In 1886 Vincent van Gogh painted one of his most famous self-portraits, Self-Portrait with Grey Felt Hat. Earlier this year Dutch illustrator Wouter Tulp recreated that painting for with Donald Duck as van Gogh for the cover of a Donald Duck comic book. Tulp’s painting was so well-received that it currently hangs in the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. In July 2015 Dutch baker Wendy Schlagwein created an awesome 3D cake version of Tulp’s version of van Gogh’s self-portrait. That’s the work of two different artists (three if you count Walt Disney, who created Donald Duck) recreated in one sensational cake.

Schlagwein created her Donald van Gogh cake for The Absinthe Ritual, a Dutch sugar artist collaboration honoring Vincent van Gogh. Click here to check out more of the edible artwork from that mouthwatering project.

[via Between the Pages]