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#LoQueMasMeGusta de este blog, siendo sinceros es que el nombre es muy fácil de recordar ya que soy muy olvidadisa bakshs nah que me encanta que sea dinámico y sus respuestas no te dejan a más dudas, que tenga tantos admis jshs mas puntos de vista y opiniones y bueno, no hay algo que no me guste -libraaa

JJAJSJS yo estaba leyendo tipo “¿sólo por el nombre?” Pero después leí lo otro y assglsllsskslsñalsañ

“I am really excited to be releasing an album after everything I’ve been through recently. This new music represents the journey I’ve been on throughout the process of making this record. I had to fall in order to rise, and nothing feels better than to have something you love that you had to really fight for. I can honestly say that ‪#‎13Voices‬ saved my life and I cannot wait to share it with all of you.” - Deryck

” Baksh Deta hai Khuda Unko,
Jinki Kishmat kharab hoti Hai..!

Woh hargiz nahi bakshe jaate hai,
Jinaki niyat kharab hoti ha..!

Na mera ek hoga,Na tera lakh hoga,
Na tarif teri hogi , na mazak mera hoga..!

Gurur na kar shah-e-sharir ka,
Mera bhi khak hoga, tera bhi Khak hoga..!

Zindagi bhar Branded branded karne waalo,
Yaad rakhana, Kafan ka koi brand nahi hota..!

koi ro kar dil bahlata hai,
to koi has kar dard chupata hai..!

Kya karamat hai kudarat ki,
Zinda paani main dub jaata hai, aur murda ter ke dikhlata hai..!

Maut ko dekha to nahi,
Par shayad bahut khubsurat hogi,
Kambakt jo bhi us se milta hai,
Jeena chhod deta hai..!

Gazab ki ekta dekhi, Logo ki zamane main,
Zinda ko girane main, aur murdo ko Uthane main..!

Zindagi main na Jaane konsi baat akhri hogi,
Na jaane konsi raat akhri hogi..!”


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Hi. My goodness, I just loved loved todays episode, oh man Shivaays expressions and all of annikas dialogues, reminded me of the old IB days!!

Hi anon! 

I think today’s episode was the best so far when it came to Shivaay and comedy. Before, he used to be the straight man to Anika/OmRu’s tomfoolery, but today was the first time he’s served as the source of all the laughs. I absolutely loved it, especially the bits where he’s driven to desperation to use most un-Shivaay-like expressions like “yaar” and “mujhe baksh do”. 😂😂😂

I really hope they let Nakuul do more comedy in the show (especially now that OmRu aren’t here anymore), coz he has pretty good comic timing and max!funny face. To see Anika and Shivaay play off each other with their different types of humour will be super awesome! 


FAT LIP - SUM 41 (2001)  // vs. //  SOCIAL CASUALTY - 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER (2014)                                                                                                      [ round two of 3 ]


Happy Sum 41 Day! | July 31, 1996

“I think the best thing about us getting along is that we’ve just known each other for so long.”—Deryck Whibley

“We were all friends before we kind of started the band.”—Dave Baksh

“It just works somehow, we just get along.”—Cone McCaslin

“We’re pretty much our only friends so, I mean, if we’re not going to get along with each other, who the hell are we gonna hang out with?”—Deryck Whibley

Kya khub likha hai kisi ne…

Baksh deta hai Khuda unko
Jinki kismat kharab hoti hai

Wo hargiz nahi bakshe jate hai
Jinki neeyat kharab hoti hai

Na mera ek hoga na tera lakh hoga
Na tareef teri hogi na mazak mera hoga

Gurur na kar Shah e shareer ka
Mera bhi khaak hoga tera bhi khaak hoga

Zindagi bhar branded branded karne waalo
Yaad rakhna kafan ka koi brand nahi hota

Koi ro kar dil bahlata hai
Or koi hass kar dard chupata hai

Kya karamaat hai kudrat ka
Zinda insaan pani me dub jata hai or murda tair ke dikhta hai

Maut ko dekha to nahi par shayad wo bahut khubsurat hogi
Kambaqt jo bhi uss se milta hai jeena chor deta hai

Gazab ki aikta dikhi logo ki zamane me
zindo ko girane me or murdo ko uthane me

Zindagi me na jane kon si baat aakhri hogi
Na jane kon si raat aakhri hogi

Milte julte baate karte raho yaaro
Ek dusre se na jane kon si mulaqat aakhri hogi.