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I am realllly sorry to bother you with this and I'm sure a LOT of people have ask but I haven't been online in days and I was just wondering if Rocky is dead or you just not motivated to rp on his blog as of late. If not that's fine and all I was just lost and confused and ok I'll stop now OTL Thank-you for your time!

why does everyone keep saying rocky is dead???


so my mom just said i had to take down a picture of me and my friend on facebook

this was the picture: 

she said that we were too……… intimate with each other

the shit of my mom has been pulling is just

so what she’s saying is that i can’t have a picture of me and my non-existent girlfriend on facebook

i just

im pissed

bakatama replied to your post: electra-ler???  no thanks

I agree :I I don’t know how I feel about her.

it’s not because


it’s because i dont like her or her character– she bores me and i just don’t find anything attractive about her

i tried to read her blog and i tried to get into her character, but i just cant

i want to scratch out my eyes with rusty spoons it’s so bad