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ID #11128

Name: Mariette
Age: 22
Country: France

Hey there ! Ok so, hmm.. Where should I start ? I don’t really know how to introduce myself, that seems weird and awkward, as I’m not used to it haha (by it I mean wanting to make international friends online haha).
As you can see I’m a 22 years old girl from France.
So, firstly, I think that this all penpal thing seems like a great way to meet people you wouldn’t meet in another way ! And this place seems like a good one to meet you (yeah, you, who’s reading this !) Getting to know you along with you culture and listen to what you have to say seems interesting and cool and everything. Like having interesting and deep discussions or random chats through to week etc.. I’m open-minded and curious, and of course that would be great if you are too ! And also that you are real and genuine and not a creepy 76 y.o (we are never too careful huh..)
About me: I have a degree in Graphic Design and am an illustrator. So, yeah, I like art and drawing a lot !
Otherwise I’m pretty much a basic humanoïd-being concerning my other interests: watching tv-series, cats, eating, baking, listening to music, spending time with friends, drinking tea, autumn, traveling, reading graphic novels, etc… I like to learn more about various subjects depending on what I’m interested in at the time.
I’m currently learning Norwegian and I love it, so if you’re Norwegian that would be cool, but I’m not looking especially for a language partner here, so anyone from anywhere is welcome to write to me of course ! It will be like traveling (except online haha, well.. but you know what I mean, learning about other cultures etc..)
I guess I’m more of an introvert ? (but people generally don’t notice it I guess, I don’t know) but I don’t really like putting people and myself into boxes, it’s not that important ! If we get along, we get along, and that’s awesome, so I hope we do! I can be pretty talkative, so yeah, please let’s not only have small talks about the weather haha. Instead, let’s share glimpses of our daily lives, and talk about various subjects, yeay !
I’d like to talk by e-mail first (to get to know you), then maybe other social medias and/or Skype ? (even tho that would be very awkward at first I guess haha) And after that if we get along, snailmail would be cool if you want !
So, hmm, if you feel like we could get along from this random rambling here, feel free to contact me and tell me about yourself. I’d be happy to hear from you, dear stranger behind your keyboard ! In the meantime, take care !

Preferences: Well I guess I’d like to talk to people around my age (so like 19-26 ?) and as specified earlier, open minded (but I guess if you are sexist, homophobic, transphobic, racist, misogynistic, a compulsive liar and so on,.. well just a not so good human in general (to put it that way), you wouldn’t bother looking for penpals on this website, right ? :) )
(Also please no reblog as I’d like this post to just stay on penship, thanks !)