New Video! So excited to announce my very first Baking Line with @WiltonCakes  The full line comes out later this year. l’ll keep you updated!

Batkids and fundraising

Idea came from @atomicnightbear
- In school (or at least when i went to school) there was always fundraisers for like PTO or new school items.
- Now the batkids would have to particpate because well they are school students.
- Bake sales are the easy option, or so they think.
- Dick learned it firsr, but Alfred insist the kids help with making the food since it was for their school.
- No matter how many times they destory the kitchen or set off the smoke alram Alfred sticks by this rule.
- Jason impressing all his classmates with browines.
- Jon wanted to join in, so he made Puppy Chow with Damian for his schools bake sale.
- When it comes to selling stuff like wrapping paper or cookie dough, they totally use Bruce.
- Like he leaves the sellling sheets in his office and with his secretary.
- Needless to say they usually meet their goal.
- Duke proving he can do it without Bruce and raising a lot of money.
- 13 year old Dick convincing everyone to buy cookie dough.
- Tim now working at WE when Damian does the fundraiser and getting himself a few tubs of it and telling Bruce to not let Alfred know.

Young Ion. He’s like 18 to 20. (The only thing that changes about him, is his hair (and maybe body mass, a bit…). The running joke is just perfect - Did you do something with your hair? Yes. Yes he did.)
Before the coma he was rocking a mallet, then an undercut with a ridiculous puffy topknot, then that simple haircut you can see everywhere (the topknot stays forever), then his temples began to turn grey and it just drives him crazy…

This is like… a paradox. Because the whole “empire” of the saints were built by destruction. Destruction of the others. (And by the PR companies. Which, I suspect were a Pierce’s idea. Cuz, you know Pierce. He seems like this type of guy, plus he’s a strategist.)
Ion is more of a straight(HAHA no.)forward type, who does things first, then thinks of the consequences (or doesn’t think at all). He improvises a lot, naturally comes up with ideas which just work out surprisingly well. Not always, but usually. He does what he does best and it’s - breaking shit.


etsyfindoftheday 5 | FRIDAY FRENZY | 3.24.17

scottish buttermilk + blueberry scones by xocolatlchocolate

ok, i’ve been on a scone kick all year so far … i think i’ll need to treat myself to some of these delectable organic blueberry scones made with scottish buttermilk! xocolatlchocolate has a ton more flavors, too — chocolate chip, cherry almond, honey lavender, rosemary citrus, white chocolate hazelnut, and more! NOM.

So, before I start this fun story lemme preface that I will not be giving any addresses, locations, and times of when recordings occur. I work at Funimation and had a rare opportunity and will protect the privacy of my coworkers.

Anyway. A few nights ago I was angsting on twitter about the recent episode of Zestiria the X. I messaged one of my coworkers/friends who is my Zesty friend and basically ranted about Dezel and said “Well, I sure hope in the dub they have the "Keep on keepin on line.” It was at that point that the amazing Caitlin Glass (Rose’s VA and also the nicest person in the whole world I love working with her) told me poke the ADR director. This led to talks of bribes and learning cookies are a proper bribe. The next day I wrestled with the idea of actually giving them cookies with a note that said “Keep on keeping on!” And of course my coworkers said it was a brilliant idea and encouraged me to do it. But I was gonna do it in style. I found the perfect green bow, cut out some key art and for the only time ever, I used my Rose sticky note and delivered the cookies to the studio.

This resulted in a fabulous discussion with the ADR director, him marveling at my Zesty swag and then him posting a picture of the cookies on twitter and tagging not just those of us from the previous evening’s convo but the script writer and Dezel’s VA.

Dezel’s VA said, and I quote “I’ll say that quote a hundred times for some cookies!!!”

I may be considering how to send cookies to our LA office.

And I stg if the line makes it in the dub I’m taking credit (not really) XD

Job perks, y'all!!!!!!!


Mes macarons parfum Fraise Tagada…..

Ganache montée à la Fraise Tagada :
A chaud :
- 60 g de Fraise Tagada
- 40 cl de crème liquide entière (30% MG)
- 20 g de pistoles au chocolat blanc
Après cuisson et hors du feu :
- 110 g de crème liquide entière (30% MG)

A faire la veille et à conserver au frais !
Le lendemain monter la crème en chantilly à l'aide d'un robot et placer dans une poche à douille pour garnir vos coques de macarons.

I Got My Mom Hooked on The Great British  Bake Off

Me: Mom, you might like this. It is kind of calm and lovely.

Mom: Okay, yeah, sure. Whatever.

*several hours later*

Mom: I despise you utterly.

Me: I know. You are  sitting there going, “Oh, it needs to be proved more” or “Oh, they shouldn’t bake it that long.”

Mom: I am so addicted.

*a few minutes later*

Mom: I despise you completely and utterly.