bakery design


For my first assignment in class, we were to buy a shoe and customise it to our inspiration. I decided to bade mine on bakery/sweets/desserts. Because in the past I use to do decoden, I decided to incorporate it into my shoe as I thought it went well with inspiration. The fruits are made from Polymer clay and painted with acrylics, glazed with sparkly nail polish as I left my glaze at home. The Swiss roll heel is made from Air drying clay and painted with acrylics. Both the filling and piped cream is white silicone.

I added more piping but don’t have a nice enough photo so this is the near finished design! Pretty please how it turned out!

Not sure what to make of this cake, but it looks more like a square-shaped log cake with birch details and berries, than a wedding confection. That said, weddings these days are all about personalised touches, and less centred on perfection. So if there was a cake that encapsulates the zeitgeist of weddings today, this one’s one of them.

Cake: Palermo’s Bakery

Patterns aren’t something I do much of anymore, but here’s one again at the request of my aunt. It actually turned out to be a good request since I’ve wanted to make a cupcake pattern for a while, but am always too unmotivated to actually do it. Killed two birds with one stone on this one! 


This is the cafe/bakery I made recently. I was pretty happy with how it came out, so I decided to share it with all of you!

I really just wanted to make something with the wood ceiling lights. I also wanted it to be less yellow but I’m happy with it at least for now.

I wanted to thank you all, again, for liking my QR codes!

(The latte art wall canvas is not mine. When I find it again I will link to it!)