I Love The Idea Of Ryou Exposing Fake Mediums For Fun
  • Medium:I'm Getting... A G... Yes The Spirit's Name Definitely Starts With A G
  • Ryou:No
  • Medium:I-...I'm Sorry?
  • Ryou:His Name Is Bakura, Try Again
  • Medium:His... Alright... Um, The Spirit Is Showing Me A Woman... Perhaps A Family Member?
  • Ryou:Probably Not
  • Medium:What?
  • Ryou:His Family Died When He Was Little
  • Medium:...Okaaay... Why Don't We Ask The Spirit To Show Us Some Kind Of Symbol Or Sign Then?
  • Ryou:*Turns To His Left* Bakura Stop It That's Rude!



Ryou: [is released from Yami Bakura’s control] Where am I … My arm! What’s going on? I’m not feeling at all well… Yugi, please! Help me!

Thief King Bakura: [is released from Yami Bakura’s control] …Where am I? Who are you? Tell me! My hands–What’s happening to me!? Someone help me!

…This makes this idea I had even more plausible.

I really love Pokemon! I think there are so many series that could be made into a crossover with Pokemon and the result would be pure awesomeness. (  ^▽^)♥ I always enjoy writing and drawing friendship stuff where the characters support and help each other, and since both YGO and Pokemon have friendship as one of their main themes, I like the idea of Yuugi, Atem and their friends living as Pokemon trainers.

Most of the Pokemon here are ones that I have used myself in my Pokemon games. Heracross/Kabunosuke is my favourite Pokemon ever, he’s been in my main team in every game I’ve played and I just love him so much ♥ It’s fun to get to draw and write about him in this AU where Atem and Yuugi are his trainers. (^ω^)

BTW, I didn’t intentionally choose Honda’s and Anzu’s Pokemon so that their hairstyles/head shapes look so much alike. I only realised the similarity after I had done the lineart :DD Hakuto is male, though, so he’ll evolve into Gallade eventually. ^^ Also some of the Pokemon from this AU are missing here, since I drew this last year and have written more fanfic after that, continuing my “headcanon” of the crossover.