bakin and eggs

Schedule of Meat
Here it is folks.  The complete schedule of meat.  My mouth waters just looking at it.  Coming soon - what my doctor had to say about this event and the official Meat Week theme song!   Everyone is welcome to join me for meaty goodness!  There are a few surprises I’ve left off the schedule, so stay tuned during Meat Week!  See you there!   Saturday 8/23 2:00pm - Sheffield’s, 3258 N Sheffield Ave   Sunday 8/24 7:30pm - Crisp, 2940 N Broadway St   Monday 8/25 9:00am - Bakin And Eggs, 3120 N Lincoln Ave 12:00pm - MYSTERY MEAL! 7:00pm - Kuma’s Too, 666 W Diversey Pkwy    Tuesday 8/26 12:00pm - Franks N Dawgs, 1863 N Clybourn Ave 5:00pm - Au Cheval, 800 W Randolph St 10:00pm - Trader Todd’s, 3216 N Sheffield Ave   Wednesday 8/27 11:00am - Longman & Eagle, 2657 N Kedzie Ave 8:00pm - Cafe Orchid, 1746 W Addison St   Thursday 8/28 11:00am - Jim’s Original, 1250 S Union Ave 11:30am - Al’s Beef, 1079 W Taylor St 7:00pm - Honey Butter Fried Chicken, 3361 N Elston Ave   Friday 8/29 12:00pm - Fogo De Chao, 661 N LaSalle St 5:00pm - Harold’s Chicken Shack, 804 W Washington   Saturday 8/30 11:00am - Hot Doug’s, 3324 N California Ave 5:00pm - Rub’s Backcountry Smokehouse, 6954 N. Western Ave   Sunday 8/31 12:00pm - Home Cooked Meal