bakery design

So I know i’ve been a bit MIA when it comes to uploading my doodle a day, but it’s not because I’ve been lazy! Okay, maybe I have been a little.

You see I’m currently in my senior year of college and I’ve been completely focused on finishing my senior film. It’s a pretty big project and it’s been sucking up most of my time outside of classes. 

So, while most of it is still in production here’s a sneak peek of one of the shots I’ve been working on. I still need to add textures and do some color corrections, but I’m pretty happy with it thus far. c:

No stealing or reposting please!

“Hello! Welcome to our Bakery! Can I interest you in some fresh cookies or macaroons? They’re really good!”

Happy Valentines Day followers! You might remember quite a while back I talked about the idea of Akiko eventually quitting the ninja life and choosing to work with Mamoru instead. I was particularly excited about her getting to have a super-cute uniform and even came up with a couple of designs for it…but none of them ever sat quite right with me. So, especially for today, I re-visited the idea and produced a finalised version of her bakery outfit! Enjoy, and have some extra ideas I thought up while I was working on this under the cut!

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