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hi sorry i was just wondering what the picture of harry with love bites you guys were talking about was, and also the one of him papped sleeping or something? sorry im a bit out of the loop (banned myself from tumblr to get course work done eww)

well i’m not going to post the picture of him sleeping… but you can pretty much find it anywhere so like it’s not hard to find.

as for the love bites…

When they arrived in France (day after their movie date):

And then 2 days later when he was coming back from Glasgow (clearly these bite marks were a few days old):

So yeah, Louis likes to bite apparently. Bite hard.

bittyholtz celebrity AU

(((because i can’t ever have great writing ideas for normal pairings or situations that people care about)))

anyways AU where holster is a famous singer-songwriter, he’s probably got a Grammy at this point, and oh man he’s definitely considered a heartthrob (I’m picturing like the musical equivalent of lorde and the teen sex icon equivalent of shawn mendes) and decides he wants to take time away from his career to go to college (which is why he’s 22 as a sophomore just like in canon)

he’s very open and social at samwell and even lives in a dorm as a frog so he obviously gets a ton of attention for a while but samwell is small and soon everyone who cares has met him and is just kind of used to it so he can just kinda live his life (except during Tour Season but we’ll put that aside for now)

right at the outset of holster’s frog year he meets and befriends ransom and they really hit it off. best bros. legendary pong partners. ur platonic drift-compatible favs. this is how holster comes to be an honorary member of smh, gets his hockey nickname, and he really Finds His People in the haus. when ransom gets dibs to the attic the next year, he invites holster to share it with him bc it’s Big and holster is a Friend so it’s not like any of the other smh people would object.

enter one eric r bittle. smol gay baker boy who comes to samwell for hockey, ya ya we know that part. the gag is, he’s a HUGE adam birkholtz fan. how can he not be tbh the boy has the voice of an angel and he’s HOT AS FUCK. (and he doesn’t use gendered pronouns in any of his songs so for all anyone knows he could totally be queer which isn’t a lot to go on but bitty can always hope)

holster doesn’t go to the smh games cause he’d get mobbed and he doesn’t wanna take attention away from the teams successes (and he doesn’t know much about hockey anyway). which is why it’s not public knowledge that he’s connected in any way to smh. bitty comes to samwell not really expecting to get to see adam around much. maybe he’ll get the chance to introduce himself sheepishly and say “I’m a big fan” but that’s It

fast forward to bitty’s taddy tour. he gets sidetracked and loses the group as he tends to the nasty kitchen. he’s in the middle of putting his pie in the oven when none other than Adam fucking birkholtz comes home, headphones in, singing some new adele song or something idk, and drops a couple groceries on the counter before going upstairs. bitty is SHOOK and when shitty pops his head into the kitchen to ask what’s up, why is bitty not with the group anymore, bitty just says point blank out loud “sorry i just remembered that im Really Gay” and then hurries out of the haus so he won’t pass out on the nasty kitchen floor

anyways this got WAY longer than i was anticipating and i really wanna write a proper fic of it SO im ending this headcanon here bc im gonna write the shit out of this later toodles


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tasty vegan baked goods by theblendedvegan

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The Book of Mormon AU Absolutely No One Wanted

Note: Idk anything and the day I do research is the day I storm heaven and devour God. 

  • The Zimmermanns are Mormons. They move down from Canada to Mormon city stronghold of your choice for vague reasons.
  • That afternoon a young, well-dressed man comes to their door with a tin of cookies and a smile.
  • “Hi! I’m Eric Bittle and I live down the street. Just wanted to make a good impression before you go to church! You probably won’t see much of me after.” 
  • Of course it’s Jack who answers the door and receives the cookies, and he’s so awkward and stunned by literally the cutest ray of sunshine in all of Mormon Stronghold that he doesn’t think to ask what Bittle means. “Um, thank you.” And then he closes the door.
  • The Zimmermanns are greeted warmly by the community that weekend, so warmly they get several warnings to stay the heck away from that Bittle fellow.
  • Several elders have been by Bittle’s house to give him literature and invite him to the church. He’s always very polite, friendly even, but he’s really… gay unsettling.
  • On top of that, the inside of his house is kinda unconventional. Like, there’s a lot of dribbly candles. Black pillar candles. Candles shaped like skulls. There’s incense everywhere, and herbs drying upside down by the windows. There are animal bones, picked clean by scavengers and bleached by the sun, apparently somehow acquired and resting in a curio cabinet. Bittle keeps strange dolls, terrible faceless things that smell like rosemary and earth, in cupboards and drawers. And there’s a rabbit, a fat brown fluffy thing with floppy ears, that he talks to like it understands.
  • They think Bittle might be a witch. And almost definitely gay. And a bad influence besides.
  • But he’s also very friendly and bakes more sweets than he could possibly eat, which created something of a conundrum. The elders fought each other to be the ones to visit him nearly weekly, but the church as a whole disapproved of any of their members being within a hundred feet of Bittle’s front door. 

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EXO’s Reaction to Their Wife and Child Baking Them Cookies


Exhausted from a long day, Xiumin’s eyes would light up as he saw his wife and child holding a plate of fresh cookies, patiently waiting for him to come home. He’d pull you two into his arms, temporarily forgetting the treats as he smothered you both in kisses.


Chen would let out a dramatic “Wow!” as he saw the plate full of slighty-burnt cookies your daughter had helped you bake. He’d bite into one, ignoring the charcoal flavor and smiling happily. “They’re amazing!” he’d exclaim, winking at you as your daughter giggled.


Baekhyun would be surprised to see you two waiting for him, and a soft pink hue would spread across his cheeks. “Ah, isn’t it past your bedtimes?” he’d tease, kissing your cheeks before eating the cookies with you.


Chanyeol would break into a fit of giggles as he saw the adorable picture before him. He’d happily walk over to you, hugging you both and scooping your son up in his arms, complimenting him on what a great chef he was going to be.


It was late at night when Lay returned, and he was surprised and rather confused as to why you had waited for him. “Aren’t you two tired?” he’d ask, concern etched on his face. When you presented him with the cookies, he’d smile shyly, happily staying up late into the night to eat with you.


D.O’s heart would melt when he saw you seated with his daughter, patiently waiting for him to return, with a plate of his favorite cookies. “Ah, jagi, you didn’t have to…” he’d mumble shyly, kissing you both on the cheek and sitting down next to you.


Usually the one being cheesy, Suho would be speechless when he walked in on such a picture-perfect scene. He’d stand in the door way, an excited smile plastered on his face, before running over and planting a huge kiss on your forehead and sweeping his daughter up in his arms.


Kai’s face would turn a light shade of red when he saw you standing, your son next to you, with his favorite cookies baked. He wouldn’t know what to say, too touched for words. He’d gently pick up his son before kissing you–his actions said more than words ever could.


Sehun would go quiet when he saw the plate of half-burnt cookies sitting on the table next to his daughter. For a moment, you were worried that he was going to reject them, but when he looked up, he had a touched smile on his face. He’d gently take his daughter’s hands in his and thank her for such a wonderful treat.

Steve x Reader x Bucky

Part 4

“Buck?” Steve called around their dark apartment. His key’s hanging up next to Bucky’s, next to the empty hanger. The guest key holder with the spare set.

In the moonlight’s shadow sat Bucky. His olive skin seemingly glowing with its own light. The scar’s that Cap knew purified by the shadows.

Steve walking towards Bucky, not of his own volition. Drawn into his light like it was 1940 all over again. Once he was in his body heat, he descended onto bend and knee. His head tenderly placed into his love’s lap. The cold metal of Bucky’s fingers playing with the golden strand’s. His brow furrowed in thought. A deep breath to settle his words.

“I miss women, Steve. Their softness, the way they laugh even when you’re not funny. The way they smell when they’re done baking….” Bucky biting his lip his blue eye’s searching the night sky.

Steve looking up helplessly. His finger’s gripping the dark gray sweat pants. The panic unfolding in his chest until he could barely breathe.

“You’re leaving me?” Steve asked slipping onto the floor. His finger’s still clinging to the worn material.

“NO!” Bucky all but falling to the floor in his attempt to grab Steve to his chest.

“Never, never, never. Oh god, Steven Grant Roger’s. Dumbass!” Bucky yelled before his lips melded to Steven’s. Their bodies pressed together in desperation, finger’s grasping at flesh.
Until the first light of morning broke through the window.

Bodies intertwined underneath the small scrap of the sheet left on the bed.

“You know, I don’t think it count’s as bedding anymore.” Steve laughing at Bucky’s joke while he listened to his heart beat.

“Jerk,” Steve commented, his teeth scraping a light brown nipple.

“No.” The brunette laughed before settling back onto the pillow. “I messed up.”

The silence stretching on, “ how do we fix it?”

Bucky smiling down at his fair-haired lover. His mouth opening and closing, mind going over all the possibilities but still coming up blank.

“How would you have fixed it with her 90 years ago?” Steve asked trailing a patterning across his lover’s chest.

“Taken her out. Dance with her the whole night. Carrying her home because her feet were too sore to walk. Then I’d make love to her all night. Not really in a position for all that, hell any of that.” Bucky’s human hand massaging Steven’s scalp until he was delirious with peace.

“We’ll take her out Buck. Maybe then she won’t be so lonely.” Steve mumbled turning on his side. His eye’s finally giving into sleep. Bucky smiling wistfully just as he drifted into sleep.

You sat up a blanket draping from your shoulder’s. Moonlight streaming through the window pane it’s light kissing your skin through the white button down. A long lost lover.

“Bucky,” you sighed longingly, head resting on your own shoulder. Eye’s drifting closed as memories flooded your mind.


The earth splitting underneath his feet forcing him to jump to one side. The sound of shot’s alerting the snipers on the roof. A wall of earth rising in front of you. The smell of freshly turned soil creating a false sense of safety. Meanwhile, your mutant abilities had been alerting S.H.I.E.L.D. of your very existence.

Within minute’s you were pinned down by heavy fire from above, a bullet wound to the side your first taste of pain. The only thing keeping you from annihilating the place was the fact that there were innocent people inside.

“When I figure this out your toast you scum bag’s!!!!” An onslaught of more heavy fire at the sound of your voice.

Your face warm from being covered by so much earth for so long. Just as rapidly as they commenced, it stopped. Suddenly a cold metal hand was jutting through your shield.

A strangled scream from the shock of it. Then you were pulled from the earth with a yank. The earth coating your skin like baptismal water. The still hot shell casing’s causing red mark’s on your skin while you shook them from your tank top.

“Hot oh crap. Shit Shit shit shit shit.” A funny dance accompanying your attempt to be rid of the slowly cooling metal.

“This is what they’re aiming at?” A tall blond man in a navy black body armor commented.

“Mutant’s come in all shapes and sizes.” Iron man said through his suit.

Your eye’s wide as the group before you emerged.

“Avenger’s.” You whispered to yourself. The man who had pulled you out of the dirt glancing at you with his peripheral vision.

“Sir, we must descend to the lower decks. See if there are any survivors. Wanda and Pietro are making their way now.” Vision reported to Tony and Steve. The metal man walking over with you not far behind.

“Was that you?” Captain America asked, turning to you.

“Me? Was what me?” Your sixteen-year-old self trying to play dumb. Eye’s going wide to accentuate your perceived innocence.

“Are you the mutant? If you were, we would owe you  thank you for finding this place.” Steve said trying to draw you out. Instill a sense of trust. Before he could say another word, his earpiece went off.

The color leaving the cheeks of all the present Avengers. Even Vision looked off. He had no stomach to speak of.

“Stay,” Steve commanded you before they moved to the dilapidated building.

“Right like I’m a good dog….I’m not a dog.” Once you were inside the tree line, a whole new vision appeared. A state of the art facility stood in front of you. Chrome and glow standing proudly before you.

Descending behind the Avenger’s, Steve looked perturbed. He merely had them form a parameter around you. Until you reached the basement level. The stench alone made you gag. Content’s of your stomach decorating the floor. Your face resting on the cool metal wall, soothing. That is until you pulled back, the reflection you saw dropped your feet from under you.

The carnage before everyone was insidious. Bodies in various states of decay. The obviously recently living encrusted with the long deceased. The instruments of torture scattered or partially destroyed. Hi-tech mixed with the archaic. You couldn’t look away. There drawn face’s staring at you. The horror written there undeniable. The fates suffered here was engraved on their bodies. Not even time could erode the endured evil.

“Bucky, get her out of here.” His much larger body quickly lifting you. Your tiny hand’s gripping the leather straps of his uniform. Your eye’s still wide while you stared into his black shirt. The face’s of the deceased refusing to leave your mind’s eye. Upon reaching the top step a flood of Shields clean up, the crew followed down the way you came.

Nick Fury waiting next to a large black jet.

“She wasn’t supposed to be down there.” Nick’s disapproving stare falling on his form. Fury had never quite learned to trust the ex-assassin let alone like him. Large leather boot’s walking towards Bucky.

“Set her down,” an ear piercing scream forced Fury backward. Then the ground began to shake violently, the building’s foundation cracking.  Tree’s falling on top of Humvees crushing their roof’s. Wanda’s red energy shot out stabilizing the area.

Your face burying itself in Bucky’s thick neck. His scent different than what you remembered.


The smell of bacon, egg’s, and pancake’s roused you from your slumber. Steve’s leather jacket draped across your front. Bucky’s blanket still resting over your shoulder’s protectively.

“Hey sleepy head,” Bucky commented playfully. A mug of steaming coffee placed gingerly in your hand’s.  A smile creeping across your face.

“I’m sorry,” Bucky said shoving his hand’s in his pocket’s.

“I forgive you. I appreciate it, but you didn’t have to do all this.” Your finger’s running through your hair: one part embarrassment two part’s wanting to fix your hair.

“I did. Yesterday….was a disaster.” Bucky disliking the uncertain feeling that had been sitting in his stomach.

“No, me leveling half a forest is a disaster. Yesterday was a learning experience.” You ended by drinking deeply from your mug.

Bucky relaxing as his stomach unknotted itself.  The two of you settling into a comfortable moment of clarity.

dating lili reinhart | (would include)

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- lili always showing you her exorcist trick with her neck

- “baby no! i told you it freaks me out”

- taco bell -all- the damn time

- facetime

- lots & lots of texting

- dating the actual meme queen

- always running them by you

- “is this one good babe?”

- “its hilarious”

- because they always are

- spending majority of your time at lili’s apartment

- moving in

- movie days

- ordering in -most- of the time

- but when you don’t you alway cook for her

- “im good with taco bell babe”

- pet names -a lot- of them

- impromptu singing

- being absolute goofballs

- recording each other

- taking silly snaps

- insta lives -all the time-

- “yes yes i know my girlfriends super hot”

- stealing all of lili’s clothes -especially- her caps

- movie nights

- comforting her with her anxiety and depression

- staying in a lot

- especially when she’s feeling down

- you cancel your plans and buy icecream and tounsit on the couch and watch rick and morty

- singing along to the theme song -loudly- and defiantly off key

- cuddles in the bed

- and on the couch

- you literally cuddled everywhere

- even in between takes

- or when someone else is filming a scene

- proud girlfriend™

- flying to vancouver from la often because you miss your girl

- buying her flowers and surprising her on set

- letting her take you around vancouver on her days off -rarely-

- getting along with the whole cast

- especially madelaine and camila

- spending a lot of time with the three girls when you’re back in LA

- coachella with he riverdale gang

- lili taking you as her date to the wrap party

- drunken karaoke

- drunken makeouts

- “i totally ship beronica”

- always wearing each others clothes

- pet names

- long car rides blasting lady gaga

- lili’s lowkey obsessed with gaga

- having a special playlist thats filled with both yours and lili’s favourite songs

- dancing around your shared apartment in your underwear

- “you have a cute ass”

- going with lili to majority of her interviews

- pulling faces off screen to try and slip her up

- open relationship

- proud lili™

- going on joint photo shoots with lili & cole

- camping with the boys

- baking

- food fights

- bite watch reality tv

- watching ever episode of riverdale -multiple- times

- “did i mention how adorable you were in miss stevens?”

- banter!banter!banter!

- teasing -oh god- so much teasing

- pda

- forehead kisses

- neck kisses

- body kisses

- lili commenting on all your ig pics

- visa versa

- playing with each other hairs

- “i miss your brown hair”

- puppy dog eyes 24/7

- getting lili a puppy -well- mostly you because you get so lonely when she has to leave

- celebrating season two pick up on a flight back to ohio

- lili showing you around her home town of cleveland

- her family loving you

- her mum always cooking for you

- meeting her sisters and getting along really well with the both of them

- getting to meet her god daughter

- lili taking a butt load of pictures

- getting to baby sit

- “oh my god, my baby and my baby

- her freaking pups

- so much face licking

- so many cuddles

- happy lili

- cleveland lili

- more live streams

- airplane cuddles

- mandatory taco bell after the airport

- catching up with cami and mads

- girls nights w/ lots of wine and chocolate

- going to events with lili

- protective lili™

- slow dancing

- salsa dancing

- drunk at 2am dancing

- challenging her to a game of pool

- winning

- and being super stoked about it

- hikes

- long tiring hikes

- watching the sunrise

- lili finding a new love for photography

- always being behind the lease

- and all over lili’s instagram and tumblr

- beach days

- working on your tan

- “damn lili, you really wear that bikini”

- laughing -all- the freaking time

- cussing like sailors but not being able to control it

- watching sherk when one of you is feeling down

- “there literally nothing that icecream and sherk cannot fix”

- lili always being right

- stealing the camera from lili and taking a billion shots

- polaroid cameras

- having the film pinned up behind your bed

- photo booth strips

- giggles

- laughing so hard your stomach aches

- helping lili through the hate

- tweeting out and showing them who’s boss

- being a foodie and wanted to go out everywhere with the girls

- “i just want taco bell”

- “what about veggie grill?”

- “madelaine we aren’t going to freaking veggie grill and lili don’t even get me started on taco bell

- "im down with whatever”

- “thank you cami- maybe i should swap girlfriends”

- jealous lili

- apologetic girlfriend

- make up sex

- visiting museums together

- tagging along to mexico

- eating something that isn’t taco bell for a change

- helping lili read lines

- and prepare for press days

- trying to squeeze spoilers out of her

- “so do you know who shot fred?”

- “yes for the hundredth time yes- and no i will not tell you”

- “well does he die-”

- “baby i swear to god if you ask one more time-”

- coffee dates

- because lets face it lili gets no where near enough sleep

- trying new things

- because it’s good for lili’s health

- trying yoga together

- strong advocate for personal space

- your phone being filled with photos of her

- and the same with her

- her vancouver apartment is filled with photos of you

- hating long distance

- but being so in love with your girlfriend

Request: i was really wanting a harry imagine about how your first kiss feels maybe both p.o.v. if u want :) thanks :))

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Hey, so as I’ve said, my blurbs/imagines tend to turn into stories. So this may not really be what you had in mind, but I hope you like it anyway. - Courtney xo

Kiss Me Kiss Me

here’s to teenage memories…

Samantha’s POV

Harry was my first. No, not that first. And not my first love either. Not even my first boyfriend really, because whatever it was we were doing, I wouldn’t constitute as dating. I don’t really know what we were. Just…friends? Hanging out? Whatever you’d wanna call it.

Okay, okay so I had a terrible crush on him. But my point is, he was the first boy I’d ever kissed.

And what a kiss it was… To this day I can still remember it, still remember what it felt like. I even remember what I was wearing, as silly as that sounds.

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Person: “If you’re a vegan, why are you fat?”

- Vegan General Tsos Mock Chicken and Buffalo Bites.
- Pink Sugar Rush Cake, Vegan Cream Eggs, 2 Twinkies, a Raspberry Poptart and Captain Crunch Fruity Berries Cake. 

“Cookies Prompt”

webcricket’s 500 Follower Celebration

Item/Object: Cookies

Word Count: 422

Requested by: @castieltrash1

(not my GIF)

Castiel stood mid-aisle, jaw clenched, shoulders squared for battle, squinting at the infinite assortment of packaged cookies lining the shelves.

“Can I help you find something, sir?” A bespectacled store clerk timidly inquired, having been dispatched by another customer to investigate the peculiar man in a trench coat muttering to himself in the snack aisle.

The blue-eyed angel shook his head, retrieving the phone from his pocket, “No.”

The clerk persisted in hovering nearby, idly rearranging the Double Stuf Oreos, the plastic wrap crinkling loudly.

Cas frowned at your smiling image on the phone, finger hesitating over the call button, the well-meaning clerk only serving to heighten his frustration. He jammed the phone back into his pocket, glowering at the clerk through clenched teeth, tone harsh, “No, thank you.”

The clerk twitched in his skin, jumping back from the shelf, “Right, okay.” He gestured over his shoulder, “I’ll just…,” and off he scampered.

Cas rolled his eyes, focus once again settling on the colorfully stocked shelves. You’d asked him for cookies. You weren’t feeling well, and Cas insisted on helping. When you wouldn’t let him heal you, citing personal reasons you’d rather not discuss just then, he’d asked if you needed anything. All you desired were cookies. It seemed simple enough, until he got to the store and faced the vast selection. And there he’d stood for nigh on thirty minutes, quietly reading off the various brand names, attempting to discern what exactly you’d meant when you said cookies. He refused to concede defeat to your request for mass-produced sugary bite-sized baked goods.

* * * * *

“Cas?” You heard a clamor from the bunker entrance. Closing your book, you made your way to the map room.

The angel had what appeared to be somewhere in the range of twenty heavily swaying grocery bags draped over and stuffed precariously under his arms and one swinging from between clenched teeth.

You rushed half-way up the steps to meet him, relieving him of some of the burden, “What in Chuck’s name did you buy?”

The words were garbled as he attempted to speak around the plastic bag in his mouth.

“Shouldn’t talk with your mouth full,” you chuckled, turning and bounding down the stairs, tossing your bags up on the map table.

Cas followed suit, rubbing his mouth with the back of his hand.

“Are these all…,” you rummaged through the bags wide-eyed, realizing they all contained…

“Cookies,” Cas beamed back at you, a proud grin tugging up the corners of his mouth.