It is the other half’s birthday in a couple of days and there was only one place that I wanted to get baked good from for the weekend - Bakery47.

The Southside-based duo are incredible. Not only is their baking some of the best, their branding and photos are gorgeous.

Today I opted for the:

Chocolate paradise cake - a cake made using thick greek yoghurt which counters the richness of marbled swirls of coconut and chocolate sponge. It came with a tub of thick chocolate custard.

Also, apricot bakewell tarts - hand pressed sweet pastry filled with apricot jam, almond frangipane and topped with fresh apricot.

Today was a treat day so I was able to try both. Sometimes in life you nearly cry because things are so good, that almost happened today. The chocolate paradise cake was moist and still tasted as if it was a chocolate bath in my mouth. The chocolate custard was so refreshing compared to your usual icing. Unctuous, thick and I wanted to get into the tub.

The tart had an almost buttery, biscuit base (cue Greg Wallace), but a lot lighter.

I and a lot of people I know cannot recommend these guys enough. If you get the chance then please sample. I am away to get a hanky to dry my eyes. Today has been emotional.

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