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I’ve never done an ‘Imagine’ before so please bear with me. This little idea wouldn’t leave my head so I had to write it.

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Imagine you being best friends with Tony and Clay. You’re the one girl who’s either oblivious to all the cute boys around you and/or you’re the one girl who brushes off all flirtatious comments thrown at you. However, there is one boy who’s truly interested in you and he finally decides to make it known when Valentine’s Day rolls around.

Jeff X Reader

Walking through the school hall, you wrinkle your nose at the red and pink paper hearts adorning the walls. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and posters advertise dollar carnations so you can buy your Valentine all he/she deserves. It’s not that you have anything against the Hallmark holiday, it’s just.. all so pink and definitely not one of your favorite colors.

You make it to gym, pasting on a frown as you trudge inside. Making a beeline for the coach, you pass over a note and wait patiently as it’s read. The coach scoffs, you bite back a smirk and then trudge over to the bleachers when the coach grunts in acknowledgement of having read the note before waving you off. When you stomp halfway up said bleachers, you let your book bag fall with a content sigh before laying down on your stomach on one of the bleacher seats while pillowing your head atop your crossed arms. 

“You look cozy,” you hear Tony’s familiar voice say. “What excuse is it this time?”

“Killer cramps and a heavy flow. I enjoy grossing out the coach.” Cracking open an eye, you see Tony decked out in gym wear sitting right in front of you, grinning. “Having a vagina really has it’s perks.”

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There’s hope for all us wlw

Hannah Baker

Hannah Baker.
The girl’s name that made you stop and read this post.
The girl that the whole world is talking about, who may or may not have actually existed on the planet.
Those tapes which were the crux of the whole story, have some truth here and there, that we are all relating to.

Hannah Baker’s story somehow feels familiar, even to those who may be reading or seeing it for the first time.
Reason : There is a Hannah Baker that we overlooked until now.
She may be the quiet girl sitting in the corner while everyone else is laughing out loud.
She may be the one who avoids touches in group hugs.
Or she may even be the girl who you talk to everyday.
Hannah Bakers are all around.
They may seem out of it sometimes.
They may stare into spaces for a long time.
They may not even try to reach out.
Someone popped into your mind ?

We know them.
We see them.
We hear them.
We just fail to feel for them.

Hannah Baker, a girl who may or may not have existed on the planet, drived a stake into our hearts.

apologize ||  jeff atkins

Pairing: Jeff Atkins x Reader

Summary: The reader didn’t see Jeffs death coming, she thought it was his fault until she listened to the tenth tape.

Words: 1787

Warnings: angst, language, suicide, death, car accidents, talk of drinking and driving, flashbacks

Authors Note: The flashbacks are in Italics, the present is in a normal font. I listened to this song while writing.

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You don’t know when you stopped caring but you knew it was sometime that night after you got the call. It hit you so suddenly, like a slap in the face.

You inwardly groaned for the tenth time tonight. Instead of being at Jessica Davis’ party, like everyone else was, you were stuck at some family dinner. You couldn’t shake off this weird feeling you had, though. It was the first party of Junior year, it was supposed to be a life changer. But who’s life would it change?

There was this girl, Hannah Baker. You didn’t know her very well but she seemed nice enough. Every friend, or acquaintance, you’ve ever seen her with, the relationship doesn’t usually last long. It was weird to notice these things but everyone noticed it, right?

One thing everyone did notice, her new hairstyle. You had seen the pictures on Instagram that everyone was posting and you spotted her in the background. That was almost an hour ago, you put down your phone and haven’t picked it up since.

Maybe her life would change? New hairstyle, new… personality? You didn’t know what but something was off.

“Excuse me, I have to use the restroom.” Discreetly tucking your phone in your dress pocket, you stood up.

Your mom passed her conversation with your aunt and waved you off. “Go on, honey, but hurry back. Your aunt and I are discussing colleges.”

Colleges. You always laughed at that. They were discussing colleges for you without your consent. Like it didn’t matter where you wanted to go, it just mattered where they wanted you to go.

Well no, it doesn’t work like that. You don’t have a say in where or when you want someone to go. They just go and disappear, gone, just like that, out of your life forever.

His phone probably died. Yeah, that was the case, your idiot boyfriend, Jeff Atkins, always leaving the house with a low battery. But he promised that he’d call when he got home, and he didn’t call yet. So that means he wasn’t home yet, right?

Even if he wasn’t, he should be on his way there now but he’s not answering his phone. You don’t know if that’s a good thing or not, you want to make sure he’s okay but you don’t want him to get in an accident because you were calling his phone.

“Hurry up in there!” You nearly jumped out of your skin at the sudden interruption from your thoughts. Shaking your head, you flushed the unused toilet and opened the pipe.

“A fucking classy restaurant like this and they can’t even afford a public restroom with stalls… I’m coming!”

The door shut closed and you tried to refocus your eyes but they were filled with tears. Your mom has just visited again, the conversation between you two has been the same these past few weeks.

‘Are you okay, honey’ which really means 'You’re not over that yet?’

'I’m fine, mom’ which really meant 'No, I’m not okay. I fucking loved him.’

“Hello?!” You nearly dropped your phone when you heard it ring.

“Y/N, it’s Clay.” Clay? Was he okay, did he need a ride home from the party?

He was rambling on about something and you couldn’t hear exactly what he was saying. “Clay-ok, Clay, calm down. What’s wrong, do you need help or-” Clay was at the party with Jeff. What if something happened with Jeff and that’s why he’s calling you?

“-Is it Jeff? Is he okay, did he drink too much?”

You heard heavy breathing over the phone instead of a response and you called his name again. “Just… come to the corner of Tanglewood and Bay Street, it’s urgent.”

“Clay,” Your voice came out more urgent and harsh now. “Tell me what happened.”

There was a moment of silence and you swore you heard ambulance sirens in the background. “Clay?!”

“I-it’s Jeff, he was in an accident.”

You remember being mad that day. He said he wouldn’t drink too much and that he would make it home safe. He promised. But he broke his promise and you’ve been mad at him ever since. You were mad at him for leaving you.

Clay said it wasn’t his fault and he knew that now, whatever that meant. You didn’t believe him until he shoved this shoe box in your hand. He was muttering something about how he shouldn’t be showing this to you and you responded with 'then why are you.’

He looked you straight in the eye that afternoon and said, “Because you need to know the truth.”

Clays sweater did nothing to provide you warmth and you took it off immediately. The ambulance and the police, who were currently questioning Clay, were all here.

The only thing that wasn’t here was the stop sign that you had stopped by so many times. You found it odd but didn’t say anything about it, you couldn’t say anything at all.

Everything felt numb, your feet, your hands, your cheeks. It was almost fall and it was getting chillier but the cold wasn’t the problem. After your call with Clay, you drove to where he told you, going over speed limits and almost getting into an accident yourself.

You had hoped that he was joking and that was just some cruel joke. But who would joke about something like that? No one would, no one should joke about something like that.

And, fuck, you just wanted to hear his voice again. You wanted to hear him tell you 'It’s okay, Y/N, I’ll be good at the party. I’ll only have like two beers’. You wanted to get that call from him late at night saying that he’s home and safe.

But it was too late for that now, they already put him in a body bag.

Is this a joke? This can’t be real. Hannah Baker is dead!

That’s what you yelled at Clay the next time you saw him. Why would he give you this, the tapes, to listen to? He asked which tape you listened up to, completely ignoring your question, and you scoffed in disbelief.

You only reached up to Tape 1 before you turned it off. He gently placed the box in your hands, from when you threw it at him, and told you to listen to Tape 10.

“Clay, what does this have to do with Jeff?” All you got for a response was 'you’ll see’. Clay had definitely changed since Jeffs death and you were worried about him. Along with a few other students, he was acting weird.

Maybe it was because of these tapes?

Nevertheless, you reluctantly put Tape 10 in the Walkman and pressed play.

You hated it. All this attention you were getting as you walked the halls. All the 'I’m sorry for your lost’ that you were being thrown your way.

You didn’t need anyone’s sympathy.

On your way to your locker, you saw that girl, Hannah Baker, and Clay fighting. Well, you wouldn’t call it fighting, more like arguing, but they both looked upset. Hannah was crying, but why? She didn’t even know him.

“Ms. Y/L/N,” Mr. Porter was suddenly by your side and you nearly jumped out of your skin.

“Uh, yes Mr. Porter?”

He uncomfortably scratched his stubble, he was nervous. “I know that Jeff was your boyfriend and you’re probably hurting right now. Trust me, I know how you feel-” No you don’t “-I lost someone I cared about too-” Everyone loses someone they care about, what’s your point “-and  I know-” Once again, you don’t know anything, Mr. Porter “-that you’re in a time of need right now-” I need Jeff Atkins, that’s what I need “-so you’re more than welcome to come to my office, if you want.”

You let a dry chuckle escape your lips before closing your locker. “Thanks, but no thanks.”

Then you walked away.

You walked and walked until you were finally where you wanted to be. The corner of Tanglewood and Bay Street. They had put up a new stop sign, one that wasn’t made out of wood, one that couldn’t be knocked down as easily as the old one was.

One that wouldn’t be knocked down as easily as Sheri fucking Holland knocked down the old one. Sheri Holland killed your boyfriend, it was all her fault. Hannah Baker was there too but you couldn’t bring yourself to be mad at a dead girl. Besides, she did call 911 about it, even though it was too late.

You were beyond outraged. You talked to Sheri more than once after Jeffs passing and she knew what she did. You finally knew the truth now, thanks to those tapes.

You hated yourself for blaming Jeff for what happened that night. It wasn’t his fault and you knew that now.

You were 'beyond outraged’ for about a minute. It’s like you didn’t even care anymore to confront her about it or to do something. You practically dragged yourself here, but you had something important to do.

Walking to the middle of the road, you sat down on the concrete for a few minutes before laying down completely. This was the exact spot where Jeffs car was that night, you had it memorized in your head and you didn’t know if that was healthy or not.

You looked up at the cloudy sky, it was November now, and a few leaves made its way into your line of sight.

It was then you realized what your excuse was for not being mad at Hannah. I couldn’t bring myself to be mad at a dead girl. But you were mad at Jeff for something that wasn’t even his fault.

A car made itself known from a distance, the driver honked repeatedly but you didn’t move. You didn’t care if you got run over, you didn’t care about anything anymore. Your eyes stayed concentrated on the clouds above despite the tears that spilled over onto your cheeks.

“I’m sorry, Jeff. I blamed you for something that wasn’t your fault, for something you had no control over. You didn’t deserve it and I’m sorry.”

And then you left, disappeared, gone.

Just like that.


thirteen reasons why ▶ : hannah, clay, tony, zach

“you can’t know rumors… you can hear them, but you can’t know them.”  — hannah baker
“i cost a girl her life, because i was too afraid to love her.”  — clay jensen
“take care of yourself,” — tony padilla
 “what does dtf mean?” — zach dempsey

guys i promise i have a jeff aesthetic, i just wanna post it separately. he’s my precious bean who deserves a whole separate set of appreciation.


i will also now take requests for 13 reasons why! you can always send them through my ask box or messages. thank you so so so much for 900 followers! i love all of you so much. lemme think of something cool to do for 1k. im super excited.

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My girl ∾ m.dl.c

posted 4/16/17

request? yes
   “ Can you write a 13rw fic about Monty, reader and him are dating and Zach is mad at him and tries to get him pissed off by getting close to the reader, basically a jealous Monty fic!? Thank you :-)


  “ Hi! I love your work! Can you do a 13rw where the reader is dating Montgomery and gets jealous when she spends time with Zach?

pairing(s): montgomery x reader , zach x reader , sheri x reader (platonic)

warning(s): pretty crappy writing, oops

a/n: i’m loving all the montgomery requests!! ahhh, thank you! there weren’t a lot of montgomery or timothy gifs so sorry!!
if you have a request, click here

words: 1236

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It has always been you  (Tony x Reader ) 13rw

 Request; Can I request a Tony imagine, please? (Tony from 13 reasons why) can I have it where the reader (female preferably) and him have been best friends for a while and the read always thought he was gay and Justin is the readers other best friend and he accidentally slips up that the reader likes Tony and the reader walks off angry and upset but Tony chases after them and admits that he likes them too, I hope this makes sense :)

A/N; Woah you guys I have like 10 request right now I’m so excited also I’m so sorry about my last Jason imagine it was shitty af I’m just going to delete it later. Also, I love the request you guys are sending me like omg you guys have amazing imaginations I received 2 AU soulmates and I can’t wait to write it.Also tony is my father don’t fight me on this, this is short kinda   (Y/F/N)= your friend name.

Alterations: Tony is straight

Warnings: none just fluff 😝😝

Word counter; 1,272 


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You and Tony have always been best friends going over each other house having sleepovers helping him fix up that red mustang he loves, sometimes you would tease him about how he loves that car more than you but he will always tell you otherwise.I know it was weird you didn’t really have any girlfriends since you didn’t actually fit in. Well, there was that one girl Hannah Baker she was nice to you I guess you could call her your “friend”. You guys hung out once in a while mostly because she knew Tony. Tony has always been there for you through everything he truly was your best friend, your soulmate, or at least that’s what you thought on your side. You and Tony basically grew up together so it was hard to differentiate between the friendly love you had and the actual love.You first realized you loved Tony your first year of high school, it never really mattered though Tony always saw you as the little sister plus you were almost certain he was gay. I mean you really didn’t have any suspicion until sophomore year when he started hanging out with that gay Clay.They hung out almost every day, of course, you didn’t mind clay was a cool kid sometimes Hannah will tag along and you guys would go watch a movie or go bowling.Tony seem to care a lot about clay always behind him asking him if he ate, if he had fun, if he finally made a move on Hannah, how his day went sometimes he even gave them a ride home. Now don’t get it twisted Tony did the same thing with you but you were his best friend so it wasn’t odd or rare.So your guess was that Tony was gay and he had a crush on Clay.

You walked through the halls of Liberty high on your way to the cafeteria to meet up with your friends who again were mainly guys.The group consisted of Tony, Justin, Zach, Clay, Hannah who occasionally showed up, Courtney who can be bitchy sometimes and Marcus who tried to be nice but in all honesty gave you a bad vibe. You mainly only hung out with Tony and Justin since they were both your closest friend. The only people that knew how you felt about Tony were Justin and Hannah, you told Justin one night when you were drunk, he promised to keep his mouth  shut even though he still teases you sometimes and Hannah she just kind of asked you one day said she could “ see the love you both had for each other” more like the love you had by yourself, you were sure Tony wasn’t interested.You walk into the cafeteria and spot your friends at your usual table Tony, Clay, Zach and Justin you sit down greeting everyone and then engage in the conversation.


“so winter formal this weekend who are you guys taking ?” Zach asks

“ I think I’m taking Jessica” Justin replies smirking earning a “ that’s my boy” from Zach

Tony turned to Clay “ and who are you taking Clay ?” Clay looks up from the paper he’s writing and shrugs

“ I don’t know yet, I’m forced to go because I lost a bet to Jeff,”Clay says turning his attention back to his paper. Why does Tony even care?

“ Who are you taking Zach ?” I ask Zach to change the conversation

“ Oh yeah about that I was going to ask you if you could set me up with (Y/F/N) I ask her myself be she looks kind of mean, “ He says which causes the guys to chuckle.

“I’ll try no promises though, she likes guys who step up not the ones who are scared to talk to her, “ I say laughing “Talking about guys who step up Clay how about asking Hannah, It’s clear that  you like her,“ I say turning to clay

“ I-I don’t Know what you’re talking about,” Clay says stuttering

“ Well if we are talking about people who clearly like people and should be asking them to the dance why haven’t you asked Tony yet (Y/N)?” Justin turns to me with a raised eyebrow.

In that moment my heart stopped everything around was flowing but my blood no longer was in the state of shock I managed to grab my bag and rushed out the cafeteria.I walked out the school sitting in one of the benches out in the Parking lot. As I sat there replaying what was now my reality I realized this was no longer my average day.A tear began to well up in my eyes, they began to fall as I  felt someone approach me I tried to wipe them away. I lifted my head realizing it was Tony and my tears began flowing again. I don’t even know why I was crying I’ve never been an emotional person but in this moment I was ashamed, well that was kind of an understatement. I felt Tony take a sit next to me and he cups my cheek wiping my tears away.

“ hey, hey why are you crying? there’s nothing to cry about okay “ Tony says

“I-I just I was going to tell you but, “ I say stuttering

“Hey It’s okay,” he says wiping my tears away again “ How long ?” He asks

“ W-what?” I say not understanding

“ how long have you liked me ?” he says turning to face the front

“ I- I” I struggle to get my words together

“I first realized I loved you our freshman year of high school,  you looked so ready to take on the world , so sure of yourself you have your whole life figured out and I like that, I like that a lot oh hell with that I think I love you even before that but it took time for me to realize that it was more than just a friendly love its love, love I love you (Y/N) “ He says turning to me almost breathless.

“ You -you what, “ I say not quite understanding I mean I thought he liked Clay

“ I said I love you,” he says cupping my cheeks and kissing me. The kiss was slow and passionate bringing a certain intensity towards the both of us. He pulls away slowly and keeps his forehead on mine.

“ I don’t understand I-I thought you like Clay?” I whisper

He pulls away with a puzzled look on his face “ you thought I what ?” he says

“I thought you were gay and you like Clay because you’re always worried about him and stuff,” I say a little embarrassed now that I think about this my calculations might have been a little misguided.

“ Well no I’m not gay and No I don’t like Clay I’m just being a good friend, I wanna get him and Hannah together they deserved each other plus It’s you it has always been you, “ he says chuckling

“That makes sense, “ I say laughing at my stupid theory

“ Well now that we have that out of the way (Y/N) would you give me the honor of escorting you to the winter formal ?” he asks standing up and putting his hand out  

“ yes I would love to, “ I say jumping up he catches me and then we share a passionate kiss

It was me it has always been me