Name: Bakunawa

Alternate Names: Bakonawa, Baconaua, Bakonaua, Eclipse Dragon, Eclipse Serpent

Mythology: Philippine Folklore and Mythology

Size: Huge, after Jormungandr the biggest of the Sea Serpents. In Mythika they aren’t as big as in the real myth though, they can’t swallow a moon or an entire ship, but they can constrict it like a snake constricts a deer.

Environment: Deep Sea, Deep Oceans, Shadow Ocean, Realm of Shadows

In Mythika: Almost alien, deep sea serpents that were probably created by the Siyokoy from normal Sea Serpents. These sea creatures can fly through the air and they are widely known as the Eclipse Serpents as when they appear all light will perish and darkness arrives. They are constantly dripping an oil-like substance that behaves much like living shadows that search for light-sources to block out, when a Bakunawa approaches a coastal town, all lights will dim and eventually turn into shadow as the living shadows that drip from the Shadow Sea Serpent destroy the light and turn it into pitch black darkness. Bakunawa destroy all types of sources of light, magical light, fire, torches and they instantly kill creatures made from light like the Will o Wisp and Adze.


Jejeling Card

Description: Adds 200 HP for every 10 points of base VIT.
Compound on: Garment

Bungisngis Card

Description: Each 2 refine, MHP + 1%
Compound on: Headgear

Engkanto Card

Description: Increase damage on Poison property monsters by 30%.
Ignores 30% of Plant monster’s Defense Rate.
Compound on: Headgear

Buwaya Card

Description: VIT + 4, adds a high chance of inflicting the Stone Curse status to the 
attacking enemy each time the wearer is magically attacked.
Compound on: Armor

Tiyanak Card

Description: Critical +12 on Demi Human, Brute and Fish monsters.
Compound on: Accessory

Wakwak Card

Description: Adds 5 ATK for every 10 points of base STR.
Compound on: Garment

Manananggal Card

Description: Regain 1 SP with each attack.
MSP - 1%.
Compound on: Weapon

Bangungot Card

Description: INT + 4, adds a high chance of inflicting the Sleep status to the attacking 
enemy each time the wearer is magically attacked.
Compound on: Armor

Mangkukulam Card

Description: MSP + 10%.
Drain 666 HP each time an enemy is killed.
Compound on: Armor

Tikbalang Card

Description: MATK + 10, increases damage of wind element magic attacks by 5%.
If the upgrade level is 9 or higher, add an additional 5% wind element magic attacks.
Compound on: Headgear

Bakonawa Card

Description: STR + 4, adds a high chance of inflicting the Bleeding status to the attacking 
enemy each time the wearer is physically attacked.
Compound on: Armor

keep your eyes open
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Photography to me has always been about using the time of a complete stranger in such a way that he or she doesn’t feel that the time has been wasted. Kurt Vonnegut said that about short stories, and I like to think that his words apply to photography as well. I often find it difficult to explain to people what photography means to me. Because to me, there really isn’t anything more to photography than truly deriving pleasure from keeping one’s eyes open.