Headcanon that Vision routinely calls the other avengers by their full names or legal first names, like Natalia rather than Natasha, or James instead of Rhodey, Anthony rather than Tony, Samuel instead of Sam, Steve becomes Steven, etc. He makes Clint and Bruce especially mad when he reveals to the ridicule of all that Bruce is legally Robert, and Clint is actually Clinton. When Bucky joins the team Vision attempts to differentiate between ‘Rhodey’ James and ‘Bucky’ James by calling Bucky ‘Buchanan’. This goes over very poorly. Thor, Peter, and Wanda get a special kick out of all this because they don’t have nicknames.

He does this for quite some time before he realizes that it isn’t typical behavior. In order to avoid confusing others, he slowly transitions into using the preferred nicknames of his colleagues - all except for Bucky. He starts calling Bucky James, because he understands that Bucky was a man left behind in 1945. The man who was the Winter Soldier is someone slightly different, and slightly the same, so James it is. Bucky appreciates the gesture, though he never says so. Steve is one of the last ones to catch on to the switch and Vision’s reasoning behind it, mostly because he avoids thinking about it.

What Disney Film They Love


Big Hero 6. Tony likes a lot of Disney films but this is by far one of his favourites.


Snow White. It was already out before he got put in the ice so he had already seen it and it reminded him of that time.


Beauty and the Beast. He would always think of himself as the beast and that upset you sometime as that is definitely not what you saw him as. After the film ended you would tell him how much you love him for who he is.


Brave. I don’t think this really needs explaining.


Hercules. He likes to see how people on earth think of the Gods and who


Mulan. She is a fighter so she can relate to Mulan. You often heard Nat humming the tune to some of the songs while she was practicing her moves by herself.


The Parent Trap. Pietro and Wanda are twins so you could all watch it together. Whenever one of the twins was left out they wouldn’t talk to you for hours.


The Parent Trap. TWINS! He would also probably watch something like Tangled because he thinks Flynn is good looking just like him.


The Little Mermaid. I honestly don’t know why I picked this one but I can just imagine it and it’s really cute.


Frozen. You always saw Loki as just misunderstood and evil so you thought he could relate to Elsa. When you showed him the film he knew just how much you actually meant to him.

Peter Quill

Alladin. You would make fun of Peter flying around on his ship like it was his magic carpet so he would start singing ‘A Whole New World’ really badly to get you back.

(This one is really short as I didn’t really know what to write apart from the film and why. Anyway I have another imagine to do so it should be up later today or tommorow. I go back to school tommorow as well but I promise I will make time.)


And there, sadly, is where the documentation of Clint’s arrival stops, because we were all carnally cockblocked by Clint’s coat! (Thank you to redsector-a and lestrade-london for their turns of phrase! Seriously, I don’t want to break the tiny zippers trying to wrestle him out of it, and neither does Phil – he’s very fond of that coat!)

Also, I just noticed that Phil is totally holding Bambino BACKWARDS. *facepalm* He was just too anxious to see Clint again… (*sigh*)


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Steve Rogers/Captain America

Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver

Clint Barton/Hawkeye

Bucky Barnes/Winter Solider

Tony Stark/Iron Man

Multiple Characters


  1. Metamorphosis Series - Steve x Reader

Last Updated: Aug. 31st 2015

You and Me

Clint Barton x Reader

Request: a clint barton oneshot where the reader is a fair few years younger than clint. please add to it and change it to how you want! thanks in advance!
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T
Warnings: Swearings, injuries mention
2,393 words

Notes: One down! I didn’t really enjoy this one, it’s not my best writing ever buuut let’s roll with it. I hope Clint is not way too out of character. There’s mention of Rumlow’s attack in Civil War but obviously all speculation of my crazy mind. ALSO: all parties are legal AND consensual! Keep it in mind! (also #2: I don’t know if this is Clint’s real age? Tell me if it’s wrong!) Thank you so so much my dear nonnie for the request! I hope I did it any justice. <3 Love you.

You say that you’re no good to me
Cause I’m always tugging at your sleeve
And I swear I hate you when you leave
But I like it anyway

Clint let out an angry huff as his fist slammed the lab’s table surface in frustration, the loud bang of doors filling his ears as you ran through it. 

He should have seen that coming. He couldn’t expect any less of your reaction, given the amount of months the both of you were dancing around each other. 

He, a 43 years-old agent with a fucked up life dancing around a fresh out of college, 23 years-old and the lab’s most brilliant intern, you. 

The perfect match for a disaster. 

Keep reading

Clint growing up in a soulmate world with no tattoo on his arm, thinking this means he will always be alone. 

He doesn’t know that it is because the first thing his soulmate says to him will be in sign language and that the tattoos only capture verbalization.

For the first part of his life, the lack of tattoo is part of what makes him so valuable. He has no ties, nothing to live for. It makes it easier for his superiors to send him on missions where there aren’t enough resources for an extraction if everything goes to hell, and the chances of it going to hell are considerably higher than the chance of surviving. 

And besides, what spy organization would hire a top-secret assassin with the words, “I know you’re there,” tattooed on his arm?