I entered these to a scholastic contest (…and didn’t win anything), but they mean a lot to me so here’s my submission:

“Warm, unique, beautiful. My parents were both born and raised in Omdurman - the heart of Sudan. Every year or so, my mom, dad, brother and I will travel 18 hours to visit our relatives that live there. Even though I have lived in America for my whole life, once I take my first step out of the airplane and into Sudan, a rush of warm air kisses my face, and I feel at home. The smell of the Nile, bakhour, and sand inhabit your nose and linger there until you leave. The sounds of rushing cars and street vendors fill the air with a beat never found in music. Your eyes dance among the millions of kind faces and laughing hearts. Sudan is a hidden gem, and through these photos, I hope to capture vignettes of the land I am so proud to call home.”

-Lama Ali, 2015

Kata syeikhna yusuf riq bakhour al-Hasani:

Seseorang pecinta tidak menjadi dirinya lagi, sebenarnya ia menjadi diri si kekasih(dalam ikutan).