Petulant | Chuuya Nakahara

Bungou Stray Dogs | Chuuya Nakahara
Language. Mentions of Suicide (Dazai being a dork, mainly). Aggressive Kisses. Jealousy. Mentions of Sexual Situations.


All words to describe Chuuya Nakahara’s feelings towards Osamu Dazai.
But right now? He straight up wanted to murder the man.

Now this was not unusual given their history with one another and the hate that boiled between them. Not at all, each meeting was an explosive waiting to go off. Right now, that feeling was multiplied tenfold.


Well. He was touching you.
You were his treasure, that he always had with him - besides his beloved hat of course. You were his significant other, and right now you were having a delightful time having a conversation with the person he hated most. Being Chuuya’s girlfriend, you were well aware of your boyfriends distaste for the former mafia member - he bitched to you every other day about the man. However you were still on fairly good terms with him and the two of you still spoke regularly and kept in touch when the time would allow. Dazai, being the “enemy of women” he was, would occasionally still ask you for a Lovers Double-Suicide, which you would always take in stride with a polite refusal.

However, this made a certain hot-headed young man rather… angry was not the right word. Your boyfriend was down right furious, at the concept. A Lovers-Suicide would imply that at some point in your relationship, you had had some more.. intimate time with the Detective. And that thought sent a rage through the smaller body of your boyfriend. As did the sight of your current predicament; with Dazai clasping your hand and his eyes practically glittering.
You were not startled when Dazai’s head was suddenly slammed into the mahogany table of the cafe. The other attendee’s of the place jumped out of their seats, staring at the situation at hand.

“Don’t touch my fucking girlfriend!”

You merely smiled at the sight of Dazai raising his head to meet the eyes of your boyfriend, deciding to just wait this situation out.

“Chuuya~ Would you like to join us?” Dazai mused.

Dark eyes narrowed at the taller man, and Chuuya practically ripped you up from your seat. His arms were wrapped securely around your waist, holding you almost protectively against the side of his body. Chapped lips pressed firmly against yours, one hand holding your lower back and the other on your upper. You felt yourself being dipped as a slick muscle ran against your lips, prying them open. Once you opened up further to give him access, he jumped at the chance to show the Armed Detective that you were indeed Chuuya Nakahara’s girlfriend. Pulling himself away, he gave you the look before pulling you back so you stood up straight.
From bruised lips, a single word came hissed;

With a swift movement, he lifted you over his shoulder and began to stride away.
You could see the dark haired man from your place, and gave him a polite wave. “See you later, Dazai-san!”

“Wear protection, Chuuya-chan~” Dazai called, causing several people around him to burst into a blush.

You could tell your lover opened his mouth to say something, but you smacked his thigh from your place hanging over his shoulder. “Don’t say a word.”

Now back at the shared room, he tossed you onto the bed. You squeaked for a moment, feeling yourself bounce a bit against the soft mattress.
“Chuuya?” You asked.

Usually when he did this situation, he would start with aggressive kisses and his gloves squeezing your skin. But right now he just paced around the room, like he was debating something. Finally he looked towards his closet, nearly ripping the doors off the hinges as he through it open. You tilted your head, trying to see what he was up to - it was when he was in these moods that you knew that you should probably just roll with everything. He was extraordinarily touchy when in this state. He seemed to have found what he was looking for, because he strode back to you. Leaning close to your frame, you felt something wrap around your neck.

“A choker?” You asked, fingers brushing over the silk ribbon. He only gave an irritated hum in return, plopping down on the bed next to you. You grinned, wrapping your arms around his torso. “Chu-ya~” You chirped, “You were jealous again, weren’t you?”

He glared at the air, “…So what?” But he wrapped his arms back around you, not daring to meet your eyes.

“You know I keep telling him no, right~?” You chuckled and kissed his jaw. “I don’t need a matching choker for him to know that. For anyone to know that!”

“He was holding your hand! And had that look on his face!”

“Love, I told him I heard of a suicide method while I was on my last mission.” He blinked. Once. Twice. Thrice. “I hadn’t accepted his offer. I have no reason to commit suicide, and I have no reason to leave my wonderful, cute, and jealous boyfriend.”

Red flared up on his cheeks. “I am not cute!”

“At least you’ll admit you’re jealous.” You snickered. “You’re right, you’re not cute. You’re absolutely gorgeous. My handsome, well-dressed, gentleman.”

You leaned over to give him a kiss, but he leaned away. The weight caused you to both fall back onto the mattress, with your hands holding you up. A laugh escaped you and you leaned down and gave him a peck on the nose.
“You’re cute when you’re jealous, though.”

He mumbled.

“What?” You asked.

“I said you’re always cute.”

You hummed in delight, “I love you, Chuuya Nakahara~”

“Yeah yeah… I love you too, you ass.”

[Extended Ending]

“Your ass~”

“Yours looks better.”


“You started it.”            

{ ~~~~ }

Headcanons Created by @bakahara-chuuya

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Osamu Dazai & Chuuya Nakahara / Bungou Stray Dogs  © Kafka Asagiri

cantankerous | ryuunosuke akutagawa

Bungou Stray Dogs | Ryuunosuke Akutagawa
Lots of Violence. Language. Jealousy. Mentions of Intense Injuries. Aggressive Kisses.
Headcanons Used Created by @bakahara-chuuya

Ryuunosuke Akutagawa & Kajii Motojirou / Bungou Stray Dogs  © Kafka Asagiri


Being the main medic of the Port Mafia, you had learned very quickly on how to adapt to each members personality.
For some, this adaptation was just to get by - many of them had the mentality of “I’m only here to get treatment. Don’t say anything unless you have to”. For others, this helped create a healthy friendship between you and they.

For a certain common / reoccurring patient of yours, Ryuunosuke Akutagawa, your patience and head-strong personality allowed something a little more to blossom. The Port Mafia was baffled how you managed to handle the ‘Lone Wolf’ so well, and get him to actually behave in your presence. It took many visits to your wing of the base for him to understand that you did not give a damn if he did not want your help, you were the doctor and he was going to get his fucking injuries bandaged one way or another so he better shut his mouth. When he realized that fighting with you over not getting your help would only cause more injuries and thus put off more missions, he finally sat down and shut his trap so you could wrap those bandages around his injuries and stitch up any gashes in his skin.

After some time together, you grew the courage to ask the temperamental male on a date. You still have the scar from when he threw you across the room due to his belief that you were messing with him.
Still, You were nothing if not persistent.

Although you expected your now-boyfriend to be protective of you, you did not expect… quite to this level.
Or his jealousy.

He seemed so confident in himself, and seemed to trust you.. So when you were patching up Kajii Motojirou from his most recent ass-kicking, you did not expect him to be slammed into the nearest wall, held up by his throat by your boyfriends ability. Snapping your head in the direction of the dark haired male, you gave him a glare.

“Ryuunosuke Akutagawa. Put. Him. Down.”

The male said nothing as he stalked towards you, or rather past you. Rashomon went around your frame, looking up at you almost in greeting. You kept your gaze on your boyfriend as he strode up to where Kajii was being held high up against the wall, merely glaring at him.

“Rashomon, please put Kajii-kun down.” You sighed, moving carefully as not to touch the beast. “Aku! Don’t injure him anymore! He’s already got a laundry list of injuries that are going to be a pain in the ass to fix!”

The male turned towards you, his lips pressed into a firm and thin line. Rashomon vanished from sight, dropping Kajii straight onto the ground. Before you could fetch the poor punching bag, your boyfriend grabbed your hand and dragged your form out of the medical wing.
“Someone take care of him, please!” You called to your peers, hoping one of them got the message. It would be useless to fight against Akutagawa when he was in one of his moods, especially since he could go into a fit of rage and Rashomon would then be turned towards the Port Mafia’s base. That was not a meeting you wanted to have with the Boss… again.

The circulation in your hand was being cut off by the tight grip the black-clad male had on your palm, and you winced at the pain that shot through your nerves. All subordinates, and even a few peers kept their backs against the wall as the two of you went quickly through the hallways of the base. He must have had that face on, again. Akutagawa had an intimidating aura on his own, but when he was pissed? It was like hell on two feet… It probably did not help that Rashomon appeared once more, dancing around you in particular. It snapped at anyone that wasn’t pressed against the wall, taking their movement as a threat to touch you. You wondered if they were still trying to fix the side effects of his last rage, and if they ever managed to get the bloodstains out of the floor. The “calming” image in your head was soon interrupted when you found yourself in your room - barely used, given how many nights you’ve been working over time in the medical wing.

Pain shot through your spine when you felt yourself pushed up against your bedroom door, which had been slammed only moments before. Teeth sank into the junction of your neck and shoulder, refreshing the bruise that had nearly finished healing from weeks ago. Your hands gripped his shoulders as he continued his trail, biting any exposed skin. Gasps escaped your lips in both pleasure and pain as he marked your skin, not once slowing or stopping.

“Ak-aku!” You urged as you pushed your lovers shoulders. “I need to g–!”

“No. You don’t.” He hissed. His hands slid down the outline of your body, his fingers gripping your hips to the point in which you knew it would bruise later.

Taking a deep breath, you grabbed his ear and tugged it sharply. He hissed in annoyance, his hand slamming your wrist into the hardwood of the door. You met his gaze, the two of you having a silent stare down for a moment.

“What did I do?” You asked.

Akutagawa clicked his tongue, and did not reply beyond the noise.

Great. A guessing game.
“Did I not give you a kiss before you went off on your mission today?”
“Did I wrap your bandages too tight?”
“Did I not give you enough attention?”
Eye twitch. Okay… You hummed at that. He usually did not get this mad over not getting enough attention.
“Were you… jealous that my attention was on Kajii?”
A glare. Ah, there we go.

Exasperated, you let out a huff of annoyance. “You could always just ask for my attention. Nearly killing my already beaten patients isn’t going to make me want to cuddle.” Your other wrist was slammed against the hardwood. Bless the fact that he actually liked you. “Akutagawa, do you want my attention?”

Leaning in, he returned to marking your skin. What he considered his territory.

You chuckled at the feeling of his breath ghosting over your skin when he breathed out. “I love you, Ryuunosuke Akutagawa.” You hummed in his ear, closing your eyes. The silent press of his lips against one of the bite-marks was his only reply. ’I love you too’.