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We are thrilled to announce the finalists for the 6th Annual Shorty Awards! Congratulations to all! The brands, agencies, and media companies that are Industry Awards finalists will be announced soon. The Real-Time Academy will choose the winners from the list of finalists below which will be announced at our awards ceremony on April 7th in New York. You can tune in and sign up for a reminder at or purchase tickets here.  Ashley Lee has the full story in the Hollywood Reporter.

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ionxtreme-deactivated20140908  asked:

Whats wrong with DashCon?

I am so very glad you asked.


DashCon is a first-year fandom convention for Tumblr users. It has been happening all throughout this weekend and is turning into possibly the largest convention kerfuffle anyone has ever seen.

  • Due to the DashCon staff done diddly goofin’ by not putting a payment schedule in their hotel reservation contract, they were asked to pay $20,000 by 10 PM last night or the convention would be kicked out of the hotel. They asked attendees and Tumblr users to donate $17,000 via PayPal and cash to keep the con going - and they supposedly raised all of the money. Con attendees then piled into the ballroom to do Mockingjay salutes and wail Freddie Mercury songs to celebrate them falling for what is suspected to be a scam (as people have contacted the hotel to ask about this “$17,000 fee” and the hotel reportedly has no idea what they’re talking about).
  • You can attend wonderfully informative panels like this at DashCon:

  • DashCon claimed there would be 3,000-7,000 attendees. There are 1,000 at most and all of them are white kids in flower crowns who are rioting for the anti-sexualization of women in media while simultaneously running panels about “homoerotic subtext in fandoms and finding the gay ships for YOUR fandoms!!!”
  • The con didn’t have the money to cover WTNV’s transportation and performance fees. When WTNV asked them to pay the remainder of their performance fee prior to the panel beginning, DashCon was unable to do so, and WTNV walked out as they are positively free to do because what the fuck you don’t invite keystone guests if you aren’t able to pay their fees upfront (and showing them your PayPal balance on a smartphone absolutely does not count).
  • It’s being speculated that Steam Powered Giraffe was not even booked properly in the first place.
  • A full weekend badge was $65 dollars for a first-year fandom con jesus christ that’s almost the price of most full-fledged comic cons.
  • The game room consists of some tables, one TV, and one gaming console. No, really, that’s it.
  • DashCon proves they have possibly the worst PR team ever when addressing the WTNV cancellation. Instead of clearly explaining the situation, they say they “don’t want to get into it,” and then offer compensation for those who bought advanced seating tickets for the Night Vale show. What’s the compensation? An extra hour playing in the ball pit (which is really just a slowly-deflating children’s pool with some balls in it). Oh, and if there’s room, you may get one of the first-come-first-serve spots at the Time Crash concert that was happening on Saturday night. Huzzah!
  • Most panels are completely disorganized. The “Name That Anime” panel was even handing out hotel mints as prizes for correctly answering questions like “what’s the anime where they fight with clothes!!!”
  • It’s been pointed out that as a Marriott hotel, the Renaissance would have required them to submit their full reservation payment 5 days in advance of the event. Therefore it’s very, very likely that the “$17,000 fundraising” was a huge scam. Because DashCon would’ve had to pay that money 5 days before this weekend or the event wouldn’t even be happening in the first place.
  • Furthermore, someone attempted to debunk the letter that DashCon posted to prove that the hotel asked for money. Not all their points are valid (i.e. “RE:” is commonly used for “Regarding”, not just in response to previous communication, and idk but this dude doesn’t strike me as an expert on internal Marriott stationary), but frankly the letter looks sketchy if only because 17000% 99% of it is whited out. Is it real? Is it fake? We just don’t know.
  • There has been no confirmation that the money donated in cash and via PayPal last night ever made it to the hotel (if that was indeed where it was intended to go).
  • People are demanding full or at least partial refunds. Needs verification, but purportedly DashCon has a list at the con where you can sign your name and the amount you donated to be refunded later. Which sounds like a totally effective and not at all easily-abused system. [Verified: x]
  • Attendees are either in denial saying this is the best con ever or they’re crying and having panic attacks. Welcome to Tumblr.
  • And as a bonus: DashCon originally ran an IndieGoGo campaign last year to raise $5,000 to start their convention. They raised $4,000. The campaign ended in April 2013 and rewards have still not been sent out (which consisted of tea bags, a couple business cards with your Tumblr URL on them, and if you donated $500+, some knick-knacks from Etsy), which leads us to…
  • It turns out that the prizes for the “consolation raffle” are the reward gifts for IndieGoGo donors. Yeah.
  • Possibly art theft by DashCon for the nebula graphic in their banner?
  • Gingerhaze decided to leave the con early after discovering DashCon wouldn’t be covering her hotel room anymore and she was charged the full bill. She is now sleeping on a pull-out sofa with the WTNV folks who threw some massive shade. BakerStBabes completed their convention duties as promised and then left as soon as that was done. Doug Jones stayed on premise for a while, but eventually left earlier this morning.
  • In this post from 11 months ago, con head Megg33k explains that they had “rented out the vast majority of their convention space and set aside nearly every room in their hotel” and that there was a “legally binding contract and the exchange of money.” They also signed a contract and had “monetary obligation” in regards to Steam Powered Giraffe, so I’m curious as to how that appearance fell apart. She also states that Doug Jones was paid in advance, so he should at least be good for appearing on Sunday (if he hasn’t already skedaddled, that is).
  • DashCon isn’t a registered LLP in Illinois - so technically they’re operating illegally, as their LLP is only registered in Ohio.
  • A personal account of the early stages of DashCon: fundraising committees, miscommunication, and a web series scam!
  • Some insight into Cain Hopkins, one of the head admins of DashCon:

  • An update from a friend whose company is a vendor at DashCon this weekend:

  • They have attempted to show both Pacific Rim and Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog without the legal rights to host a public viewing party. At this point they’re basically just piling on the lawsuits.
  • Two staff members have popped into the DashCon thread on 4chan’s /cgl/ board in an attempt to defend the con. It’s going about as well as you would expect.
  • On the plus side, the Homoerotic Subtext panel was completely different than what the DashCon schedule made it sound like and in reality was pretty ballin’.
  • Supposedly this Tumblr user posted a full version of the letter from the hotel to DashCon staff. However, it is not real. If you’ll notice, the original letter as the amount due written as “$20,000.00” whereas in this version it’s only “$20,000”. The formatting also does not line up correctly. (Too bad it isn’t real, though, that’d be a riot.)
  • Another witness account describes how DashCon “collected money in a bag” during the $17,000 debacle. They also took names on an email list to issue WTNV refunds at a later date. Who wants to take bets that said refund never happens?
  • This video shows the moment when it was announced that WTNV left the convention.
  • DashCon is making news headlines.
  • Staff tries to start rumors that WTNV was paid and left anyways. No one believes it.
  • People are debating whether or not out-of-state businesses require an Illinois LLP to operate within Illinois, or if they only have to pay a $500 registration fee (which we have no confirmation of DashCon doing so).
  • The act of offering extra play time in the ball pit as compensation for the WTNV tickets could easily turn into another lawsuit, as they did not originally charge an entrance fee for the ball pit, therefore giving it no comparable monetary worth to compensate for the purchase of event tickets.
  • Attendees and staff are attempting to start the conspiracy theory that 4Chan ruined DashCon.
  • Like Gingerhaze and WTNV, the BakerStBabes are also being forced to pay their hotel fees because DashCon refuses to cover the costs as originally promised. Admins are refusing their calls. You can read more about their experience here.
  • The artist and vendor hall has essentially cleared out.
  • Please note that dashcon-staff is a fake Tumblr account.
  • Finally, here’s a video of con admin Cain describing his experience during the $17,000 fundraising events of Friday night.

Big shout out to hythe for all of this fan-dabby-babulous info.

louisemortimer-deactivated20140  asked:

Were you able to get into a viewing of The Last Vow? If so, are you going to do a spoiler-free review of it like with TSOT?

I am going to the screening of His Last Vow at the BAFTA on Wednesday. I’ll do a spoiler-free review if i’m allowed. I’m sure a hell of a lot is going to be embargoed on this episode, so it all depends (though I’m sure teasers will be allowed)

The BAFTA screening is quite small, especially in comparison to the BFI screening, so I’m not sure how many people will be there, but I will definitely be tweeting the whole evening (minus the episode) and tweet reactions afterwards. @BakerStBabes for those who don’t follow.

I’m fucking nervous man… I don’t like to cry in public.