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Iwaizumi for all


  • What is the character’s favourite food?
    • honestly idk
  • Are they good at cooking? How good/bad?
    • he makes a mean stir-fry
  • Do they leave the dishes out?
    • yes he does smh
  • What kind of food is in their refridgerator?
  • tons of all kinds of food
  • iwa is not picky
  • Do they cook, eat out or get take-away/delivered food more?
    • eat out

Living Room:

  • How does the character spend weekends?
    • catching up on sleep and catching bugs bc he is literally six years old
  • What kind of movies does the character watch?
    • thanks to oikawa probably tons of sci-fi. but he always enjoys a good comedy
  • What do they do with friends?
    • as an adult, iwa is 10/10 the guy who goes out drinking 
  • What’s their favourite pasttime?
    • reading national geographic
  • What’s their favourite TV show/Film?
    • hmmm probably great british bakeoff 


  • How does the character prepare in the morning?
    • he trudges to his bathroom and sleeps on the toilet
    • then he showers and changes
    • he shaves every morning GDMN IWA
  • Do they sing in the shower?
    • nope he doesn’t like his singing
  • What kind of hair product/make-up do they use?
    • supermarket stuff and gatsby gel
  • How clean is this character?
    • pretty clean 
  • Does the character have thousands of shampoo/shower gel bottles by the shower, or do they use only the bare essentials?
    • bare essentials. 
    • when he runs out, he waits for the weekend to go buy some more so sometimes he goes days without soap 


  • How does this character sleep? (Position, sleeping habits, bedtime routines)
    • sleeps at 11 
    • sleeps shirtless and on his stomach
  • What are their pyjamas like?
    • just his boxers
  • What do they dream about usually?
    • beating ushiwaka
  • How neat/tidy is this character?
    • not at all. his mom scolds him all the time
  • How affectionate is this character?
    • kisses his momma errday b4 leaving for school
    • sometimes he ruffles the hair of kindaichi or kunimi 


  • What is the character afraid of?
    • not being good enough
  • How do they deal with bad memories?
    •  he thinks of his childhood, where there were no bad memories
  • What is this character’s role in a horror movie?
    • the one who survives 
  • How do they hide their secrets?
    • he writes them down
  • Which of the Seven Deadly Sins does the character relate to most?
    • wrath

send me a character!!

The Ballad of the Bakeoff

Too much butter
melted into an over-do
on the brown sugar
with six finely chopped candy bars shortly thereafter
slipping into the mix
the stir maintaining its silky and smooth
with just a touch of coarseness,
(like a questionable over-the-line but in-the-moment smack)
making it perfect for the pour
of an entire jar of dulce de leche
All swirl, no tears

Into the oven it went
on the hottest day of the year so far
the heat plus the heat creating that extra something special
It was worth the sleepless night

Named in a waking dream
held aloft in the haze of a restless memory
The Murakami Caramel Undertow Dreamboat Dish #2
was placed on the judge’s table
And like cold water
splashed maliciously into a cauldron of hot oil
judgement was swift and merciless

A finish that might as well be last.
No swirl, all tears.

Jeffrey Yamaguchi



One of the more curious aspects of being the doc on base is that I get to (have to!) make all the birthday cakes. It’s a tradition going back to the early days of British Antarctic exploration, so who am I to argue!

Making them really is more stressful than working in resus!

Bake Off // Remus and Mary

Mary figured that she would just wait for Remus in the kitchens. He knew exactly where she would be and she was going to act like she didn’t mind when he showed up, instead of letting him see that she had been suffering from severe butterflies since he mentioned meeting up. Things had already changed between then. Before she had wanted to se him just because he was fun, but now she couldn’t help but realise that they’d end up kissing at some point. That was what you were meant to be doing with a boyfriend right…

Boyfriend. Everything about the world seemed so unfamiliar to her. She sighed happily as she pulled the ingredients they would need out of the cupboards and sat down the hot chocolate she had been made by the house elves. How was she meant to look and act the same around Remus if all she wanted was to kiss him all the time?


So this is a belated post of some of my summer sketchbooks. This year I decided I wanted to doodle along as I watched the yum and innuendo brimmed drama that is the Great British Bake Off.

Please excuse my dyslexia and bad scanning.

I actually managed to meet Luis and Nancy at the BBC Good Food Bakes and Cakes Show when I was there with The Almond Kitchen and Studio. I got to show them a couple of the pages and they were both utterly lovely.

(Click on the pictures to see detail)