Simon Says

Summary: Reader buys a Ouija Board to use with Bucky, but he wants to do something different.

A/N: I used a Ouija Board (obvi lol) in this so if you feel uncomfy with that or it goes against any of your beliefs, you don’t have to read. I know I used the word play in context with Ouija board for the sake of the plot but this is my disclaimer that (with my own firsthand experience) Ouija Boards are in no way, shape, or form a game. It’s risky shit. Idk man, that’s just me. But stay safe y’all AND HAPPY HALLOWEEN TIME. I’m tagging @mrsbarnesomg because I absolutely love her writing<3. Oh, and the bold represents what the board is spelling out btw.

Contains: Slight smut (not really), Ouija Board shenanigans, Cursing 

Halloween was your absolute favorite holiday. Ever since you could remember (and quite possibly before that too), the day had occupied a special place in your heart with the crisp sweater weather, scary movie marathons, and exciting nights spent trick-or-treating in elaborate costumes. You made a point to take advantage of all the festivities the time of year had to offer, savoring every moment. So far this year, you had dressed nearly the entire tower in what Tony had said to be “the entire stock of every Halloween store on the East Coast”, dragging moping Avengers along to help you. You had baked delicious muffins and cakes coated in icing-made ghosts and pumpkins (a product of your Halloween obsession that the team accepted with whole hearts and full stomachs), and cuddled up alongside your boyfriend, Bucky, for scary movie marathons nearly every weekend. 

With the 31st rapidly approaching in just five more days, the anxiety you felt to soak up as much “Halloween” as possible gnawed at you, growing too much to be avoided. You wanted to do something memorable, something scary, something so Halloween that you would feel it lingering until next year. So, what did you do?

“I bought a Ouija board!”

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Omg! Guys! Imagine a Baker-Florist McKirk au!

Like Jim’s the warm blue eyed baker who makes the best bread and gifts apple tarts to the kids who come by. Flour dusting his clothing, a bit of it in his hair and a brilliant smile as he waves goodbye to customers. He takes the time to chat with his patrons and makes different cakes every day (he fondly declares Thursday as Tartsday) and enjoys pounding the dough into submission on bad days.

While Len is the grouchy but soft florist next door. He hardly smiles since his patrons ask him to make meaningful bouquets for sappy reasons (he positively cackles when it wasn’t for sappy reasons; man, he loves those kinds of bouquets) and he’s had a disastrous falling out with his ex-wife. He’s meticulous when it comes to his flowers and potted greens. Despite the dirt he works with, Leonard McCoy is exceptionally pristine and clean.

So it’s kind of the talk of the town when the sugar-sweet baker and the grumpy florist hooked up. The adults couldn’t understand how a relationship like that would work and the children couldn’t care less, they still got treats from Jim but now they sometimes get a small flower from Leonard.

The duo ignore the mutterings (in public at least; Bones - ‘it’s Leonard!’ - likes to gripe about it behind closed doors. Jim tends to laugh).

Because to Jim, Leonard is strong and beautiful as the earth he works with and nurtures. He keeps Jim grounded when the mornings are hard and the nights are scary with remembered nightmares. He is steady and calm in his whirlwind of a mind.

To Leonard, Jim is kind and sweet as the baked goods he creates. He brightens up Len’s world and shows him that there’s more to life than the bitter after taste his ex-wife left him with.

Sometimes Jim can be seen with a flower crown at work while a notably less grumpy Leonard can be spotted with a bit of flour on his clothes.

Please, Professor

Summary: There´s a new professor at Y/N´s university. She decides to have a little fun.

1 2 3 4 5 6

Word Count: 1,075 (it´s shorter than usual, i know)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: kissing and swear words

A/N: this is crap also i think i´ve stretched a muscle in my butt

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There’s a video highlighting the excellent voice cast of The 7D with selected guest stars! To anyone still haven’t watched the series, this is one of the reasons why!