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Hello my best friend's birthday is on September 9th and would love a new Everlark fanfiction to read. She likes any post Mockingjay when they are married and all the destruction is over. Her name is Madison and her blog is called madisonc09. Thanks

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Happy birthday, @madisonc09! Your story was written courtesy of @ohmakemeahercules and the ask was submitted by your friend @treelegs.

Happy birthday to you :) I hope you have a fantastic day! This idea spurned from @ombradellaluna’s picture of Everlark making cupcakes. The idea was intended to be all fluff but that’s not how my muse works! I’m sorry :(The angst and innuendo kept crawling in. This story is set two springs post Mockingjay. Everlark is married and happily living together.

Rating-T (Elements of innuendo and suggestiveness, indirect reference to death and destruction, one or two curse words)

Cake Batter Therapy

Peeta Mellark grunted as he hoisted a heavy brown box off his doorstep. He’d lifted ones of similar weight before. However, today’s contents bore particular significance in his healing process since coming home from treatment. He kicked the front door with his toes, sending it forward.

His wife, Katniss, watched him curiously as she made her way down the stairs. She caught sight of his well-toned back and shoulders as he carried the contents to the kitchen. He set it down, huffing and puffing. “Damn, I’m out of shape. One too many cheese buns.”

“I don’t know about that, Mellark.” She playfully tapped his butt as she walked in. “Feels like steel to me.”

“Buns of steel, haha.” He replied sarcastically. “You’re a comedian.”

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