baking betty

how to make the best damn cake ever (if not the prettiest or healthiest):

  1. get a cake mix
  2. use milk instead of water
  3. +1 more egg than the directions say
  4. +½ stick (~55 grams) of butter more than the directions say
  5. bake for the minimum recommended time, add a couple more minutes if it’s not done. cake is done when you can stab it with a fork/knife and it comes out clean (no batter clinging to it)
  6. immediately after taking it out of the oven, poke lots of holes in the cake with a fork
  7. put icing on cake while it’s still hot so it soaks in
  8. you’re welcome

“You’re getting a birthday party whether you want one or not!”  ❦That does not look like a Happy 16th birthday…. poor Juggie…he knows it’s not gonna end well…..but on the bright side, Betty baked him a burger cake! Plus, rocked an awesome crown sweater in commemoration of him being the king of her world. Count your blessings, Jug, you got an awesome girlfriend.. ;) <33 [trailer]

the saltwater sting (the sea does not forgive): a mix for sea witches, sirens, and the haunting melody coming in on the salt breeze.

in the sea - ingrid michaelson | sound the bells - dessa | song of the sea - cake bake betty | the sea and the rhythm - iron & wine | fire in the water - feist | sadseasong - a fine frenzy | drunken whaler - dishonored soundtrack | mariner’s revenge song - the decemberists | my jolly sailor bold - pirates of the caribbean soundtrack


anonymous asked:

Hiya!! I love your blog your writing is amazing! I was wondering if you have time if you could maybe write one about either Betty or Jughead having problems with anxiety and one comforting the other? (Dealers choice which one has anxiety) bye!! 😊

Hey! Thanks so much! This one hits close to home!


She wasn’t breathing right, she couldn’t seem to get enough air into her lungs.

Putting her hands against the locker she shifted in her white, cheerleading sneakers.

She dropped her head to the metal locker, with an audible thud.

What was wrong with her?

Betty Cooper, perfect, polished and your very own girl next door.

So why was she standing in the middle of the empty Riverdale hallway, having one of her worst panic attacks to date?

Cheryl blossom.

The biggest bitch to ever step foot in the small town, destroying everything she touched.

That brings her back to her current predicament.

Cheryl had decided that Betty’s uniform was looking a little snug, and felt it needed to be known.

Squeezing her eyes shut, she remembered the harsh bite of Cheryl’s words.

“Maybe you need to lay off all that baking Betty dear, perhaps you should think of joining a gym, I have no room for cows on my team.”

All of her goonies had laughed, joining in on the fun and taunting her.

“Oh you’re going to cry now? What a surprise, Betty Cooper showing some emotion. Pathetic”

She briefly heard Veronica shouting at Cheryl before she was running out that door, faster than she had ever run.

Shaking her head to clear the thoughts, she choked on a sob, turning to pinch her flat stomach.

“Fuck them.”

Betty whipped around at the voice, coming face to face with Jughead jones, his face looking absolutely lethal.

“Juggie…” she whimpered, quickly swatting at the tears staining her face.

She still couldn’t catch her damn breath.

Jughead reached for her, pulling her tight against him.

“Breathe beautiful, come one you’re okay I’m right here.”

Betty looked up at him, eyes skimming around him the panic Evident In her face.

“I.. I can’t.”

He grabbed her by the shoulders

“You can. look at me. Breathe.”

Pulling her eyes to his. She finally felt the air enter her lungs.

Slouching into his arms, she panted against his chest, closing her eyes for a few minutes.

Finally she pulled away looking up to him.

“Better?” He said softly, pushing a strand of her ponytail out of her face.

She smiled weakly at him,

“Better, thank you.”

He rested his hand on her cheek.

“Don’t thank me, Cheryl’s an idiot, all of them are. You’re beautiful , there’s not a single thing about your body that you have to change. They’re jealous is all. They wish they looked like you.”

She blushed, looking down at her sneakers, before popping her head Back up.

“How did you know? Why were you at cheerleading practice?”

It was his turn to blush.

“I was just walking past, it’s not like I was watching or anything, I didn’t even think you had practice today. You never have practice on wednesdays. Not that I know when you practice..” he rambled on.

She just smiled at him,giggling at that red faced boy.
He looked up at her

“Yeah real funny bets.”

She rolled her eyes, smiling and grabbing his hand.

He glanced down at there hands and pulled her along.

“Come on, ill treat you to a burger, lord knows you could use it.”

She laughed

Rise If You Would - Knight 0mega

A mix for the Twin Princes: Lothric and Lorian. A loyal knight and absconded Lord of Cinder. I really like these two, they had such a sad story, and I felt really bad about having to hurt them! Lorian just wanted to protect his little brother, come on, From!

Kingdom Fall - Claire Wyndham / A Legacy of Comfort - the Virgin Queen Soundtrack / Winter Windows - Sea Wolf / What a Fool I’ve Been (reprise) - the Crimson Petal and the White / The Fog - Rachel Sermanni / Song of the Caged Bird - Lindsey Stirling / Army of Ancients - Dr.Dog / Embers - Max Richter / Song of the Sea - Cake Bake Betty / Baptism - Garry Schyman / One - Ane Brun / Liquid Light - Jessica Curry / Big Houses - Squalloscope / Together We Will Live Forever -  Clint Mansell / Rolling Stone - Reuben and the Dark

Mom: Son

Mom: Son What are you doing

Mom: Are you making brownies right now

Mom: Its like midnight what the hell

Mom: I don’t understand 

Mom: WhY ArE U DoiNg thIS??!!11??

Me: ~A E S T H E T I C~

favorite thing right now is diehard ‘retro’ zelda fanboys trying REALLY FUCKING HARD to explain why botw sucks compared to old zelda games or how oot is somehow better than this massive open-world game with a shit ton of side quests and amazing characters

they’re trying so hard, they’re sweating, they’re exhausted, they’re out of breath, but the truth remains : botw is a fucking masterpiece and while previous zelda games were excellent as well, botw is the fucking magnum opus of the series

thefaeryking  asked:

Idk if I already asked this and I just can't remember, but have/would you ever make playlists for your ocs? If not, are there any songs that remind you of your ocs?

U MAY HAVE… it might have gotten buried i get a lot of asks buT anyways,

sadly i don’t really make playlists because i Do not have the spoons to but i really want to sometime bc I DO HAVE A LOT OF SONGS I RELATE TO OCS SO I WILL LIST SOME OF THEM BELOW:

strange mercy by st. vincent
 cruel also by st. vincent 
 empty house by air from the virgin suicides soundtrack
 brother by stuck in the sound
a better son/daughter by rilo kiley

bye bye macadame by rone
flickers by son lux
livers by cake bake betty
runaway by aurora
i can’t stop loving you by ray charles

black betty cover by caravan palace
lone digger also by caravan palace i listen 2 electro swing i know im a dork
all men are pigs by studio killers
it’s just forever by cage the elephant
kill v maim by grimes
judas by lady gaga (this is the song she wants played at her funerl before they barricade the doors and torch the entire church, thanks narcyz)

life itself by glass animals
ophelia by the lumineers
paddling out by miike snow
christmas kids by roar 
c’mon marrianne by four seasons

i also have a handful of small and very old themesongs i made for some of my ocs here on my youtube if u wanna check them out? i need to redo them badly

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Ok, but as far as recs go- Cake Bake Betty. Songs About Teeth is my favourite of her two albums. She reminds me of you in her complicated and elegant lyric work! I'd give you a specific song but I can't pick one so I'll rec Spine Song since it was the first I heard!

I already love Cake Bake Betty! They’ve been in my “music i like” tag many times ^^ <3

Happy 413!!! I made some Betty Crocker cookies to celebrate :33

Also, happy 21st birthday, or 9.69th [*Kankri screaming in the distance*] wriggling day, John Egbert! Wow, he’s old enough to drink in the US… I wonder if Roxy is gonna give him any of her vodka XD In addition, happy eighth [*insert Vriska here*] birthday, Homestuck! I guess this post is a way to say thank you to Andrew Hussie for his wonderful creation… After all, this webcomic is one of the main things that helped me get out of depression when I was younger. SO, THANK YOU ANDREW HUSSIE AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOMESTUCK!

have a g00d day,