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Postcard view of the Bun Boy Restaurant in Baker, California, circa 1960.

“The Bun Boy Baker, California This new and picturesque restaurant on Highway 91 is one of the most popular eating places between San Bernardino and Las Vegas.  It is owned and operated by the Failings who have been catering to tourists in this area for many years.”

Photo from the ForwardLook collection on Panoramio.

March 25, 1989

Anthony Sears, 26, crossed paths with Jeffrey Dahmer at “La Cage,” a gay club in Milwaukee on the night of March 25, 1989. Sears left the club at closing time with Dahmer, who was living with his grandmother. A friend of Sears gave the two a ride to Dahmer’s grandmother’s house. Sears had sex with Jeffrey Dahmer and was then drugged and killed. After dismembering Sears, Dahmer kept his genitals and head and kept the mummified parts in a cabinet. Sears’ body parts were recovered from Dahmer’s apartment after his arrest in July of 1991.

Sears was supposed to meet his mother the next day to celebrate a promotion to management and had plans to spend Easter with his family. Anthony Sears worked at a restaurant called Bakers Square in Milwaukee, was bisexual and had a girlfriend.



Dunkin’ Donuts - Fred the Baker “Time to make the donuts” commercial (1981)

3 Chicago Neighborhoods to Explore

Fun fact: as a student at DePaul, you receive a train pass (called the Ventra card) which allows you to go ANYWHERE in the city - for free. As long as you can access it via train or bus, the city is your playground.

With so many neighborhoods in Chicago, the task to see them all can be daunting. Luckily, I’ve created this handy list for you. The list is in no particular order, and everything will probably relate back to food. As it always does.

1. Lincoln Park: DePaul is located in the heart of Lincoln Park, but the neighborhood itself is quite large. My favorite area is on Halsted between Fullerton and Armitage, where there are endless restaurants and boutiques for you to explore. 

Favorite restaurant: Blue Door Farm Stand. A delicious cafe that features amazing salads (get the Kale one) and homemade desserts (get the carrot cake). 

2. Ravenswood: In my opinion, Ravenswood is quickly becoming one of the “it” neighborhoods. It is slightly more residential than Lincoln Park, which allows for a quieter feel. I love getting a coffee and walking around this area in the mornings, it’s quite relaxing and peaceful. 

Favorite restaurant(s): Baker Miller and Spacca Napoli. Baker Miller is the cutest restaurant that serves breakfast and brunch. They make their own bread, grind their own oats, and prepare fantastic breakfast dishes. Get the sourdough cinnamon roll, please.

Spacca Napoli is a classic Italian pizza restaurant. I’m not a huge fan of deep dish pizza (oops!), which is why I love this place so much. Not a deep dish pizza in sight. Instead, classic Italian pizzas with an authentic feel.

3. Wicker Park: This is the quintessential hipster area of Chicago. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but you will definitely see an insane number of indie record stores, thrift stores, and flip phones. It’s a great place to spend the day!

Favorite restaurant: Antique Taco. Probably the cutest restaurant I’ve been to in Chicago. I usually get the Mexican pop-tart for my birthday every year, and you can’t go wrong with any of their tacos. The menu is constantly changing, too! All the more reason to visit weekly. 

I might make another list if you guys enjoyed this. Make sure to explore the city while you’re a student here. Chicago is the greatest place in the world! :)

  • *in the lab*
  • Mary: *sipping coffee* How was the date last night, Molly?
  • Sherlock: *at his microscope; rolls his eyes*
  • Molly: *sighs* Bloody awful! We had absolutely nothing in common. He thought a specialist registrar was a marriage guidance counsellor.
  • Mary: *raises an eyebrow* Wow...
  • John: *sympathetic* Chin up. You'll meet someone.
  • Molly: *shrugs* I don't know; maybe it's me.
  • Sherlock: Oh for God's sake, Molly, of course it's not you. You're perfect.
  • Molly: ...
  • John: ...
  • Mary: ...
  • Molly: ...
  • Sherlock: *looking between them; frowns* Oh, come on. This is not news!
  • John & Mary: *murmur their agreement*
  • Molly: *blinking; overwhelmingly happy* R-really?
  • Sherlock: *nods* Yup.
  • Molly: *throws her arms around his neck; kisses his cheek* Thank you.
  • John: *mutters to Mary* We think so, too.
  • Sherlock: *cheeks pink* You can sod off.
Student's guide to University of Leicester

Okay. So I’ve spent 4 years here after being 100% new to the city and figured hey that’s enough time to gather enough info to advise fresh young minds right? RIGHT?
Halls were fun. Catered or non catered both have pros and cons, either way if you live in Oadby, Asda is a 10 minute walk away. Oadby is a great place to live, leafy and compact with a wide range of accommodation to fit every budget and taste. It’s cute. Also got a brand new gym and pool. Noice. Don’t worry about making friends, it’s gonna happen, I mean you’re never going to get on with everyone but you’re going to have an amazing year.

Cool, so you had fun in halls but the thin walls and squeaky beds get old so you gotta find somewhere new to live for year 2. There are 2 main student areas really. Evington and Clarendon Park. Starting with Evington… it has a bad reputation and you probably are more likely to get mugged here but that being said I love it. Not all of Evington is bad, it’s a friendly and cheap place to live with a couple of good sized grocery stores, a billion banks and some great food places (Bombay Bites. Just do it. You won’t regret it). All in all, it’s a little rough around the edges, I’ve lived here 2 years and have had very little trouble, it’s not as bad as people say.
Clarendon Park is a bit different. Lots of independent shops, bakers, butchers, green grocers, restaurants…. you get the bijoux image right? Expect rent to be higher but that won’t necessarily get you a nicer place than in Evington. It’s a pretty, safe area with lots of convenient shops near by.
Some folk do live out Aylestone way or in the city but they are few and far between. Wherever you end up just remember, boring stuff like double glazing and boiler safety is really important, don’t rush into an unsafe or gross property. Nothing is cool about seeing your breath in your bedroom.
The university runs Sulets which has a range of university approved properties on it’s book, all with no agency fees.
Leicester is a good size city, everything is pretty much in walking distance or easily accessible by bus. It has all the shops you would expect from a city and a modern shopping centre as well as lots of independent shops and arcades (hit the Lanes). There’s a cinema and plenty of places to eat, all in all it’s a good egg.
The Leicester Tigers are obviously pretty big, as are Leicester City and sometimes you can get £5 tickets for matches.
If you are a fan of the arts, New Walk museum is a great day out (cute for dates and shit), the Curve always shows great things like Chicago as does DMH. Basically there’s tonnes to do to keep you entertained in your free time.
Ahhhh… nightlife. There’s a pretty healthy nightlife here. Republic is the biggest club in town (note biggest… not best) and is open Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It’s like a big scary loud maze that you will never find your friends in ever again. That being said it’s quite fun but quite strict with it’s dress code.
Mosh is my favourite club. It’s smaller and plays a wide range of music varying on the day (Tuesday, Friday and Saturday). It’s good fun and there is a Subway like 10 m away for when you get kicked out. Cool.
The students union… yeah… open Wednesday (Red Leicester) and Friday (Shabang) (RIP Propaganda Saturdays). The O2 is pretty big and relatively cheap. It’s also close to home, usually a drunken stumble across the park.
I don’t really go out much anymore so I’m sure there’s other clubs out there, but that’s enough for now. I mean there is liquid but I don’t think anyone goes there anymore. Frowny face.
There’s plenty of cute bars too. You have stuff like walkabout and the loaded dog etc for cheap fun, the old horse is a fun, quirky pub with pub food in unhealthy portions, and yoy have bars like hakamou and the lansdowne for fancy cocktails. You got errything.
The uni is a good place to be. I can’t really deny that. It’s been a good 4 years. Campus is compact and pretty easy to navigate with lots of social spaces and you always have the park in summer. The library is huge and pretty new and shiny but if you need a computer try Charles Wilson or George Porter (shhhhh secret).
The union building is pretty new too (4 years) as is the gym on the edge of campus which also has a pool.
The union is home to a lot of sports and societies, you really have no excuse for not joining one. Whether it’s muggle quidditch, theatre, curry or burlesque (represent!), give it a go! Sports have a good reputation too, working and playing hard. Varsity against DMU is always fun. Societies and clubs are a great way to meet people, and there are plenty of international societies to help you feel more at home.
The university health centre is brand new (where are they getting all this cash from?) and offers all services including contraception and sexual health (you’re gonna need it). The university also offers counselling for free if needed, the waiting list can be long but they are good at their job.
The university and staff are there to help so just talk to them! And for the love of god go to some lectures? I can’t talk for all departments but I know that Chemistry here is great, totally supportive and friendly. 10/10 would study there again (except I’m moving uni shhhh).

So yeah. That is my guide to UoL. I hope someone finds it useful. I’m just waiting for my drunk neighbours to go out so I can sleep. But yeah, if you are about to start here, you are going to have a great time, I envy you. Stay safe and be nice and most importantly have fun.

disconnected | l.h.

Who knows if Luke’s texting mistake could lead to something great.



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Monday, January 10th
No one likes Mondays.

I feel kind of bad for Mondays.

Good morning to you too.

Good morning sunshine.



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You are awesome! If you were feeling generous could you make up a fic rec list of cooking fics? like restaurants, cooks, food bloggers ect? they are my favourite and you always have the best fic rec lists <3

  • Cupboard Love by mklutz (G, 33k) He’s carefully balancing the sandwiches and the two biggest tupperware containers he could find that both had functioning lids when the front door opens and he almost drops everything right there in front of the stupid fountain. If that’s Derek Hale, he’s definitely not a mountain man.
  • Kiss The Cook by idyll (T, 5k) Derek’s a professional chef, and Stiles is a blogger who butchers his recipes.
  • Bones Straining Under The Weight by weathervaanes (E, 16k)  One of Stiles’ favorite things about life is Derek Hale’s food blog. He never expects to meet the man in person. “Derek,” he says again, and the name feels very strange on his tongue. “You don’t mean Derek Hale.” His professor’s eyebrows reach up, eyes widening. “You read his blog?” ”Uh. Worship. Would be a better more descriptive word. That is Derek Hale?” Jimmy chuckles. “Good-looking guy, huh?” ”You mean to tell me the Food Network hasn’t snatched him up to dethrone everyone else from daytime TV.” Jimmy smiles a small private smile. “I don’t think TV is his medium.” Stiles raises an eyebrow. “Shy?” The man laughs heartily at that. “No, I wouldn’t say that. He just has particular forms of expression, like eyebrows and chili powder.”
  • Dos Lobos Papas Fritas Especial by lindenmae (E, 12k) Derek has dreams. These dreams revolve around his food truck, lovingly named Dos Lobos, even though the only vaguely latin food he serves is churros, and retiring far far away from the rest of the human race, especially his uncle Peter. He already has two trucks and he has the citizens of Beacon Hills, including the Sheriff, wrapped around his duck fat coated little finger. People search his truck out on Duck Fat Fridays and the Sheriff waives all parking violations in exchange for free fries. The only catch is the arrangement has to be kept secret from the Sheriff’s son, who has unfortunately just returned from college and apparently made it his singular goal to get under Derek’s skin any way he can.

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Imagine having an argument with Sherlock. Well, technically you’re not ‘arguing’, Sherlock is barely saying anything, and is staring at you while you are stating your piece quite emotionally. You and Sherlock have been going out for about three months now and you don’t feel like he cares for you in the same manner as you care for him. You know that he is not really a romantic, but the way he acts around you is no different than the way he acts around his friends. Although he mentions that he loves you, he pays more attention to his job than he allots time to be with you. Just a while ago, the both of you got home from having dinner with Mycroft, and that brother of his did not have one good thing to say to the both of you, especially to Sherlock. Something that you really do not need right now. After having dinner, you and Sherlock took a cab from the restaurant to Baker street. Now you stand inside his flat, less than 2 meters away, facing one another.

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Traditional Russian Bread Making with @zabavnikov_ivan

To see more of Ivan’s photos, follow @zabavnikov_ivan on Instagram.

(This interview was conducted in Russian.)

There is nothing beige or bland about Ivan Zabavnikov’s (@zabavnikov_ivan) photographs of bread. There is texture, props — including a cat — and even vibrant color. “I want to tell people about the things that I like, and I love bread,” says Ivan, who is a baker for a restaurant in St. Petersburg, Russia, and founder of the Ivan Zabavnikov Bread Workshop. When he travels, Ivan seeks out other bread makers and captures their recipes and stories in pictures. On a trip to Sri Lanka last year with his wife, the search wasn’t easy: “We figured out that there were only stoves in the local restaurants and cafeterias and there were no ovens. I was so happy when we found a cafeteria owned by a Russian couple and I saw the oven!” Ivan says. “One day, on a beautiful morning, the bread was ready. This is how I reached my goal and met wonderful people. The world is full of kind and understanding people!”

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How you start a polite ask about a request? ;_; I dunno, so... Can you write a kagehina au in which Hinata works in a coffee house/restaurant/small baker and Kageyama happens to get there once by coincident. He then comes there every so often to just look at Hinata surreptitiously. He even doesn't like coffee/cakes/whatever. actually, he hates them, but he still orders them, because Hinata prepares them, so they're special. Thank u in advance. luv ya <3

Kageyama doesn’t know why he stepped into the coffee shop, but somehow he ended up sitting in the corner chair, taking off his coat and digging his coursework out of his bag.

It was dimly lit, one of those hipster-y places that played slow indie rock and offered health smoothies and vegan food on their menu. It was fairly quiet and none of the other college students went there so Kageyama liked it already.

Deciding he wanted something warm to drink, looking outside at the cold drizzle falling onto the ground, Kageyama made his way up to the counter. A short boy probably his age, wearing a green apron and a ridiculous t-shirt, watched him silently as he decided what to get.

“I’ll get the green tea with honey.” Kageyama said quietly, looking down as he handed the money over to the boy. Their hands touched as the boy, Hinata it said on his name tag, took the coins out of his palm.

“It’ll be right over!” Hinata beamed and Kageyama blushed a bit. He wasn’t used to cheery customer service.

He sat back down and took his book in his hands, trying to read through the part about oedipus complexes in late 21st century literature, but he kept looking up, watching the boy make his tea. Five minutes later it was brought over, Hinata smiling at Kageyama, not so stealthily stealing a glance at what Kageyama was reading.

“Literature huh?” Hinata said as he set down the tall glass and the long spoon it came with. 

“Uh, yeah.” Kageyama said, looking back down at his book. Hinata left and he was alone again, trying to concentrate.

The tea was quite good he learned, once he got used to the tang of the green tea. He was usually the person who put three spoons of sugar in his tea, with loads of milk too, so the experience of drinking “pure tea” was new anyway. 

He got some reading done, luckily, but when the orange haired boy was joined by another boy, one with blond hair and brown roots, Kageyama started reading the same sentence over and over again trying to listen to their conversation. 

He didn’t really know why he tried to listen in, but for some reason he wanted to know more about the orange haired boy. Like, how he acted with people who weren’t customers. 

The two talked about work, school, and then the other boy mentioned volleyball. Kageyama’s ears perked up even more at that. He had been pretty good in his day, before he had decided to go to college for something else entirely. Anyway,judging by what he heard, the orange haired boy had been pretty good too. Kageyama marked it down in the mental list he had decided to start keeping of the boy.

The next day he went back, ordering a wheatgrass smoothie sitting back where he had been the previous time. The chair was comfy and the cafe was quiet enough, he reasoned to himself as he sat down. The smoothie made him frown, it tasted absolutely horrible. But the boy had made it, looking so proud that Kageyama felt he had to drink it.

Settling down, his eyes were gradually drawn to the orange haired boy again. Today he was wearing the same apron, required for work obviously, and a hideous printed dress-shirt with short sleeves. It looked like it had shrimps on it. Kageyama smiled at himself, wondering why he seemed so fascinated with someone with such a horrible sense of style.

Its not like Kageyama was much better, really. He was wearing a thrifted sweater and blue dotted jeans, just a touch too ugly to be considered stylish even in the most indie parts of town. 

Kageyama tried reading again, actually making it through two chapters before the orange haired boy started talking with a customer. 

He was tall, taller than Kageyama, and he had dark brown hair tied back in a bun. He seemed to know Hinata pretty well, considering how the boy talked to the man. Hinata said something about the mans sweater and the man blushed. Something tugged at Kageyama’s stomach. Jealousy maybe? How could he be jealous of someone he just saw for the first time yesterday? 

Kageyama packed up and left soon after, getting a wave from Hinata as he left. That kept him warm through the windy weather on his way back home.

The next day he had to go shopping for a new winter coat, so he didn’t have time to stop by the cafe. He almost forgot about it completely, really. That is until he saw a orange haired girl at the mall and was reminded of the incredibly cute waiter. Damn, Kageyama thought. He was too shy to ever make a move and would probably end up just pining for the rest of his life.

Meanwhile Hinata had noticed Kageyama’s absence. Or, as he said, cute college boy. Kageyama didn’t have a name tag, so Hinata had no way of knowing his name. Still, after seeing him there two days in a row, the absence of college boy was odd. Hinata didn’t know why, considering he had just seen the boy for the first time two days ago, but something about his quiet demeanor intrigued Hinata. He hoped the boy would come back. It was nice feeling fluttery, when he knew he was being watched.

The weekend goes by and Kageyama stays in bed with a cold. Apparently going shopping without wearing enough clothes had been a bad idea, considering it had rained on his way back home. He had collapsed into bed soaking wet, changing into pyjamas and falling asleep within ten minutes of arriving. He dreamed of orange hair and secret smiles, and he smiled as he woke up despite his feverish state.

Monday morning arrived and though Kageyama felt horrible, he knew his fever had gone down and his throat didn’t really hurt enough to miss any lessons. Besides, today he could go to the cafe again, under the pretense of studying of course. Putting on an extra layer of clothes, Kageyama wraps his scarf around his neck and walks out the door, bag in tow.

Five hours later he’s sitting at the cafe again. The boy at the register is different today and Kageyama’s face falls as he walks in. He still settles down though, hoping the boy will show up soon.

He read for about an hour before he heard the familiar chirp of the orange haired boy. Instantly perking up Kageyama casually walked over to the counter to order something. Feeling like he was taking too long, he ordered randomly off the list. He dropped the coins into Hinata’s hand and looked up shyly, the boy’s smile making him flustered.

He walked back to his chair shaking a bit. He had looked the boy in the yes. Wonderful, big, deep dark chocolate eyes. Kageyama was sounding like a writer for a girls’ magazine but he was past caring. He wanted to look into those eyes again.

Hinata’s happy mood was contagious it seemed, and Kageyama found himself whistling along to one of the songs playing in the cafe, knowing the track list by heart by now. He watched the boy make the drink, smiling as always. It was nice knowing he was passionate about his job, and it felt good knowing he was drinking something the boy was proud of.

His drink arrived soon, and much to his shock it looked pretty good. Tasting it soon after he decided that it wasn’t. It wasn’t that hard to get used to really, but drinking it required some pretending.

The next week passed pretty similarly, Kageyama struggling to both concentrate and drink the various things he ordered. Slowly, he started falling more and more. He had discovered the boy’s laugh on Tuesday, and it was something that could surely cure the sick. The day after that he learned of the boy’s family and on Thursday Kageyama realized he actually honest to god had a crush on a waiter.

Friday was different though. Half an hour had passed since his drink had arrived and Kageyama was shaken out of his concentration by approaching footsteps. He looked up to meet Hinata’s eyes. Wondering if he had done anything wrong Kageyama looked up questioningly. 

“I-uh, was wondering, what’s your name? I mean, you come here all the time, and you can see mine from the name tag but I don’t know yours and i thought it would be nice to-”

“Kageyama.” He cut Hinata’s rambling short. 

“Oh. Uh-thanks Kageyama.” Hinata retreated with a smile. Kageyama was still a bit stunned.

He used the bathroom around 4:30, and when he came back to his seat there was a piece of paper on his book.

“Hey, it would be nice to get coffee sometime? (not here prefereably ;D)     - Hinata”

Kageyama’s heart did a somersault as he looked back at the register. Hinata was pacing around nervously. Kageyama looked long enough to lock eyes with the short waiter. The moment was tense, it seemed like there was something unspoken in the air. Really, there kind of was, Kageyama thought. He nodded a bit at  Hinata and blushed at the smile that spread across the other’s face. He had caused that!

Two weeks, two confessions and a kiss later, Kageyama was extremely thankful he had walked through those cafe doors that one day. 

[i hope you like it!! I haven’t written a coffeeshop AU ever, so this is pretty much just modeled on what I’ve read. Oh and dont worry, usually ppl just send like the simple words u were very nice including a compliment too!]