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Kitchen Witchery- Cooking With Intent

The fun thing about being a kitchen witch is that you can do it every day, you don’t need anything that you don’t already have, you can work it into your already busy schedule with barely any change in routine, and it is fun.

Here are some simple ideas you can use when Working in the kitchen.

1. make your own spice-rubs/seasoning blends. Go by your own nose and what you like to taste to create spices that are uniquely yours. You can raid the cheap $1 section of the spice aisle and spend some time mixing and matching. Don’t be afraid to add salt for protective qualities, as well. While you are making your blend, think about what you want it to accomplish every time you use it. My last mixture was a home-made Italian seasoning blend I put on breads before I baked them for the Lammas Holiday. I wanted the herbs to convey my thanks to the gods for a successful harvest season, and I wanted to ask for blessings for a warm and happy home. I use this seasoning every time I bake a holiday bread now…it just seems right.

2. I saw an idea another witch had on making homemade sugar cubes and I loved the idea.

I did some experimenting and found that you can also use sugar in the raw or any sugar that is not powdered sugar. You can replace the water with a mixture 2 parts vanilla extract/1 part water for vanilla sugar cubes. The spice aisle sells other extracts as well. There are probably several different flavors you could create for your coffee or tea. I use silicone candy/ice molds to shape my cubes and I bake them on 200 degrees for 1 hour, then let them cool and then pop them out. Do not go above the liquid solid ratio of 3 teaspoons liquid/1 cup sugar. If you do, you will get a gooey sticky mess when you bake as the cubes will boil and try to become candy.  If you do not want to go to the trouble of molds or cookie cutters you can also roll the sugar out flat on a pan to the thickness you want the cubes, use a sharp knife to draw lines in the sugar where you want the cubes to break apart, and bake.

3. When baking you have the opportunity to draw or cut sigils into most anything. You could add a sigil to a cake before icing it. You could hide sigils in the patterns of the icing on cake or cookies. You could give blessings this way, or use this to enchant your own food for good luck, or good health. Art in the kitchen is always fun. As seen here:

4. Add a bit of salt to your mop water to help clean out negative energy. You can also experiment with making a deodorizing carpet powder- you know, the kind you pour down, then sweep up? Popcorn salt for spiritual cleansing, baking soda for deodorizing, essential oil for scent. mix in a bowl by whisk until the powder has absorbed the oil, add to a container you can shake out of, and voila. According to some online sources, adding Borax can repel fleas. You can do a search on homemade carpet powder for other ideas and recipes.

5. The important thing for a kitchen witch to remember is that anything can be made magical. In many places, the kitchen is considered the heart of the home. Where food and life comes from. Embrace that. Follow your heart and instincts.