baking cookies for their ugly sweater christmas party

24 Days of Christmas Master List

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Day One

You wear ugly sweater and bake cookies with Chris, messing around with Christmas jokes.

Day Two

Yourself and Clint use Steve’s shield as a sled, Steve does not approve of this.

Day Three

You give Carl Grimes his first kiss 

Day Four

You have a Christmas party that turns tropical themed because of the broken heater, although Steve shirtless makes up for it.

Day Five

Tony proposes to you in a very annoying, cute way.

Day Six

You’re sewing stockings for everyone, making Sam defensive.

Day Seven

Last Christmas songfic with Wade Wilson

Day Eight

You keep singing ‘Do you wanna build a snowman’ annoying everyone BUT Natasha

Day Nine

Clint trying to bring a tree into the house but it’s too big.

Day Ten

You take Carl to see Santa, only to get caught out by Rick.

Day Eleven

Bucky is a single parent at Christmas, you his daughter, make a Christmas wish.

Day Twelve

Christmas walk with Daryl goes a different way

Day Thirteen

Sam and Bucky have a Christmas off and you tell Bucky an important piece of information.

Day Fourteen

You visit the UK for Christmas and end up finding out a certain someone loves you?

Day Fifteen

You realise your boyfriend Thor isn’t far off from being like your dad, if that’s bad or a good thing, you don’t know.

Day Sixteen

Pietro pretends to be your boyfriend at your families holiday party

Day Seventeen

You meet Bruce on a train to Scotland and it’s the epitome of meet-cute

Day Eighteen

You visit Alexandria on Christmas Day with Negan and get reminded of past memories.

Day Nineteen

The fourth instalment to  We Protect Each Other | No Intention | You’re Poison, is I’m Poison, Remember? For people who don’t celebrate Christmas and want a normal fic!

Day Twenty

After the events of the Accords, yourself and team Cap go on a skiing vacation, where Wanda teaches you to ski. 

Day Twenty-One

You get Bucky a really sentimental gift, only he doesn’t get you anything, after realising your gift is a love declaration; he gets a last minute gift idea that involves you in his bed.

Day Twenty-Two

Your cat goes missing, again. T’Challa comforts you with hot chocolate, only he doesn’t like marshmallows in his hot drink? 

Day Twenty-Three

Steve leaves on a 6 month long mission, resulting in you realising you’d be without him Christmas Day, only you get a little surprise Christmas morning.

Day Twenty-Four

You spend Christmas with Chris Evans family, where he proposes to you in front of his family.

BONUS: Day Twenty-Five

Bucky ends up meeting Santa who influences him to see Steve

That Modern AU: Holidays edition

These headcanons belong to a long ass list of other headcanons and edits you’ll see… soon. But let’s start with winter holidays.

  • HYDE not-so-secretly LOVES UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATERS. His goal is to one day host a Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.
  • So, in honor to Hyde’s wishes, Buddy Morgan invites everyone to his Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, to which no one wanted to go but ended up going because the irony of the ugly sweater is too important for Hyde.
  • Jackie also ended up wearing one of his sweaters. He never saw it on his clothes ever again. It may be ugly as fuck, but it is comfy and smells like him, that makes it perfect to sleep on.
  • Kitty gets excited about baking cookies every year, and thanks to her cooking app, she makes different desings for her cookies every single year, sometimes, every day.
  • The boys spends too much time washing each other with fake snow. Once they accidentally throw too much of it to Donna’s hair when she was blond and somehow, they managed to decolorate it. She wanted to kill them, she also got back to red after it.
  • One year, they made a massive Secret Santa. They included the adults that usually are at the Formans’ and Buddy, Laurie and whoever her boyfriend was at that time, Hyde’s family and Kelso and Brooke’s family. It was a little bit messy, since not everyone knew everyone, but it all turned awesome at the end.
  • That year, Jackie took the Secret Santa to a whole new level by buying a phone just to send her person texts every day. Her person was Eric, and everyone thought his Secret Santa was Buddy. He almost died of a heart attack when he found out the truth.
  • Fez and Jackie go out to every Starbucks to get all the designs of the cups.
  • As a way to shut him up about how Christmas is a trap from the corporations and the goverment, Red and Kitty send Hyde every year to do the Christmas gift hunt alone. He takes Jackie with him after they started dating.
  • Every year, Eric waits patiently for the Christmas Stormtroopers’ video.
Holiday masterlist

Halloween 2015

First Halloween with Calum
Scaring children with Luke
Pokemon with daddy Michael
Lazy Halloween with Ashton
Trick or treating with Luke
Halloween party with Calum
Dancing with Ashton
Matching costumes with Michael

Christmas 2015

1. Do you wanna build a snowman Calum
2. Romantic surprise with Ashton
3. Luke failing with the docoration
4. Let it go with Michael
5. Calum’s first snow
6. Snowfight with Ashton
7. Homemade hot chocolate with Michael
8. Getting the perfect tree with Luke
9. Christmas cookie baking with Michael
10. Stuck in the snow with Calum smutty
11. Christmas song discussion with Ashton
12. Smutty Chistmas part with Michael
13. Iceskating with Luke
14. Secret santa Michael
15. 12 dates of Christmas with Luke
16. Mistletoe kisses with Calum
17. Christmas movie marathon with Michael
18. Ugly Christmas sweater day with Ashton
19. Meeting Luke at a Christmas party
20. Christmas card photo with Calum
21. Decoration the tree with Ashton
22. Christmas smut with Michael
23. Last minute Christmas shopping with Luke
24. Christmas with Ashton
24. Christmas with Michael
24. Christmas with Calum
24. Christmas with Luke

New year 2015

New Year Calum
New Year Ashton
New Year Luke
New Year MIchael

I'm looking forward for the fanart/fiction for the holiday season of my otp

making thanksgiving meal

mashed potato fight

thanksgiving meal

ugly christmas sweaters

cuddling near the fireplace

building snowmen

snowball fights

ice skating 

sharing hot chocolate

christmas shopping together


gift wrapping




baking cookies

black friday shopping

watching christmas movies

christmas socks

making snow angels

skiing/ snowboarding

stockings with their names