baked goods=love

“But what does johnny do exactly?”

Speaks english and korean, learning chinese, raised Mark Lee, plays the piano, raps, FREESTYLES, sings, dances, DJs, MCs, bakes, good at soccer, loves his mom, tells jokes, will treat you right, knows good hygiene, the man of your dreams probably. What doesn’t he do???


@pearlrheinHello @ingridmusic keeps giving us baked goods and love pls send help

@LakeJebo: @pearlrhein @ingridmusic @NickChoksi: Cannot imagine eating that and doing Balaga…I mean I absolutely would…but yo…

@pearlrhein: My Balaga is almost 100% doughnut fueled at this point

@tcdonovan: @pearlrhein @ingridmusic @NickChoksi Scratch sending cookies to the imperial!


I love it when people say ‘oh, it’s just the stupid Swifties who are spending all their money buying multiple copies of the album, just feeding the hype machine, that’s the only reason she’s so successful. no one actually likes her, and the people that do just don’t see how fake she is.’

do…. do you HEAR yourself?! 

like… this woman writes all of her songs, if not by herself, then she at least has a hand in every. single. song. she has the most control over her career of any pop star on the planet. 

her image is nearly flawless. somehow this makes her ‘fake’, but never a good role model. how convenient. 

not to mention all the things she has done for her fans. to name a few, but not limited to:

-going to the back of the building while on tour to make the worst seats in the house the best seats

-inviting fans backstage that DIDN’T have backstage passes at nearly every show (a lot of people don’t think about the fact that at this point, she’s had to do vocal warm ups, probably physical warm ups, hair and makeup, hyping up her dancers and singers, performing the whole show flawlessly, etc) after performing. then she takes pictures with them all

-as of the 1989 era she has begun inviting hundreds of fans INTO HER HOME, allows them to listen to her album months before it’s released all while pumping them full of delicious baked goods, presents, love and genuine affection that literally EVERY. SINGLE. SECRET. SESSIONER. raves about. this woman actually trusts HUNDREDS of people to listen to her album and not leak information. and they fucking don’t, with the exception of the .4% asshole 

-sits up for hours on the internet to interact with her fans 

-has her team seek out the biggest Swifties addresses so that she can send them (personalized? from what I’ve heard?) Christmas presents to thank them for all they’ve done for her

-thanks her fans and reminds the world and us on a regular basis that she would not be anywhere without us, during awards shows, performances, interviews

.…..and even if there was the slightest, smallest chance that all of that was fake….

so? then what a business TYCOON. if all of that love and mutual adoration that Taylor Alison Swift shares with her fans isn’t real, if that sweet and wonderful angel is fake, then she is the BADDEST motherfucker on the planet. she has come up with a business model so flawless that she has an army at her command, and yes motherfuckers, we are Taylor’s Army. 

because guess what? 

in the event that Taylor Alison Swift is the angel we all know and love her to be, I obviously stan that woman until the day that I die.

and in the event that she’s a cold-hearted, money-grubbing, stuck up, fake rich-girl popstar who loves drama to fuel her music career and merchandise and her brand? 

if she literally decided ‘yeah I’m gunna ruin my friendship with “rap genius” Kanye West and then put an album out on the 10 year anniversary of his mama’s death’, if she is that hard…

I stan that too. no woman has ever done for women in the music industry and for her fans what Taylor Alison Swift has done either way you look at it. she is not only a musical genius, but a LEGENDARY business woman. 

you are goddamn right I’m buying multiple copies of her album and spending $15 for popsockets. TAKE MY MONEY TAYLOR, YOU EARNED IT BABE.


(ps. I know you are a sweet loving vanilla bean but I’m just saying if you weren’t I’d love you anyway because besides that you’re an incredibly musically, poetically, artistically talented, business woman who I look up to more than you’ll ever know.)

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prompt batch of neighbors who have a love-hate relationship but they lowkey are inlove with each other?

you got it, anon!

  • “They planted mint right next to the fence. They know that my garden is a few feet from there, and they planted it anyway. It’s going to destroy my marigolds. I never did anything to them!”
    “Maybe they didn’t know mint grew that much. Maybe they just wanted to plant fresh mint.”
    “No. Maybe. Whatever it is, this is war.”
  • Their neighbor won the annual baking contest every year. It didn’t matter how cute said neighbor was, or how nice they smelled, or how bright their smile was– this year, they were going to destroy them by any means possible.
  • Your dog was cute until it started tearing up my flowerbed, so I’m here to complain, except you’re adorable, and– was that a passive aggressive comment? You did not.
  • You bake good pies and I’d love to go on a date with you, but I’d never tell you that because you think your petunias are better than mine, and we’ve been having a silent competition over who can grow the better garden.
  • Sure, your lawn is freshly manicured, and your house is really pretty, and you have an adorable little dog that behaves itself, and you’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, but that doesn’t mean you can pretend you’re better than me.
  • We used to be neighborly-friends when you first moved in, but I feel like you keep trying to one-up me in who’s the better neighbor. Please take my sub-par cookies. No, don’t give me a slice of your delicious homemade cake. Did you really just invite me to a barbecue, you asshole? 
  • You left me a sheet cake on my doorstep that reads Sorry I Won The Baking Contest! and I have never been more angry with such a good-looking douchebag. 

Middle child syndrome is a thing. You knew this because you lived it. You were the middle child. You were always compared to your siblings and when compared to them you were never good enough for your family. No matter what you accomplished, how you lived your life, who you dated, none of it was ever good enough.

This always had you dreading any trip back home to be around your family. This weekend was your brother’s graduation so that meant you had to go back home, and be surrounded by your family for 2 almost 3 days and you did not want to go.

Harry walked into the room to find you sitting in front of your suitcase staring at the half folded tshirt in your hand.

“Love, ya alright?” Harry came to stand in front of you, crouched down and took the tshirt out of your hands.

“Yeah, yeah I’m fine. Sorry I must of zoned out.” You tried to act normal and brush off his concern. You didn’t want to get into it, didn’t want to bring him down with your dread and worrying.

“Hey, c'mere.” Harry pulled on your hand so you would come around to him. He sat down on the floor and pulled you into his lap. You wrapped your arms around his neck and buried your face in the crook of it.

“Love what’s wrong?….You’re dreading the trip back home aren’t ya?” Harry ran his hand up and down your back as he spoke. He tried to pry you away from his neck so he could look you in the eyes, but you wouldn’t budge.

Him correctly guessing what was bothering you was all it took to for tears to start. You began sobbing and crying, clinging onto harry as you did.

“Hey, woah hey. Love, it’s okay. Ssssh, sssh. It’s okay. It’s all gonna be alright.” Harry softly stroked your hair and held you tight as you cried and sobbed. He continued to whisper “you’re alright” and “ssh it’s okay” while he stroked your hair. He waited until you had calmed down for the most part before he pulled your face away from his neck. He took his thumbs and wiped the tears from underneath your eyes and placed a soft kiss on your lips. He knew you were holding things in, that you felt a lot about this particular subject so he just waited for you to speak.

“Why am I never good enough for them Harry? Nothing I ever do is enough. I’ve got a successful career that I love. I have a place to live, I’m not struggling for money. I have a fiancé who is the kindest, most caring man I’ve ever met. But is that good enough for them? No. Nothing I ever do will be good enough” You weren’t sobbing anymore but tears were still running down your face.

Harry sighed as he wiped the tears from your face again. He pushed a strand of hair out of you face and tucked it behind you ear. He reached down and grabbed your hand and intertwined it with his, rubbing small circles with his thumb.

“Ya know, this happens every time you have to go back home. And every time it breaks my heart a little bit more. I sit here and watch you freak out the week or so building up to it, then watch you breakdown and sob the night before you’re to be there. I hate it, and I don’t hate very many things love. I’m a lover, not a hater. And yes I really said that” Harry chuckled and when he saw your lips form a small smile, he smiled, dimples and all.

“That’s ma girl, always laughing at my stupid jokes. She never lets me down, better yet shes never not good enough for me. For some crazy reason love, your family pits you against your siblings and makes you always feel not good enough. But they’re wrong. They really are.” Harry looked you in the eye as he said this. He had to make sure you knew how much he truly meant and believed this. He hated you feeling like this.

“You are good enough love. I believe so, your friends believe so, my family believes so. I mean go back and look at the accomplishments you listed that you’ve achieved. You’re in a successful career that you love, which is hard for many to find. Some may find a successful career but they don’t love it. You provide for yourself, you’re not struggling for money. You got this house and everything else you have by yourself with no help from anyone. Hell ya won’t even let me pay for things half the time or spoil ya!”

You rolled your eyes at him. “Harry you do spoil me, just not with material things. You spoil me with kisses, cuddles, and unfortunately an endless supply of puns…” You heard him whine out a “heeeeeyyy” which made you giggle. “Ooh and you spoil me with lots of baked goods! Oh my god, so many baked goods, think your mom will give me the recipe for them?!”

Harry just chuckled and rolled his eyes. “Mum has nothing to do with those baked goods love, it’s all me. Ya know I used to be…” but he didn’t get the chance to finish that sentence because you cut him off with a hand to his mouth.

“A baker, yes I know. How could I forget with you reminding me all the time?!” You giggled and removed your hand from his mouth but gave him a small peck on the cheek.

He huffed dramatically but smiled a small smile. “Fine fine whatever love. But I bet if you do give mum a ring she’ll agree with me. Actually I know she will, she loves ya more than me I’m pretty sure.” He chuckled.

Hearing how much he loved you and cared for you. How much he thought you were good enough and how much his family felt the same way made you feel so much better. You didn’t always need to have him build you up or comfort you till you felt better, but sometimes it was just a nice reminder to hear it from someone other than your own thoughts. It was that last little push and self confidence that made it all okay.

“You’re right H! I am good enough, I can spend a few days with my family and it will be okay, I’ll have you by my side and it’ll be okay.” You smiled at him and pressed a kiss to his lips.

Harry gave you a small smile back but it was accompanied by pure love in his eyes. He leaned in and put his forehead to yours “I’ll always be here for you love and you’ll always be good enough to me”

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Fell! And Swap!bros reaction to s/o having a passion for baking, and always giving them first bites of their yummy baked goods? Love your blog!! ^-^


Hey, not bad. Sometimes he likes to provoke Papyrus by mentioning how good your stuff is, to watch him drag you into silly, on-the-spot “bake offs” every now & then. He loves seeing you both enjoy the competition, because hey, it’s one of the few times he can see the two most important people in his life relax & enjoy one another’s company without the threat of the Underground looming over you all. &, of course, he gets to eat what you’ve made at the end of it. It’s a win-win situation.


Pah! You call that a “dish?” Stand back, date-mate, & watch a true master at work!! He likes to attempt to copy your dishes under the illusion of trying to one-up you, it’s kind of how he learns. He’ll never admit to actually wanting to take lessons from you (especially since he’s already learning from Undyne), but if you just so happened to leave the recipe lying out & about, along with a sample for him to try–he’d appreciate it.


He actually loves watching you work, more than trying to help out. He’ll just perch himself at the nearest table or countertop & sit there, starry-eyed, & add “helpful commentary” from the sidelines. Even if you don’t take his advice, which might make him pout a little, he’s sure your dish will come out delicious anyway!! Though if you’d have just added stirred the bowl a little harder, the dough would have been whipped in more ways than one! Like how Alphys taught him to do it!!!–he “complains” with a mouthful of whatever you’ve offered him.


If he wasn’t afraid of getting hunted down by Muffet herself, he’d say that your stuff might actually be better than hers. Then again, someone as sweet as you has gotta be naturally good at baking, so he’s not all that surprised. Besides, it’s just in his nature to be attracted to those with talent. Sometimes when you’re working, & your back is turned, he’ll sneak in while you’re working & dump in an extra cup of sugar or a handful of sprinkles into the mixing bowl, only to appear at the table before you’ve even figured out he was there.

The things I associate with NCT U

Taeil: Morning kisses, warm laundry, freshly brewed tea, the feeling you get when you pass a test, the comforting feeling of a heart beat, over sized sweaters, tight hugs, walking on the beach, sunsets, waking up fully rested, wicker chairs, succulent, wooden pianos, shy smiles, hardy laughing, museums. 

Taeyong: The sound of rain, candles, reuniting with a loved one, cold shivers, post stamps, beanies, red wine, watching leaves fall off of trees, warm blankets, parks at night, street lights, coffee shops, intense gazes, the night sky, knit sweaters, neck kisses, large headphones, ink pens, open windows.

Doyoung: Pull overs, awkward kisses, button up shirts, new relationships, clean linen, giggling, soft touches, pouting, over sized cardigans, libraries, back hugs, vintage shops, owls, the smell of old books, cassette tapes, rolled up sleeves, naps, fields of flowers, laying in the grass, plush animals, old shoes, buttons, natural light, dried flowers. 

Ten: Leather jackets, silver rings, large houses, guitars, wet hair, record shops, crashing waves, action figures, bonfires, black hair, strong hugs, brick walls, mirrors, natural smells, sunsets, holding hands, playing in the rain, morning mist, gas stations, road trips, clocks, scarves.

Jaehyun: Baseball tees, baked goods, loving gazes, cloud gazing, morning cuddles, lazy hugs, picnics, colored glass, rosy cheeks, bubbles, sunny days, playing the piano, playful teasing, pastel clothes, binge watching tv shows, soft kisses, puns, moving into a new house, hourglasses, denim jackets, bus trips, new clothes, school photos. 

Mark: Hand painted skate boards, matches, coffee brewing, baking sweets with your significant other, dream catchers, hammocks, shadows, eye smiles, pumpkin pie, sweat pants, the smell of oranges, carving names into trees, running through flower mazes, baggy shirts, compasses, antique trinkets, rusted lockets, acoustic guitars, grand father clocks.

study moods: witch edition

light witch: it’s early morning and the sun has yet to rise but the birds are singing // skimming your class notes / completing practice math problems / getting ready for a lab / something that makes you feel calm and ready for the rest of the day // a cup of jasmine or green tea / or maybe something light and herbal / something that tastes like happiness and waves crashing on a faraway beach // classical music in the background / a composer you’ve yet to listen to / or a symphony you particularly like // glamours and charms woven into your morning routine / blessings for energy and light // pulling energy from the world around you / shining with curiosity and passion / a light that cannot be put out

dark witch: it’s late at night but you’re not tired // writing an essay / reading a novel / something that makes you feel powerful / like you are a witch / and these words are the spells you spin // a cup of herbal tea / something you haven’t had before / it tastes fancy / and it smells amazing // music playing as you work / lana del ray / halsey / florence + the machine / something dark and witchy // sigils scribbled on the margins of your notes // a spell for focus and power // knowledge is power / this is knowledge / this is your power

kitchen witch: sitting crosslegged on the kitchen floor / enjoying the heavenly smell of rising bread / doing homework while you wait for it to be done so you can take it out of the oven // snacking on mini muffins and brushing stray crumbs off of your papers // the radio is turned on low / playing something cheery and warm / a little folk band you’ve never heard of // baking good intentions and love into your loaves of bread / scratching sigils into your pie crust before you put it in the oven / black tea makes a delicious potion for energy / peppermint for clarity / green tea for focus // staying nourished and warm because you need fuel to keep going / and trust me / you’re going to go so very far

ancient witch: collecting books for research deep within the stacks of a massive library / poring over texts in your target language / open books scattered around you / dictionaries and thesauruses and linguistic theories and more words than you could ever wrap your head around // you’re not sure how much time has passed / this part of the library is quiet / and you haven’t seen anybody else in a very long time // no music / no food / just you / your books / and a notebook full of scribbled phrases // there is something inherently magical about these words / they roll off of your tongue like they meant for spellwork // and as you scribble enchantments in the margins of your journal / you can almost hear the voices of the witches who came before you / and you are not alone / you have never been alone / not really

modern witch: your hands flying over a keyboard / working on the code for that computer science project you never got around to / drilling flashcards during your morning commute / typing up notes on your phone after a class // sugar-free bubblegum and an energy drink from your local bodega // headphones blasting / music on shuffle / something that sounds less like a song and more like screaming to a beat / some tracks by your favorite rapper / maybe even witch house, if you’re looking for a change // muttering hexes under your breath at the boy who tried cheating off of you during your last exam / messaging your friends who are into divination, checking to see if they think a pop quiz is coming up / drawing energy from the world around you / the city is a whirlwind of thoughts and minds and dreams and it has so much to give / you are humming with energy / it rushes through your veins and powers you forward / you are alive

@feelingsinwinter answered your question “Hmm. I think I want to write a drabble or two, but I’m not quite sure…”

Bucky walks on Tony covered in frost, trying to bake for Bucky because Steve told him Bucky loved home backed goods? So far everything looks ugly but damn they’re fucking good.

@miniblackraven answered your question “Hmm. I think I want to write a drabble or two, but I’m not quite sure…”

Non-powered pining with a healthy dash of fluff at the end.

It looked like a tornado full of flour and sugar had rampaged through the kitchen. At the center of the disaster site stood Tony, hair and face powered with ingredients and clothes speckled with frosting and dried batter. Tony rubbed his face and groaned. His back was turned to Bucky, and he seemed to have not yet noticed Bucky’s presence.  

Bucky whistled appreciatively at the damage done to their shared kitchen and to alert Tony to his presence. “Damn, Dorothy, you just got back from Oz? It looks like a tornado hit this place.”

Tony startled and looked over his shoulder. “Shit.”

“Love you too, doll.” Bucky sashayed into the kitchen to get a better look at whatever it was Tony had been trying to make. He used the opportunity brush against Tony, giving Tony a brief hug around the waist that could have been excused as James just being a tactile person.

No one would guess by the simple touch that Bucky was harboring a crush for his one of his roommates.

Then end result of Tony’s baking project lay on a platter left on the counter.

Bucky wrinkled his nose at the “balls” of… something that looked like it might have been a cupcake at one point, but Bucky wasn’t too sure. “Ball” was a generous label. The malformed cupcakes were like the moon–round but full of craters. Deep craters. Like someone had already taken a bite out of the cupcake craters.

It was obvious that Tony had tried to hide the divots and holes in his cupcakes by slathering frosting over them. Unfortunately, the frosting slipped out of the holes and got absorbed into the cupcake, revealing the crater Tony had tried so hard to cover up.

Bucky poked one of the cupcakes.

“Don’t say anything.” Frustration laced Tony’s voice.

The corner of Bucky’s mouth twitched into a smile. “Aw, c’mon, Tones. You’re so perfect; it’s nice to see that you at least have one weakness.”

Tony huffed and crossed his arms over his chest. He pouted–not that Tony would ever admit to it. “It shouldn’t be. Baking is chemistry, and I excel at chemistry.” Tony glared at the cupcakes. “I don’t know why they always turn out this way.”

“You’ve made them before?” James could have sworn Tony said he’d grown up with a butler when he was a kid, and that his dad had spent years grooming Tony to be an engineer and businessman. James wouldn’t have thought Tony had had any opportunity to practice baking.

“Jarvis, taught me, but my stuff always comes out looking like crap. It usually tastes good though.”

“Really?” Bucky eyed one of the cupcakes that was bathed in frosting. He snatched it up.

Tony let out of squawk of surprise.

A sweet mix of vanilla and blueberries filled Bucky’s mouth and he moaned in ecstasy. “Oh god. This is fantastic.”

“You keep moaning like that, I’m going to get a boner. Stop it.”

Bucky grinned and took another bite. He let out another wanton moan.

Tony groaned and turned himself slightly away from Bucky. “I should put you in porn. Stop it.”

Bucky slung his arm around Tony’s shoulders and tugged him into a hug. “Tony, these are amazing.” Bucky took another bite and licked the frosting that got on his finger off. “If you want me in porn, I’ll do it, as long as you keep making these cupcakes.”

“Wow. Steve was not joking about you loving baked goods, was he?”

“You talked to Steve about me?” It wasn’t too surprising. Steve was their third roommate after all. Bucky was more curious about why Steve had revealed his love of baked goods to Tony.

“It’s not that unusual.”

“Really?” Bucky smirked. “You two also talk about how sexy I am?”

Tony met Bucky’s gaze in challenge. “I don’t know. Do you two talk about how sexy I am?”

“Of course.”

Tony snorted in amusement.

And right then, Bucky wanted nothing more than to kiss Tony stupid, and really show Tony how sexy he thought Tony was.

“You’re the sexiest fella I have ever met, and if I was dating you right now, I’d prove it.”

Tony’s eyes darted over Bucky’s face, searching for insincerity. After a moment, a grin broke across his face and leaned more into Bucky’s embrace. “So why don’t you date me then?”

Bucky inhaled sharply. “Yeah?”

“Yeah.” Tony kissed Bucky.

The kiss was a thousand times sweeter and better than the cupcake.

It’s National Black Forest Cake Day! Cake made by the lovely klassy kraves, check her out on Instagram for more amazing desserts like this @klassykraves

ask : ❝ 2P! england relationship headcanons. ❞

1. he is so kind, honestly.

2. although, he does have insecurities of his own.

3. so … he might come off as unsure or even fearful in a relationship.

4. with that being said, he would need his s/o to comfort him often.

5. but, for all his troubles, he would make it up to her.

6. usually, with small gifts or baked goods.

7. he would love to go out of his way for his s/o.

8. talk about romance! he may not be that experienced but he tries.

9. dates galore. he would take her out nearly every night.

10. truly, he is a gentleman and would always respect his s/o.

i popped back into the steak dinner stream bc my friend told me “THEYRE STARTING DESSERT” and i LOVE baked goods and suffering so recap:

  • it was the most uncomfortable asmr experience 
  • fl0w3r actually rly wanted to win mvp :( but he says hes rly grateful just to have won the world cup
  • some of them didnt finish their steaks which..ok bitch fuck you but ryujehong literally just kept eating and the servers just took away his food which he got very upset about
    • they also took his fork, which he also got upset about
  • when dessert came around tobi and sbb fed each other fruit
    • i noted this as context for the next point
  • zunba stole literally one (1) blueberry from ryujehong’s cake after tobi and sbb’s cute fruit moment and ryujehong became extremely angry, yelled, and grabbed his plate away. mood

im actually really weirded out by myself for having watched this shit and im genuinely wondering if this is how white people start stanning kpop stars and meditating on jimin tulpas

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Ok so soriel is great I absolutely love soriel I do but what about some goat dad love? You knwo what needs to happen Muffgore! Muffet x asgore! They both love baked goods! They both did whatever they could to protect their kingdom (So to speak with muffet) And spiders are great in the garden!! They'd be so cute together!!!! and they'd make cute fluffy spider babys!!

What do you mean not all monsters who love tea know each other? Of course they do! How else would they have their awesome tea parties?

I don’t really ship muffygore to be honest. Personaly, I hold dear in my heart the headcanon of Asgore finding love again with a human, preferably a mage with a green soul of kindness, and their relationship becoming a symbol of hope and integration for both humans and monsters.

That said, Goatdad needs more love and a lot more friends (especially outside of his ex’s inner circle, because of health reasons), and as a fellow tea lover I don’t see why Muffet couldn’t be one of them.

dA link


etsyfindoftheday 4 | FRIDAY FRENZY | 10.6.17

pumpkin spice soy wax candle in amber glass by waxandwooletc

here’s a friday idea: get home from work early enough to see the sunlight though the autumn leaves … light a pumpkin spice candle, like this one from waxandwooletc … bake something with pumpkin puree and walnuts and cinnamon and cloves … wrap up in a cozy afghan and eat said baked good while basking in your pumpkin spice-scented apartment. done and done, i’d say.

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how would a garchomp/gabite/gible help a trainer who runs a bakery?


* Gible loves playing with and handling dough. Without really knowing it, it can knead the dough really well and pretty quickly, leaving their trainer with some spare time on their hands. Although sometimes it’ll start throwing the dough around when it’s done so their trainers should be watching closely.


* They absolutely love decorating the baked goods. They especially love using sprinkles and edible glitter, covering everything so that it sparkles as much as a gem. Sometimes when the Gabite does this it’ll sneak one or two things for itself, loving how they sparkle and shine.


* Garchomp will try to help in any way it can. You can ask it to do anything and it will try it’s best to do it, although sometimes it’s size does put it at a disadvantage, making it a bit clumsy and knocking some things off counter tops. They definitely like taste testing everything though.

Adrien = Ladybug
Marinette = Chat Noire
Alya = Honey
Chloe = Vixen

- Tikki hugs and kisses Adrien’s forehead every morning bc she knows his history and how much he misses his mom.
- Tikki and Adrien both love baked goods so much that he’s in the Dupain-Chang bakery all the time, which is how Tikki and Plagg found out their heroes’ identities.
- Because Tikki needs cookies, Adrien eats a lot more now, and the girls have all noticed how much stronger and more active he is.
- Adrien falls asleep working on the couch pretty often, and Tikki called Plagg asking him to get Marinette to make a blanket “for a friend”. Its scent reminds Adrien of his mom and Chat Noire.
- Ladybug gets furious when people make fun of his name (it’s usually Honey and Vixen).
- Pollen tells Alya to grab and kiss Nino every time they see him and when it finally works Alya never hears the end of it.
- Marinette makes more variations of Camembert pastries than you could possibly imagine and he loves it.
- Trixx takes approximately zero shit from Chloe but secretly loves her (Plagg had Marinette make her a duvet as well for when she sleeps at her mom’s dresser and she loves it).
- All the kwamis (yes even Plagg, kwami Marinette protection squad ftw) are super loving and protective and after the reveal they team up to use their heroes to help each other’s.
- Plagg loves Marinette partly because of her cheese skills but also because he knows when a kid needs to learn to control the destruction they cause. She leans into her clumsiness now and it helps her stop worrying so much.
- Chloe’s transformation involves her ears actually disappearing and fox ears appearing - she can hear through them, and her piercings become hoop earrings. Trixx has to promise her she’ll get her real ears back every single time she transforms and she still gets scared.
- Alya and Pollen spend hours working on Alya’s work-life balance because Pollen knows about how focused Alya gets.
- Tikki totally supports Adrien’s crush on Chat Noire, and Plagg secretly thinks Marinette and Adrien would be kinda cute

(More headcanons soon, add more if you like) @incorrectmlb

From: Dex     To: Bitty


Bitty: Aw, it’s a little donut. You know I love baked goods, how sweet, hun!

Dex: Speaking of which…let’s make donuts.

Bitty: [screaming] I’m grabbing the Valentine’s Day aprons with the little hearts! I’ve been saving them for just this occasion!