julian appreciation week - day two: favorite season - season six
When I first got here, everyone thought I came for a girl, the girl in the book. But I only came here to make a movie. But now it turns out everyone was right. I am here for the girl in the book, the other girl.


Chandler wanted to take a stab at another cover re-creation so she decided to tackle the relatively simple cover of the great book, “The Duff.” How’d she do?

What I’ve gotten myself for the past days. I’ll list them: Thrasher Skategoat Banner, Thrasher Magazine Banner, thrasher sticker, Thrasher Skategoat and Magazine Patches, Baker Skateboard stickers, Deathwish Skateboards stickers, Dogtown stickers, Volcome stickers, Volume 4 stickers, Figgy OJs Wheels (53mm), Independent x Doom Sayers collab Trucks, Bones Reds Bearings, Eric Koston David Bowie signature model Board, Local SkateShop Skateboard, and Stanley Kubricks The Shining 1980 DVD. I’m pretty happy for myself right now. I’m glad that I can find something that makes me happy again.