How to train your society

I rewatched ‘How to train your dragon’ today and couldn’t help but notice parallels to society. Parallels I’d forgotten since the last time I saw it.
The way Hickup’s village live in fear of something they don’t understand properly. The way he as the plot progresses can’t really believe how wrong everything has been. The way his changes values must weigh like a burden through all that training
And the way these changed values are what actually save them all in the end.

The film places teenagers, mere children that are still in school, in an important role. This is partly because of children and young people being the target audience, but I can’t help but feel there is something more too it. Something about how future generations will see the errors in their parents reasoning and thus create their own lives, for better or worse.

Then again, not all see their parents beliefs as something wrong. Astrid, and the others, wholeheartedly believe there is only one way. This may be narrow-minded but they don’t know better. But when evidence proves otherwise they’re actually quite welcoming to the new change.

How does this parallel to our society? Old ideas and values are being questioned by newer generations all over the world today. One by one people are opening their eyes to a new thought, challenging their own morals. Every changed idea doesn’t necessarily lead to a good end result, but at least it’s not a standstill, it’s an evolution. And because of that evolution you can feel that you’re actually doing what you think is right.

So try something new, a different perspective even, and challenge yourself. A changing world might help make this society more accepting of change, as well as difference.

Cheers from the Bakery