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I came across @wistfullwishing‘s post and I couldn’t resist, so here is some Faerie!Jehan meeting a mortal Montparnasse in a little urban fantasy:

On the whole, faerie heritage was quite easy to hide. Most people nowadays tried to pretend they had died out anyway. That was advantageous. It’s much easier to hide in plain sight if the people looking don’t really want to see you.

Jehan knows the average customer would rather not believe in fae and they take full advantage of that. Their little café is as popular as it is tiny and most of the regulars have no idea that it’s the magic in the food and drink that keeps them coming back. Not that Jehan actually makes them come back. They don’t lay spells on people, they pride themselves in that. All they use is a little glamour…and a little glamour goes a long way. Some of the customers do actually taste the burst of happiness Jehan bakes into their pastries, but that doesn’t mean that they can tell the difference between faerie magic and the other glimpses of power that some people are still born with. Which is good, because when they do believe in it, faerie magic freaks people out. Jehan doesn’t resent this, but it does make them smile sometimes. The days of faerie rings are long gone and they don’t live in a grassy mound with a hawthorn growing on its top. They live in a little apartment above their café. They like the city and they love their shop.

Because faeries make deals, that’s what they’re all about, and Jehan makes a deal with every customer that walks through their door. 

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Friendly Witchtip

Not everything needs to be planned or ritualized. I have the worst memory and a complete inability to plan, I just roll with the flow, so ritual is rare for me.

Since I work mostly in sigils let me tell you: quick and dirty is how most of my sigils are crafted. If I need relief for something or a fast solution or luck for some impending event I’ll rip a page out of a notebook, scribble on it in whatever I have around (I’ve crafted sigils on those pads you get from DRs offices with the prescription ads on top? Using a crayon because it was closest- and it still worked) and burn that bitch to Ash and toss the ashes into the compost pile.

I have my altar, I have my aesthetic practice and it works just as well. But sometimes witchcraft is working with what you got, when you remember. Which for me? Is 9 times out of 10.

prayaga22  asked:

Can you do a scenario with SHINee baking (or trying to bake for some 😂) I stan you tbh 🙏

i stan you too babe!!! everyone follow her on insta @vidyatheshawol for up to date quality shinee content ❤ i was actually saving this prompt for today 

김종현, 생일축하해 우리 블링블링이~~~!!!!!!!!!!!! (KIM JONGHYUN HAPPY BIRTHDAY OUR BLING-BLINGY)

shinee bakes for jonghyun’s birthday 


  • opens the bag of flour and some poofs up and just powders his face (minho walks past “wha-” / onew: cocaine”) 
  • smells the vanilla extract and really wants to taste it (key: “i’m telling you rn that this is the worst idea” / onew: “BUT IT SMELLS SO GOOOOOOD” / key pulls up multiple articles that essentially boils down to hoe don’t do it)
  • pours a little on a spoon and licks it anyway 
  • absolutely crestfallen that it sucks 
  • largely unhelpful and eating batter 


  • shit did the recipe say ½ cup of milk or a full one
  • well he poured in a cup
  • maybe even a little more than a cup
  • they don’t own an actual measuring cup, he used one of jonghyun’s mugs
  • while stirring the v watery batter ………… comes to the conclusion that he was very mistaken
  • he can cook really well why is baking so much harder than it initially appears
  • just dumps in flour until it achieves cake-batter-like consistency 


  • cut up the strawberries (one for the cake, one for taemin, one for the cake, onew hyung want one??)
  • pipes half the bag of frosting into his mouth (key: *hits him on the head* yah don’t eat it all) 
  • the bag is danger….ously emptyish 
  • it’s okay he stashed away a tin of frosting for this exact situation (taemin…….you could have just not eaten all the frosting) 
  • he’s so smart 


  • ok so their oven has a timer and he turned ON the timer 
  • doesn’t know WHY he expected that it’ll automatically would start baking bc clearly, ovens don’t work like that 
  • he knows that you shouldn’t do the whole raise the temperature to cook the thing faster but he’s going to do that 
  • burned it  
  • omg they’re never going to let him live this down 

after singing happy birthday: 


  • “wow thanks guys but this is clearly a store bought cake???? taemin posted in the group chat that you were making one this year”
  • taemin: minho murdered your cake 
  • minho: *in tears* WE TRIED THE BEST WE COULD 

EEP! I forgot to post the finished request! So sorry! But what better day than when I’ve filled my blog with nothing but NaLu spam all day long?:D

Happy’s conclusion: they both have a long way to go…


Natsu: What the hell, Lucy?! You poisoned Happy!

Lucy: Me? Your cake can hardly be considered edible! And is that mold?!

Natsu: Well at least mine isn’t burnt to a crisp! Looks like only one of us can handle the heat. *Smirk*

Lucy: Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me…

Happy: C-can someone please get Wendy?

Honestly, I can’t think of anything better than a big stack of sweet cinnamon banana pancakes, drenched in maple syrup; topped with fresh fruit✨ I could eat pancakes for every meal👌🏻

Happy Birthday Choi Twins! ~ Honey Buddha Cake

707: Tada!
Jaehee Kang: Oh, is that the cake?
707: Yep~!!
Jumin Han: You guys are early, I haven’t had the chance to send the presents yet
Saeran: We wanted to try baking and we got impatient
ZEN: In that case, happy early birthday!
Jaehee Kang: Happy birthday Seven and Saeran!
Yoosung★: Happy birthday ^_^
Jumin Han: Happy birthday you two.
Saeran: Thank you //^_^//
707: Do you like it? o3o
Jumin Han: It looks… interesting.
707: Excuse you, my decorations are aMaZiNGgGgGg~
ZEN: I’m sure it tastes great
Saeran: Thanks to Jaehee, we got a good recipe
Jaehee Kang: I’m glad I could help
Yoosung★: Oh? What recipe is this?
707: Ingredients: 500 g honey, 200 g butter, 250 ml milk, almond flakes 290 g flour, 5 g salt and 5 g cayenne pepper~

707: Warm up the oven at 180 °C. Put the honey in a bowl together with room temperature butter and a bit of milk and mix. Add rest of the milk, the flour and the almond flakes and mix until sticky mass. Pour into a greased caketin and bake for 40 minutes until the edges are brown. Et voila, cake! 8D

Jaehee Kang: Ah, Seven was faster than me.
Jaehee Kang: Wait, salt and cayenne pepper? The original recipe only had 300 g flour
707: Ya I removed a bit of flour to add my own touch
Saeran: I got to decorate it too a bit, it was fun
Saeran: It wasn’t easy, the pens didn’t cooperate
707: And no yellow or black for me sob sob
Yoosung★: So how does it taste?
- Mary Vanderwood 3rd has entered the chatroom -
Mary Vanderwood 3rd: WHAT IS THIS MESS

707: Vandymom!! We made a cake, come taste with us!
Saeran: Sorry for the mess ;;;;
ZEN: It’s okay this once, seeing it’s their birthday yeah?
Mary Vanderwood 3rd: Well alright then

Jaehee Kang: So how does it taste?
707: LOLOLOLOL Mary’s face!
Saeran: That’s a bit too much… cayenne pepper x.x
707: Oh ya I decided to add like waaaaaay more than the original recipe just cuz I wanted to get that real kick~
Yoosung★: omg
Jaehee Kang: …I will pass.
ZEN: Yeah, I think I will make my own if I wanna taste it
Jumin Han: Same.
707: You guys are missing out, this is delicious! Not as good as HBC but close!
Mary Vanderwood 3rd: ARGH MY MOUTH IS ON FIRE
Saeran: ;;;; next time I’m baking alone
707: Whoo an entire cake for me~!!!

100 Ways to Say “I Love You” No. 15

“I made your favourite.”

Human!AU - slight angst with a happy ending, baking, making up


Castiel rested his head against the kitchen table with a long, strained sigh as the front door slammed closed. He knew Dean would be heading off to The Roadhouse to let off some steam. He wouldn’t drink, Castiel knew that as Dean had been sober for the past eighteen months and would probably sit in Ellen’s back office until she scorned at him enough to come back home. Castiel wished he’d never left. He wished they could hash things out like normal people rather than not talking to each other and just offering themselves to each other to reconnect.

Eventually, head aching from feeling so tense, Castiel got up. He rifled mechanically through the kitchen cupboards, pulling out ingredients to make something. He needed to do something with himself or he’ll drive himself crazy worrying over Dean. They may have argued but that didn’t mean Castiel stopped worrying over Dean.

He peeled apples and set them in a pan to boil with sugar and water and a cinnamon stick before sifting flour into Dean’s favourite mixing bowl with butter, salt and water. Kneading the dough was relaxing. Simple and mind numbing and he could feel the tension release as he baked. Laying the pastry into a tin, he blind baked it before adding the apples. Baking it with the lid on top for the final time, Castiel relaxed and a small smile graced his face as he could smell it permeating the air.

The timer beeped and he pulled the bubbling apple pie from the oven and set it upon the kitchen table. Returning to his seat Castiel stared at the steaming pie as it almost mocked him from where it sat. Of course, he’d made Dean’s favourite. Scowling at the innocent pie, Castiel didn’t even realise he’d dozed off, head resting on his crossed arms.


When Dean got back from The Roadhouse, he was exhausted, mentally and physically. He’d begged Ellen for a job to do but when she’d told him to sit in her office to cool off he’d ignored her. Instead, he let the college kid take a break and took over as dishwasher.

It was methodical and he was able to lose himself in the simple motions. If the kid sat on the chair in the corner was chatting to him, he wasn’t listening. He was thinking of every bad thing he’d said earlier that night and it ate at him.

A cuff around the back of his head by Ellen and a quick-footed teenager taking his place back had him heading home after several hours. It was dark and cold by then so opening the front door to the warming smell of apple pie was absolute heaven. Any normal circumstance he’d forget everything he wanted to say and dive right in except he spotted Castiel hunched over the kitchen table with the pie on a trivet in front of him. He was asleep and Dean knew that Castiel couldn’t be comfortable in his current position.

“Hey, Cas?” He said quietly, shaking his shoulders and pressing a light kiss to the top of his head. “Cas? Wake up…”

There was a grumble before Castiel sat up with a groan and was rubbing his neck. “ow…”

“Yeah, that’s what I thought.” Dean said.

“Dean? When did you get back?” Sleep was still curling around Castiel’s voice and it made it more gravelly than usual.

“Not long ago,” Dean told him. Dean reached out his hand for Castiel’s and the other man took it quietly. “How about we go to bed, huh?”

“Yeah, oh… I… um… I made your favourite,”

“Thank you, I love you, Cas, you know that. Not just because you make the best damn pie in the universe but I really love you, okay…”

Castiel just nodded tiredly. Dean knew they needed to talk, knew that Castiel would want to talk, but neither of them were in much of a state to do so. They’d talk in the morning – and eat pie (for breakfast because that’s just the sort of thing Dean likes to do, especially when it tastes as good as Castiel’s).

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