Today we released balloons in your memory. Sione you touched so many people on this campus with your kind words and welcoming smile. You will be truly missed. Being on this campus will never be the same. Rest well Sione!

A presentation by Baker students Kate Colby and Katy Westhoff was held tonight at 7:30 in Owens A.V., surrounding Rape Culture. Rape Culture was proven to be a form of oppression in itself - it objectifies both men and women and allows for a continuum of sexual violence to be allowed and excused in our society.

Women are told to be beautiful, chaste, and yet sexually promiscuous and a prize for men - men are taught to be strong, and unemotional, with a neverending mission to gather sexual conquests. These ideas lead to victim blaming and oppression, something that should be brought to an end.

Thanks, and great job to these two women!

化 means a lot of things and can be a little ambiguous at times; change, influence, -ization/isation



Example words:


感化、かんか:influence, reform, inspiration 

地球温暖化、ちきゅうおんだんか:Global warming (literally global-warm-warm-isation)


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Sexuality in Small Town America - a documentary by Tim Laughlin, Baker Student!

The Science of Sexism - Abbey Elsbernd

           At Baker University, I am a Biology major and a Chemistry minor. That is, I am consistently wading knee-deep through the ‘Hard Sciences’, which also includes Physics, a class I am enrolled in for this Summer. I am also a woman. My Organic Chemistry class has three people – two of which, are women – and my Zoology class has six – with four, evening out things to two thirds of the class being female as far as I can see. There had never previously been any reason for me to question my security in the science fields, at least from personal experience. However, lately I’ve noticed a problem as clear and accurate as an image under a microscope: the social detriment of women in the science professions.

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Don’t forget – today from Noon to Seven at Irwin Hall is the tunnel of Oppression sponsored by SAC, GSA, and Mungano! Become aware and experience something special to help better our campus.
Empowerment through Diversity Week!

As sponsored by Baker University’s GSA and Mungano organizations, the week of April 22-26th will celebrate diversity and equality on and off campus, and promote the banishment of oppression. The events are as follows:

  • Monday: 12 p.m.-7 p.m., the Tunnel of Oppression in the Basement of Irwin
  • Tuesday: 8 p.m. screening of Bully the Movie in Owens A.V.
  • Wednesday: 8 p.m. Cody Charles, Presentation on Social Justice in the Union Lobby
  • Thursday: 11 a.m. People Empowering People Rally outside in the Rotunda by the Union

Please go and help bring change onto this campus!


Slam poet Oveous Maximus visited Baker April 10, 2013 with inspiring messages regarding race, family, and gender equality. Were you affected?