baker 4 life


A: “- I mean, just give me a break! I hate all of these shitty jobs I have to take…”
Y: “- I’m sorry, hon! I’ll keep my eyes open for you!”
A: “- Yeah, it’s just… Freakin’ Ruthie Nelson is taking over the whole dance scene right now… and I’m stuck packing up plastic dolls all day…”
Y: “- Hey! Woohoock her! and Ruthie Nelson would never look this good in her granma’s old coat”
A: “- Hahaha!”
Y: “- I’ll take this”
A: “- You don’t have to!”
Y: “- So now I can’t buy my best friend a red velvet cupcake? Just shut it”

Y: “- Geerbs, how hot was the baker!?”