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Baking Cookies - Jay x Evie

00sandrine asked for Jay x Evie!! I really enjoyed writing this one!

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“Tourney’s canceled, again!” Jay said as he strolled through Evie and Mal’s door and laid out dramatically on Evie’s bed.

“Why?” Mal asked, not even bothering to glance up from the spell book she had her nose buried in.

“Uh, the rain?” Jay replied, a hint of annoyance in his voice.

“Ah,” Mal said, a small smile on her lips. “I wonder why it’s been raining for a week straight.”

“Gee, I dunno Mal. But it’s getting kind of old,” Evie mumbled towards her friends direction.

Mal looked up briefly and made eye contact with Evie, one perfect eyebrow coming up as if asking an unspoken question. Evie’s eyes darted towards the open door and then back to Mal.

“I’ll just go see what Benny-Boo is up to, since practice is cancelled again,” Mal said as she gracefully jumped out of bed and out the door, swinging it shut tight behind her.

“What was that about?” Jay asked, rolling over onto his side to prop his head up on his hand.

“Oh who knows. You know Mal - all mystery, all the time,” Evie said.

“So what’s the plan? I’m bored and have nothing to do since practice is cancelled again,” Jay asked, looking up at Evie.

“Well, I have several outfits I am working on, so I was-”

“Ugh, come on Ev. Let’s do something more fun than sewing!” Jay complained.

“Sewing is fun!” Evie retorted, landing a soft slap to Jay’s shoulder.

“I got it!” Jay suddenly said, snapping his fingers and sitting up. “Let’s go down to the kitchen and you can make us some of those cookies with those little chocolate bits in them!”

“Chocolate chip cookies?”

“That’s the one!” Jay exclaimed, leaping to his feet and pulling Evie up in one fluid motion. In his excitement, he pulled a little too hard and Evie landed right against his chest. Jay’s arms wound around Evie and he picked her up to spin her around. “I love chocolate!” Jay laughed, twirling her around again.

“Okay okay, I’ll make them! Now put me down!” Evie said, her heart racing at the sudden intimate contact.

Jay set her down, rubbing her upper arms and smiling down at her. “Let’s go! I’ll even help!”

Jay grabbed one of Evie’s hands and threw the door open. The next thing Evie knew, they were racing down the hall together towards the kitchens, hand in hand.

Once they got there, Evie grabbed a bowl for mixing and started rummaging around for ingredients. Jay jumped up to sit on the counter, grabbing an apple and chomping down on it.

“You know what this reminds me of?” Evie said. “When we were kids, and I always asked you to play house with me. Do you remember that?”

“Haha-yeah! How could I forget? You would ask me every other day to play with you!” Jay exaggerated.

“I did not!” Evie replied, pointing her mixing spoon at Jay’s face. “And don’t tell me you didn’t have fun! I made you all kinds of food!”

“I know, it was killer!” Jay smiled, taking another big bite of the apple. “But I don’t miss those awful dances you always tried to teach me!”

“HEY! You have got to be kidding me!” Evie half yelled, half laughed at him while combining the ingredients in a bowl. “You’re the one that always wanted to dance! I was content fixing your leather vests and cooking!”

Jay busted out laughing, hands over his stomach as he leaned forward towards the floor. “It’s so easy to push your buttons, Ev! Plus, you’re cute when you get riled up like that,” Jay said, showing his gorgeous smile and winking at Evie.

“Ugh, Jay. Why do you always have to do that?” Evie blushed, trying to hide it by keeping intense eye contact with her mixing bowl and stirring furiously.

“Wait, are you blushing?” Jay giggled, jumping off the counter and coming behind Evie.

“Stop it Jay!” Evie yelled playfully, poking him in the ribs with her elbow.

“Oh you are going to have to try a lot harder than that to push me away,” Jay whispered seductively in her ear.

Evie immediately stopped stirring, catching onto his words. She braced herself against the counter with both hands splayed out, while Jay inched dangerously close to her neck.

Suddenly, he turned her around with two strong hands on her hips. The minute she was facing him, Jay’s lips came crashing down on hers. Evie ran her hands up his strong chest and tangled them firmly into his hair. Jay’s hands wrapped around her lower body, pulling her tight up against him.

Evie opened her mouth to let Jay inside, giving him free reign to explore with his tongue. A gentle moan escaped Evie’s lips, to which Jay growled and lifted her up onto the counter. Evie wrapped her legs around Jay’s hips, pulling him close to her. He ran his hands all over her body, exploring every inch of her while their clothes were still on.

“Jay,” Evie moaned in her low, sultry voice.

“God, Evie,” Jay moaned into her mouth, sucking on her lower lip as he gripped her hips and thrust against them.

Suddenly someone cleared their throat.

Jay and Evie froze, their eyes wide and locked on each other.

“It’s just me,” Carlos said, trying not to laugh.

“CARLOS GET OUT!!” Jay and Evie said together, Jay going as far as to throw a nearby dish towel at him.

Carlos easily dodged the projectile, openly giggling now.

“I just wanted to pop in and say you guys are being really loud and people are starting to notice. Get a proper room away from prying eyes,” Carlos explained, shaking his head at the two. “Also, Mal owes me five bucks! Thanks guys!”

“Carlos what the heck?” Evie said, glaring at the small boy.

He shrugged, laughing once more at the two entwined on the counter and leaving the way he came.

“Well that was–not like playing house when we were little,” Jay joked, smiling up at Evie.

Evie rolled her eyes. “Let’s just finish these cookies and then take Carlos’s advice on the room,” she cooed at Jay, hovering dangerously close to his lips again.

“I like the way you think,” Jay replied, all smiles as he leaned in for another kiss.

Vox Machina as parents

Percy: Nerd Dad. Lets his kid “help” in the workshop and then cleans up the mess after they leave. Makes all of his kids toys himself. Kids go through a phase where they are “too cool” for him, but quickly grow out of it. Normally quite fair, polite, and reasonable in his dealings, but no one messes with his kids lest they incur his paternal vengeance.

Keyleth: Overprotective Mom. Insists on holding her child’s hand as they cross the street until they are, like, 17. Tries way too hard to be available for them 24/7. Sometimes has trouble laying down the law, but is too sweet to take advantage of. Lets her child keep every stray animal that they find.

Tiberius: Soccer Dad. Way too proud of child’s accomplishments. Owns a “My little sorcerer is an honor student at Emon Elementary School” bumper sticker. Extremely strict but clueless enough that it balances out. “My child drinking alcohol? Poppycock!” Can sometimes be unreliable at times, but always ready to throw a few fireballs the instant his child needs help. 

Scanlan: Dad Joke Dad. The kind of dad that accidentally embarrasses his child. The kind of dad that embarrasses his child on purpose. The kind of dad who sings songs loudly in public and sings louder when his child complains. Gives awful dating advice that somehow ends up helping anyway. Most likely of all of Vox Machina to actually be a dad.

Grog: Friend Dad. Braids flowers into his daughter’s hair, then teaches her how to wield an axe. Has wrestling matches with his children and lets them win. Not skilled at teaching manners or helping with academics, but knows his weaknesses and will send them for a lecture from Uncle Tiberius if they are bad. Sends them to Pike if they need help with “emotions”. Teaches them about colors, shapes, and shiny things himself.

Pike: Maternal Good. Made of pure mom energy. Makes lunch boxes every morning with little notes that say things like “Have a great day!” and “I love you!” Spoils her children, but doesn’t let them walk all over her. Bakes brownies for the PTA bake sale. Heals boo-boos with the light of Sarenrae. Teaches her children to destroy their enemies with kindness.

Vex: Cool Mom. Lets her kids get away with a lot. Occasionally aids them in their rule breaking. Very lax in her rules except when it come to money. Teaches her kids to shoot and hunt and stealth. Encourages her awesome stealth kids to pull elaborate pranks on their Uncle Vax. All of her children’s friends have awkward crushes on her. 

Vax: True Dad. You will not find a more dadly dad. The dadliest. The omega dad. Vax’ildad. Fun, but not afraid to lay down the law to keep his children on the right path. Encourages his awesome stealth kids to pull elaborate pranks on their Aunt Vex. Would have given his children daggers at age 7 if Vex and Keyleth didn’t stop him.

Trinket: Bear Dad. Is best dad. Very overprotective of his own children as well as Vex’s. Tries to mimic Mama Vex’s parenting. Teaches cubs to roly poly and give massages.

Lockheed: ?????? *dragon sounds*?

X: so there is this role…
Hoechlin: *not interested*
X: it’s in the sequel of 50 shades of grey
Hoechlin: *still not interested*
X: you gonna play a writer
Hoechlin: *I miss my Dylan boo. And now he is going to Vancouver sighs*
X: You gonna film it in Vancouver
Hoechlin: *I wanna bake cookies with my boo in Vancouver-* wait did you say Vancouver? Sign me up man. I’m in. All the yes for me in Vancouver with my boo-I mean the movie. Great. Yeah. The movie.

And this is why Hoechlin accepted the role.

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  1. “Make me.”
  2. “Don’t leave, please.”
  3. “Looks like we’re stuck her for a while.”
  4. “Why are you in my bed?”
  5. “Hey! That’s my pizza! Put. It. Down.”
  6. “Please don’t tell anyone!”
  7. “I swear I didn’t mean to do it!”
  8. “You hit my mailbox!”
  9. “Whatcha doin’?”
  10. “Look! It’s snowing!”
  11. “I’m pregnant.”
  12. “Let’s go to the zoo.”
  13. “Well, this is awkward.”
  14. “May I sit here?”
  15. “Why are you getting out of the car?”
  16. “Wake up. Please. I’m scared.”
  17. “I dare you.”
  18. “Why do you have a puppy?”
  19. “Come over and bake with me.”
  20. “BOO!”
  21. “Well, I’m still not sorry.”
  22. “Are you jealous?” 
  23. “It could be worse, you know.”
  24. “Did you smile at me?”
  25. “I thought I lost you.”
  26. “Why did you climb in my window?”
  27. “You’re not my mom.”
  28. “Can I wear your sweater?”
  29. “Good morning, sunshine.”
  30. “Are you still awake? I need to talk.”
  31. “Sorry I fell asleep on you last night. You’re just really comfy.”
  32. “Do I get a kiss for that?”
  33. “No. I’m not doing that.”
  34. “B-but all the food!”
  35. “I wanna go!”
  36. “Why are you wet?”
  37. “Please tell me you didn’t.”
  38. “Will you marry me?”
  39. “That’s my blanket!”
  40. Make your own.