Some more bread making from Poland.

The way they score the bread and take it out of the proofing baskets is quite interesting…


Beautiful bread making from Poland.

Progress update

Now that we have three official branches expanding our charity and are connecting with ither organization, I’d like to talk about how events will work within the Pink Mustache League.

In the beginning, every few months or so we will have a league-wide event that all branches can participate in (participation is entirely optional, but highly encouraged). These can include:

• making holiday cards for soldiers of your country of residence or other public servnts like firefighters, nonproblematic police officers, paramedics, or other public servants you think worthy.

• bake/craft sale fundraisers for things like Wounded Warrior Project, Charity: Water, Three Avocados, Innocence Project, The Doug Floutie Jr. Project, St. Jude’s, and any that can be recommended by members or fans.

•Food Bank donation events where branches all over can dedicate a day to collecting donations from the public for a local food bank or homeless/abuse escape shelter.

And many other potential events that can be suggested. As time goes on and we become more organized, these events may becom more frequent, even down to a monthly basis.

Head Staches can also run small events of their own in their community, cleaning up a park or beach, volunteering with a youth community group or at a senior center, or doing something similar to our league-wide events on a single branch scale. Meet with the members of your branch at least twice a month to brainstorm on ways to improve the community. Start a chat group with your members on Kik, Skype, or Facebook so you can keep in touch and remind them of meetings and events.

Please keep working on expanding and remember-

Give More Than You Take.

~Head Stache Shiloh.


One of my favourite things to do on a rainy Sunday is get into the kitchen and do some baking. Fill the house with lovely baking smells, Mmmm. So that is how I started the day because it was pouring down at my place. I battled with the laundry and then ate a yummy lunch. Lunch time turned into a re-watch of the All Black v Aus game from last night. It is always more relaxing to watch when you know the score. After tackling the baking dishes I headed out for a run. It was still raining and quite windy on my outward leg and I forgot about the fire in the forest until I smelt the smoke. Once home I did some stretches and cool down in the lounge then hit the shower before more ironing and a super yummy roast dinner. All in all a pretty full lazy Sunday was had at my place. Hope you are having a good one and if you have any spare sunshine could you send some my way I a over this cold rainy weather.

I have been trying to step out of my comfort zone a lot more so here I am saying Hi and hoping to make some friends. 

Name: Jess
Gender: Female  
Age: 26
Country: USA - Phoenix, Az
Orientation: Asexual, Panromantic, Polyamorous 
Looking for: Friends, maybe more…
Interests: All the nerdy things - Binge watching Netflix, Watching Movies, Crafting, Baking, Cosplay, Animals/Work, Reading, and just hanging out. 

Talk to me please!

I grew up with a single mom who worked 3 jobs. Because of her long hours I would spend almost all my time with my grandma. We would garden and bake and do crafts all day long. She was always there for me whenever I needed her. Yesterday she passed away and I’m having trouble saying goodbye to the woman who helped raise me. I love you so much Grammy and will hold all of our memories in my heart forever.


A charming video commercial for a charming bakery.

Chocolate! Chocolate everywhere! With whipped to stiff peak chicken spawn lol ! And sugar coated ramekins. Can anyone already guess what it is ?? Guess and stay tuned ! 🙈🍺🍫 🐣. #testkitchenchroncles #food #baking #ale #craft #sweets #desserts #chocolate #foodporn #blueberry #bumbleberry #fathead #foodie #nomnom #happy #bakingwithbooze #omg #fromscratch #yummy #fatkids #booze


Bake-craft! Cocoa cupcakes - like regular chocolate except much better. All of these books look good in our pastel kitchen. Also featuring my favorite of my mother’s possessions: the kitchenaid. I LOVE baking, but only when I’m home because I’m so spoiled by the Kitchenaid that I hate hand mixers. I don’t imagine I’ll be able to afford one myself for many many years.

Hi guys,

My name is Mika and August 2016 I will be climbing Kilimanjaro for Parkinson’sUK. My target for the trip is 4050 pounds and I have to raise 4050 pounds to be able to go. Not only that, but I want to raise 5000 if I can, because people with Parkinson’s need that money to be helped. Right now I’m at about 1300 pounds, which is awesome, but obviously not enough. Ergo, I really need your help. So far I’ve been fundraising by selling really cute crafts things, bake sales and through plain ol’ donations (LINK BELOW).

I decided to walk for Parkinson’s because two, possibly three close family friends suffer from this disease: my godmother’s mother, my grandma’s close friend and it’s a possibility that my godmother might get it later on too. I wanted to raise money for Parkinson’sUK because I feel like Parkinson’s is a wide spread disease that hardly gets any media attention and I wanted to put it out there. And it’s insanely wide spread. I thought at first it was just my family and friends that seemed to be targeted by Parkinson’s and I thought we were just extremely unlucky, but after just one month of campaigning I’ve heard dozens of people open up about relatives and friends who suffer, or sadly suffered, from Parkinson’s - even people who I had been close to for a very long time. It’s a terrible, degenerative disease of the brain that basically shuts down the body piece by piece until the patient is pretty much wiped out. Quite frankly, it’s shit. It sucks, it’s unfair and it’s ruthless and I just want to take some time to appreciate the strength of the patients and the people who support sufferers. You are all amazing individuals and I’m proud to be flying the Parkinson’sUK banner, so to speak. They are a fantastic charity and they’ve already helped me out so much in the short amount of time I’ve been fundraising for them. They work really hard to support patients and are still looking for a cure (they’re currently looking into gene therapy and stem cell research although both are still in the early stages). They’re just fab, really.

I guess I’m taking to tumblr because it’s a global medium and because I feel like it’s a way of reaching people and showing you guys that somebody cares. I know that Parkinson’s can be a lonely and isolating disease. People care, we really do. And obviously I don’t know first-hand what it’s like to live with Parkinson’s or to look after somebody with Parkinson’s, so for all I know, I sound obnoxious as hell, but I’m really trying my hardest to do whatever I can.

If you want to follow my progress or check out all the adorable homemade things I’ll be putting up for sale, check my facebook at

My instagram is crazyalphabet, just like my tumblr and I post regular updates (Kili and non Kili related)

Most importantly of all though is my JustGiving link: 

If 4000 people were to donate just 1 pound, I’d pretty much be set. I know, I know, it’s basic math, bravo, real smart, but it’s the truth right there. Every little helps, and I’d really appreciate if you guys could help even just a little. 

Thanks guys, from me and from Parkinson’sUK. We appreciate it, really.