More cardigan replies (wow thank you!)

Just in case you wondered, this is the (unfinished) cardigan in question:

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Oh my. I’m going to have to learn how to do sweaters now… *fawns over cardi*

Another victim in my knitlock web!

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That is the most beautiful cardigan in the world!!

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It’s always the skulls. Scull cake, anyone?

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What? You’ve done something amazing again!? SHOCK!!!

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Oo, that’s lovely.

Not as lovely as this though!

…or is it?

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And here I thought the skull really hit it off with he deerstalker.


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What if each season brings a new anthropomorphized dismembered body part into the show and at the end they put them together and they form some sort of Megazord.


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#this is SEAMLESS how do you do it

Oh it took no time at all.

See? Seconds.

Actually… this took a long time and I worked on it in between doing other stuff, changing my mind, and of course, the part that takes the longest… looking for source images.  

These were the only the layers I had still active and unmerged. The front arm is made of three different arms, I painted on most of the bedsheets to the left and don’t get me started about shadows. The background layer is at least three screenshots and I had to edit an arm out manually.

Photoshop ain’t for the type of people who want things done quick.

I marked this one as a request because I *think* an Anon requested this scene somewhere along the way.  I’m sorry if I don’t have it exactly, but I cleared the message.  It was around the time I was getting all those horrible messages and I cleared quite a few from my inbox. So if it was you, so sorry!

Anyways, also sorry for getting this one out so late, I had it queued but I seemed to have screwed something up and my queue got deleted.  I don’t think I’ve missed a day since started this thing…

Edit:  Ten points to bakerstreetskulls for this comment:

This one has conspiracy written all over it.

Molly gave it to Sherlock, who then made sure it was at the entrance where they wheeled him in at St. Bart’s after the fall, as a sign to let her know he was going through with his plan and she should do as he asked her.

Someone has figured out the traffic cone game better than the rest of us.