I could have an autograph. He turns around, eating a sandwich. I felt sooo bad. He had been stuck at that table selling t-shirts all day, and I interrupted the only chance of peace he probably got that day. I’m a terrible person. 

 I start crying while apologizing nonstop. When I say nonstop I mean, while I’m walking away, I’m walking backwards  and crying/apologizing. I felt so bad, I cried about it for another 2 hours. I was too embarrassed to go back up and get an autograph. So needless to say I never got one, even though I was at the con all weekend. 

So, martininamerica, I apologize for interrupting your sandwich, and for my less than stellar display of an apology at the convention that Friday. .And I wanted to thank you for the video, and Bakura Swag-O-Realm t-shirt you sold me. 

I still feel terrible, but at least I now have a good con story my friends get a laugh at.