bakshi christensen

Bakshi Christensen

I want to know more about Bakshi I don’t care what people say about him! He a fun character. Sure he may not look like the most pretty boy you expect. Bakshi may have turned fucked up because of his past. I mean I want to know his past that would connect why he like that.

“Bakshi is rude to Gian but maybe-”


“He might just be acting mean so he can cover up his soft-”


“He’s just misunderstoo-”


“He loves Gian an-”


If one of these has entered your mind for more than a minute or you’re seriously thinking about it-

N O .

Bakshi is not ‘nice’ nor 'tsundere’ nor does he have any real feelings towards Gian. Bakshi is a sly, psycho, abusive, sadistic fucking weasel and can never be polite towards anyone even if his life depended on it. All he wants to do is rape and kill his victims. He can’t feel sympathy. He doesn’t give a shit if he makes someone cry or scream in fear and/or pain. Infact, it’s what he wants. To see people suffer.

But we all love him anyway


he’s my child and don’t you dare diss him infront of me, person