Breakfast from this morning 😋 waffle with banana slices, homemade raspberry sauce, and @purely_elizabeth granola

Waffle - In a blender add ½ cup oats, 1 mashed banana, 1 egg, and 1/8 tsp baking powder. Blend until smooth then cook in a sprayed, heated waffle iron until cooked through.

Sauce - Add a big handful of raspberries and a splash of water in a small pot. Bring to a boil, mash the raspberries with a fork, then let simmer until it gets to the consistency you desire.

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These have a soft fluffy outside with a pumpkin pie filling texture in the middle. These are so tasty & they are full of healthy plant protein. They have no flour, eggs, or dairy making it a delicious vegan treat.


1 15 ounce can of chickpeas

½ cup of cashew butter

¼ cup of rolled oats

2/3 cup of coconut sugar

¼ cup of maple syrup

½ cup of pumpkin puree

1 teaspoon of cinnamon

1 tablespoon of pumpkin pie spice

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

½ teaspoon baking powder

¼ teaspoon of baking soda

pinch of salt

1/3 cup of chopped pecans(optional)

½ cup of dark chocolate chips(optional)


Combine all the ingredients besides the pecans and chocolate chips and process until smooth. Fold in the pecans and chocolate chips. Put in a 8 x 8 pan and grease it or put on parchment paper. Pour the batter in the pan and cook for 50 minutes to 1 hour at 350 degrees F.

Breakfast In Bed - Soryu Oh

(A/N) For the green tea cake, I am using a real recipe I have just learned recently and it tastes absolutely delicious. If you want, you can bake it yourself:


Hasty grey eyes studied the boxes of texts that filled up the computer’s dim screen, carefully reading through every step as if it were a document of great importance.

“Hm… I think we have flour… Baking powder? Do we even have baking powder?” Soryu rubbed his throbbing temples and inhaled deeply, fluttering his eyes shut and exhaling. Who knew such a simple recipe could be so complicated to him?

Tomorrow will be your six month anniversary with him and, being the noble and honorable man he was, he took it upon himself to start the day off on a good note by stepping out of his comfort zone and into the kitchen. However, doubts started to cloud his head. Could he even do this without burning the house down? He could barely make an omelette, how in the world can he cook a full meal for you in just a few hours? Not to mention, all these measurements and ingredients and temperatures made his head spin.

He grabbed a random notebook on his desk and started penning down the list of ingredients, neatly adding in the measurements right beside it.

“Three eggs… Three-fourths cup of sugar… A tablespoon of honey-”

Knock knock knock!

Soryu threw his head back and groaned to himself, quietly clearing his throat. “Come in.”

The door creaked open just a enough for a patch of brown to pop in.

“Heya Boss! I just wanted to let you know that your meeting is in 15 minutes,” Inui stepped in, eyeing the piece of paper on Soryu’s desk. “what’s that?”

“I see. Thank you. …Inui, are you free right now?” 

“Yessir! Anything you need?”

“I need you to run a few errands for me.”


“Y’know, when he said errands, I thought he meant ‘spy on a rival gang’ or somethin’…” Inui whispered to himself, adding a small can of baking powder to his shopping cart. “I never thought he meant this.”

He ambled through the baking section, his eyes straining to find the sugar. Oh well. No matter what kind of errand Soryu bestowed on him, he will try his very best to accomplish it. 

“Oh! There it is!” Inui happily skipped over to the large pouch that read ‘SUGAR’ and tossed it in the cart.

“Inui? Is that you?”

His heart ceased beating and he stood as still as a statue, barely breathing. Alarms started going off in his head when he heard the voice again.

“It is you Inui!”

He gulped what felt like a boulder and turned around with a stiff smile.

“Oh! Princess! What a pleasant surprise to see you here!” He laughed, discreetly wiping his sweaty palms along the seam of his pants.

“… Inui? Is everything alright?” She took a step closer, making the poor puppy flinch. He cleared his throat and balled his hands into fist, retaining his jumpy self to the best of his abilities.

“Yup! Everythin’s great! I just, um….” He looked away, mentally cursing his awkwardness. “… was shopping.”

“Well, of course you are. Why else are you in the supermarket?”

“… Oh. Right.” Damn.

She only laughed, waving off his stupid remark. She looked past him and eyed the cart’s contents.

“Are you taking up baking?”


“Oh really?” She looked at him intrigued, but her innocent and curious (E/C) eyes sent the man into overdrive.

“Yeah! So um… I’ll be going now.”

“Wait, Inui?”


“If you ever need help, feel free to call me. Soryu and I bake together when we have time, so I know a thing or two about baking.” 

“Sounds good! Goodbye Princess!”

Inui waved goodbye to the fair lass and made a beeline for the registers, feeling his racing heart plummeting to normal levels again. “Man, sometimes I just have the worst luck…”

~*~ Sometime later…~*~

Knock knock knock!

“Boss! I got your stuff!” Inui cheerily announced, tumbling into Soryu’s office with a treasure trove of grocery bags.

“Good. Thank you Inui,” Soryu effortlessly balanced the groceries in his arms and set them beside his desk. “did you encounter (F/N)?”

“Ahah… ahahaha…” Inui shuffled his feet and twiddled his thumbs as Soryu’s stabbing glare penetrated his soul.

“Inui, I swear…”

“S-She doesn’t know! I swear Boss!”

“(F/N) is smart. She probably has an idea now,” Soryu groaned, rubbing his now throbbing temples. “did she mention anything about tomorrow or me?”

“… You bake together, Boss?”

“That’s not important.”

“In that case, she didn’t say anything. See? She doesn’t know! You’re all good!”

Soryu could only nod, his stomach uncomfortably churning inside him. Inui’s words echoed in his head until superficial assurance masked his worries. I’m all good…

~*~ The next day… ~*~


Soryu’s eyes shot open and he glanced at you from the corner of his eye, inaudibly sighing in relief when your eyes still remained closed. As quietly as possible, he crawled out of bed, the tip of his toes exiting first. The bed creaked from the gradual loss of weight as he stood up, slipping on his black boxers and some pants that he discarded the night before. He intentionally made rough love to you last night, in hopes of you waking up late and staying in bed longer. The erotic image of you underneath him, covered in sweat and his love juices, begging for him to take you again and again got him all fired up for the day and he could hardly wait for tonight.

He tiptoed out of the bedroom and slid down the staircase as smoothly as a thief. He scurried to the kitchen and turned on his phone to the recipe.

“‘Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit’.” With a few beeps, the oven started heating up. In the meantime, Soryu slipped two slices of bread in the toaster and also got out the eggs and bacon. 

I can multitask, He thought. Just don’t forget the omelette and bacon.

He cracked open two egg in a bowl and whisked it, adding some salt, pepper and a little bit of water into the mix. He opened the fridge and whipped out some shredded cheese, bits and pieces of ham, and a handful of pre-washed baby spinach and set them side for later. He got a small stick of butter and placed it on the heating pan, watching it melt and slide around the whole skillet.

Carefully, he poured the egg mixture into the pan. The loud sizzle turned into hushed bubbling as he prepared a second pan for the bacon.

Beep beep beep!


The oven and toaster rang in synchronization, reminding the tired man that he was far from finished. He snatched a plate from a cabinet and quickly took out the perfect toasts before he burned himself. He set the plate aside as he flipped the fire to low, already preparing the coffee. 

“This is harder than I thought…” Soryu sighed a breath he didn’t realize he was holding and closed his eyes, recentering his focus on the omelette. He remembered your words as he got the spatula ready.

“Now remember Sor. You have to be careful with this step. Gently push the cooked portions of the egg to the center so that the rest of the egg can cook.”

He gulped and followed your instructions cautiously, beads of perspiration racing down his brow. He pushed the edges of the omelette with baited breath, tilting the pan this way and that. As he was doing this, he looked up and an indescribable heaviness weighed his chest.

8:00 A.M. 

The bright red numbers on the clock flashed tauntingly at the mobster. How time moved that fast, he didn’t know, but what he did know was that he had a little more than two hours to prepare everything before you woke up. Soryu could feel the rush of adrenaline coursing through his veins and he felt his senses sharpening and his feet lightening. He can do this. He has to do this.

He slammed a metal tray down on the table with a crash before sprinting to a cupboard, snagging two cups, and slamming it shut. He poured the coffee into the mugs and added the perfect amount of sweetener to your cup. After he placed those on a tray, he hurried to the already cooked omelette and wracked his brain for the next step.

“Good job Babe! You did it! Now, here’s the fun part. Make sure that there is no more liquid egg remaining. If everything’s cooked, add whatever filling you want. Simple, right?”

“No, it’s not simple…” He muttered, feeling a prick of guilt after realizing you had to go through these strenuous steps every time he asked for an omelette. He slid the finished egg onto a plate and sprinkled some parsley for garnish.

“Damn, the bacon…” Soryu laid out four slices of bacon and ignited the stove to low heat. As he was doing that, he finally started on the green tea cake. 


10:30 A.M.

He was done.

He was finally.



Soryu scrambled to fix everything on the tray, wiping the long traces of sweat racing down his brow with a towel. He now had a whole new level of respect for every chef out there. Cooking was hard. Like, hard. As quickly and quietly as possible, Soryu zoomed up the steps and stopped, tweaking every little imperfection before he sent it off. With a barely a creak, he turned the brass doorknob and pushed his way in the bedroom.

Everything was still dark. You could hear the birds chirping from far away and also the rustle of leaves dancing in the gentle morning breeze. You let out a soft sigh and turned to your side, inhaling deeply. 

Wait… You sniffed again. What’s that smell?

A quiet moan left your parted lips and your brows furrowed.

“Good morning, Princess.”

“Mm… Good… Good morning…” You yawned and wiped your eyes, still keeping them closed however. “Sor, why does it smell so good…”

A deep chuckle, and then you felt something soft and pleasantly warm press up against your eyelids. “Open your eyes.”

You huffed and shook your head like a child. You buried yourself deeper in your sheets and pouted. Soryu ‘tsked’ before kissing your eyelids again.

“Open your eyes.”

“But whyyy…”

“Because it’s time to wake up.”

Soryu grasped your wrists and, with a long heave, pulled you up into a sitting position. You hunched over, half your thoughts still in dreamland. Soryu took hold of your shoulders and shook it lightly, sending your limp body this way and that.

“Wake up (F/N).”

“I’m tired…”


You mentally cursed your boyfriend, but as the delightful scent wafted to your nostrils, you put away all ill feelings and pried your eyes open. A calming white flooded your vision and it took a few moments to regain your sight again. 

Instantly, your eyes shot open to the size of dinner plates and your jaw dropped. Before you were plates and plates of food all somehow balancing on a glossy silver tray. Toasted bread with butter on the side, fresh coffee, a perfectly made omelette, bacon, a small fruit salad, and what really caught your attention was a small slice of green cake in the corner.

“Soryu, what is all this…?” You asked, as if in a dream.

“Happy six-month anniversary (F/N),” He leaned over the tray and pressed a chaste but loving kiss to your forehead. “thank you for staying with me.”

“This… This is all for me?” 

He nodded.

After several long moments, your lips started twitching upwards and tears pricked the corners of your eyes. You cupped your hands over your mouth, a habit of yours when you feel excited. Absolute euphoria filled your heart and your cheeks exploded into a vast array of reds.

“Thank you Soryu! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!” You flung yourself into his arms, startling the already frazzled Soryu even more. But that did not stop him from properly communicating his silent but undying love for you. As he soothingly stroked your back, you looked up and smooched his cheek loudly. 

“Let’s eat. Before it gets cold.”

You nodded and took a fork and knife, cleanly slicing the steaming omelette. Melted cheese, spinach, and ham spilled out of the cut, a savory and mouthwatering smell pouring out of the small egg. You unconsciously licked your lips and chomped down on the slice. The melted cheese melted further into your mouth and the spinach and ham went together so harmoniously, you took several more bites until you realized you were almost done.

“Is it good?” Soryu asked, poking the omelette with his fork.

“Amazing. I didn’t know you can cook like this.”

“Neither did I.”

You both laughed and continued chowing down on your meal, talking about the simple things in life. It wasn’t until the plates were all cleared that your interesting conversation about potatoes came to a halt.

“Thank you so much for the meal Soryu. You’re the best. Though I must ask… How in the world did you bake a tea cake all by yourself?”

“I don’t know. I thought I was going to burn the house down actually.” He sighed, rubbing the back of his neck. You chuckled and playfully jabbed his arm.

“Teach me how to bake that sometime, okay?”

“We can bake it later. But first,” Without any warning, the tray, together will all the plates and utensils, came flying off the bed with a clatter and you found yourself pressed right against the bed, the mobster peering down at you with hungry eyes. “let’s get right on to dessert.”

“B-But we already had dessert… Mm…” Soryu nipped the flesh of your skin, sending your heart aflutter.

“Oh please. That was just an appetizer.”

The Wordy-Witch’s Chicken and Dumplings Recipe

Chicken and Dumplings is a fall family favorite in my family. It’s very filling without being too rich and it’s hearty for the cold season!

- Crock Pot and a Big Soup Pot

- 2 ½ cups torn/peeled roasted chicken

- Chicken Broth and Vegetable Broth (I use a 50/50 ratio with a little water mixed in)

- Thyme, Rosemary, Bay Leaves, Garlic, Salt, Pepper, Parsley

- Butter

- Carrots, Celery, Onions, Mushrooms, Potatoes (Or Sweet Potatoes) Diced.

- Flour

- Baking Powder

- Baking Soda

- Buttermilk (Or milk with a little vinegar mixed in for a substitute)

* First off, throw your chicken, broth and butter into your crock pot and let the butter melt (or pre melt it, whatever, lol) and mix it up. Add bacon instead of butter if you want to.

Next, dice up and add your favorite vegetables and add the spices. Because it’s a soupy texture, I grind my spices together in a mortar, just so it’s nice and fine. (PRO TIP! Bay leaves are poisonous and SHARP. Add them whole and remove them before serving)

Next, turn on crock pot and let it go for maybe 4 hours on high. Once the veggies are tender and you give it a stir, move as much broth as you can to the large soup pot with a lid.

Set that to simmer and add a little salt. Now, combine the 2 cups flour, a teaspoon baking powder, a half teaspoon baking soda, a pinch of salt, ¾ butter milk and 6 TBSP melted butter. Mix into a nice sticky dough. Form into balls and put into the pot of simmering/boiling broth. 

Cover and let simmer 12-15 minutes or until dumplings are firm, being sure your pot doesn’t run dry.

Remove and plate dumplings. Now, mix cornstarch and water together with a fork and add to the boiling broth while whisking to make a nice thick gravy like soup.

Add everything back together, give it a good stir and serve with a sprinkle of parsley!

** Also, if you have the time, you can totally just throw the dumplings in the crock pot. This is just the quicker way my mom always did it, lol.


Finnish photographer Vesa Lehtimäki, aka Avanaut, used LEGO bricks, minifigs, baking powder and a masterful ability to manipulate perspective in order to create an awesome series of Star Wars scenes that appear to take place on the snowy planet Hoth.

Head over to the Avanaut Flickr stream to check out many more of Vesa Lehtimäki’s geekstastic series of Star Wars scenes depicted using LEGO pieces.

[via Laughing Squid]

Cream Cheese Pancakes… with a Fluff!

We all know the secret to the simplest nices keto low-carb pancake right? You can add salt then, or sweetener, spices but that’s the basic of our batter.

1 pancake is 1oz cream cheese and 1 egg. Multiply to taste.

But they always come out more like crepes than pancakes, right?

well, Samantha from the facebook group Low carb and Losing it presented the solution in the form of the beautiful fluffy pancakes above: ¼ tsp of baking powder.

So new equation goes:

1 pancake = 1oz cream cheese + 1 egg + ¼ tsp baking powder.

What’s your favourite baking powder? Doves Farms has 23g carbs per 100g, Dr Oetker has 20g and I would love to find a better option.

Let me know how it works for you, pictures more than welcome!