baked goods=love

“But what does johnny do exactly?”

Speaks english and korean, learning chinese, raised Mark Lee, plays the piano, raps, FREESTYLES, sings, dances, DJs, MCs, bakes, good at soccer, loves his mom, tells jokes, will treat you right, knows good hygiene, the man of your dreams probably. What doesn’t he do???

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Fell! And Swap!bros reaction to s/o having a passion for baking, and always giving them first bites of their yummy baked goods? Love your blog!! ^-^


Hey, not bad. Sometimes he likes to provoke Papyrus by mentioning how good your stuff is, to watch him drag you into silly, on-the-spot “bake offs” every now & then. He loves seeing you both enjoy the competition, because hey, it’s one of the few times he can see the two most important people in his life relax & enjoy one another’s company without the threat of the Underground looming over you all. &, of course, he gets to eat what you’ve made at the end of it. It’s a win-win situation.


Pah! You call that a “dish?” Stand back, date-mate, & watch a true master at work!! He likes to attempt to copy your dishes under the illusion of trying to one-up you, it’s kind of how he learns. He’ll never admit to actually wanting to take lessons from you (especially since he’s already learning from Undyne), but if you just so happened to leave the recipe lying out & about, along with a sample for him to try–he’d appreciate it.


He actually loves watching you work, more than trying to help out. He’ll just perch himself at the nearest table or countertop & sit there, starry-eyed, & add “helpful commentary” from the sidelines. Even if you don’t take his advice, which might make him pout a little, he’s sure your dish will come out delicious anyway!! Though if you’d have just added stirred the bowl a little harder, the dough would have been whipped in more ways than one! Like how Alphys taught him to do it!!!–he “complains” with a mouthful of whatever you’ve offered him.


If he wasn’t afraid of getting hunted down by Muffet herself, he’d say that your stuff might actually be better than hers. Then again, someone as sweet as you has gotta be naturally good at baking, so he’s not all that surprised. Besides, it’s just in his nature to be attracted to those with talent. Sometimes when you’re working, & your back is turned, he’ll sneak in while you’re working & dump in an extra cup of sugar or a handful of sprinkles into the mixing bowl, only to appear at the table before you’ve even figured out he was there.

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Bucky walks on Tony covered in frost, trying to bake for Bucky because Steve told him Bucky loved home backed goods? So far everything looks ugly but damn they’re fucking good.

@miniblackraven answered your question “Hmm. I think I want to write a drabble or two, but I’m not quite sure…”

Non-powered pining with a healthy dash of fluff at the end.

It looked like a tornado full of flour and sugar had rampaged through the kitchen. At the center of the disaster site stood Tony, hair and face powered with ingredients and clothes speckled with frosting and dried batter. Tony rubbed his face and groaned. His back was turned to Bucky, and he seemed to have not yet noticed Bucky’s presence.  

Bucky whistled appreciatively at the damage done to their shared kitchen and to alert Tony to his presence. “Damn, Dorothy, you just got back from Oz? It looks like a tornado hit this place.”

Tony startled and looked over his shoulder. “Shit.”

“Love you too, doll.” Bucky sashayed into the kitchen to get a better look at whatever it was Tony had been trying to make. He used the opportunity brush against Tony, giving Tony a brief hug around the waist that could have been excused as James just being a tactile person.

No one would guess by the simple touch that Bucky was harboring a crush for his one of his roommates.

Then end result of Tony’s baking project lay on a platter left on the counter.

Bucky wrinkled his nose at the “balls” of… something that looked like it might have been a cupcake at one point, but Bucky wasn’t too sure. “Ball” was a generous label. The malformed cupcakes were like the moon–round but full of craters. Deep craters. Like someone had already taken a bite out of the cupcake craters.

It was obvious that Tony had tried to hide the divots and holes in his cupcakes by slathering frosting over them. Unfortunately, the frosting slipped out of the holes and got absorbed into the cupcake, revealing the crater Tony had tried so hard to cover up.

Bucky poked one of the cupcakes.

“Don’t say anything.” Frustration laced Tony’s voice.

The corner of Bucky’s mouth twitched into a smile. “Aw, c’mon, Tones. You’re so perfect; it’s nice to see that you at least have one weakness.”

Tony huffed and crossed his arms over his chest. He pouted–not that Tony would ever admit to it. “It shouldn’t be. Baking is chemistry, and I excel at chemistry.” Tony glared at the cupcakes. “I don’t know why they always turn out this way.”

“You’ve made them before?” James could have sworn Tony said he’d grown up with a butler when he was a kid, and that his dad had spent years grooming Tony to be an engineer and businessman. James wouldn’t have thought Tony had had any opportunity to practice baking.

“Jarvis, taught me, but my stuff always comes out looking like crap. It usually tastes good though.”

“Really?” Bucky eyed one of the cupcakes that was bathed in frosting. He snatched it up.

Tony let out of squawk of surprise.

A sweet mix of vanilla and blueberries filled Bucky’s mouth and he moaned in ecstasy. “Oh god. This is fantastic.”

“You keep moaning like that, I’m going to get a boner. Stop it.”

Bucky grinned and took another bite. He let out another wanton moan.

Tony groaned and turned himself slightly away from Bucky. “I should put you in porn. Stop it.”

Bucky slung his arm around Tony’s shoulders and tugged him into a hug. “Tony, these are amazing.” Bucky took another bite and licked the frosting that got on his finger off. “If you want me in porn, I’ll do it, as long as you keep making these cupcakes.”

“Wow. Steve was not joking about you loving baked goods, was he?”

“You talked to Steve about me?” It wasn’t too surprising. Steve was their third roommate after all. Bucky was more curious about why Steve had revealed his love of baked goods to Tony.

“It’s not that unusual.”

“Really?” Bucky smirked. “You two also talk about how sexy I am?”

Tony met Bucky’s gaze in challenge. “I don’t know. Do you two talk about how sexy I am?”

“Of course.”

Tony snorted in amusement.

And right then, Bucky wanted nothing more than to kiss Tony stupid, and really show Tony how sexy he thought Tony was.

“You’re the sexiest fella I have ever met, and if I was dating you right now, I’d prove it.”

Tony’s eyes darted over Bucky’s face, searching for insincerity. After a moment, a grin broke across his face and leaned more into Bucky’s embrace. “So why don’t you date me then?”

Bucky inhaled sharply. “Yeah?”

“Yeah.” Tony kissed Bucky.

The kiss was a thousand times sweeter and better than the cupcake.

The things I associate with NCT U

Taeil: Morning kisses, warm laundry, freshly brewed tea, the feeling you get when you pass a test, the comforting feeling of a heart beat, over sized sweaters, tight hugs, walking on the beach, sunsets, waking up fully rested, wicker chairs, succulent, wooden pianos, shy smiles, hardy laughing, museums. 

Taeyong: The sound of rain, candles, reuniting with a loved one, cold shivers, post stamps, beanies, red wine, watching leaves fall off of trees, warm blankets, parks at night, street lights, coffee shops, intense gazes, the night sky, knit sweaters, neck kisses, large headphones, ink pens, open windows.

Doyoung: Pull overs, awkward kisses, button up shirts, new relationships, clean linen, giggling, soft touches, pouting, over sized cardigans, libraries, back hugs, vintage shops, owls, the smell of old books, cassette tapes, rolled up sleeves, naps, fields of flowers, laying in the grass, plush animals, old shoes, buttons, natural light, dried flowers. 

Ten: Leather jackets, silver rings, large houses, guitars, wet hair, record shops, crashing waves, action figures, bonfires, black hair, strong hugs, brick walls, mirrors, natural smells, sunsets, holding hands, playing in the rain, morning mist, gas stations, road trips, clocks, scarves.

Jaehyun: Baseball tees, baked goods, loving gazes, cloud gazing, morning cuddles, lazy hugs, picnics, colored glass, rosy cheeks, bubbles, sunny days, playing the piano, playful teasing, pastel clothes, binge watching tv shows, soft kisses, puns, moving into a new house, hourglasses, denim jackets, bus trips, new clothes, school photos. 

Mark: Hand painted skate boards, matches, coffee brewing, baking sweets with your significant other, dream catchers, hammocks, shadows, eye smiles, pumpkin pie, sweat pants, the smell of oranges, carving names into trees, running through flower mazes, baggy shirts, compasses, antique trinkets, rusted lockets, acoustic guitars, grand father clocks.

It’s National Black Forest Cake Day! Cake made by the lovely klassy kraves, check her out on Instagram for more amazing desserts like this @klassykraves

ask : ❝ 2P! england relationship headcanons. ❞

1. he is so kind, honestly.

2. although, he does have insecurities of his own.

3. so … he might come off as unsure or even fearful in a relationship.

4. with that being said, he would need his s/o to comfort him often.

5. but, for all his troubles, he would make it up to her.

6. usually, with small gifts or baked goods.

7. he would love to go out of his way for his s/o.

8. talk about romance! he may not be that experienced but he tries.

9. dates galore. he would take her out nearly every night.

10. truly, he is a gentleman and would always respect his s/o.

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Ok so soriel is great I absolutely love soriel I do but what about some goat dad love? You knwo what needs to happen Muffgore! Muffet x asgore! They both love baked goods! They both did whatever they could to protect their kingdom (So to speak with muffet) And spiders are great in the garden!! They'd be so cute together!!!! and they'd make cute fluffy spider babys!!

What do you mean not all monsters who love tea know each other? Of course they do! How else would they have their awesome tea parties?

I don’t really ship muffygore to be honest. Personaly, I hold dear in my heart the headcanon of Asgore finding love again with a human, preferably a mage with a green soul of kindness, and their relationship becoming a symbol of hope and integration for both humans and monsters.

That said, Goatdad needs more love and a lot more friends (especially outside of his ex’s inner circle, because of health reasons), and as a fellow tea lover I don’t see why Muffet couldn’t be one of them.

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how would a garchomp/gabite/gible help a trainer who runs a bakery?


* Gible loves playing with and handling dough. Without really knowing it, it can knead the dough really well and pretty quickly, leaving their trainer with some spare time on their hands. Although sometimes it’ll start throwing the dough around when it’s done so their trainers should be watching closely.


* They absolutely love decorating the baked goods. They especially love using sprinkles and edible glitter, covering everything so that it sparkles as much as a gem. Sometimes when the Gabite does this it’ll sneak one or two things for itself, loving how they sparkle and shine.


* Garchomp will try to help in any way it can. You can ask it to do anything and it will try it’s best to do it, although sometimes it’s size does put it at a disadvantage, making it a bit clumsy and knocking some things off counter tops. They definitely like taste testing everything though.

From: Dex     To: Bitty


Bitty: Aw, it’s a little donut. You know I love baked goods, how sweet, hun!

Dex: Speaking of which…let’s make donuts.

Bitty: [screaming] I’m grabbing the Valentine’s Day aprons with the little hearts! I’ve been saving them for just this occasion!

study moods: witch edition

light witch: it’s early morning and the sun has yet to rise but the birds are singing // skimming your class notes / completing practice math problems / getting ready for a lab / something that makes you feel calm and ready for the rest of the day // a cup of jasmine or green tea / or maybe something light and herbal / something that tastes like happiness and waves crashing on a faraway beach // classical music in the background / a composer you’ve yet to listen to / or a symphony you particularly like // glamours and charms woven into your morning routine / blessings for energy and light // pulling energy from the world around you / shining with curiosity and passion / a light that cannot be put out

dark witch: it’s late at night but you’re not tired // writing an essay / reading a novel / something that makes you feel powerful / like you are a witch / and these words are the spells you spin // a cup of herbal tea / something you haven’t had before / it tastes fancy / and it smells amazing // music playing as you work / lana del ray / halsey / florence + the machine / something dark and witchy // sigils scribbled on the margins of your notes // a spell for focus and power // knowledge is power / this is knowledge / this is your power

kitchen witch: sitting crosslegged on the kitchen floor / enjoying the heavenly smell of rising bread / doing homework while you wait for it to be done so you can take it out of the oven // snacking on mini muffins and brushing stray crumbs off of your papers // the radio is turned on low / playing something cheery and warm / a little folk band you’ve never heard of // baking good intentions and love into your loaves of bread / scratching sigils into your pie crust before you put it in the oven / black tea makes a delicious potion for energy / peppermint for clarity / green tea for focus // staying nourished and warm because you need fuel to keep going / and trust me / you’re going to go so very far

ancient witch: collecting books for research deep within the stacks of a massive library / poring over texts in your target language / open books scattered around you / dictionaries and thesauruses and linguistic theories and more words than you could ever wrap your head around // you’re not sure how much time has passed / this part of the library is quiet / and you haven’t seen anybody else in a very long time // no music / no food / just you / your books / and a notebook full of scribbled phrases // there is something inherently magical about these words / they roll off of your tongue like they meant for spellwork // and as you scribble enchantments in the margins of your journal / you can almost hear the voices of the witches who came before you / and you are not alone / you have never been alone / not really

modern witch: your hands flying over a keyboard / working on the code for that computer science project you never got around to / drilling flashcards during your morning commute / typing up notes on your phone after a class // sugar-free bubblegum and an energy drink from your local bodega // headphones blasting / music on shuffle / something that sounds less like a song and more like screaming to a beat / some tracks by your favorite rapper / maybe even witch house, if you’re looking for a change // muttering hexes under your breath at the boy who tried cheating off of you during your last exam / messaging your friends who are into divination, checking to see if they think a pop quiz is coming up / drawing energy from the world around you / the city is a whirlwind of thoughts and minds and dreams and it has so much to give / you are humming with energy / it rushes through your veins and powers you forward / you are alive


Imagine Sve, giving you a big hug after a long day and telling you how beautiful he thought you were as he kissed your cheek.

Imagine Finny surprising you with your favorite cake/baked good because he loves the way your face lights up when you get heartfelt gift

Picture Icey taking you to your favorite book store, asking you which was your favorite and then buying it for you because he loves to see you smile.

Imagine Norge sitting across from you at a cafe and then just smirking uncontrollably and blushing a bit because he can’t handle how cute you looked that day.

Imagine Den walking side by side with you, when you suddenly feel his hand taking yours, your fingers intertwining and he squeezing slightly, letting you know in his little way that he was there and that you made him amazingly happy.

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I was wondering if you had time could do headcanons for Hermione x Hufflepuff and Bookworm reader and the reader is a girl, please?

Hermione x Hufflepuff (Female) Reader

  • They meet in the library, naturally. During their fifth year.
  • Hermione would ask her about the book she was reading, tucked into an armchair in the corner of the library.
  • When it turned out to be one Hermione hadn’t read yet, Y/N spent upwards of fifteen minutes explaining the plot, characters, and how much she loved it.
  • And Hermione’s eyes just lit up at Y/N’s passion. She was fascinated by how much Y/N seemed to care about reading (almost) as much as Hermione does.
  • The two of them began to talk about books all the time.
  • They’d meet up in the library after classes, usually in the library. Y/N would sometimes bring baked goods, which Hermione loved, because it meant that Y/N always smelled like cinnamon.
  • Over time, their sitting arrangements in the library would inch closer and closer.
  • When their hands brush, it feels like fireworks in Hermione’s chest.
  • And when they kiss for the first time, there are full-sized explosions.
  • Umbridge bans boys and girls from having close proximity of each other halfway through the year. If anything, that pushes Y/N and Hermione toward their relationship.
  • They find thrills in sneaking around the campus at night, their fingers intertwined and their hearts fluttering faster than they can blink.
  • Hermione loved threading her fingers in Y/N’s hair, pulling her closer in empty classrooms, behind stone pillars.
  • She loved the way Y/N’s lips glided over hers.
  • She loved the way Y/N whispered her name in the dark.
  • Then one day, Harry and Ron walked in on them in the Gryffindor common room.
  • “Blimey,” said Ron, his eyes wider than Hermione had ever seen them. 
  • Harry simply laughs.
  • “Merlin, boys, can we have some privacy?” Hermione said, leaning in to kiss Y/N again.
  • The boys shuffled out, Harry still laughing, Ron muttering, “Is she…”
  • Y/N laughed softly, breathing her in.
Tim Shepard dating headcanons :

— requested

might have little errors, but I love it.

☢ he liked you because you were a good girl.

☢ your family was stable, unlike his, but you really didn’t like them sometimes. He’d always take your mind off of fights with your family.

☢ he’d sneak through your bedroom window and stay the night sometimes.

☢ he called his “Little Soc” when you first began talking, even though you were middle class but you did dress like that of a higher class Soc girl.

☢ he introduced you to smoking and drinking. He laughed when you coughed :

“Prove your not such a princess then, Princess.” He grins and hands you a shot of something clear.

You’re positive it’s anything but water, and knowing this you take it from him because you’re eager to prove that you’re not some goody-goody. “Jesus,” you take in the harsh scent.

“Drink it, Little Soc.” His eyes are blazing and blue, you can’t refuse. ‘No longer a good girl Soc’, you lift the glass to your lips.

The liquid slides smooth but stings. Having never drank much, never straight rum, you cough. You don’t mean to but the stinging feels suffocating and it irritates your throat.

Tim chuckles. It’s raspy and maybe even seductive. Maybe that’s just you. You almost regret taking the shot, but the look in his eyes prevents you from being too sorry.

☢ At first, you guys hated each other but he charmed his way into your heart.

☢ The relationship didn’t begin with him asking you out. It started with him kissing you :

“God, you’re so obnoxious!” You cry into the air in frustration. Your hands grip the fabric of your knee-length skirt. It was a way of releasing anger in a non-violent way, of course.

“And you’re oh-so-pleasant, too, you goddamned Soc!” He snarls back, running a hand through his curly dark hair. “Why can’t you just admit you like me, huh?”

You let out a loud huff of annoyance. “Because I don’t want to!”

Suddenly, Tim puts a hand on the bottom of your back and pulls you towards him. Before you can react he’s kissing you with passion and hunger. It feels different but similar to what you’d imagined, and you find yourself kissing back with a hunger alike his.

☢ “Tuesday night, doll. What’re you doing? I thought maybe we could head to the drive-in, and maybe you could meet some of my boys..?”

☢ “What’d you get on that test, Y/N? Go swell? We studied for a long time last night so I just figured…” He often helped you study, and it was cute because he’d read off flashcards in an unsure voice laced with obvious confusion.

☢ Tim made you less and less prudish and professional. You weren’t overly confident at all, just had high-standards and a general distaste for all those around you.  

☢ “So, what would you do if I just yanked on your little ponytail right here, right now?”

☢ You’d wonder about his personal life before you two were official, and he’d get bothered sometimes.

“Your mother,” you start unsure. “Why don’t you like her all too much?”

“I never said I didn’t.”

“You implied it, I inferred.”

“Well, apparently your inferring skills aren’t too great ‘cause if they were you’d get that I was implying your evacuation of my personal space. That enough fancy words for you to comprehend, Soc Princess?”

☢ Tim likes to lay flat on his back with an arm holding you to his chest. He’d tilt his head to your ear and whisper things; things about his day, things he loved about you, anything.

☢ Contrary to what most people assumed, Timothy never laid a hand on you. The relationship was soft and smooth for the first year or so. It was simple, then.

☢ He got drunk one night after coming to the realization that he loved you. He thought in his lousy state of mind that he should call you because to him, loving someone was important and for him it was something he’d always viewed as impossible.

☢ “Hey…” He’d warned one day. “Don’t get to looking like those girls we see all at Buck’s, alright? I know I tease you about it… But I don’t mean it, doll.”

☢ Tim wasn’t around all the time after the first year of you two dating, but in the beginning he was constantly making time to be around you.

☢ “What is it that you do, Tim?” You’d ask him deep, strange questions that you bottled up inside whenever you two stargazed. “What do you do when I’m gone?”

☢ Stargazing wasn’t the proper word for it. He liked to drive to playgrounds sometimes late at night when the kiddies were gone. He’d find a place on the grass near the swings that he liked to lay down with you in his arms. He liked to swing on the swings, too, and then leap off while the swing was still in motion. The fun in this trick was completely and totally unfathomable to you.

☢ He tended to buy or bring you milkshakes.

☢ Lots of people considered Tim to be the type of person to flaunt his girl, but he actually refrained from taking you to The Dingo and other greaser hangouts. Instead, he’d opt for quiet diners just barely within the Tulsa city lines.

☢ When the time did come where he’d need to take you out on social events such as New Years at Buck Merril’s, he’d never allow you to be less than a few yards of him.

☢ “Yeah, this is my girl. She’s cute, huh? Well, she’s mine and only mine. Never thought Tim Shepard would bag himself a Socy girl, did ya’?”

☢ Dating Timothy Shepard involved lots of kissing. It was sweet, though. Not usually hungry or rough, but it had been before, of course. Depended on how he was feeling, mostly.

☢ Tim had taken a liking to grabbing you in personal places, especially in public. He would laugh at the way you’d jump and scold him. You were never truly mad.

☢ He didn’t dance, but he sang for you once and he was breathtakingly good.

☢ He often forced you to make him homemade chocolate chip cookies and other baked goods.

☢ “You know I love you right, Y/N?”

☢ “Don’t you walk away from me, girl!” He’d pull your hips into his from behind, nuzzling into your neck until you erupted into giggles.

☢ When Angela got especially out of line he’d beg you to talk to her.

“Could you talk to her or something? C'mon, please, do it for me, doll.”

You pursed your lips, and flipped your hair over your shoulder. “Tim, I barely know her. Really, I think her brother’s girlfriend is the last person she wants or needs to get advice from.”

He doesn’t meet your eyes. “I’d do it myself, but we don’t communicate too well, you know? We don’t… talk, I guess.”

“Yeah,” you force a smile but it’s clearly one of extreme nervousness. “I’ll do it.”

☢ Tim saved up for an apartment for the both of you after about six months of dating.

☢ Curly liked to lounge around and considered the living room couch home. You’d catch him and groan instantly :

You shut the door and turn to lock it. Tim won’t be home until later. He’s getting drinks with Dally, but you have no reason to be suspicious of that or even worried. Tim doesn’t get drunk often, starting since the beginning of your relationship. 

When you turn, you expect to see the empty apartment. Instead, Tim’s little brother Curly is stretched out on the couch with a big, smug grin. “Funny seein’ you here.”

“I’m calling Tim.”

“Hey, hey, hey. Girl, can’t we just come to a nice compromise that doesn’t involve him?”

“Yeah, sure. Define 'compromise.’”

“Jesus Christ, just call him.”

☢ Tim liked to approve your outfits and what you bought for clothes.

☢ He got overprotective around Dallas and any other boys, but he tried to hide it. He’d just wrap his arms around your waist tightly.

☢ He got angry, angry, when you talked to other boys in front of him. He was easily jealous.

☢ Tim loved you more than anyone else he’d ever been with.

Sorry it’s so late, I hope you like it! I also have a request about a feysand fight, getting drunk, Feyre being in danger and baby headcanons if you wanted more! xx


Despite the fact that Feyre was spending the first half of the day of their anniversary with her sisters, Rhys was having a rather swell time.

With his daughter on his shoulders, hands clinging to his hair for support, they wandered around the streets of Velaris buying the ingredients his five year old Eleana had demanded they get (“to make a cake, obviously”). The only thing they needed now was eggs, and Rhys knew that his daughter’s favourite place to get them was a small hobby farm outside of the Artist’s Quarter. She loved it not only for the sweet fae who ran the place and gave her free chocolates, but also because to get the eggs you had to climb into the chicken’s coop and find them yourself.

As they entered the gates of the tiny farm, Rhys lifted his daughter off his shoulders so she could stand beside him.

She gazed up at her father and gave him a wide smile, one of her front teeth missing, and held out her hand for him to take.

Together they strolled over to the coup that the owner had told them they were free to use whenever they pleased. Without having to say a single word, Eleana let go of his hand with a wicked giggle and dove into the coup. Although Rhys couldn’t see his blue haired beauty, he knew exactly where she was from the indignant clacks of the chickens that she disturbed.

Having only been in there for a minute, she climbed out holding 5 eggs in her shirt, a makeshift basket of sorts.

“Henny Penny has the best eggs,” She sighed happily.


The High Lord of the Night Court was wearing a shabby apron covered in love hearts, gifted to him by his pain-in-the-ass brother Cassian. His hands were braced in either side on the chair his daughter was standing on, who herself was wearing the matching apron intended for, but never used by, Feyre.

“Do you need help?” He asked her as she struggled to mix their batter together.

“No, obviously.” She replied.

She had taken to saying obviously at the end of most sentences when she answered questions. She heard her favourite person Azriel say it once to Cassian and since then had taken to repeating it over and over. Not only was she repeating a rare moment of snarkiness from Azriel (rare for the soul reason he usually only uses it against his brothers when alone), but also Cassian’s eye roll that proceeded it.  

Her small arms still strained, and rather than taking it from her, Rhys placed his hands over hers and helped her along.

“Thank you,” she turned around and stood on the tips of her toes with her lips puckered. This was a trait she had copied from her aunty Elain, that when you thank someone you must also give them a kiss on the cheek. Rhys leaned down so that she could reach him, resting his hand on her back so that she didn’t accidently fall off her chair.

She pressed her lips against his check, more of a bang than a kiss, and went back to stirring the batter (with her father’s help).

“Do you think she’ll like it?” She asked in a small voice.

Eleana worshipped the ground Feyre walked on, wanting to be like her mother in every way. Although she looked just like Rhys with her hair and eyes, her mother was her hero and she wanted to be just like her. That’s why Eleana told her father that they simply must bake her a cake, because cake is her favourite food so obviously mum would love it too.

“She will love it, I am positive. But before we can give her anything we need to actually cook it.”

Rhys peered at her batter and pressed a kiss to his daughter’s head. “It looks marvellous, Eleana. You truly are a wondrous cook. Now scoot out of the way so that I can cook it.”

Eleana flapped her wings and hopped off of the chair she was on, promptly grabbing it and moving it so her father had access to her creation. Eleana had insisted that she make it herself, choosing and mixing the ingredients and only offered Rhys’s help when it was necessary.


“Hello,” Feyre purred to her mate.

She winnowed into their house, wrapping her arms around him from behind and surprising him.

Rhys smirked and turned around so that he was facing his wife.

“Hello, Feyre darling.” He purred in return.

He wrapped his arms around her waist so that they were holding each other, and leant down and gave her a swift kiss.

He had been waiting for Feyre to come home for the better part of an hour, craving the presence of his mate on their anniversary.  

“How are Nesta and Elain?”  He queried.  

“The same as they always are. Where’s Eleana?” She looked over his shoulder trying to spot her little girl, but to no avail.

Feyre furrowed her eyebrows in confusion. Usually as soon as Eleana heard her voice she came running.

“She’s fast asleep; we had a big day today.” Rhys answered.

He leaned in and started gently kissing Feyre on her jaw, then neck, then lower.

Feyre laughed lightly and shoved him away. “What did you two do?” She wandered off into the kitchen, where she spied the cake Rhys and Eleana had made. She looked at him with a mischievous grin and went to the cake.

“Nope- Don’t do that,” Rhys grabbed Feyre’s wrist as she went to swipe some icing off the cake.

Feyre pouted at him and rolled her eyes, the exact same way their daughter did. Rhys was now questioning whether she got that habit from her uncle or from her mother.

“El tried so hard to make that- it would hurt her feelings if we ate it without her.”

Feyre sighed but nodded in agreeance.

“We should probably wake her, if she sleeps all afternoon she won’t sleep at all for Azriel and Mor tonight.”

Just as Rhys was contemplating how to wake up his daughter, he saw the object of their conversation dart into the kitchen and launch herself into her mother’s arms.

“Guess somebody is awake,” Feyre joked, hugging her daughter tightly and kissing her forehead.

“We made you a cake!” Eleana said enthusiastically. El didn’t quite understand what the occasion was, but she usually took any opportunity she could to make something for her mother, whether it be drawings and paintings or baked goods.

“I would love to try some!” Feyre’s smile stretched across her face, radiating pure happiness. A matching grin was plastered on the face of their daughter as well, making Rhys’s heart ache with joy.

Feyre went to the longue room to speak with their daughter about her day while Rhys served up some cake for them all.

When he had neatly set out three pieces, the one for El significantly smaller, he made his way into the room and set the dishes on the small table in front of them.

“Thank you,” said El, leaning over to give her father a kiss on the cheek.

“Yes, thank you.” Agreed Feyre, also leaning over to give him a kiss but this time on his lips.

When they parted, El had a truly disgusted look on her face, cringing away from her parents affections.

“Ew, that’s not how you’re meant to do it.” Was all she said.

Rhys lightly flicked her nose, making her giggle, and insisted that they start eating or else he might starve to death.

Feyre and Rhys took one bite, and then Feyre politely asked Eleana if she could please get them some blankets from upstairs.

Eleana, ever wanting to impress her mother, ran up the stairs to see what she could gather.

Of course it was just an excuse to get her out of the room. As soon as she was out of eyesight, both her parents spat out the horrendous cake, spattering and gagging on the foul taste of it.

linane-art  asked:

Right, fine. Two can play this game. I want a coffee shop AU - hit as many cliches as you can, but twist them to make it interesting. :3

I should pick on you and do Star Trek or all Hobbit pairing except FiKi since you weren’t clear, but I won’t.  I’ll be good.


1) The boys started the shop themselves, as a way of being independent.  There’s money in the family but you don’t just GET it…you have to make some money yourself, first, have a business to invest in.  So they decide on a froo froo coffee and tea shop with basic baked goods because they personally love coffee, tea, and interacting with people.

2) Fili carefully outlined the business plan and Kili worked out the menu.  They were extremely careful about everything except the fact that they didn’t properly consider that the only thing either of them knows how to bake is a hockey puck that was meant to be a biscuit.  

The smell in their kitchen that first week was NOT nice.

3) Their claim to fame is the fact that Fili and Kili work the coffee like they’re gifted bartenders.  There’s calling out and flipping glass bottles and sliding mugs and bizarre pictures in foam and Kili is not above dancing on the main bar.  Fili’s ability to do anything with either or both hands at once lands him a spot on the local news that makes him a minor celebrity.

4) Eventually, they are smart enough to hire a pair of bakers.  It goes without saying, since this is me, that those bakers are the Boffins.  They are most famous for cinnamon cookies and cakes with a little heat to them.

5) The decor is as eclectic as the owners, from antique swords to movie posters to rock albums to dramatically posed pictures of cats (they refuse to explain why the drama cats).  Going there isn’t as relaxing as some places, but there’s a fun atmosphere, often with live music and your bartending baristas and friendly waitstaff and excellent coffee, tea, and baked goods. 

BONUS: If they are occasionally seen slow dancing to 80s love ballads during work hours, no one has the heart to tell them to stop because they’re so cute about it.

BTS Maknae line - Girlfriends

>>Hyung line


  • Really cute and extremely kind
  • Has to be able to keep up with all of Jimin’s need for PDA
  • Probably pretty short 
  • Has the habit of scrunching her nose up when she is embarrassed
  • Not incredibly good a cooking 
  • Slight romantic 
  • Laughs when she is embarrassed but usually just giggles
  • Has cute plushies hanging off of her bag
  • Bage Trench coats
  • Flowy Skirts 
  • Probably incredibly bad at dancing ( Jimin would find it so cute lol)
  • Pretty shy, but once she opens up is so adorable
  • Has a lot hidden but doesn’t seem like it
  • Cares about too many people 
  • Kind of a push over? ( Jimin wouldn’t take advantage of this, but rather treasure it…) 
  • Soft and sweet voice 
  • Doesn’t really make the other’s around her feel necessarily happy  with her vibe, but rather with the secret support that she gives the people that she cares about 
  • Really open to anyone, but could come off as initially cold because she’s incredibly shy 
  • More introverted 
  • Secretly a little perverted ??? Knows the stuff but doesn’t really talk about it…
  • Has a sneaky side to her but only uses it in extreme circumstances
  • Cries when angry or having a fight; not the type to ‘scream’ at each other 
  • Good with one on one conversations talking about the thoughts going on in each other’s heads
  • Hides a lot but has one single person (JIMIn) that she can tell almost everything too 
  • Just a really comfortable ,cute, and loving person
  • She would definitely have to be extremely beautiful on the inside , really caring for the other’s around her 
  • Honestly the type to cry into a pillow when no one is looking so that people don’t worry about her < I know it’s sad but many people are like that… please watch out for them :( >  
  • Just full with endless amounts of love, but only gives it to a selected amount of people ; it would make Jimin feel special 
  • Two words - Kind, Adorable 


  • Playful but very thoughtful 
  • Kind of motherly? 
  • Oversized clothing 
  • Extremely devoted 
  • Vans ( I don’t even know why…) 
  • Easily reads people - People’s emotions 
  • More extroverted 
  • Easily excited 
  • Extremely caring , but more open about it than Jimin's 
  • Good at making sweets (baking) but not at cooking 
  • Probably a little chubby ( like baby fat ) 
  • Has a dog 
  • Watches cartoon junior when she is sick 
  • Very considerate ; careful in what she says but still gets the message across ( if u know what i mean) 
  • Probably wears a bunch of oversized shoes that are worn out
  • Glasses
  • Has a discrete yet big presence 
  • Dances while baking ; doesn’t care who’s looking 
  • Picky with her food ( Don’t ask me why) 
  • Loves babies and is a little family oriented ( not as much as Taehyung) 
  • Loves the beach 
  • Can’t wink 
  • Has a secret stash of chocolate in her cupboard 
  • Has a small yet cozy home 
  • Breaks lots of things easily ( Namjoon haha ) 
  • Goes really quiet when fighting ; looks down at the floor and starts playing with her fingers 
  • Good at slow dancing, bad a hip-hop or any type of urban dance
  • Makes really good pasta (that’s the only thing she can make) 
  • Has lots of home parties with her friends 
  • Makes a scrapbook for a birthday present 
  • Seems innocent is innocent 
  • Friends seem annoying but love each other 
  • Listens to a lot of acoustic music 
  • Hides feelings from most people, but still easily talks about them in front of her real friends ( Not as limited as Jimin’s) 
  • Just a really cheery and happy person 
  • Secretly cares about what people think about her A LOT 
  • Loves her friends and family so much 
  • Two words - Cheerful , thoughtful 


  • Mature yet somehow innocent 
  • A little selfish (not necessarily in a bad way) 
  • Really thoughtful and caring, but is really hesitant in showing it 
  • Into PDA ( surprised u right ? ) 
  • Shy but not as why as Jimin’s, shy in a way that she is already content with her friends, and doesn’t really find it necessary to go around making new one's 
  • Has a really cute and SUPER adorable side to her
  • Ripped black Skinny jeans 
  • WHITE TEE>?!? no… BAnd T-SHIrtssss
  • Good at singing , OK at sports 
  • Good at cooking, pretty good a baking 
  • Loves movies ( probably a marvel fan lol) 
  • Reads a lot ; literature is her getaway 
  • Poetic in a way
  • Gets easily embarrassed but just as easily embarrasses you 
  • Seems corrupted is innocent 
  • A little straightforward
  • More introverted
  • Analysis many people but rather than how they feel, how they think 
  • Slightly clumsy 
  • Simplistic bag 
  • Really cute when she smiles, like a giggle 
  • Text’s to ask if they can cuddle 
  • Goes away when angry (wants to be alone) , goes to a quiet place where she can get her thoughts together 
  • Makes really good smoothie's 
  • Comes to the practice room, but just drops the food by and goes away
  • Does a lot behind the scenes 
  • Not very social at parties
  • Type to lock herself in the bathroom when she is sad  
  • Really quiet when she wants to be - really loud when she’s energetic 
  • Seems pretty bland but is a big romantic 
  • Just really really really sweet , but in secret 
  • Two words - Sweet, shy

// OMG this is so long…SOOOO i just wanted to say that i don’t want to label anyone in any way, and this is solely my opinion in who i see them ending up with. I honestly don’t see any of them really particularly caring about physical appearance, and this is why i didn’t add a lot of the physical aspect on the descriptions. I really hope that this was what you hoped for, and that i didn’t disappoint you :( uGHHH while i was writing this i kept thinking about their future partners, and how lucky they would be. I just hope that they end up with someone that they actually love and I wish that they could do all of the cute fluffy couple-y stuff that normal people do. I would be so angry (well not really ) if they apologize if they get a girlfriend. Like they deserve happiness, having a girlfriend and being in a relationship is a natural part of life… I hope that all the other fans would accept this as well. ANYWAY>>>> I hope you enjoyed<3 If you request, i could do the Hyung line as well <3<3 //


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