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Dave Baksh : …“I kind of agree with them , I , especially , am a loser ,and I’m not very proud , but , I’m actually on the category of ” fat loser “ … ”

“He isn’t marrying a salafi sister”- Dr. Murtaza Baksh

The question is “Some salafi young men want to get married and to non-salafi girls- who associate with other jama’ah. Even though there are salafi girls who are waiting to get married. But they don’t want to marry them saying that these women (non salafi ones) are the of their parents’ liking. What would you advise them?” 

“I would advice them that even though obedience to your parents is wajib, but in disobedience to Alla ta’la, there is no obedience to anyone else. You have to spend the life (with the spouse) and this is also misguided to think that you can marry them and change them. There have been many young men who were salafi and after getting married they were neither salafi nor are they in another jama’ah so they’re somewhere in the middle. They even start calling to the other jama’ah. I would advise that you seek women who are salafi, it is their right first. *Quotes a hadeeth which I won’t translate because It won’t be exact* So if you know that there is a salafi girl who is firm upon the salafiyyah, and you know of this and she is ready to be married and there is no delay and you are also ready for marriage then this is a huge reward (or blessing) from Allah so you should talk to your parents, don’t hasten, take your time and make your parents understand that you are the one who has to spend the life (with the spouse) and the result of this will not only effect you but your children as well. This is a huge decision not a normal occurrence. Your marital life is a new life and this will be your life partner. She won’t be a servant or someone to serve you who has no value or worth. This is the wrong thinking that women have no value after marriage. In the shari’ah she is your wife and a part of your life and is your responsibility. Even though she will be under your leadership and you will be ordering (read as guiding) her, she will be maintaining your home and she will be doing the tarbiyyah of the children and explaining things to them. The whole family will then guide them upon righteousness. If there is a woman from ahlul bid’ah and is a da’ee for it, you should stay away from them. 

*Proceeds to give an example of someone he states is from among the learned of ahlus sunnah wal jama’ah, not a laymen- who had a cousin who was from the khuwarij and this individual felt that if he married her he would be able to change her. I can call her to salafiyyah and let her abandon the khariji way. He was confident in his own salafiyyah but his cousin was even more confident in her kharijiyyah. SubhanAllah. They got married even though his peers and teachers advised him against it and he did not listen to anyone and married her. After some time the result of this individual was that he wasn’t just from the khuwarij rather he became of their leaders to the point that he wrote poetry for the killer Ali ibn Taalib radiAllahu anhu in which he sympathized with the killer. This was a man of the sunnah who followed Ali Ibn Taalib radiAllahu anhu and other sahabah. but because of this marriage he lost his dunya and his akhirah.*

So don’t think that marriage a small deal. You are not a greater aalim that the man I mentioned so don’t fall prey to this mentality that you can change her. It is from the Mercy of Allah that our hearts are in Allah’s grasp but He can change them as He wills. Even the anbiya cannot give you hidaya for your heart. Its only from Allah and Allah can change any heart at any time towards the haqq or away from it. This is from the Hikmah from Allah. I would advise that if you want to get married and you are getting the opportunity to marry a salafee then marry her. She would be a blessing don’t leave that at any cost. It is a gift. If your parents do not agree then do not fight with them- they have their rights. Keep trying to talk to them to make them understand constantly and make dua and especially pray tahajjud. We make so much dua’ for smaller problems. This is such a big issue so pray for it especially in qiyam ul layl and in sujud so make dua’ that Allah turns your parents hearts towards this khayr. & In sha Allah your affairs will ease. AllahuAlam. “

Break the castle of duality
Detach yourself from the corporeal body
Behold the Divine Light of Oneness
Enlighten the chamber of your heart

Faqir Qadir Baksh Bedil

Desis who love to listen to Desi speakers why don’t you listen to Dr. Murtaza Baksh…like he is Desi, his duroos are to the point free of any weird ideas and icing on the cake he is not a speaker but a real student of knowledge.