Yesterday was apparently sandwich cookie day. Starting from the top left and going clockwise: Vanilla macaron with orange blossom pomegranate buttercream. Chocolate chip faux-reos. Vanilla macaron with chocolate buttercream. Double chocolate chip faux-reos.

The sheer volume of cookies in my house right now is staggering.

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Baking Cute Canelés and Serving Up Smiles at Canelé du Japon

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(This interview was conducted in Japanese.)

“Our passion is to create moments that make people smile,” says Saki Umemoto, a store manager of the canelé shop Doudou — a branch store of Canelé du Japon (@caneledujapon), based in Osaka, Japan. While respecting the tradition of the French pastry, Saki tries new things to keep her customers coming back; some of the store’s signature canelés contain seasonal ingredients like green tea powder and buds of cherry blossoms. “There are many wonderful moments I love about my job,” she says, “like when those beautiful glossy canelés come out of the oven, observing the tiny treats all neatly lined up and talking to customers who tell us how cute and delicious our canelés are.” How does Saki tell these stories on Instagram? “We try to share causal images from our day-to-day activities,” she says. “We want our shop to feel familiar for our customers.”

One thing that I think is hard for people who aren’t in this field to understand is that under the blanket term of “Culinary” are so many little subcategories, and no two are the same. Are you talking about culinary or baking and pastry? Did you know there is a fundamental difference between a baker and a pastry chef? Are we talking high volume or small scale? Bakery or patisserie? Cake decorating or plated desserts? Yet the only response I seem to get when I say I’m in culinary school is  "Ooh, you gonna be on Food Network someday?“ 

hey guys

i have until 03/29/14 to find an internship/externship/volunteer place at a non-fast food facility so i can gain experience for 6 months if i want to attend the culinary institute of america

if i don’t, i won’t be able to attend

i’ve been looking but i can’t find anyone

here’s a link to my portfolio: link

if you know anyone in the NY area that may be able to help, please let me know!!

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