i found super delicious gluten free cinnamon raisin bread by Little Northern Bakehouse 
Topped it with a good layer of justin’s vanilla almond butter, apple banana slices, and blueberry jam 

a delicious and quick breakfast

“I took a deep breath of the damp, clean air, feeling exhilarated by the wildness of the evening and the closeness of Jamie, tall and powerful by my side. I had found him. I had found him, and whatever unknowns life now held, they didn’t seem to matter. I felt reckless and indestructible. I took his hand and squeezed it; he looked down and smiled at me, squeezing back.” Voyager 

MANIP made by me with two pictures: season 2 starz promo France harbor scenes and a pic of Bakehouse Close (Carfax Close in the book) in Edinburgh where they filmed the print shop scenes (i guess!!).

Ladynoir July Day 9: Petty Arguments

Chat Noir’s ears twitched at the sound of footsteps behind him. “Hey! What have you got there?” asked Ladybug as she plopped down next to him, legs dangling off of a beam of the Eiffel Tower.

“Mmmm. New bakery opened up. You won’t believe how good these are. Macaron?” Chat Noir held one out to her and Ladybug plucked it from his fingers with a scoff.

“No way it can be better than Tom & Sabine’s,” she asserted, tossing her pigtails and nibbling the edge of the macaron. Hmmm. It was pretty good, in her nearly-professional opinion. Her papa’s macarons would always be the best, though.

“I don’t know, Bug. Not kitten you, I’m seriously impressed with the place. They have all this space, and the pastries are laid out in really creative arrangements. Their line-up is double the variety I’ve seen anywhere else. Tom & Sabine’s is more like the friendly local place. La Maison is out to impress.”

Ladybug sniffed derisively. “Well, this macaron is pretty good, but if it’s the best they’ve got to offer…”

“Here, check it,” Chat Noir reached into the tall paper sack beside him and relieved it of a fresh baguette, “the bread is paws-itively spectacular.” Ladybug took the bite he broke off for her in one gloved hand, feeling piqued. Tom & Sabine’s was the best. She always brought him treats from there; it was kind of their thing. Could this new place really be any good? She chewed the piece of baguette and frowned. It was excellent, both in texture and taste.

“You don’t like it?” Chat Noir asked cautiously, seeing the glum expression on her face.

“No, no, you’re right. It’s really good.” Ladybug set down the uneaten half-bite she had left on the beam. She wiggled it against the steel, watching crumbs break off and blow away in the breeze. “I still think Tom & Sabine have this baguette beat.”

“Maybe you’re right. But you should try this, too.” He reached into the sack for a new item. Ladybug felt heat rise behind her eyes.

“God, Chat, did you buy the whole store?” Chat Noir’s hand stilled at Ladybug’s outburst.

“No, I just grabbed what I liked. Do you want something else or not?”

“No! I don’t want to try anything else from your new favorite bakery. If it’s not as good as Tom & Sabine’s, then I don’t want to waste my time.”

“I didn’t say it was my new favorite bakery. I said I was impressed, that’s all. Since when are you so dedicated to one little local bakehouse, anyway? We eat stuff from other places all the time.”

“Well, I’m not hungry anymore,” Ladybug crossed her arms defiantly. “You can take that bag of pastries and-”

“Whoa! Ladybug! Dial it back a little.” Chat Noir glared at her, his glowing green eyes narrowing with irritation. Crush or no crush, he wasn’t going to let her lash out at him over a sack of baked goods.

“I was going to say ‘pitch it off the Tower for all I care’, before I was interrupted,” Ladybug rejoined. Two pink spots grew on her cheeks below her mask. She pulled her knees up to her chest, gathering her feet against the backs of her thighs. “Maybe we should get out on patrol.”

“Not before I’m done with my food. I didn’t get any dinner,” Chat Noir snapped. Ladybug leaned away from him, fixing him with an irritated look of her own.

“No need to get rude.”

“I could say the same to you.”

“It’s the sub-par pastries that are doing this to you.”

“No, you’re the one doing this to me. Let me eat my awesome pastries in peace.”

“If you’d gotten them from Tom & Sabine’s like we always do, maybe I could.”

“Well, maybe I was tired of the same old thing. Maybe I didn’t want to run into that girl we know, Marinette, because she talks a lot and I had to get out here to meet you because yesterday you told me off for being late. Or maybe La Maison just has the best bread in town. Or maybe-” Chat Noir broke off and squinted at his partner, who had hunched over her legs and turned her face away from him. “Are you crying?”

Ladybug brushed at her mask and tried to suck in a breath that didn’t shake. “No, of course not.” She didn’t feel ready to turn back to him yet, instead making her face into an angry mask and trusting that the angle would hide her fake expression. She should have known better. She saw Chat Noir deflate out of the corner of her eye.

“You are crying. Crap. I’m sorry, Bug.”

92pch  asked:

hi love !! any recommendations for places to visit in seoul (restaurants, shops, etc.) ?? i know you just left so don't worry about answering too quickly, i understand :) it looked liked you had a wonderful time there and im super happy for you <33

oHH YES THIS IS THE ASK I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR MY FRIENDS,,, here we go!!! (ps this is so sweet omg thank u)

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Places to Go: Tolquhon Castle, Aberdeenshire

Tolquhon Castle is rather different to the types of ‘castle’ which usually appear on this blog- improved hugely in the late sixteenth century it was not really meant to be defensible, and was instead a stately residence, for the laird to demonstrate his cultured and sophisticated lifestyle to his peers. Situated a few miles from Ellon and Pitmedden, in the midst of rolling Aberdeenshire countryside, and probably once surrounded by gardens, it is still very possible to imagine how Tolquhon would have looked in its heyday, a comfortable country house in a distinctively Scottish style, with both historical and aesthetic appeal.

Tolquhon Castle is first mentioned in 1536, as a tower house with surrounding buildings but the oldest parts of the building seem to date back to the first half of the fifteenth century. Preston’s Tower- the hulking square tower to the right in the top picture- is the remains of what was very much an average Scottish tower house of that period, and may have been built either by Sir Henry Preston (d. 1420) or Sir John Forbes, who had married Henry’s daughter Marjorie Preston and thus acquired Tolquhon for a branch of the Forbes family (a very proliferate family- you will find Forbes castles all over Aberdeenshire and Buchan). The tower house would have been the main feature of the residence for the next century or so, until the time of William Forbes, the seventh laird, who opted for a much more comfortable residence. Sir William’s father had been killed at Pinkie Cleugh, and earlier his elder brother had been executed for treason by King James V but William it seems was made of different stuff and, having served for a while at James V’s court, when he became laird he turned his attentions to local charitable work and cultural interests, having a hospital constucted adjoining the kirk in Tarves, among other things. In his old age, he decided Tolquhon Castle was to be a symbol of his status and sophistication, and the new building work was begun in 1584 under the eye of local architect Thomas Leiper, whose family had already worked on several other castles in the area. It progressed quickly and in only five years the new residence was complete, with the laird proudly having an inscription detailing the achievement placed on the wall, and taking an inventory of his possessions there only a few weeks afterwards. For a relatively minor lord, Tolquhon was a pretty respectable manor and Forbes would have been even prouder when he got the opportunity to show off his new castle to King James VI, who visited soon after its completion. Forbes died only seven years later in 1596, having also had a tomb built for himself and his wife Elizabeth Gordon in the parish kirk at nearby Tarves, which may still be seen. Though his son had originally intended to continue the work at Tolquhon this never materialised and the castle remained much the same until its forfeiture during the Jacobite rising of 1715, after which it passed into the hands of the crown and then the earl of Aberdeen, before being used, like so many old castles during this period, as extra housing for farm workers. It passed into the hands of the state in 1929 and is now preserved for the nation by Historic Scotland and is open to the public. 

The castle has many interesting features, not least the gateway at the northern entrance, which would once have been turreted and is adorned with carvings, including the royal arms and a statue of Sir William Forbes in full period dress. In the southern range meanwhile were the family rooms, including the great hall with its hexagonal paving and the laird’s bedroom and other private rooms off it. On the west side of the castle was a long gallery, which would have housed books and portraits of the family, as well as providing an indoor entertainment space in case of bad weather. This probably overlooked gardens and traces of landscaping have been found in the grounds. In the long wall surrounding the forecourt there are also large holes which would have housed beehives, while the remains of a doocot may also be found. Despite all this apparent comfort, defensible and administrative features were not entirely neglected- there is a secret hiding spot in the family rooms on the south range, while next to the bakehouse is a pit for imprisoning wrongdoers which could only be accessed via a trapdoor in the room above. Nonetheless, Tolquhon’s main purpose was as a residence, not a fortress, and even today you can still get a sense of how it must have looked when it was a bustling lordly manor. 

The pictures are mostly mine except the painting obviously, which is by an artist James William Giles. It dates from 1857 and shows Tolquhon with some of the roofs still intact.

Yulara-where the dingo howls

Chapter 1

Characers(in this chapter):Hanji Zoe(17), Levi Ackerman(21),Nile Dok,Darius Zackley


Time and place:1804 ,England and Australia(in a colony called New South Wales)

Note :Inspired by Rainer M.Schröder’s novel Abby Lynn,but only  the first chapters are quite similar

“ Hanji,my darling!Please buy some bread.”, her mother’s weak voice creeped up from her dry tongue and was nothing more than a raspy whisper.

“We have no mone-”

“We have!”, she cut her daughter off and coughed so badly , anyone would know she is at the bridge to death just by hearing this terrible and morbid sound of her throat.

And Hanji already knew it weeks ago:

For 6 weeks her mother is chained on this very poorly and uncomfortable bed due to her sickness and with each day she approached death more and more,slowly but painful and looking more like a thin corpse than an actual living human.

And Hanji couldn’t but watch her mothers decay with each passing day.

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Outlander filming Edinburgh 20/1/2017

So this happened yesterday.

Stood in the cold for 9 hours but it was worth it.

It all started at 1230 when I finished work. Rode my bike home, packed all the essentials in my bag (this included The Making of Outlander, sharpie, snacks and water) and off I went get a train to Edinburgh.

Finally arrived in Edinburgh at 1430 and went straight to Bakehouse Close. Based on pics on SM from past couple of days, I knew that I wouldn’t see much from the top of Bakehouse Close and I sorta knew the place I gotta be, and what it looked like. Off I went hunting for it.

It wasn’t as hard to find as I thought considering there were more than 50/60 people stood at the place. Imagine my surprise when I got there! The twice that I was at Dowanhill before this, there were less than 20 people!

Managed to squeeze myself to the middle but was still in the second row behind people who have been there everyday since Tuesday and have gotten pics and countless autographs already. (Give me a chance, man!!!)

Well, anyways. Cait and Sam were supposed to arrive at 4pm. As the minutes went by, everyone got excited but they didn’t arrive. Tick tock tick tock and before you knew it, it was already 5pm. Still no sign of them.

Suddenly, Cait appeared from behind a truck and was hurrying onto set! She didn’t stop for any pics or autographs and most of the fans were certainly caught off guard by her appearance. She smiled and waved courteously to us and went by. Minutes later, Sam did the same but I did catch an “oh wow” from him as he walked by regarding the size of the crowd. Similar to Cait, Sam smiled and waved and walked into the close.

The fans couldn’t see any of the filming. All we could hear was grunts and Cait screaming JAMIEEEEE every couple of minutes. The crowd started to thin as the night went on.

I have to mention that the crew was very kind to the fans. They offered us food whenever we walked past their food station. They even started handing out rolls at one point. We even got a choice of what roll we wanted! #bestcrew!!

This all happened before 6pm. According to some extras who I managed to speak to, they were scheduled for a half hour break at 9pm. Was totally expecting the cast to come out then but the minutes and hours ticked by, with no sign of them whatsoever. At this point, there were probably less than 20 of us left.

One of the crew came out around 11ish to let us know that they wouldn’t be out until 230am. A friend of mine decided to go get some food at this point. I decided to follow her to stretch my legs. We were away for 15-20 minutes and came back to find out that Cesar Domboy and John Bell was just there signing autographs and taking pics!! Imagine my dismay when I got back!!! Uuuugggghhhhhh I was so bummed by this point, my hands were cold and legs were freezing so much so I just felt numb physically and emotionally.

But guess who decided to save my day about 20 minutes later. Out comes the beautiful and gorgeous Caitriona Balfe. After 7 hours of continuous filming, she looks radiant and just shines as she comes out of the close. She thanks all the fans for waiting out in the cold. Got a picture with her and an autograph for my friend. She was so natural in the way she spoke to us and even asked us who was gonna be in Edinburgh on Saturday to join the #womensmarch. Seriously, you can’t have a better role model to look up to. She slowly made her way through the fans making sure everyone got what they wanted.

Couple minutes later, Sam joined the party. His face was covered in soot (book readers, I bet you know what scene they were filming here) but he had the biggest smile on his face. Following Cait’s lead, he made his way through the fans. He signed autographs and took pics with all the fans and just chatted to us all.

Just to let you guys know, I’m relatively short; 5'3. When he was taking a pic with me, I went on my tip toes and sorta said out loud without meaning it “Sam, you’re too tall”. With no hesitation whatsoever, he bent down to my height so that his head was just inches higher than mine for the picture. 😂

Cait left slightly before Sam. As always, thanking everyone before she left. Sam stayed on for longer. Even when rushed by the crew who kept warning “Sammy boy, last one. Sammy, last one”, he continued on chatting with us. Once he was done, he thanked us all and left to take off all the soot and costume.

The last train from Edinburgh to Glasgow was at 2330, which I clearly missed. Not sure about late night buses but I was offered a lift from another fan who lived in Glasgow! She sent me home to my doorstep. Outlander fans are the best! Finally home at 230am.

So that was my third Outlander filming experience. I am so lucky to live in Glasgow to be able to witness all this! And if you made it this far in my post, thank you for reading it and I hope you enjoyed it ☺️ Feel free to ask me any questions if you have any.

Bread and Butter

[Word Count:1667]

“Why am I not allowed to go into the back house?” I asked my parents.

“You mean the bake house. It’s too dangerous for little kids,” my Papa told me for the hundredth time.

The back house is what I called it. The second house. Any time I was at school I’d brag to the other kids that we had two houses, not just one. Of course, I’d never mention that the second house was a bakery, or that no one actually lived in it. All they needed to know was that I had two and that made me cooler than them.  

“What if I didn’t go alone? What if I went with you or Momma?” I continued to pry.

“No,” he huffed but my mother was far more kind about it.

“If you went back there you’d try to steal all the things we were baking. Then we’d have angry patrons,” she smiled and pat my head. “Can’t have that, the bakery is our bread and butter.”

It was a constant disappointment that I was never allowed into the bakery. Just cause I was little didn’t mean I’d get into trouble. Sure, I probably would take a muffin or two if I got in there. Maybe sneak out a jar of cookies. My parents got deliveries of fancy jars for their orders all the time, no reason I couldn’t have just one.

I always knew when my parents were going to bake a big order. A car would come by and drop off a huge boxes of supplies. Ingredients. With how big those boxes were they could bake dozens upon dozens of cakes. God it wasn’t fair. They never brought their food back to the house. The order was for a ‘very important function’ is what they always said. Not for us. They promised that they didn’t get to eat any of it but I never believed them.

So I promised myself that I’d find a way to check it out.

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