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When Chet Baker burst onto the jazz scene in 1953, he quickly came to represent all the contradictions of this often oversimplified decade. Publicly Brylcreemed and clean-cut, Baker was privately addicted to heroin. He achieved popular success, but earned it by playing the hip new style of West Coast jazz and singing with a highly unconventional voice. His crash and burn — drugs, prison, and a savage beating in which he lost his front teeth, ruining his embouchure — only enhanced his legend, and today he is one of those rare men who seem to embody their era.

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What are your opinions on the John Nathan-Turner Era of Doctor Who? I've been reading up on some old Who controversies (well, mostly the Michael Grade stuff), and I was curious what you thought of that Era and how he ran the show?

It varies a lot. I actually feel like his is an era where script editors tended to impact my feelings more than producer, though he did make some very odd choices, too, like the slotting of The Twin Dilemma into the end of season 21.

Personally, I love season 18 and 24-26, so I can’t ever really hate JN-T. But equally, the Davison era is a mixed experience for me. Some of it is great, but I don’t care for much of it. And I do agree with the general fan consensus that Colin Baker’s era was sadly a disaster. I love Colin Baker and his audios are fantastic, but I only find a couple serials from his tenure watchable.

My preferences basically fall into the different script editor runs. I like what Bidmead and Cartmel brought, while I’m less sold on Saward.

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Classic or New: Oh gosh, a tough one right off the bat! So I grew up watching classic Who because my parents liked it (esp. Tom Baker era), so I do love it, but RTD era New Who is amazing (esp season 1- OMG!)

Fav Doctor: NINE! There can be no question for me, it’s NINE! He’s my all time favourite Doctor. My favourite classic Doctor is Four (especially as I grew up on his series) but Nine is my all-time favourite of any and all Doctors.

Part of it is probably the actor who played him (I LOVE Chris Eccleston beyond description) but he was so raw, so wounded and yet he could be so compassionate and very aware of the significance of each and every person. I cried when he regenerated.

Worst Doctor: I don’t know that I’d say worst Doctor, exactly, but my least favourite new Who Doctor was 11. Like @goingtothetardis, I think he was just so very poorly written and Moffat turned him into something the Doctor is not. I quite like Matt Smith as an actor, but his tenure as the Doctor wasn’t really something I enjoyed (which is not at all his fault). Maybe if he’d had a better script I’d have liked him more.

Also, much as i LOVE John Hurt, I felt like the whole War Doctor thing didn’t sit right with me. The plot was just so inconsistent with literally most of the new Who series at that point and, yeah. Didn’t go in for that, really.

From classic Who, I’d have to say seven was my least favourite. He had this whole passive-aggressive thing going on, and he was actually quite, well, manipulative in some ways. Didn’t care for that so much.

Fav Companion: Rose. Then Donna. And then Jack! <3 I love how each of these characters had such a low, set idea of themselves and through travelling with the Doctor, they realise their own potential and then fulfil it. Rose the uneducated Estate shopgirl that existed but didn’t live, Donna the loud-mouth unremarkable temp, Jack the sneaky conman… they all grew and evolved into these marvellous people, but even more important, they recognised their own worth, and I LOVED it. THAT’S what Doctor Who is about.

Worst Companion: Well, to be honest I reaaaaaallly don’t like River Song. The way her character was written made her pretty unappealing to me. I mean, she was obsessive and creepy about the Doctor (and frankly he wasn’t very nice to her either- 11 totally used her feelings to manipulative him). Plus she encouraged him to violence, which is a departure from the other companions who usually kept him in check, kept him accountable in some way. So yeah, not my fav. 

Didn’t care for Clara, Amy and Rory as they were written, although that’s a script thing. I like some of the versions I’ve stumbled across in fanfic though.

Top 5 Episodes: Five? You want me to pick ONLY FIVE? Well, fine then. You realise most of this is going to be season 1, of course?

  • Rose – Yep. I’m with @goingtothetardis on this one. I actually initially held out watching new Who for a while after it came out because I was scared it would somehow not live up to the happy memories I had as a child of classic who (esp. 4). Then I watched this episode (on a plane of all things), mainly because of CE, and fell in love with the Doctor and Rose. Honestly, Nine had me at “Nice to meet you Rose. Run for your life!” Quirky, funny, poignant- this episode just got me.
  • The End of the World – I love this SO much because for the first time, we get to see a bit behind the mask of this Doctor. Maniacal, seemingly happy and go-lucky Nine shows a wounded, hurting lonely man underneath, and we get to see it all through Rose’s eyes. And her reaction, despite the danger is just PERFECT. “There’s me.” Just GAH.
  • Dalek - OMG CE was PHENOMENAL here. The wounded Doctor unexpectedly confronts the creatures that cost him everything, and his pain and his reaction is so…visceral. And Rose just blew me away in this episode. Even though she’s essentially at death’s door, the one thing she’s worried about is the Doctor blaming himself. The way they interact, the way Rose’s compassion accidentally rejuvenates the Dalek but ultimately turns it into something else…oh i could rave about this all day.
  • The Idiot’s Lantern – I love this episode. The Doctor and Rose work SO well together here, and his reaction when she she’s taken by the wire…oh it’s fabulous. DT was SO spot on. And their reunion…now THAT is the stuff of legends.
  • The Unicorn and the Wasp – I LOVE this episode. the Doctor and Donna had an amazing vibe and they worked so well together, and you really saw that here. PLUS AGATHA CHRISTIE! I LOVE AGATHA CHRISTIE!!!! Best of both worlds!

Any DVDs: I have it all from iTunes, so, no.

Fav Moment:  I have a lot…but a few would be when Rose runs into the TARDIS for the first time, the basement in Cardiff- I’m so glad I met you-, WW3/Aliens of London - I could save the world but lose you-, when they make up after their fight in 1987, after the Sycorax are defeated and they hesitantly and nervously and adorably agree to travel together again…and the stolen earth, when the Doctor and Rose finally see each other again (BEFORE THAT STUPID DALEK SHOWS UP AND RUINS MY MOMENT DAMMIT).

Scariest Moment: Hmmm…I have a few. Top two probably the kid with the gas mask in the Doctor Dances/the Empty Child ( I STILL can’t hear ‘are you my mummy’ without cringing), and the creepy psychic alien thing on Midnight. That was CREEEEPY.

Saddest Moment: Too many! I’m going to say Doomsday, and the goodbye on Bad Wolf Bay which may or may not make me cry (but BP got reeeeeallly upset filming that so at least I’m in good company), obviously, but also when Pete is saying goodbye to Rose in Father’s Day before he goes out to die. Oh, my heart. That hurt so much. 

Nine’s regeneration. I actually CRIED ON A PLANE watching that (yes I watched the of whole series 1 on a plane to Europe) and the steward walked past and saw me crying and asked if I was OK, and I told him why and he got teary too. Turns out he was a fan.He did give me chocolate though.

And also JE- when the Doctor just leaves Rose there after everything and wouldn’t even say it (owwwww) and also Donna. OMG Donna. The look on her face haunts me as she sees him coming towards her.

Missing Episode you want: I’d love to see some of Rose’s dimension hopping adventures running into previous versions of the Doctor (like, er maybe, I dunno, NINE? Lol. But any would be good).

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scriptscribbles replied to your post “But Mel is cool and Terror of the Vervoids is interesting. Sentient…”

MEL IS BAE! I’m really not a big fan of the Colin Baker era, but I quite enjoy Vervoids, it feels like a nice slice of what I wish the era was. I even like the monsters. And gosh, Sixie and Mel are just such a fun team.

the Vervoids, all associations aside, are neat monsters. and the costumes, beyond the ‘did anyone look at this while using their brain’, are really quite nice. an effort was made there. i’d probably pick “Revelation of the Daleks” as ‘couldn’t everything else be more like this’ but Vervoids is that sort of solid, unflashy monster-of-the-week serial that forms the backbone of the show, and imo it does a great job at it. for all your “Blink”s and “Kinda”s and etc, this show does kind of live or die on how well it can pull off a basic Adventure.

Six and Mel kind of feel like what Six and Peri wanted to be, where they don’t quite mix and there’s a ton of friction, but you do get the sense (or i do anyway) that they genuinely like each other. they’re good-natured and indulging towards each other, it’s a very real-world sort of friendship between two people who are in the same place at the same time, and share a common interest, but don’t entirely click, but also they’re trying - maybe slightly too hard. it’s the SF version of half the relationships i’ve had with coworkers.