baklava cake

It’s so interesting to me how much the average person doesn’t know about their bodies and the food they put into it.

I’d had several conversations at work about my eating. It usually comes up when free donuts/bagels/cakes/baklava are available and I decline. Sometimes it’s productive, like the discussion about veganism and keto, but other times it’s “It sounds so restrictive!” Or “it’s not healthy to cut out an entire food group.”

After one such conversation, a co-worker popped in while I was having a snack. String cheese, hard boiled egg, and tomato. Her comment? “See? That’s much healthier!”

😂😂😂😂😂 Lady, all of my food looks like this!

The first of many cousins have already landed in LA! I have been busy planning itineraries for my dear family visiting me and celebrating Christmas here. Anyone wants to recommend anywhere I could bring them to other than my favourite haunts? I will pay you in baklavas and lava cakes!