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Ok so now that I’ve told my mom and dad, I’m sharing the news with all of you. I got accepted to Oregon Culinary Institute’s Baking/Pastry Hospitality Management program in Portland. It’s a two year associates degree in sixteen months. I start 2-20-18 and will be done 6-25-19. The kids will be staying with Chris while I complete the program.

I am really excited. I’ve been wanting to do this for such a long time and now it’s happening!!

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Can u pls do either a Magnus and Clary brotp or Alec and Clary brotp!!! Pretty pls! I adore your headcannons!!!

- magnus loves watching clary draw so he always tells stories of particular places he’s visited or a memory he has and he describes it in such vivid detail that clary sketches it out and gifts it to magnus afterwards

- and it always makes magnus smile and reminisce because the drawings are always nearly identical to what he described yet still has a touch to it that only clary can bring, almost like the drawing is coming to life on the paper.

- they love baking together. like completely love it. I mean, clary always drags alec into baking at the institute with her but magnus always goes over the top with the decorations and clary lives for it because there’s always more frosting than cake when magnus makes them and for someone with a sweet tooth, it’s clary’s dream come true.

- magnus knew jocelyn better than any of the others (excluding luke) so sometimes they’ll hang out and magnus will tell clary stories about her mom when she was younger or tell her how proud jocelyn would be of her if she was still here which sometimes results in clary getting teary and magnus hugging her until she’s calmed down.

- clary starts a secret project for magnus but she’s really bad at being discreet so magnus knows she up to something for weeks. but one day when magnus walks into his loft, he notices a framed coloured drawing sitting on his couch with a note stuck to it. and in messy handwriting the note reads “your family portrait, love clary” and he looks down to see a drawing of himself with everyone he loves, alec, clary, izzy, jace, simon and luke, maia raphael and madzie, and magnus cries because he just can’t believe what a beautiful and loving family he has.

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Do you mind if I ask what your favourite headcanons are for the cute Brit?

Sure thing!

  • He watches all the BBC cooking shows on Saturday mornings while he eats breakfast, hoping to pick up useful tips. It works…sometimes.
  • He learnt to bake from the Women’s Institute. Even though his cooking skills are below par, his Victoria sponge is to die for.
  • He regularly falls asleep in front of the television. It’s become more habitual than accidental, of late. Sometimes there’s a book or report lying on him, evident of the fact he can read and watch at the same time.
  • He usually gains magical friends after helping them when they’re in need. For example, a unicorn followed him home after he healed its leg, so he named it Philip and keeps it in the stables.
  • He learnt to sew when America was young. The child once tore a hole in his favourite jacket while playing in the woods, so England did his best to sew it up. Despite it being a terrible, patchy job, America was delighted, saying it was cool because looked ‘like a scar’. That motivated England to improve his skills, and now he does embroidery to relax.

                       Want the In on Sugar Geodes? Check it out!

Little Zimbits Headcanon. I THINK I NEED HELP.

I can’t get the idea of Jack and Bitty going to Europe for a holiday out of my head. The wonderful @itsybittle and @bittybutt are organising the @omgcplondon meet up and this idea popped in my head and would’t leave.

I don’t know why, maybe it is a graduation gift from Jack’s parents. Jack is on summer break and Bitty does not start his post graduate studies at  

  • the Baking & Pastry Institute at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island.(it is a real place, google told me. idk if it is any good or anything. It just sounded right.) until October.

The thing is they have never had a proper break together only when Bitty has stayed in Providence or a few days in Montreal or Madison in the summer or for Christmas for the past 2 years.

Friends and family know about them, The Falconers know but they are not out yet. (There is a plan,George has a PLAN) but Bob and Suzanne colluded that after the last two years a break away together would be just the thing and work with George so that Jack’s off season commitments fit around the trip. The have also planned an itinerary because if Jack is anything like me he would not cope without plans and at least a rough guide. Also recommendations of Doctor’s etc just in case.

In Europe Jack is anonymous enough that they could walk around like a normal couple and hold hands as they walk along the street etc.

They start in England tour around different parts of the UK - There is so much Historical shit for Jack. Jack drags the to all the Historical sights. Bitty is not overly interested but Jack’s enthusiasm for all of it is enough.

They Start in London- Tower of London Westminster Abbey, The British Museum all the usual places.

Bitty is charmed by the accent and the, “oh excuse me” and “I’m so sorry, it was my fault” and the queuing.

Alicia recommends all of these little out of the way eateries and places that she thinks Bitty will like. Bitty gets recommendations from his twitter followers and they actually get stopped a couple of times.

“Excuse me, I am sorry to bother you but are you Eric Bittle. Would you mind if me and my friend took a picture with you. We just love your your vlogs.”. Bitty is charmed and Jack looks on Fondly.

I just have all these these images.

Jack at any number of Historical Landmarks in London taking hundreds of pictures and is just “ LOOK BITS THIS IS WHERE…… and Bitty gazing on fondly.

Jack takes Bitty to afternoon tea at the Savoy an BITS IS IN LOVE. THE DINKY SANDWICHES AND THE CAKES.

They catch a show and dinner in the West End. Hamilton because they never got to see it in New York and Jack loves the history and you know that the soundtrack is Bitty’s jam.

Bitty finds out via twitter about Ellie Goulding doing a tiny showcase of some new material and they manage to sneak in.

Picture Bitty standing in a field in Sussex wearing one of those fold away rain macs. Because it is summer in England i.e IT WILL RAIN.”

“ Jack, sweetheart, why are we here we standing in the middle of a field in the rain ?”


Taking a slow punt along the Cam on a sunny afternoon in Cambridge. Bitty resting his head on Jack’s shoulder while Jack listens to the guide explain about the Bridge of Sighs.

In little quaint country pub where Jack has dared Bitty to order Toad in the Hole and is bitterly disappointed when it turns out to just be sausages cooked in batter.

In Edinburgh for the festival and Bitty is in love with all the colour and performances and music. Jack falls in love with a comedian who’s entire routine is Dad Jokes.

Staying in quaint little B and B’s where they charm all the owners.

They move onto mainland Europe via Normandy so Jack can see the sight of the D Day Landings and onto Belgium so Jack can visit Flanders. They go onto Brussels because of the CHOCOLATE

Then to Paris. Jack again with history and museums and Bitty with the food and the pastries and the fashion. Cue much amusement at Jack quebecois french. 

Jack and Bitty at the top of the Eiffel Tower. Just because.

Maybe they stay in little Gites or hotels or have air Bnb’s IDK.

They maybe travel through wine country and maybe find a couple of days for the Cote d'Azur.

They go onto Berlin and Jack loves history and Bitty loves the Cafe Culture and the nightlife.

I will fight anyone who argues against the fact that Bitty persuades Jack to go out in Berlin one night and he is wearing a pair of his Short Shorts.

Maybe they go to Chocoversum in Hamburg and Jack takes Bitty to The 20Up for cocktails.

They go to Spain and Shitty recommends that they go to Buñol at the end of August they must not google it’s a surprise.  Jack has to take away Bitty’s phone. When they get there Bitty immediately realises what is happening when they get off the train and there is nothing but crate after crate of tomatoes as far as the eye can see. Bitty immediately  calls Shitty to give out to him. But a few hours later when Jack Zimmerman is grinning at him whilst covered in tomatoes thinks it wasn’t such a bad call after all.

They go to Italy and they both love it. Bitty is horrified to learn that he has been making Spaghetti Bolognase wrong for years. But they love the atmosphere and the medieval streets in Naples and Jack can’t get over all the ancient landmarks.

Bitty loves the cuisine and authentic gellato. He’s not sure he can go back to Froyo after this. 

They do eventually have to go back to there real lives but they have millions of photo’s and are relaxed and the trip has cemented there relationship and they are ready for what the next stage of their life entails.

Living together in Providence, Bitty’s post grad studies and Jack’s coming out etc.

I have just put destinations of places I have actually visited but they could really go anywhere.