baker street underground

Sometimes I imagine Sherlock and John’s first kiss to happen in a very sweet scenario.
At the end of the series, there has been a lot of trouble, they’ve gone through terrible things and, when everything has been sorted out, they come back to Baker Street. No taxes, no underground. Just a quite walk home.  
Their flat has been half blown up, but it’s still there, just a bit riddled, maybe.
As they arrive, they stare at the deserted street, which lies in silence, then John enters the flat and goes up stairs. Sherlock waits a moment, then takes the door, lying on the ground between the rubble and puts it back in its rightful place.
He follows John upstairs.
John has been waiting in the living room, standing in the middle, in silence. He glances at Sherlock as he arrives, the latter smiles at him, but does not stop. He moves towards the only window that is still there. Half of the wall decorates the pavement of Baker Street now.  
-Shall I close the curtains? - 
John laughs, his face is beautifully lighted up by the sun coming through gigantic holes in the flat.
Then Sherlock reaches him, they are both stading in the middle of the flat, in the silence of the first hours of the day.
Smiling they kiss each other. Sweetly, gently. There is no hurry now. They have all the time in the world.


one gifset per appearance → visit to baker street underground station, london (20/03/2013)

The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh were joined by the Duchess of Cambridge for a visit to the Baker Street underground station to celebrate the tube’s 150th anniversary. The royals toured the facilities and met with staff, and the Duchess of Cambridge was given a “Baby on Board” badge, which expectant mothers often display in order for people to know when to give up their seats.