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8. Dessert // Nurseydex

« {Part 8 of my Valentine’s collection.} » 

a/n: In which Nursey is a sap. Basically I’m giving Nurseydex their Zimbits moment. Pie is involved.

“…You don’t know how to peel an apple, do you?”

Nursey whipped his head up to see Dex staring at him, an eyebrow raised. They were in the kitchen trying to make a pie for Ransom and Lardo’s birthdays, and it was going pretty okay—but definitely not thanks to Nursey. He’d been trying to peel the same apple for the last five minutes. “Um,” Nursey said. “Well, I’ve never had to, you know, peel stuff before—”

“It’s literally not hard,” Dex said. “I’d chirp you about how helpless you are, but I really just want to get this done. Let me show you.”

He stood at Nursey’s side, took the apple and the peeler, and started to demonstrate. “See?” he said, gripping the peeler tight in this long fingers. He shucked three long strips of apple peel into the sink and then handed the tool and the apple back to Nursey. “It’s not hard—you’re just incompetent.”

“Well thanks, that’s a relief,” Nursey said. Dex hip-checked him, and he hip-checked back.

“Since when are you so good at baking, then, huh Dex?” Nursey asked quietly after a moment or two of silence. “I remember you dissing baking back when we were frogs—”

“We’re still the frogs, Nursey.”

“Yeah, I know, I know. I just… Now it seems like more often than not you’re the one helping Bitty bake,” Nursey said. “What changed?”

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“ My mother always said love was supposed set you free. ”
“ Sweet dreams, asshole. ”
“ I’ve been a prisoner of my love for you for a very long time. ”
“ Hey I’m on my way. And don’t forget my money. ”
“ Yuck. Not my type. I’m so over that whole uniform thing. ”
“ Give me the power, I beg of you. ”
“ You never really actually killed anybody, did you? ”
“ Back on your knees. Crawl. Good boy/girl. ”
“ Stay down on the floor where you belong. That’s right. ”
“ Don’t tell me Schmucky is one of those dolls who wets his pants. ”
“ Yeah, okay, uh, just a second. ”
“ Thanks, sweet face. I owe you one. ”
“ I’ll kill anybody, but I’ll only sleep with someone I love. ”
“ My parents liked all my friends. ”
“  I didn’t hear her/him complaining last night. ”
“ And by the way, where the hell did you learn to bake? ”
“ Go ahead and shoot! I’ll be back! ”
“ They think we’re mass murderers! ”
“ What are you gonna study? ”
“ I give them six months, three if she gains weight. ”
“ You need me, otherwise you’re stuck like this for good. ”
“ I don’t need you, I’ll look it up myself. ”
“ Oh my god, what are we gonna do! ”
“ Who the hell’s this bozo? What’s she/he doing? ”
“ Stabbings went out with Bundy and Dahmer. ”
“ Were you born with that knife superglued to your hand or what? ”
“ He ain’t big enough to handle a woman like you? ”
“ It ain’t the size that counts, asshole - it’s what you do with it. ”
“ You can’t keep us from seeing each other. ”
“ Nope, just babysitting. Foul-mouthed little fucker. ”
“ I knew you were obsessed, but… ”
“ What are you lookin at punk? You lookin at me? ”
“ That ring is worth five or six grand easy. ”
“ You mean… you weren’t gonna ask me to marry you? ”
“ Huh! A true classic never goes out of style! ”
“ Come on, let me in or I’m likely to catch my death out here. ”
“  Barbie, eat your heart out. ”
“ Would you please stop talking to me like I’m the one who’s crazy? ”
“ You’re the crazy one! You’re the mass murderer! ”
“ Oh, my God, you really did a number on him/her, didn’t you? ”
“ What did you use? Was it really bloody? Did he/she scream a lot? Was he/she half… ”
“ Hold still honey or I’m going to poke you in the eye again. ”
“ Figures you’d hitch us a ride with a fugitive. ”
“ We belong dead. I’ll see you in hell, darling. ”
“ You son of a bitch! What have you done to me? ”
“ Well, you guys are in the right place at the wrong time. ”
“ I believe we already met, haven’t we, sweet-face? ”

Credence Barebone x Reader (Oneshot)

Warnings: None

Description: Credence visits often, and it’s always enjoyable with (Y/N), but today they were the happiest they could have been.

A/N: Yeah so I wrote a thing, I don’t really know if it sucks or not but hey maybe it’s sorta kinda decent?

(Fluff & Baking ahead!)

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Credence visited you often, that being said, it was no surprise when you heard the familiar quiet knock on your door. You did what you always would, ushered him inside, listening to his countless apologies about bothering you. 

Credence watched as you walked back into the kitchen, telling him to make himself at home, it was no surprise for Credence when he noticed you were baking again. You were more often than not spending your time baking. Not that he was complaining, he felt honoured to watch as you measured all the ingredients and mixed them together. 

It did, however, come as a surprise, when you suddenly asked him to come into the kitchen. He walked in slowly as you smiled at him, “I know I said make yourself at home but, would you wanna help me bake something?”, the way you said it was almost unsure, and Credence immediately responded to you, “I would probably just ruin the food, I don’t think you’d want me helping out (Y/N)…” He mumbled. 

You didnt miss the tone of his voice, “you won’t mess anything up at all, i’m here to help you, besides, it’s just for fun!” you responded happily. Credence could never understand why you helped him so much, but as much as he questioned your reasoning, he didn’t want it to stop.

 Credence decided it might not be that bad and responded to you, “I guess I can try, as long as you teach me” he mumbled. That brought a smile to your face, and Credence froze, he loved making you smile, it was one of his favorite things and it made it all worth it for him.

 He walked over to you as you handed him an apron and helped him tie it. You took a step back and smiled at him, “Now you look like a real baker Credence!” you laughed, making the corners of his mouth twitch upward into a small smile. You reached into a few cupboards, grabbing eggs, flour, and many other ingredients Credence had lost count of. Once you had everything, you began measuring how many ingredients you would need, and turned to Credence.

 You looked him in the eye, “now today, dear Credence, we are making, drumroll please… Christmas cookies!” you shouted, making Credence smile, she was like a child at the candy store being told she could get anything she wanted. 

Credence almost laughed this time, “Its not even close to Christmas yet (Y/N)” he said, as you began combining the ingredients you yelled over your shoulder, “dear Credence, that doesn’t matter! We have all this Christmas spirit, we must make cookies!” you stated with a matter-of-fact tone.

Credence loved days like these, the days you wouldn’t talk about something serious, the days where nothing seemed to matter to either of you. Credence laughed lightly, the feeling foreign to him, and you froze, turning around, “AHA, I knew you could laugh!” you shouted with glee, making Credence laugh a little harder.

 Finally, you handed him a bowl, “wanna mix the ingredients?” you asked, making Credence nervous once more, what if he messed up? What if he broke something? What if- “Credence, don’t worry, just try it, promise you’ll like it” you said with a smirk, although you had concern in your eyes. 

Credence carefully took the bowl, and began mixing the ingredients with the wooden spoon you provided, “Credence you’re a natural!” you stated, and Credence quickly became more confident that he wouldn’t mess up, he liked hearing that he was doing something right, especially from you, it made him feel useful.

 You watched as Credence continued mixing, you hadn’t lied, he mixed everything evenly, smoothly, it was like he had generally done it hundreds of times. When he finished mixing, you poured the mix onto a tray and pulled out a set of Christmas themed cookie cutters, laying them out in front of Credence.

 You grabbed the bell shaped cookie cutter, “Credence, come on, grab one and let’s shape some cookies!” you said, Credence smiled, grabbing the tree shaped cutter, beginning to cut into the mix, making cute little trees, smiling at how they turned out. 

You finished a row of bell shapes, grabbing the star shaped cutter while he followed your example and grabbed the snowflake shaped one, making his second row. After a short amount of time spent finishing your second row you grabbed festive colored icing, and handed some to Credence, beginning your own design on your bells as he begun to design his trees, later both of you moved on to your second shapes, finishing up and cleaning the small mess in your kitchen. 

You looked at Credence, “they should be finished soon, but in the meantime, did you enjoy the baking?” you asked, Credence not missing the small tone of hope in your voice, and he nodded without hesitation, “it was the most fun i’ve had in a long while, it was nice… to relax and have fun, not having to worry about anything.” He said quietly, almost as if he spoke any louder something would happen. 

You looked at him, and without thinking hugged him, and for a moment, he tensed, and you worried, you worried that you had screwed things up with him, that he would freak out and run back to his home. To your surprise however, after that moment, he hugged you back, shaking, and he held you like you were the only thing keeping him sane, which at this point, wouldn’t have surprised you. 

Suddenly, you had an urge, an urge to kiss him, and you immediately tried to dismiss it, it was wrong, you shouldnt take advantage of him like that, he needed a friend, a caregiver, not a relationship like that. You backed away for a moment, and Credence frowned, “d-did I do something wrong…?” he mumbled sadly, looking at you. You frowned and looked up to him, “N-no, of course not Credence, it’s just, I just, I can’t…” You mumbled slowly, not sure what you wanted to say, but knowing you had to say something, just to assure Credence that he did nothing wrong.

 He looked at you curiously, “t-then what’s wrong…?” he asked, and you mumbled something lowly, him not hearing it. He looked at you, slightly more determined now, “(Y/N) whats wrong..? Y-you know you can trust me…” He said, walking over to you. 

You looked up at him, at his doe like eyes, and mumbled out, “I’m worried i’ll scare you off if I tell you… I don’t want to hurt you Credence…” and he placed a shaky hand on your shoulder, “y-you could never scare m-me off… you can’t get rid of me that easily..” he said lightly, you very well knew that he knew you could scare him off, but hearing him say it like that made you think that he would understand.

 You looked at him, “I think I have feelings for you… and its fine, I know you don’t return them, I know you dont need this pressure, you dont need a relationship, and I don’t want to force you into anything, I still want to be here for you, I-” you cut yourself off when he smiled slightly, leaning forward like it was instinct, you leaned forward a bit too. 

He looked at you like you were the most important thing in the world, “c-can I k-kiss you (Y/N)….?” he mumbled, something you never thought you’d hear, “only if you want to” you responded, and he leaned forward lightly, closing the space between you two. 

The kiss was light, short, but it had so much meaning behind it, and you couldn’t have been happier, it was just… right. All of a sudden, the moment was ruined when you sniffed the air, smelling the now finished cookies, “C-Credence the cookies are done! Come on we have to eat them already!” you shouted as you bolted for the kitchen.

 Credence, still blushing from the moment you two just shared, smiled at the bashful figure heading into the kitchen, following you. You handed him a cookie, and both of you voiced how good they were, agreeing that they were amazing and that you would both make more together sometime. 

Both of you had also silently agreed, that neither of you could have been happier.

Daddy’s Little Girl VI (PeterxStark!Reader)

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Author’s Note: Part six is finally out, so I hope you guys enjoy it a ton! I’ll try to update something else this week, but we’ll have to see.

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  Tony exited the elevator and looked around. It was only nine o’clock, but all of the lights were off. His eyebrows furrowed up before turning on the lights and walking to the kitchen. “Hello?” he called out. No one answered.

  He stepped across the hallway, knocked on your door, and popped his head in. You were not there. “(Y/n)?”

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Minor Trust Issues *Bucky Barnes x Reader*

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Summary: “Oatmeal raisin cookies are the reason for my trust issues”
Warnings: Swearing & Bucky fluff plus flirting
Admins Note: Found a prompt and decided this was so Bucky Barnes, so, please enjoy this humorous one shot where yourself and Bucky aren’t together but you do flirt and like one another – if you want a part 2 of this where Bucky FINALLY asks the reader out let me know. Plus I love cocky, amusing Bucky; he is my favourite – Ro

“Oh, yes, cookies” Bucky yelled cutting off Sam and Steve, both men chuckled as Bucky strides over to the plate, a dozen or so cookies piled upon the china as Bucky picked up a cookie and examined it “are these raisins or chocolate chips?” he asked shoving the cookie in Sam’s face who shrugged, Bucky did so too and shoved the whole cookie into his mouth, chewing the gooey cookie and smiling as Steve carried on talking about some modern day thing. 

“Ugh thfjdRAISINSfhfhs” Bucky yelled, pieces of cookie flying from his mouth, Sam laughed as Bucky coughed up the cookie into the trash can and looked mildly offended at the cookies “who puts raisins in cookies? Who does that? Fucking animals” he muttered a deep glare.

“They’re just raisins, Buck” Steve laughed and took a cookie, so did Sam, both knowing who had made these cookies and Bucky watched with offensive as they ate the cookies “I think they’re great, whoever made this put a lot of heart and soul into them, you should be grateful they done this” he nodded and Bucky shakes his head.

“Whoever made these I no longer trust at all” he muttered and walked away, Sam picked up the plate and followed behind the men, chewing on another cookie as Bucky tried to walk as fast as he could away from the raisin demon cookies.

“Who keeps making cookies?” Bucky asked Natasha, she shrugged gently and pulled a cookie into her mouth, a small moan emitting from the Black Widow as she tried the cookie, Bucky eyed the cookies sceptically and took one. Natasha grinned lightly as Bucky took a tentative bite, chewing slowly as he tried to find out if it was raisins or chocolate chip, his face scrunched up in disgust.

“Why do you hate raisin in cookies so much?” Natasha asked with a bright laugh, finishing off her own cookie and taking Bucky’s, he pouted lightly; he wanted a cookie but he hated raisins. He sighed gently and shrugged “I love all cookies, cookies are great, you need to get used to these because I am requesting more” he poked his tongue out at her.

“Raisins in cookies should be a crime, it’s morally wrong, for everyone” he commented before stalking away, Natasha laughed loudly and holding the plate up to the vent where a hand came out and grabbed a handful, she giggled as Clint began munching rather loudly on the cookies.

“The cookie fairy is my favourite” Scott quips biting into a cookie, Bucky rounded the corner and looked between Steve and Scott, both of which nodded to the cookies with a deep grin; knowing they are raisin but wanting Bucky to eat one. He walked over and grabbed one, eyeing both men before biting into the cookie, chewing confidently till… he tasted a raisin and cringed strongly. Scott and Steve both are chuckling with one another as Bucky gulped down the cookie.

“Oatmeal raisin cookies are the reason for my minor trust issues” he muttered and Steve laughed loudly at him, shaking his head at Bucky, who was still grossed over the raisins. 

“I think HYDRA is the main reason for that, buddy” he patted Bucky’s shoulder who shot a look of anger, causing Scott to chuckle as he ate another cookie, mildly agreeing with Steve over that.

“Gonna have to get used to raisins” Scott tells Bucky who just sulks, sitting on a chair in front of his Ant friend “I hear a lot more cookies are coming in, raisin cookies” he grinned and Bucky frowned, he didn’t want to get used to raisin he wanted chocolate chip “you know, I’ll get in touch with the fairy and get some special cookies for you, okay?” he asked and Bucky looked at him, curiosity creeping up on Bucky, Scott knew who the cookie baker was? Scott just patted his shoulder with a smile before he left the kitchen, another cookie in his mouth; Steve just chuckled lightly at him.
Steve and Bucky walked through the Avengers base quietly discussing their latest mission with one another when Bucky smelled cookies, fresh cookies being baked and he stalked ahead of Steve to find out who the mystery baker is and stopped instantly in the doorway. Frowning as he watched you grace the kitchen, flour smudged on your left cheek, different batches of cookies around you plus cupcakes. You looked up and grinned shyly at Bucky, waving as he stepped inside and watched as you stirred another cake mix, this time, red velvet.

“You’re the mystery baker?” he asked and you nodded, mentioning you bake when you are stressed or anxious, he nodded and you smiled again. He eyed a few of the cookies as Steve came in; smiling at you and you did the same back, watching Bucky as he looked at the cookies but didn’t pick them up.

“Bucky they’re chocolate chip” you smile as he glared at you suspiciously, Scott had mentioned Bucky’s distaste to the raisin cookies and you just smiled at him. 

“Fine, I swear, I’ll kill you if they’re raisin, doll” you flushed at the pet name given, pointing to a plate of cookies where Bucky sighed, grabbing a cookie and studying it closely to his face. He bites into the cookie, Steve and yourself watching carefully, he chews on the gooey cookie and smiles to himself; no raisins. 

“Okay, I trust you with my life again” you giggled then Bucky leant forward and kissed your cheek, his stubbly jaw scratching your skin plus his lips leaving crumbs on your cheek, you blushed as he pulled back and ate the remaining cookie and took another one. If you knew Bucky would kiss you for making chocolate chip cookies, you would have made them earlier and a lot more.

“…Um… well if you have a-anything else you want me to bake, let me know” you stutter and go back stirring the mixture, Steve smiling knowingly back at you, Bucky nodded and sat down opposite where you were stirring; Steve left the kitchen silently. 

“Wanna carry on making some red velvet cupcakes?” he asked through a mouthful of cookie, you chuckled and nodded “why you baking so much?” he asked curiously.

“It’s a good stress diffuser” you tell him and he nods “you should bake, start by mixing this” you push the heavy bowl to him, he chuckled and nodded; pushing his sleeve up and using his metal arm to stir the mixture for you, grinning as you ate a cookie and watched as Bucky helped get the mixture to a nice, creamy state.

(Just something a tad hilarious/ humorous. You can request; one shots and imagines by myself and Angie - Rosalee)


Hella Cheap, Hella Easy Power Bars: 

  • 4 cups smooth peanut butter (roughly one 40oz. jar)
  • 4 cups oats (not instant)
  • 2 cups nonfat dry milk 
  • 2 cups ground flaxseed or wheat germ (or a combo of both), I like the taste of flaxseed
  • 1 cup honey
  • 2-4 Tablespoons cocoa powder (optional), depends on if you want a more peanut buttery or chocolatey taste
  • pinch of cinnamon

Yield: 80 squares

Cost: 17 cents per square

2 squares = the equivalent of one power bar in size and nutritional value

Throw all ingredients into a big bowl and mix by hand. Trust me, do not try to mix with a spoon, it’s too thick and sticky. Just stick your hand in and go to town. If the mixture when fully mixed is too sticky, add more oats, if it’s too dry add more peanut butter and honey. You’ll know it’s the right consistency when it comes away from the sides of the bowl and forms a ball, and doesn’t really stick to your hands. Line a standard baking sheet ahead of time with foil or parchment paper. Press the mix onto the sheet by hand and then take a rolling pin to pack it down. Put into the refrigerator for a few hours at least to harden a bit, cut into squares, and store in an airtight container. 

These don’t need to be refrigerated, but in my opinion they taste way better slightly cold. Also, this may seem like it makes a lot, but these will stay good in the refrigerator for months. Even if you live alone, I’d suggest making this full batch, they’ll become your favorite snack and last forever. 

Guys, I’m not kidding when I say I would have been close to starving for half my life if not for this recipe. These were always in the house when I was a kid, got me through college on a tight budget, and have remained a staple even now. These little squares are addicting (they’ll blow any power bar you’re eating away in deliciousness), are a third of the price at least, and take 10 minutes to assemble. 

Broadway AU

Pt 2

Marinette blinked a couple times letting her eyes adjust to the bright lights that shined down on her.

“Name?” A voice asked from the darkened theater.

“Marinette Dupain-Cheng.” She answered firmly though on the inside she was filled with anxious energy. She heard various whispers before finally a familiar voice spoke. “What part are you auditioning for and what song will you be singing today?”

“Im auditioning for Eponine and I’ll be singing Run away with me from the unofficial autobiography of Samantha brown.”

“Start when you’re ready.” Marinette closed her eyes and breathed in deeply before slowly let it out along with all her anxieties and doubts. She opened her eyes and could feel the first words on the tip of her tongue.

“Let me catch…”


“Let me catch my breath.” Adrien said meeting the cold grey eyes of his father.

“There is no time to rest in Broadway.” Gabriel explained impatiently tapping his hands on the desk, acting as if he were talking to some child.

“American psycho hasn’t even had its last show yet. Do you want me to do two shows at the same time?” Adrien clenched and unclenched his fists in frustration.

“Don’t be ridiculous you are merely showing up to the auditions as a formality. You will show up at the second audition to test which actors you have the best chemistry with and then you will begin rehearsals in April.” Adrien looked at his father in disbelief. He couldn’t even audition like other actors had to.

“Can you at least tell me what the name of the show is and how you already got me a leading role in it.” Adrien sighed in defeat accepting his fate.

“You will be Marius from Les Miserables. As for how I got you the part I have a business associate, Mr. Bourgeois, that wanted to get on my good side. Now if that is all I really do need to get back to work.” Gabriel stated leaving no room for Adrien to speak not that he could even if he wanted to Adrien was still trying to process his father’s words. Adrien walked out of his father’s office in a daze. Les miserables one of the most famous Broadway shows there ever was and he just had a leading role handed to him. Adrien’s fame and his father’s power had once again surprised him.

Adrien drove home mind buzzing with so many thoughts and ideas. His whole body was on autopilot from the small wave he gave to the elderly doorman to him kicking his shoes off before he entered his apartment. The only thing that distracted him was a mangy fluff ball that weaved itself between his legs tripping him up in a few steps.

“Hello Plagg.” Adrien groaned from his place on the floor looking up at the glowing green eyes of his little black cat.

“Mreow.” Plagg responded hopping on to Adrien’s stomach a purr reverberating through the cats whole body as it gently kneaded Adrien’s stomach.

“I don’t have any cheese.” Adrien deadpanned. As he expected the cat let out an offended hiss before jumping off the young man and padding back to where ever once again ignoring its owner’s very existence.

With a sigh Adrien got up but he couldn’t help the small smile that made its way to his face. At least Plagg didn’t offer any surprises. Adrien walked to his kitchen shedding his designer button up and slacks till he was in nothing but his underwear and socks. He looked through his fridge and seeing nothing too appealing settled with a simple apple. Walking back to his living room he grabbed his phone from his slacks and dialed a familiar number the person picking up after a few rings.

“Yo Nino how’s it going?” Adrien spoke plopping down on his couch.

“Adrien bro your not working.” Nino yelled into the receiver almost blowing out Adrien’s ear but the blonde couldn’t find it in himself to care.

“I know I finally have a day off unluckily my morning was spent at my father’s office.”

“Aw dude that’s jank what did he want.”

“Well it looks like I won’t have any free time after American Psycho.” Adrien sighed.

“That sucks whats your old man got in store.”

“Luckily it’s not another attempt at getting me into modeling and the show isn’t terrible.”

“Another show! Which one Aladdin?”


“The Book of Mormon.”

“Nope.” Adrien responded popping the “P” and taking a bit of his apple.

“Damn I was hoping,” Nino mumbled,“Oh School of rock?”

“Do I look like Jack Black or a child?” Adrien dead panned.

“Hey I don’t know you had a baby face for a while and were a bit on the short side.” Nino laughed

“Hardy har Im 6"3” and considered one of the most handsome bachelor’s in New York" Adrien said matter of factly pouting as his best friend continued laughing.

“Yeah whatever so you going to tell me what your show is going to be so I can know how much money I’ll be spending on a show.”

“Aw you’d do that for me,” Adrien sing songed getting a snort from Nino, “you’re to good for me.”

“Damn straight I am.” Nino shot back.

"I don’t think you’ll have to worry about tickets my father knows someone from the show so I’ll probably be able to get you a ticket to the one and only Les Miserables.”

“Woah dude nice getting yourself involved in the classics.”

“Yeah I think it will be cool so far I’ve only been involved in more recent plays.”

“Les miserables that sounds familiar I think Alya mentioned something about the play recently.”

“Ooh you’re still talking to that reporter.” Adrien asked knowingly.

“Shut up that’s not what this is about,” nino shot back before continuing, “ I think she said something about her friend auditioning for a part.”

“Hmm maybe I’ll meet this friend and we can all go on a double date.” Adrien joked laughing as his friend told him to piss off.

“Ha ha ha So bro what have you got planned today?” Nino asked changing the subject.

“Nothing yet but I ….


Marinette watched her best friend in slight disgust but mostly amazement as Alya ate every tray of cookies she sent her way all the while never looking up from her laptop.

"You want to take a break Alya? You’ve been writing for a good six hours and have probably eaten more than 100 cookies.” Marinettes said only getting a small grunt from the reporter who just continued to shove cookies in her mouth.

“No it’s fine Mari this is for you. You go ahead and bake all your little anxieties away.” Alya said through a mouthful of cookie never looking up from her computer.

“I’m pretty sure I’m currently more worried about your blood sugar than my call back.” Marinette explained gently taking back the almost empty tray of cookies holding back a giggle as her friend fumbled blindly looking for the sweets. After seconds of being cookie less Alya looked up.

“Marinette where are my cookies.” Alya whined pouting at her giggling friend.

“I’m cutting you off. you invited me over for a support Marinette day but it feels more like a use Marinette to satisfy my cookie addiction day” Marinette accused, her friend only shrugged before closing her laptop to appease the frowning girl.

“Okay okay I will admit I haven’t been giving you attention but I’m trying to get all my work done so when you get your call back I’ll be able to go with you.” Alya explained reaching across the counter and swiping another cookie.

“You mean get first dibs on the casting list for the show.” Marinette guessed looking unimpressed as Alya only gave a sheepish grin.

“Fine you got me but I’ll also be their to cheer you on.”

“Yeah you always do.” Marinette smiled starting to clean up all the dirty cookware laying around.

“So when are you going to get this call?” Alya asked.

“I don’t know they said around noon because they wanted to test the chemistry between some actors.”

“Oh interesting do you know who could possibly be your co-stars.”

“All I know is that Chloe is going to be in it since her daddy is a producer,so she’ll probably be Cosette.” Marinette grumbled.

“Augh I hate privileged rich people I bet she doesn’t even really have to audition.” Alya complained saying what everyone who auditioned was thinking.

“Yeah I just hope I’ll be able to get my part. It would be pretty awesome to star in such a well known show.”

“Girl you practiced that song for days and your acting is amazing there is no way you couldn’t get the part you’re absolutely perfect for it.” Alya said hoping Marinette would find some comfort in her words.

“Yeah but I can’t…”

Bzz Bzz

Marinettes phone vibrated on the counter catching their attention. She picked it up shushing Alya before answering, “ Hello this is Marinette.”

“Ah miss Dupain-Cheng it’s Nick Carver I’m calling you to let you know we would like to call you back to the theater to act out some scenes with a few of your co-stars.”

“Oh my Gosh really. I got the call. This is the call back isn’t it. Oh my yes I’ll be there. What time?” Marinette asked unable to contain her excitement as she basically shook with anticipation.

“1:30 if you could.” Nick chuckled amused by the girls energy.

“YES!!,” Marinette stopped taking a breath to compose herself realizing she was being a bit over the top, “I mean I’ll see you then but if I may can I know who some of my potential co-stars will be?”

“Of course I don’t see why not Peter Lockyer will probably play Jean valjean, Chloe Bourgeois as Cosette the others are not yet decided but for sure Marius will be played by Adrien Agreste.” Nick confirmed, “so that’s all I can say for sure so we will see you at 1:30 goodbye.”

“Bye.” With that she hung up bouncing on the balls of her feet meeting Alyas proud grin with her own smile.

“Call back?” Asked knowingly. All she got in response was a loud scream just before she was tackled to the floor.

“I did it! I did it!” Marinette cheered.

“I knew you would. So who’s going to be in the show?” Alya asked going into reporter mode.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Marinette said innocently.

“Shut up I know you asked, you were right next to me.”Alya laughed pushing Marinette off to get to her computer.

“Why don’t you love me?” Marinette whined into the hardwood floor.

“Because you’re being a butt now answer my question.” Alya said opening up her laptop. With a huge sigh Marinette rolled over onto her back.

“Chloe will probably be Cosette.”

“Gross.” Alya sympathized typing away.

“Peter Lockyer as Jean Valjean.”

“Nice he’s been in Les miserables before right?”

“Yeah I think so his name sounds familiar.”

“Yeah they know for sure who Marius will be, they said he would be played by Adrien Agreste.” Alya froze at Marinettes words.

“No way.”

“What? What’s the big deal?”

“Mari do you not recognize the mans name?” Alya all but shouted jumping from her chair rushing to her room.

“Well I mean it sounds familiar but I’m not remembering a face.” Marinette called to Alya listening as her friend rummaged around in her room for a few minutes.

“Found it! Here educate yourself.” A magazine was thrown at Marinettes face when Alya came back to the kitchen. She shot Alya a quick glare before glancing at the magazine

“Broadway’s newest star, Adrien Agreste, taking the title of New York’s most eligible bachelor.” Marinette read aloud studying the picture that accompanied the header. On the cover was a pretty good looking man. He had messy blonde hair that fell in front of his bright green eyes and accentuated his chiseled jaw line. He stood shirtless allowing a perfect view of his broad shoulders and defined abdominals. Overall he looked like the perfect male specimen.

“Wow I have to admit he is pretty good looking.” Marinette admitted fighting the blush that was slowly taking over her face, tossing the magazine back to Alya.

“Good looking!? The man is a demigod.” Alya corrected taking a minute to admire the picture.

“I thought you were more of a tall dark and wears glasses kind of girl.” Marinette asked knowingly not missing the way Alya tensed.

“Yes and no. I wouldn’t mind if this kid sweeped me off my feet.” Alya joked turning the conversation away from her. Marinette getting her friends drift decided to drop the subject.

“Well he’s cute but it’s not me who he’ll be wooing I’m only poor unloved Eponine.”

The idea that “human food” is bad for dogs is so ridiculous to me? There are some foods that humans can have that dogs shouldn’t, sure, but that doesn’t mean you need to buy a bag of “dog food” (or cans of dog food) to properly feed your dog. The idea that dogs should only eat “dog food,” is false. A perfectly healthy meal for a dog is boiled chicken, brown rice, and cooked / canned green beans. You might be able to get these from the store, and make meals ahead of time with them that are cheaper and ultimately healthier for your dog (no fillers, happy tummy ingredients.) 

Just be sure to cook the chicken thoroughly and hand pull breast and thigh meat, checking for bones. Dogs should not consume chicken w/ bones in it and they shouldn’t eat the skin / fatty parts. Mix the cooked chicken, brown rice, and green beans together and portion into plastic containers that you can save for meals during the week. You can also make a meal out of lean ground beef or turkey, peas, and carrots. Making meatloaf using lean ground beef or turkey and organ meats like liver with peas and carrots can also be a cheap healthy meal for a dog. Bake the loaf ahead of time, and cut into meal sized servings. 

My dog has had belly issues since he was a pup, and switching him to a diet of plain boiled hand-pulled chicken and simple dog-friendly steamed veggies (green beans, carrots, peas, squash, zucchini) has done wonders for his health (and it’s been vet approved.) He loves to eat it too, and has no interest in “dog food.” If this is an affordable option for you, in terms of both time and money, I really suggest trying out dog-friendly fresh foods that you can boil or steam. Please do remember though that lean meats are good for their health, and feeding a dog an all-veggie / vegan diet can easily result in malnutrition. 

[ It was nearing the time Gaster would come over for the evening and help teach him how to do Monster Sign Language. He didn’t think much of it and had dressed comfortably in a rather nice lilac shirt he found hidden away in his closet, and a pair of dark pants to match. Thinking it best to stick to the castle for now he went about sprucing the place up for their needs for most of the day.

Figuring they’d need some food to help the lesson he had gone ahead and baked some cookies to pick over during the night. Fussing over a few more things as he neatened up he sat down at last to wait for his guest to arrive. ]

* He should be here in a few minutes if that clock is right..


Recently I’ve realized that my best days start when I not only have a healthy, delicious breakfast, but also when that breakfast looks as amazing as it tastes. Waking up to a big bowl of beautiful puts a much needed early morning smile on my face, especially since I’ve been waking extra early for morning yoga! I wanted to share some of my most recent breakfast creations, I hope they start your day with energy, nutrition, and a positive outlook too!

I try to alternate my breakfast each day between granola inspired yogurt bowls and big fruity green smoothies. Sometimes though, when I’m in a hurry, breakfast bars, mini muffins, and other make ahead baked goods are my go-to’s! You can get more pictures of my breakfasts, lunches, quick snacks, and more (including my adorable kitten!) on my instagram: piecesinprogress.

Oh and like me, all of these recipes are gluten free!
Mary Berry to leave Bake Off ahead of Channel 4 move - BBC News
UK TV cook Mary Berry quits Great British Bake Off, saying she will stay with the BBC out of "loyalty".

Well there we have it - Mary isn’t following the show to Channel 4, and has made it clear in her statement that her reason is loyalty to the BBC when she could easily have said she just wanted to retire or something, so while I’m so, SO sad about this I’m also full of respect for her. 

Paul is the only one now who hasn’t made his decision, and really I feel it could go either way… if we’d got this news a week ago I would have assumed Paul would be announcing he’s leaving the show too any moment, but it’s taken a long time for this statement to come, and I wonder if it’s because Paul is leaning towards staying and the production team/Channel 4 have been desperately trying to get Mary to stay too, hence the delay. So the question is, will he stay now that all the others are gone? Would it be better to have one of the four left or just to start over from scratch? 

Put us out of our misery, Paul. PLEASE. 

parcivalstuff  asked:

At the end of Mettaton's Cooking Show, after reaching the human soul substitute, Mettton says "Haven't you ever seen a cooking show before? I already baked the cake ahead of time!" If we were believe what Mettaton said about needing a human soul as it is the main ingredient, whose soul did Mettaton use in the pre-made cake? (Unless he also used the human soul substitute, which is doubtful due to Mettaton only realising that he had some during the cooking show)

It’s a set up, the whole thing is staged, Mettaton never was supposed to kill Frisk, Alphys had it set up as a plan to make Frisk like her and think she was a hero, and ultimately get Frisk to like her enough to not go and fight Asgore and leave. They weren’t actually going to use your soul in a pie. Robots can’t eat. It’s just something that would scare a child. It’s only in the Core when Mettaton decides to bribe the workers to change the layout of the Core, so Alphys, not knowing the way the Core works and relying on a map of the old layout, can’t help.

Frisk was supposed to use the elevator down to Mettaton, face him, and then Alphys was supposed to burst into the room and deactivate Mettaton and save Frisk. What she didn’t account for, is that Mettaton is not an Artificial Intelligence with set rules and commands, he is a ghost in the corporeal form of a heart core, controlling a robotic body. He wants there to be real tension, a plot twist, he is bored of acting and gets really upset if you don’t even try and he can’t kill you because he has to play along. It’s not getting the ratings he desires.

So unlike an AI, he breaks the rules, and he makes his own plan. He will kill and take this humans soul, on live television, and cross the barrier, to become a star among the vast population of humans. That’s why he wanted a body like a human. He wants to be like human stars. It’s why he covers the unfinished robotic eyeless half of his face with his hair.

Sweet Potato and Carrot Roast

This is one of my favorites and it’s SUPER easy and really healthy.


  • SWEET POTATOES (however many you have)
  • BABY CARROTS (however many you have)

Preheat to 400 F (I’ve also had success using 425 F if I’m in a bit of a hurry. It allows me to cut the cook time down by about 15 minutes.)

Skin and chop the sweet potatoes into a rustic cut (think large bite-sized pieces). I usually just use one medium-sized knife for the skinning and chopping process. It saves time. Use the same knife to chop up some baby carrots (you can skip this step, but then the carrots won’t end up softening up by the time the potatoes are ready. Again, rustic cuts. I usually just slice the baby carrots in half). Throw it all into a baking dish, coat with a little oil (for non-vegans, using pads of butter works really nicely too), dust with some salt and pop into the oven for 45 minutes to an hour. 

You can just leave them be until the timer goes off. I also find it helps to take them out of the oven about halfway through the cook-time to give them a bit of the stir - it helps redistribute the oil and will improve the texture consistency of the dish. To check if they’re done cooking, just pierce some pieces with a fork. The sweet potato should cut like butter and the carrot should provide little-to-no resistance.

The roasting will bring out the natural sweetness in both the carrots and the sweet potatoes and they pair together beautifully. I love to eat them just with that dash of salt, but they are also WONDERFUL with a little brown sugar and cayenne - it creates a lovely sweet-and-spicy flair. Just remember to go easy on the sugar or you’ll cover over the natural sweetness.

Depending on your chopping skills, this meal shouldn’t take long to prep. It makes for a good prep-ahead meal: you can either stash the chopped veggies in the fridge til you’re ready to bake or bake it ahead of time and reheat the leftovers. 

Additional tip: roasting sweet potatoes is always best when they’re a little more fresh. I made the mistake once of roasting sweets that had been neglected in my mother’s house for a few months and they tend to go a bit stale. Edible, but not quite as delicious. 

Whenever I watch Cake Boss it makes me want to just quit acting and go ahead and bake cakes for the rest of my life. I’m opening a bakery in New Jersey.  Goodbye everybody. I’ll probably only sell those small cakes that you have to make out of the box but we all have to start somewhere. If you had to pick another job to have, what would that job be?

Healthy Choco-Peanut Butter Breakfast Bars

I love my sleep, and that means that I want to get up as late as possible before a long day of school or work. One of the ways I do this is by prepping my breakfast for the week ahead by baking to my hearts content during the weekend. One of my recent favorites is this easy and delicious fruity chocolate peanut butter bar with lots of healthy carbs and sugars with a little protein to start off my day with all the energy I need.

What you will need:

3 ripe bananas

¼ cup pure honey

¾ cup peanut butter (either smooth or chunky depending on your preference)

1 tbsp goats milk (almond, coconut, and soy milks are also good alternatives)

4 cups oats (granola and muesli work just as well)

2/3 cup ground or powdered almonds


Chocolate chips or baking chocolate to drizzle on top

How to:

Start by loosely cutting up the bananas and using either a blender or a potato masher to make a thick soupy consistency.

Next add in the honey, milk and the peanut butter and continue to mash and stir until all the ingredients form a light paste

Next stir in the oats 1 cup at a time, mashing up clumps of granola or large fruit chunks into smaller bits

Lastly add the ground almonds to create a bit of a thickening binding agent

Next, scoop out the batter in small chunks depending on how big you want your breakfast bars to be. You can also use a cookie cutter for this in any shape (hearts and stars are fun) or just your hands and a wooden spoon. You should get something that looks like this:

Bake the breakfast bars at 175 Celsius (250 Fahrenheit) for 15 minutes before taking them out to let them cool on the tray for 10 minutes, and then move them to a plate to cool completely. Once they are completely cool you can melt some baking chocolate and drizzle them over the bars for a bit of extra flavor.

These are such a great way to get in a quick and nutritious breakfast before a busy day, and can also be used for snacks or desserts. Please let me know how it goes if you try them out!

Much love,