baking institute

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Can u pls do either a Magnus and Clary brotp or Alec and Clary brotp!!! Pretty pls! I adore your headcannons!!!

- magnus loves watching clary draw so he always tells stories of particular places he’s visited or a memory he has and he describes it in such vivid detail that clary sketches it out and gifts it to magnus afterwards

- and it always makes magnus smile and reminisce because the drawings are always nearly identical to what he described yet still has a touch to it that only clary can bring, almost like the drawing is coming to life on the paper.

- they love baking together. like completely love it. I mean, clary always drags alec into baking at the institute with her but magnus always goes over the top with the decorations and clary lives for it because there’s always more frosting than cake when magnus makes them and for someone with a sweet tooth, it’s clary’s dream come true.

- magnus knew jocelyn better than any of the others (excluding luke) so sometimes they’ll hang out and magnus will tell clary stories about her mom when she was younger or tell her how proud jocelyn would be of her if she was still here which sometimes results in clary getting teary and magnus hugging her until she’s calmed down.

- clary starts a secret project for magnus but she’s really bad at being discreet so magnus knows she up to something for weeks. but one day when magnus walks into his loft, he notices a framed coloured drawing sitting on his couch with a note stuck to it. and in messy handwriting the note reads “your family portrait, love clary” and he looks down to see a drawing of himself with everyone he loves, alec, clary, izzy, jace, simon and luke, maia raphael and madzie, and magnus cries because he just can’t believe what a beautiful and loving family he has.