bakewithavengeance replied to your post “Dick Van Dyck does a super shitty English accent in Mary Poppins. What…”

MP is high on our rotation list right now. I swear, half of the scenes in the script must just say “Dick Van Dyke generally farts around pretending to be English”.

bakewithavengeance I really hadn’t watched it in years. It never bothered me when I was younger. Now I found it so grating and I don’t hate Dick Van Dyke, but the accent is deplorable. Boy Interrupted does a really horrific Irish and Aussie accent that is so off base and therefore hilarious, but I think even he could have done better at playing Bert. 

bakewithavengeance replied to your post: What about a Wisecracking Elder for your rag tag team of misfits? I think that’s the closest my skill set comes to matching up with any of the positions for your D20 heist. think about this-The Claire could be the Wise Young Loveable Scamp. And The Claire and I have worked many a secret mission together.

I call the bearded guy who sacrifices himself to hold off a horde of somethings/trigger a doorway. Does he show back up in the end? MAAAAAYYYYBEEEEEE!!

MTS - “You’re supposed to be all cracked up at the bottom of the hill!”

BWAV - “Airbags! Can you fucking believe it?”

MTS - “You’re supposed to be blown up into fiery chunks of flesh!" 

BWAV - "Sprinkler system set up in the back! Can you *fucking* believe it?”

Playstation Hackable

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PSP! Portable nut!

Yup.  It’s one of the original PSP’s that were hack-able.  I think I have custom firmware on there so I could play backup iso images of games.  It was easier for me to rip a couple games I had to files on a memory card, instead of shlepping around a bunch of UMD’s that were prone to breaking in travel.

But I don’t use it anymore.  So, time to go.

bakewithavengeance  asked:

So the 9-month pregnant lady who roams about my house and demands that I tie her shoes looked over my shoulder at your Shoofly pie and said "Make that NOW". Any hope for a recipe?

Irony of all ironies, a fantastic classic recipe for shoofly pie can be found at, wait for it… an Amish website!  You encourage everyone to under bake the pies a little–a gooey pie is a good pie.  A note: in the mixing instructions when the site refers to “syrup” they are referring to the molasses.  Many shoofly pie recipes also substitute corn syrup if the taste of molasses is too strong for some.

The crust is a basic pie crust.

You’re proud of yourself from refraining from bun in the oven jokes.  Probably because the only thing in your oven is a loaf of cinnamon bread.

bakewithavengeance  asked:

Creme de menthe buttercream? You are too much, and I might come burgle your house. I might have trained Vengelet to crawl through heating ducts and retrieve buttercreams. Just saying. Put a lock on that janks. BEFORE SOME BABY STEALS IT.

You’re a little uneasy… apparently there’s a baby out to steal your frosting, your *alcoholic* frosting no less.  Lord save you from babies on benders.  You’ll be right back–you’re off to booby trap your refrigerator with Weebles.

And there will be much rejoicing.

My internetting options at work suck, so I have more problems with Tumblr than is normal. That said, this was going into TLOTH’s ask box in response to a lovely message she sent me, but it’s going to be here for the world to see instead:

You know, NY and DC aren’t that far apart… If you and Mr. Of The House ever find yourselves in our neck of the woods, we *MUST* meet. And such a meeting would, of course, include bakewithavengeance and atticwindow. And we will bake and eat and laugh and read prose out loud and bake some more.

So let it be written. So let it be done.

Travel Reply-Replies!

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At least the TSA are in tuxedos, so you know you’re in good hands, right?

Right up until the cavity search.

sotheresthat replied to your postBy all means…

Jesus Christ. Sounds like you’re off to a rocking start. I hope it only gets better from here!

Well, then there was the SuperShuttle…

myturtlespeedy replied to your postJust saw a Segway cop ride onto an elevator

Was his unicycle in the shop?

It might have been, but it didn’t impact his bowling pin juggling.  The clown make up was just weird.

baffledinbrooklyn replied to your postBy all means…

People should go fuck themselves.

You damn right.

baffledinbrooklyn replied to your postSuperShittle

This while extended is really off to a stellar beginning.

Wha….?  I’m going to assume autocorrect word-fucked you here, and you intended to say ‘This whole enterprise is…’.  And yes, i would agree.  This is an auspicious start to a suspicious few days.

helms-deep replied to your postGot a text from a coworker just as I boarded…

Ugh…hope it all goes well, man.

Thank you, sir.  I’m doing all I can to make it so, whether this trip wants to cooperate willingly or not.

gingeredjess replied to your postBy all means…

I like “airports: holy shit really? 2013” lol

receiver replied to your postBy all means…

Tag (inspired by TLOTH) = #f*cked

I like both of those tags, and I might use them during these trips.  But I’m going to be doing this trips for the next month and a half, so it might not be limited to airport fuckery or general fucked-ness.  To that end, I seem to have adopted the tag 'MMLTD Travelgasm 2013’, which seemed funny right after my flight, but before SuperShuttle.  So, that might be edited out later.

You all are awesome.


bakewithavengeance said: We got that creamer last week. Every time I see it, I can’t help but think of Mugatu from Zoolander.

haha ok, I can see that. 

Whenever I hear macchiato I think of Robot Chicken…specifically the Emperor… well because you know… it’ll “change your life”

(I just got a caramel macchiato creamer too.)

True Dedication

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You grew a beard just for a knot? Dedication.

I’m nothing if not intensely dedicated to odd and unnecessary things.  I started growing this beard 10 years ago for this very moment.  The more bushy goatee is a more recent addition, though.

receiver replied to your photoThe Windsor (Full or Double) Tie Week continues!…

This is what I tie all the time. I can’t really stand the half-windsor look—it feels like there are missing parts to it. :)

Now that I’m learning all of these knots, I’m realizing how stupid my previous knot-tying attempts were.  I’m hoping to find a new go-to knot during this magical week of neck-wear follies, but I can already tell there will be a few atypical knots that will find their way into rotation.


I mean, other than tasty. These are sold in the cafeteria at work. They are delightful. Flaky. Sweet, but not sickly so. 

I asked what they are called in the in the very place from whence I buy them, but the name I was given resulted in nothing useful from the internet gods. (I’m no dummy; I know how to Google quite well…)

Tumblr, I need your help! These are a joy to eat and I want to bake them so I can eat more of them… For a lower price per cookie than I currently pay. After I master the recipe, I will gladly mail some to whoever (whomever?*) names them such that I find said recipe.

*Whatever. The important thing is that you’ll get cookies if you help me with this quest!