Pinned Down*

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Rating: Mature
Summary: Steve and Reader train together until things get heated between them and for the sake of every member of the Avengers team.
Words Count: 2.4k
Warnings: What you can expect in a softcore smutty fic, but protected.
Author’s Note: The beginning is a rewriting of a training scene in AoS, season 3.

“Steve, I’m not gonna fight you… again.” You panted heavily in the late evening as you finished thirty minutes of hard training with the super soldier, after a quick workout session with the rest of the team.

“It’s not fighting, it’s training.” He ran a hand through his hair, brushing the locks out of his forehead.

“The last time we trained alone, I had to stop my powers because you were too sweet,” you made your best puppy eyes, and he chuckled as he drank some water.

“You won’t hurt me, Y/N because you won’t use your abilities,” he came back to the mats, ready to fight. “And I can be dark sometimes.”

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Request: Not sure if you’re doing request at the moment.
I just found out that my best friend is getting deployed to the middle east in a few months, and I was wondering if I could request a fluffy buck fic. Please and thank you. I hope you have an amazing day. -@loganmac02

Originally posted by sebastianobrien

It’s only been two weeks since you’ve been an Avenger. You’re really shy and you’ve only opened up to Wanda. She had rescued you on one of her solo missions and Nick insisted on keeping you here for safety reasons. You had been on the run, trying to escape Hydra from experimenting on you furthermore.

You didn’t think your powers were that special, but apparently being able to take down over 100 people with a single yell, along with being able to fly, was on a ‘desperately need’ list for Hydra.

After Wanda saved you, you were too shy and scared to speak to anyone else. It took time, but you knew they meant no harm. One certain Avenger had taken a liking towards you. Bucky Barnes wanted to be close to you the moment he saw you walk through the elevator. You were always too nervous and shy to talk to him, let alone anyone else, yet he always tried to speak to you. It happened, but very slowly.

Everyday, for two weeks, you’ve seen a single red rose lying at the bottom of your door on the floor in the hallway. It always brought a small smile to your face and you even summoned the courage to speak out and ask who has been doing it. Nobody confessed and you had suspicions that it could be Bucky.

He would always blush and smile, never meeting your shy gaze. You were determined to figure it out, so here you sat at your closed door, waiting to see footsteps approaching. You woke up extra early, hoping it was enough time to catch the secret rose whisperer.

About an hour went by and nothing happened. You sighed softly, staring at the crack under your door. You started to sit up from your sitting position on your cold floor, but a shadow approaching stopped you. Your heart started racing and you bent down quietly to peek under your door.

You saw black boots and dark jeans. Your cheeks burned red and you saw a metal hand carefully place not one, but two red roses, by your door. How something so intimidating could handle a rose so gentle. A smile spread across your face and you watched Bucky walk away, a small whistle blowing from his lips.

Happiness and nervousness flowed through your veins and you quickly got ready for the day. You showered, dried your hair, put on some clothes, and swung your door open to grab the two roses, carrying them over the vase you had. Surprisingly, you’ve been able to keep every rose Bucky had dropped by. You changed the water in the vase everyday and left them by your brightly lit window, even leaving it open at night to be bathed in the moonlight.

You hurriedly walked out of your room, the same small smile on your face. You weren’t sure why, but knowing that Bucky, former winter soldier, had been leaving you roses for two weeks since your arrival, made you really happy. Even if it wasn’t meant to be romantic in any way, you absolutely loved it. Had it not been Bucky, you would’ve loved it all the same, though.

You walked through the halls, searching for Bucky. You took the elevator to the common room, hoping to find him there, but only saw two of the members. You shyly walked in, covering your hands with your long sleeves, something you always did. Sam and Clint both looked over at you with a smile. “HeyY/N!” Sam said.

You walked over to them and smiled. “Hi. Have you guys seen Bucky?” You softly asked, hoping they knew. Clint smirked at Sam. “I think he just went back to Tony’s flower garden.” Clint said, winking at you. Your eyebrows creased then you blushed. “Okay, thank you.” You said with a smile. They must know what Bucky does. Why didn’t they ever tell you?

Quickly, you left the room and took the elevator to go outside. You walked around the tower and saw Bucky talking to Tony. You hid behind the side of the building and listened to them. “Bucky, you’ve gotta man up and ask her out. You’re taking all of my roses!” Tony exclaimed. You heard Bucky sigh.

You peeked around and saw Bucky cross his arms. “She doesn’t even know it’s me. What if she throws them away-” Tony cut Bucky off with a gasp. “Oh, she better not!” Tony said, making Bucky stifle a small chuckle. You smiled at the sound and stepped around the corner. Tony noticed the movement and his eyes fell on you.

You shyly smiled and walked closer to them. Bucky turned around to see what had caught Tony’s attention. “Y/N, how long have you been there?” Bucky asked, his eyes wide and his cheeks red. You nervously looked up at the two. “Just when Tony was scolding you for taking his roses.” You quietly said. Tony smirked and gave Bucky a pat on his shoulder.

Tony left and you watched Bucky stand there nervously. “I don’t throw them away. I’ve kept every single one of them, they’re all still alive.” You said, a small blush creeping on your cheeks. Bucky looked down at you with a shocked expression. “Wait, did you know it was me before you heard us talking?” Bucky questioned, his eyebrows creased in the cutest way.

You giggled and nodded, looking at the rose bush. “I, uh, I waited up early this morning. Nobody confessed. So after I saw your boots and stuff, I asked Sam and Clint. They told me where you were. They knew.” You explained rather quickly, your heart starting to race in your chest.

Bucky smiled and rubbed the back of his neck. “I begged them not to tell you it was me. I wanted to see if you’d figure it out. Did-did you mind very much?” Bucky asked, his blue eyes meeting yours. You shook your head and smiled. “I loved it. It made me feel happy.” You said, tucking a strand of your hair behind your ear.

You stepped closer to Bucky and grabbed his hands in yours. “So, you don’t think it’s dumb?” Bucky asked, his smile widening. “Not at all.” You giggled. “Good. Now that I know you’re not creeped out by that, can I ask you out on a date?” Bucky quietly asked you. “Of course you can.” You said as your cheeks burned red once again. Bucky sighed happily and started to walk you back to the tower.

Your hand never left his metal one and your heart felt full and happy.

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Headcanon: Dating Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye

Originally posted by anthvnystcrk

  • Clint flirting with you 24/7 when you first meet because he thinks it’s cute when you blush 
  • When you finally get the courage to flirt back, he blushes like crazy 
  • He finally asked you after a particularly tough mission 
  • The whole gang had gone to a bar to get some drinks after the mission 
  • And Clint was crazy tired but had agreed to play darts with you 
  • And you surprisingly beat him 
  • At first he was pissed, but he quickly realized he really liked you as you started dancing around in triumph 
  • And he liked a girl that could easily stand up to him and beat him every now and then 
  • Having to put up with your boyfriend’s sass ALL THE TIME 
  • And dishing it right back to him 
  • “She’s beauty, she’s grace, she’s got resting bitch face” you sing constantly 
  • Understanding Clint’s love for archery so you beg him to teach you how to become better
  • Spending HOURS training together, usually ending with the two of you making out and giggling like teenagers 
  • Playing hide n seek with him and getting angry when he uses the vents to get away from you 
  • Dealing with the media backlash with him after the Battle of New York 
  • Helping him through the nightmares following Loki’s manipulation 
  • Constantly challenging him to silly competitions (especially eating contests) 
  • Losing whenever he challenges you to an archery contest 
  • Getting back at him with pranks for days 
  • Pulling pranks on the other Avengers together 
  • You calling Clint cheesy nicknames (much like Tony does) 
  • Bird brain, Legolas, Cupid, Merida, Katniss, Big Bird, etc. 
  • Worry about each other whenever you go on separate missions 
  • “If you die, I’m gonna kill ya.” “I’ll just haunt you forever to make up for it.” 
  • When you both get back spending a whole day together watching lame television and cuddling 
  • “Love you, Barton.” “Love you too, Y/N. Always have, always will.” 

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baker151910  asked:

"Ginny Lawson. Has a nice ring to it don't you think?"

Evelyn raises her eyebrows, a knowing smirk playing on her lips, as Ginny reaches for her wine glass, taking a large gulp, and nearly choking on the gold courage.

“Did you start drinking before I got here?” She says with an incredulous look thrown at her enthusiastic friend.  “Because I’m pretty sure the names Ginny and Lawson will only ever be next to each other in a professional setting.”  The assurance sounds weak even to her own ears, but she stands her ground all the same.

“Oh please, you’ll be moaning each other’s names by the end of the season,” Evelyn says with a flick of her wrist towards her, right as Ginny takes another drink, causing her to actually choke on the drink this time.

She’s sputtering, trying to catch her breath, as her throat burns, the wine’s rough travel down giving her time to wrap her head around Evelyn’s prediction, read more like a prophecy, sealed with a smile that held the truth.

“If I even play this season,” she mutters to herself, eyes downcast to her injured arm, held still by a black sling, seemingly mocking her every single time she made a move.

“What was that?”

“I said, ‘We’re just friends,’” she tries, but Evelyn’s smile never falters, like she’s been privy to top secret information that not even Ginny has been read in on.  “Plus, he’s got Rachel.”  

Her brow furrows at the last part, as her finger traces the lip of her glass, around and around, ending up right back at the start, an endless loop.

Evelyn shakes her head, dismissing the idea completely.  “Okay,” she says, standing up to head into the kitchen.

Ginny fumbles with the strap of her sling, a nervous habit she’d picked up recently, a fidgety tick in place of her ability to constantly be on the move.

“So how’s billionaire boy?” Her friend yells out, as she enters back in with another bottle of wine.

Ginny snorts at the mention of Noah.  “I wouldn’t know.  Haven’t seen him since…,” and she pauses, wanting to say since he ran into Mike at the hospital, but throwing Evelyn even more proof of something beyond a friendship seems dangerous.

“Since he met the guy you’d really like between your legs?”

Ginny can’t help but bring her glass up to hide the blush on her face.  “You’re the absolute worst, you know that, right?”  She says with a groan of torture on the cusp of her lips, released shortly before the knowing laugh of her friend rings out into the room.

“Okay, but seriously.  What’s going on?” She fixes her with a concerned look.

Ginny heaves a heavy sigh, placing her glass down.  “I don’t know.  Everything’s just…weird, right now.  Up in the air.”

“We talkin’ Mike or baseball?” A fair question at this point.

“Both,” she admits.

“Baseball, I have no doubt you’ll be back,” Evelyn assures her, reaching out to place a comforting hand on her knee.  Ginny stares at her, pleading eyes, begging for an answer no one can give her.   “But I’m not one for big speeches on that matter, that’s a job for…”

“Mike,” Ginny murmurs, his name coming out more like a vow than a regret.

“The man’s a disaster,” Evelyn claims with a snicker.  “But…” she pauses, as if contemplating whether to reveal her cards.

“But what?”

“He’s a complete marshmallow when it comes to you,” she says in complete seriousness.

Ginny scoffs.  “He is not…,” Evelyn raises her eyebrows for what feels like the millionth time since they started this conversation.  

“He is so sticky, sweet on you, Gin.  In fact, I take it back.  It’ll never be Ginny Lawson.  More like Mike Baker,” she says with a wink.

A slight blush overtakes Ginny, a lingering of confusion over Mike’s feelings still a puzzle, missing pieces waiting to be put together.  But with a scrunch of her face at the name presented to her, she takes a sip of wine.

“Baker-Lawson,” she mutters into her glass.

“I KNEW IT!” Evelyn cheers.

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Newest haul of Zacky photos. Credit to the owners, of which I’m not certain. I had some of the photos sent to me by my friends.

What I’m certain of is, Zacky hugging Luke melts my heart.