In the early 1980s, Niki Novak’s sister bit into a cake shaped like a man’s, um, member. It was disgusting. It wasn’t the idea of the cake she found distasteful, mind you, but its actual flavor.

When Novak heard about the incident from her sister, she wondered: Why couldn’t you make risqué cakes that tasted good, too?

Thus was born Sweet n’ Nasty, a Boston bakery that specializes in confections shaped like boobs, butts and vaginas, as well as an alarming array of penises. While bachelorette parties are a natural source of business, you’d be surprised by how many other events the bakery has catered over the past 35 years.

Think birthdays, divorces, vasectomies, breast implants, job changes, prison releases, military deployments and even some bachelor parties. (“May your genitalia never fail ya.”)

Kinky Cakes: Inside The World Of Adult Bakeries

Photo: Courtesy of Sweet n’ Nasty Bakery


Venezuela is in the midst of a war — a bread war. That’s according to Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro. Amid a severe economic crisis, his government is dealing with widespread food shortages. Now, even bread is hard to find.

In a recent speech, Maduro accused bakers of waging a “bread war against the Venezuelan people.”

Maduro claims that bakers are hoarding flour and using it to make more profitable brownies and cookies rather than bread. All this, Maduro contends, is part of a broader effort by private business owners to sabotage the economy and bring down his government.

In response, officials over the past month have seized numerous bakeries and arrested their owners during police operations.

Venezuela’s Bread Wars: With Food Scarce, Government Accuses Bakers Of Hoarding

Photo: Wil Riera/Bloomberg via Getty Images
Caption: A bakery worker grabs a bags of bread in Caracas, Venezuela, last month. The government has ordered bakers to use scarce supplies of flour to produce price-controlled loaves.