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anonymous asked:

What do you think about Walter deleting Drew's message?

I know some people were not happy with it, but it doesn’t bother me. First of all, why is Drew calling the company phone and not her cell phone? Surely, he could have called Paige’s cell to wish her and Ralph a Merry Christmas instead of the Scorpion line. 

The deletion of the message - in my opinion - is not out of jealousy like so many people seem to think; it was (again, also my opinion) out of fear of loss.

Think about it. 

Walter - in that moment - is dealing with a lot… His sister has passed away, and he doesn’t want anybody he cares about to leave him (in any way) again. The pain of loss is far greater than he anticipated, and he’s trying to protect his heart from further loss. 

Though I think Walter shouldn’t have deleted Drew’s message so quickly, I also think Drew shouldn’t have called the company phone to wish Paige and Ralph a Merry Christmas. Surely he should have her cell phone number since Ralph occasionally visits Drew in Portland. 

Also, while I understand people were upset with Walter deleting that message, and I understand why they are upset, I can’t fault Walter for wanting to protect himself. Deleting that message, to me, shows just how insecure Walter is about the relationships in his life; he might not realize it, but he needs family, and Paige and Ralph mean more to him than anybody.